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Is Climate Change the Culprit for Darfur? - Alex de Waal
The climate change hypothesis is sufficiently plausible to be attractive. There is no doubt that drought—a climatic phenomenon—was a major reason for famine in the 1980s and that in turn famine was a significant factor in the death of the old order in Darfur. As Sudanese environmental scientists have long asserted, there’s an ecological disaster happening in Darfur. But beyond that, the causal links are complicated. In summary, Ban Ki-Moon’s linking of climate change and the Darfur crisis is simplistic.
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february 2010 by ondrejr
The Real Roots of Darfur - The Atlantic (April 2007)
Drawing on de Waal in terms of conflict dynamics description, "the violence in Darfur is usually attributed to ethnic hatred. But global warming may be primarily to blame."
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february 2010 by ondrejr

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