SimpleSwap | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Easy way to change coins
SimpleSwap.io is a simple and easy-to-use platform for cryptocurrency exchanges that works without registration and limits. SimpleSwap supports more than 175 coins and guarantees safe exchanges.
crypto  exchange  cryptocurrency 
3 days ago
Facebook Insider Confesses All – American Intelligence Media
Early Harvard Facebook insider spills his guts about how Facebook really got started.
12 days ago
LBRY - Content Freedom
Meet LBRY, a content sharing and publishing platform that is decentralized and owned by its users.
mt  decentralized  distributed  digital  video  content  platform  marketplace  art  compare  youtube  freedom 
14 days ago
Home | Towards Liberty
Freedom ~ Agorism ~ Sound Money ~ Bitcoin
bitcoin  crypto  pgp  resource  people  anarchy  economics  philosophy 
26 days ago
HODL Hotline
Hourly consulting with Bitcoin experts
mt  bitcoin  crypto  consulting  people  resource 
26 days ago
Global Mesh Labs and the Lot49 mesh protocol.
The Lot49 protocol builds on concepts and technology developed for the Bitcoin Lightning Network to incentivize data delivery in a global decentralized mesh communication network. Lot49 aims to use bitcoin based micropayments to drive the bottom-up adoption of this network by incentivizing people to provide coverage and capacity where and when it is needed.
mt  global  mesh  network  technology  people  wifi  internet  isp  freedom  protocol  incentives  bitcoin 
26 days ago
ZenGo - Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallet
ZenGo is the first keyless bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet — the most simple and secure way to manage your crypto assets.
mt  crypto  wallet  ux  cryptography  research  distributed  systems  security  ios  mobile  app 
26 days ago
rootzoll/raspiblitz: Fastest and cheapest way to get your own Lightning Node running - on a RaspberryPi with a nice LCD
Fastest and cheapest way to get your own Lightning Node running - on a RaspberryPi with a nice LCD - rootzoll/raspiblitz
bitcoin  raspberrypi  lightning  node  diy  howto  hardware  hacking 
26 days ago
openoms/bitcoin-tutorials: Documenting Bitcoin related setups for the RaspiBlitz, RaspiBolt, Thundroid and Ubuntu Linux desktop
Documenting Bitcoin related setups for the RaspiBlitz, RaspiBolt, Thundroid and Ubuntu Linux desktop - openoms/bitcoin-tutorials
bitcoin  tutorials  raspberrypi  linux  node  budget  hardware  diy  howto 
26 days ago
WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Share large files up to 2GB for free.
mt  tooled  services  filesharing  storage  files  upload  free  ux  sharing  tools  transfer 
27 days ago
chris-belcher/electrum-personal-server: Maximally lightweight electrum server for a single user
Maximally lightweight electrum server for a single user - chris-belcher/electrum-personal-server
electrum  wallet  bitcoin  node  server  personal  use 
28 days ago
Bech32 adoption - Bitcoin Wiki
Highly customizable Bitcoin and Lightning Network payment gateway. Multi-sig, HD wallets, API, SDK.
mt  bitcoin  segwit  bech32  adoption  support  resource 
28 days ago
CryptoChill – Highly customizable Bitcoin and Lightning Network payment gateway
Highly customizable Bitcoin and Lightning Network payment gateway. Multi-sig, HD wallets, API, SDK.
mt  bitcoin  lightning  payment  service 
28 days ago
⚡ Bitcoin processing and cryptocurrency forwarding. Apirone.
Payment notifications, Merchant dashboard, Bitcoin plugins for Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart 2, Opencart 3.x, Virtuemart etc.
mt  bitcoin  payment  service 
28 days ago
ModuleLoader/es-module-loader: Polyfill for the ES Module Loader
Polyfill for the ES Module Loader. Contribute to ModuleLoader/es-module-loader development by creating an account on GitHub.
es  module  loader  polyfill  javascript  es6  require  async  import 
6 weeks ago
ded/script.js: Asyncronous JavaScript loader and dependency manager
Asyncronous JavaScript loader and dependency manager - ded/script.js
javascript  async  loader  dependency  manager  script  library 
6 weeks ago
24 Hours with TypeScript – hueniverse
Earlier this week I spent an intense coding session using TypeScript for the very first time. What follows are mostly random notes on that experience. Having stayed away from all news (tech…
typescript  2019  webdev 
6 weeks ago
tc39/proposal-top-level-await: top-level `await` proposal for ECMAScript (stage 3)
top-level `await` proposal for ECMAScript (stage 3) - tc39/proposal-top-level-await
ecmascript  async  await  javascript  standards  proposal 
6 weeks ago
🤔 How to: Embed a Notebook in a React App / Observable / Observable
🤔 How to: Embed a Notebook in a React App Squinting at them from a certain distance, Observable notebooks and React apps can look like close cousins: both are functional, reactive ways of writing UIs in JavaScript. Let’s see if we can get them to play nicely together, by embedding and controlling an Observable notebook from React. If you haven’t already read the introduction to downloading and embedding notebooks, read that first. No worries, I can wait. Now that we’re on the same p...
observable  reactjs  notebooks  app  embed 
6 weeks ago
Shipping container dimensions | iContainers
Which type of container best suits your shipping needs? Here's a guide to the different shipping container dimensions, including their weight, load capacity, tare, and usage.
shipping  container  containers  size 
6 weeks ago
eToro - The World’s Leading Social Trading and Investing Platform
Trade and invest in cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, currencies, indices and commodities or copy leading investors on eToro's disruptive trading platform.
social  stocks  trading  crypto  cryptocurrencies  platform  fintech  cfd  forex 
6 weeks ago
Homepage | Bluzelle - a smart, in-memory data store
Bluzelle is a smart, in-memory data store. It can be used as a cache or as a database. Bluzelle natively supports data types such as hashes, strings, sets, sorted sets, and lists.
mt  decentralized  data  storage  database  cache  performance  security  crypto  technology  redis  compare 
6 weeks ago
Research - Smith + Crown
Since 2013 we have been studying the breadth of the public blockchain space with a focus on global trends, industry intelligence, and cryptoeconomic systems
mt  crypto  reports  research  resource 
6 weeks ago
Carbon Design System
Carbon is the design system for IBM web and product. It is a series of individual styles, components, and guidelines used for creating unified UI.
mt  design  webdesign  ux  guidelines  ibm  react  javascript  css  components 
7 weeks ago
PikcioME personal data plaform, with safe internet browsing, P2P chat and crypto wallets
mt  privacy  search  browser  wallet  data  p2p  platform  crypto  blockchain  research 
7 weeks ago
mafintosh/why-is-node-running: Node is running but you don't know why? why-is-node-running is here to help you.
Node is running but you don't know why? why-is-node-running is here to help you. - mafintosh/why-is-node-running
nodejs  process  sysadmin  os  debug  cli  tool  programming 
8 weeks ago
markedjs/marked: A markdown parser and compiler. Built for speed.
A markdown parser and compiler. Built for speed. Contribute to markedjs/marked development by creating an account on GitHub.
markdown  javascript  library 
8 weeks ago
Dropbox desktop folder errors & how to fix them - Dropbox Help – Dropbox Help
​​On rare occasions, you may see an error message on the Dropbox folder on your computer. Read this article to find out what to do next.
dropbox  ubuntu  linux  error 
8 weeks ago
developit/htm: Hyperscript Tagged Markup: JSX alternative using standard tagged templates, with compiler support.
Hyperscript Tagged Markup: JSX alternative using standard tagged templates, with compiler support. - developit/htm
htm  html  javascript  markup  templating  code  react  jsx  compare  use 
8 weeks ago
Homepage | Graphistry
Graphistry is supercharging how analysts explore data and solve problems. We turn any data into visual, interactive graphs that reveal the hidden connections, correlations, and outliers at the heart of any investigation.
data  analytics  graphistry  visualization  gpu  accelerated  graph  charts  cool  performance  technology  bigdata  datascience  apache  arrow  mt  neo4j  semanticweb 
8 weeks ago
Why pandas users should be excited about Apache Arrow - Wes McKinney
I'm super excited to be involved in the new open source Apache Arrow community initiative. For Python (and R, too!), it will help enable Substantially improved data access speeds Closer to native performance Python extensions for big data systems like Apache Spark New in-memory analytics functionality for nested / JSON-like data There's plenty of places you can learn more about Arrow, but this post is about how it's specifically relevant to pandas users. See, for example: "Python and...
apache  arrow  python 
8 weeks ago
Apache Spark™ - Unified Analytics Engine for Big Data
Apache Spark is a unified analytics engine for big data processing, with built-in modules for streaming, SQL, machine learning and graph processing.
mt  analytics  technology  apache  arrow  hadoop  data  processing  bigdata  engine 
8 weeks ago
Nuit du Hack XVI - 30 Juin & 1er Juillet 2018 | NUIT DU HACK 16
europe  france  paris  hacking  conference  cybersecurity 
8 weeks ago
Pieter Wuille Facts
Top Ten Facts about Pieter Wuille
bitcoin  people  humor 
8 weeks ago
Home | Bitstein
Michael Goldstein is a Bitcoin educator and developer.
bitcoin  people 
8 weeks ago
TROOPERS is more than just an infoSec con. Hands-on, high-end knowledge sharing leaves you motivated and charged to
cybersecurity  conference  europe  germany  cool 
8 weeks ago
Information Security Conferences
cool  hacker  cybersecurity  conference 
8 weeks ago
Big List of Useful Cyber Security Resources
We've subtitled this list: "Everything you want to know about cyber security and are too tired to search for."
cybersecurity  list  resources  resource 
8 weeks ago
The Best DEF CON Talks Of All Time!
As the title of this post suggests we’ve sourced what we believe to be the best DEF CON presentations from 1993 to the present day. For those that don’t know…
defcon  talks  best  review  resource  list 
8 weeks ago
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