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「Sakasho」のRubyを2.4に、Railsを5にアップグレードしました - Technology of DeNA
はじめに JPRゲーム事業本部開発基盤部の@namusyakaです。 業務ではD...
rails  update 
april 2017 by oppara
seed-ui/seedtable: seed yaml <-> xlsx を相互変換するツール
seedtable - seed yaml <-> xlsx を相互変換するツール
excel  yaml  seed  db  rails 
october 2016 by oppara
sorcery - Magical authentication for Rails 3 & 4
rails  authentication 
july 2015 by oppara
adhoq - Rails engine to generate instant reports from adhoc SQL query.
rails  adhock  sql 
june 2015 by oppara
socialization - Socialize your app with Likes, Follows and Mentions
rails  follow  following  social  sample 
october 2014 by oppara
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