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Malwarebytes | Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac
Malwarebytes for Mac uses industry-leading technology to detect and malware and adware from your Mac.
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april 2016 by orlin
nude dancers are censored by carefully programed drones in japanese ad campaign
to promote their latest stock of clothing, japanese retailer BUYMA has realized a commercial campaign that cleverly integrates technology, design and dance.
naked  dance  modern  japan  drones  fashion  ads  video  cool  performance  art 
december 2015 by orlin
Peter-Paul Koch (@ppk) recently wrote an article that generated noticeable turmoil. One of the best responses was Jeremy Keith (@adactio)'s article, "Instantiation", [...]
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may 2015 by orlin
Нено Белчев: Можеш да събориш стена с чукове и кирки, но не и тази, която е в главите на хората, Култура, FORMALNO
Защо спортистите са националната ни гордост, е темата на днешния брой, по която в тази среща с
bulgaria  ads  culture 
february 2015 by orlin

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