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As 2018 losses again exceed historical average, Munich Re questions models
Torsten Jeworrek, member of Munich Re’s Board of Management, said: “2018 saw several major natural catastrophes with high insured losses. These included the unusual phenomenon of severe tropical cyclones occurring both in the US and Japan while autumn wildfires devastated parts of California.

“Such massive wildfires appear to be occurring more frequently as a result of climate change. Action is urgently needed on building codes and land use to help prevent losses. Given the greater frequency of unusual loss events and the possible links between them, insurers need to examine whether the events of 2018 were already on their models’ radar or whether they need to realign their risk management and underwriting strategies."

Ernst Rauch, head of Climate and Geosciences at Munich Re, added: “Our data shows that the losses from wildfires in California have risen dramatically in recent years. At the same time, we have experienced a significant increase in hot, dry summers, which has been a major factor in the formation of wildfires. Many scientists see a link between these developments and advancing climate change. This is compounded by man-made factors such as burgeoning settlements in areas close to forests at risk from wildfire. The casualties and losses are immense, and measures to prevent fires and damage are vital. Insurers also need to take account of the rising losses in their risk management and pricing.”
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Is Climate Change the Culprit for Darfur? - Alex de Waal
The climate change hypothesis is sufficiently plausible to be attractive. There is no doubt that drought—a climatic phenomenon—was a major reason for famine in the 1980s and that in turn famine was a significant factor in the death of the old order in Darfur. As Sudanese environmental scientists have long asserted, there’s an ecological disaster happening in Darfur. But beyond that, the causal links are complicated. In summary, Ban Ki-Moon’s linking of climate change and the Darfur crisis is simplistic.
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The Real Roots of Darfur - The Atlantic (April 2007)
Drawing on de Waal in terms of conflict dynamics description, "the violence in Darfur is usually attributed to ethnic hatred. But global warming may be primarily to blame."
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