Tschüss Datenkrake: Ein Leben ohne Google
Good article (in German language) on how to live without Google.
google  privacy  data  browsing 
4 days ago
Homebridge Homekit Implementation
Homekit homebridge implementation in node.js
homekit  nodejs  javascript 
5 weeks ago
(Video) Introduction to Homekit
An introduction into the HomeKit ecosystem from a talk on WWDC18
homekit  video 
5 weeks ago
20 Product Prioritization Techniques: A Map and Guided Tour
Great list of different prioritization techniques for different purposes or situations.
prioritization  scrum  agile  gamification 
8 weeks ago
Lean Startup in 4 Steps | A Framework to Success.
A good and compressed overview over the lean startup book contents.
lean  innovation  startup 
9 weeks ago
Getting started with Docker for local development
Again, another article on composing docker for development on Mac OS X.
docker  macosx  development 
10 weeks ago
Simplify LAMP Stack Development with Docker
Setting up development on Mac OS X with docker.
docker  lamp  macosx  development 
10 weeks ago
How to prepare for User story mapping session — tips and tricks
Medium article on how to prep and run a story mapping exercise.
11 weeks ago
What is Lean?
A whole organisation working on the lean philosophy with lots of resources.
lean  agile 
september 2018
Adventure Lookup
Umfangreiche Suche nach Abenteuern, OneShots, Ideen usw.
dnd  pnp  adventures 
august 2018
Battlefield Berlin
Shop mit Unmengen Miniaturen (auch Importe) mit Versand.
pnp  miniaturen 
july 2018
Grabmal der Vernichtung: Handouts
Spieler-Handouts für dasD&D-Abenteuer Grabmal der Vernichtung.
dnd  pnp 
july 2018
donjon; 5e Spell Sheet
Helpful sheet to generate encounters including spells
dnd  pnp  tools 
july 2018
D&D Adventure Template
Best thing since sliced bread.
pnp  dnd 
july 2018
Übersetzer – D3: Dungeons & Dragons auf Deutsch
Sammlung von Resourcen und Abenteuern für D&D in deutscher Sprache.
dnd  pnp 
july 2018
Creating a D&D 5e Character for Beginners!
Another step-by-step character creation with screenshots of all important compendium parts.
dnd  rpg 
july 2018
Character creation for D&D 5e in one page
A single image with all character creation information at a glance.
dnd  rpg 
july 2018
German D&D Community on discord
Friendly D&D channel on Discord.
dnd  pnp  rpg  discord 
july 2018
Mike Schley | Tomb of Annihilation
Maps in digital form for the D&D campaign Tomb of Annihilation.
maps  dnd  rpg  pnp 
july 2018
IT-Jobs: Fünf neue Mitarbeiter in fünf Wochen? - Golem.de
"Die Durchschnittszeit von der Ausschreibung einer Stelle bis zur Unterschrift liegt in der Branche bei 50 Tagen", berichtet Wegener. "Bei einem Entwickler sind es etwa 130 Tage."
june 2018
API Directory | ProgrammableWeb
The largest API directory in the world.
api  directory 
june 2018
A Collective List Of APIs, Go Build Something.
A greater list of open/partly open apis.
june 2018
Lean Software Development Principles
A summary of the Poppendieck's book on software development. Best slides I have seen on that topic so far.
methods  lean  software  development 
january 2018
coworld Co-Working Space
A co-working location in Remscheid-Lennep.
coworking  location 
january 2018
Lean Process Retrospective Inspiration
The best way to create an agenda for your retrospective.
tools  agile  retrospective  methods 
january 2018
jeromeetienne/AR.js: Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web - 60fps on mobile!
A JavaScript AR library based on three.js that works at 60 fps - probably. It still depends on the firework that you want to burn down model-wise.
ar  library  javascript 
january 2018
Publisher’s Guide to Medium – Medium Support
Medium has it's publisher guide, a large resource with info on ... um ... publishing on medium.com.
writing  cheatsheet  reference 
january 2018
Insomnia | Apps | Electron
An API test engine client for rest APIs.
rest  api  client  test 
january 2018
Plays: the new team building | Atlassian
A large collection of methods and detailed description on how to handle specific challenges like OKRs, 5-whys, complex decision-making etc.
agile  methods  cheatsheet 
january 2018
Desolat - Nein Danke! Langfristige Software-Evolution // Speaker Deck
I've seen Mr. Starke having this talk in Munich. It was one of the most eye-opening talks on software architecture management, I can remember.
presentation  architecture 
january 2018
Generate - Coolors.co
A very nice and unobtrusive colour scheme.
colour  scheme 
january 2018
Explore - Coolors.co
Thousands of color schemes for your inspiration.
colour  tools 
january 2018
Keep a Changelog
Why and how to keep a changelog. Friends don't let friends paste git dumps into changelogs.
article  changelog  reference 
january 2018
The best (free) online page test out there.
tools  performance 
january 2018
Voice and Tone @ mailchimp.com
Mailchimps guidelines or corporate identity for content creation and customer communication. Great inspiration.
guide  writing 
january 2018
eBUSd – the eBUS daemon
Communicate with the ebus. An open source library.
iot  ebus  library  software 
january 2018
Versioning your git workflow
Apply semantic versioning to your git workflow. Easy as this.
git  versioning  development 
january 2018
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