Bleujour - L'informatique réinvintée
In a constantly changing universe, BLEUJOUR offers creations where aesthetics is combined with innovative technological solutions.
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11 hours ago
Neri Oxman: Design at the intersection of technology and biology | TED Talk
Designer and architect Neri Oxman is leading the search for ways in which digital fabrication technologies can interact with the biological world. Working at the intersection of computational design, additive manufacturing, materials engineering and synthetic biology, her lab is pioneering a new age of symbiosis between microorganisms, our bodies, our products and even our buildings.
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13 hours ago
Neri Oxman Has All the Answers
Interdisciplinary designer and architect Neri Oxman is so much more than the woman once linked to Brad Pitt.

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13 hours ago
mini-itx  pc  case 
Circle Studio
Circle Pro is the best, modular, unibody mini-itx computer case. CNC machined from aluminium and glass. Build your perfect liquid cooled system in Circle Pro.
mini-itx  pc  case 
ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo | Laptops | ASUS
ZenBook Pro Duo features a 4K ScreenPad Plus that works with the main 4K OLED display, powered by Intel Core i9 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU.
pc  laptop  screen  tablet  interface  innovation  computer  hardware 
2018 iPad Pro review: Probably more power than you need | Cult of Mac
The 2018 iPad Pro is amazing. But unless you’re a pro user, you should probably wait until the new edge-to-edge design comes to cheaper iPads.
ipadpro  outdated  article 
2 days ago
iPadOS brings those killer iPad features we've been craving | Cult of Mac
iPadOS lets iPad apps to open multiple windows, there’s plus a home screen redesign, a better Files app and more.
ipados  features 
2 days ago
USB 4: Everything We Know So Far
USB 4 promises a host of benefits that include faster transfer speeds, better management of video and optional compatibility with Thunderbolt 3.
usb4  usbc  thunderbolt  standards  future 
2 days ago
Открийте си банкова сметка в ОК | Monese
Открийте си сметка в GBP или EUR през телефона. Mобилното ни банкиране е цели да ви улесни в управлението на финансите ви
mt  bulgaria  applepay  bank  mastercard  payment 
2 days ago
Backlit Mac Keyboard - Standard Keyboard – Editors Keys
The Editors Keys Mac Backlit Keyboard is the best typing experience for the Mac. A true Illuminated keyboard for Mac. High-quality key switches and a great backlighting system ensure you can work great in every situation. The keyboard has been designed out of the box for Mac and includes all the standard Mac system com
mt  keyboard  mac  ipadpro  usb  backlit 
2 days ago
ThunderboltTM 3 Dock | Glyph
Glyph Thunderbolt 3 Dock is the center of your creative universe. Designed to help integrate you mobile workflow into a desktop lifestyle. Supports single 5K @ 60Hz  or Dual 4K @ 60Hz displays and a multitude of other peripherals while charging your Thunderbolt 3 (USB-c) enabled MacBook Pro with a single cable.
mt  thunderbolt  dock  usb3  vnme  ethernet  displayport  powered  timemachine  macbookpro  macmini 
2 days ago
Brydge Keyboard vs Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro - 9to5Mac
The Brydge Keyboard for iPad Pro is an excellent alternative to Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio for the iPad Pro. Here's everything you need to know.
ipadpro  keyboard  review  compare 
2 days ago
iPad finally gets mouse support thanks to iPadOS | Cult of Mac
A major feature in iPadOS that's long been requested from tablet users didn't get any showtime at WWDC: iPad mouse support.
ipad  mouse  trackpad  feature  support  cool 
2 days ago
How to use a mouse with your iPad | Cult of Mac
The iPad can now use a mouse for input. You can point, click, drag, and scroll, just like you can on the Mac. Here's how to set it up.
ipad  ipadpro  mouse  trackpad  ios  feature  support 
2 days ago
Brydge taunts us with iPad Pro keyboard we can’t have | Cult of Mac
An accessory maker shared a picture of something many people would love: a clip-on iPad Pro keyboard with a trackpad. Sadly, Brydge’s concept device just
ipadpro  keyboard  trackpad  want 
2 days ago
Why adding iPad mouse support is a touch of genius | Cult of Mac Opinion
Rumors indicate Apple will soon add iPad mouse support. What does that mean? Here's a look at why using a mouse with iOS could be good.
ipadpro  mouse  trackpad  cool 
2 days ago
Brydge Pro review: Professional-grade iPad Pro keyboard case
The 2018 iPad Pro offers very serious competition for a MacBook. But that requires a serious add-on keyboard like the Brydge Pro.
ipadpro  keyboard  review 
2 days ago
Brydge Keyboard for iPad Pro 2018 | Brydge Technologies
The highly anticipated bluetooth keyboard for the new 2018 Apple iPad Pro - Full keyboard with dedicated iOS keys- High-grade aluminum body- Any-angle viewing from 0-180 degrees- 3-level backlit keys- Matching iPad Pro color, design and form- Limited Lifetime Warranty
mt  ipadpro  keyboard 
2 days ago
HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Hub — for iPad Pro 2018
World's most crowdfunded iPad Pro accessory and USB-C hub. Turns a single USB-C port into 6 ports on the iPad Pro 2018. iPadOS Ready.
mt  ipadpro  usbc  hub 
2 days ago
USB-C 8-in-1 Hub – uni
Overview: Tired of looking for a long-lasting function hub to meet all USB-C needs? Can’t stand messy cables all over the desk anymore? Annoyed by removing and attaching all the wires to the laptop one by one?   Say goodbye to dongle life, one to rule them all. Break the limit on your new devices with uni’s 8-in-1 hub.
mt  ipadpro  usbc  hub 
2 days ago
Omni ultimate - Omnicharge | A New generation Of Power
The Omni Ultimate provides a charging experience unlike any other. Taking the best from all Omnicharge products, the Omni Ultimate brings you an unparalleled feature set and a capacity that can charge all your portable devices. |
mt  mobile  battery  charger  smart  awesome  power  travel 
4 days ago
World's smallest power bank with AC/DC Power Outlet and USB Fast-Charging ports for charging or powering nearly any device.
mobile  battery  charger  smart 
4 days ago
Amazon.com: StarTech.com 4-Port Industrial USB 3.0 Hub with ESD Protection - Mountable - Multiport Hub (ST4300USBM): Electronics
Amazon.com: StarTech.com 4-Port Industrial USB 3.0 Hub with ESD Protection - Mountable - Multiport Hub (ST4300USBM): Electronics
usb  hub  usb3  power  mount 
4 days ago
earHD - Upgrade your ears - By Flare Audio by Flare Audio — Kickstarter
Flare Audio is raising funds for earHD - Upgrade your ears - By Flare Audio on Kickstarter!

A passive hearing device that increases detail and reduces distracting ambient noise.
mt  human  hearing  upgrade  innovation  consumer  want 
4 days ago
Home | Human Inc., Making Technology more Human
The First True Wireless Over-Ear Smart Headphones. A reimagined headphone that offers great sound quality for both voice and music fidelity, transforms into a p
mt  awesome  wireless  human  headphones  innovation  translation  smart  speakers  consumer  want 
4 days ago
Headfonia Headphone Reviews
Headphone Reviews - Earphone Reviews - IEM reviews - Amplifier Reviews - DAC Reviews - And so much more
headphone  audiophile  proaudio  headphones  hifi  consumer  want  resource 
4 days ago
HeadAmp Audio | High-End Headphones, Audiophile Amplifiers & DACs
HeadAmp builds high-end headphone amplifiers such as our Blue Hawaii SE and GS-X, and is a dealer for STAX, Chord, Focal, Sennheiser, Meze, HIFIMAN and more
headphones  proaudio  resource  consumer  want 
4 days ago
The Ones | Genelec.com
We are the world’s most compact three-way studio monitors. From nearfield to main monitoring.
active  monitoring  speakers  proaudio  consumer  want 
4 days ago
8331 SAM™ Studio Monitor | Genelec.com
Incredible three-way point source the size of a compact two-way. When space and precision is of the essence, nothing even comes close.
active  studio  speakers  monitoring  proaudio  consumer  want 
4 days ago
Headphones.com - Read Expert Reviews And Shop For Premium Headphones
We offer the best brands and premium quality gaming headsets and audiophile headphones. Shop open-back, closed-back, in-ear, wireless and flagship headphones by
audio  music  headphones  equipment  consumer  want  amp  portability  players 
4 days ago
ZFS on Linux
Native port of ZFS to Linux.
zfs  linux  filesystem 
6 days ago
Enhancing our ZFS support on Ubuntu 19.10 – an introduction | Ubuntu
Ubuntu has supported ZFS as an option for some time. We started with a file-based ZFS pool on Ubuntu 15.10, then delivered it as a FS container in 16.04, and  recommended it for the fastest and most reliable container experience on LXD. We have also created some dedicated tutorials for users who want to become […]
ubuntu  zfs  sysadmin  support 
6 days ago
MAAS | Metal as a Service
MAAS (Metal as a Service) offers cloud style provisioning for physical servers. It is open source and free to use, with commercial support available from Canonical.
nt  ubuntu  baremetal  cloud  maas  server  provisioning  devops 
6 days ago
Moving Ubuntu to Root-on-ZFS – Ivan Tomica
Sysadmin on the everlasting journey of learning
linux  ubuntu  zfs  filesystem  upgrade  howto 
6 days ago
The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy
The Newton Institute is the home of certified practitioners who provide the experience of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL) to individuals worldwide.
hypnosis  reincarnation  regression  ogranization  people  psychology  afterlife  research 
6 days ago
freewil/bitcoin-testnet-box: Create your own private bitcoin testnet
Create your own private bitcoin testnet. Contribute to freewil/bitcoin-testnet-box development by creating an account on GitHub.
bitcoin  testnet  docker 
9 days ago
A List of Public Bitcoin Feerate Estimation APIs – 0x​B10C – a german bitcoin freelancer and developer
Me searching for a list of public bitcoin feerate estimation APIs ended without any real results.
Jameson Lopp has a section on feerate estimators on his bitcoin.page and Antoine Le Calvez’s dashboard p2sh.info provides a visualisation of different estimation APIs.
But that is not what I was looking for.
That’s why I compiled this list.

public  bitcoin  fees  api  list  resource  documentation 
9 days ago
Coda. A doc as powerful as an app.
Coda is a new doc that grows with your ideas. We built it so the next generation of makers can build docs as powerful as apps. What will you Coda?
mt  document  data  spreadsheet  collaboration  tooled  service 
9 days ago
DIY Bitcoin Hardware | diybitcoinhardware.github.io
Collection of resources for Bitcoin Hardware tinkerers
diy  bitcoin  hardware 
10 days ago
Heat recovery for GPU mining rigs | Green Heat
Heat recovery from electronic devices. Use the power of Blockchain to heat your home, reduce electric heating bills, heat your water and swimming pool
gpu  asic  mining  heater  hardware  cool 
10 days ago
bitcoinjs/bitcoinjs-lib: A javascript Bitcoin library for node.js and browsers.
A javascript Bitcoin library for node.js and browsers. - bitcoinjs/bitcoinjs-lib
bitcoin  javascript  library 
11 days ago
petertodd/python-bitcoinlib: Python3 library providing an easy interface to the Bitcoin data structures and protocol.
Python3 library providing an easy interface to the Bitcoin data structures and protocol. - petertodd/python-bitcoinlib
bitcoin  python  library 
11 days ago
Samourai-Wallet/boltzmann: A python script computing the entropy of Bitcoin transactions and the linkability of their inputs and outputs.
A python script computing the entropy of Bitcoin transactions and the linkability of their inputs and outputs. - Samourai-Wallet/boltzmann
bitcoin  blockchain  privacy  analytics  tool  python 
11 days ago
Bitcoin Only
Tracking bitcoin only projects.
mt  bitcoin  maximalism  resource 
11 days ago
Contribute to linuxserver/docker-calibre-web development by creating an account on GitHub.
docker  calibre  linux  web 
12 days ago
Contribute to linuxserver/docker-calibre development by creating an account on GitHub.
docker  calibre  linux 
12 days ago
Contribute to linuxserver/docker-transmission development by creating an account on GitHub.
docker  transmission  linux 
12 days ago
Contribute to linuxserver/docker-nextcloud development by creating an account on GitHub.
docker  nextcloud  linux 
12 days ago
Contribute to linuxserver/docker-emby development by creating an account on GitHub.
docker  emby  linux  mediacenter  streaming 
12 days ago
Contribute to linuxserver/docker-syncthing development by creating an account on GitHub.
syncthing  docker  linux 
12 days ago
Discerning the Mystery: Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 — "The Polarity of Disclosure in the Law of One" with Mike Waskosky
Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 - "The Polarity of Disclosure in the Law of One" with Mike Waskosky
Key points from the Law of One

We are in a war and spiritual banner, and our goal is to evolve humanity in the right direction

What's the bigger picture?

The war we are fighting is a proxy war

Why do we need conflict and where does it come from.
lawofone  disclosure  presentation  transcript 
12 days ago
Enabling your business to offer financial services | solarisBank
Banking platform for finance pioneers ➜ solarisBank empowers your business to build world-beating products - Fast, scalable, secure – solarisBank
mt  banking  api  development  bank  startup  platform  germany 
14 days ago
Interview with E.D. [Extra-Dimensionals] - ET Disclosure
Ever wonder if intelligent life existed elsewhere in the Universe? In this series Reuben Langdon interviews actual ETs or EDs [Extra Dimensionals].
disclosure  video  interviews  resource 
16 days ago
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