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Tennisters.com: The Online Tennis Community
web de tennis quen o pinta malament, malgrat encara és força incipient...
tennis  sports  community  Web2.0 
july 2009 by oriolrius
Global Freelancers at FreelanceGlobal.com
igual que scriptlancers pero en español, tiene buena pinta... habrá que probarla!
freelance  work  networking  community  directory  free  recursos  search  job  empresa  jobs  empleo  trabajo 
july 2009 by oriolrius
SecretTweet.com - Post your secrets anonymously to Twitter
I (@mozunk) got the idea from @iwish. iwish got me to thinking that posting anonymous secrets to twitter would be a great idea...so secrettweet was born!
community  socialnetworking  anonymous  secrets  culture  secret 
april 2008 by oriolrius

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