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Gunicorn 'Green Unicorn' is a Python WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX. It's a pre-fork worker model ported from Ruby's Unicorn project. The Gunicorn server is broadly compatible with various web frameworks, simply implemented, light on server resources, and fairly speedy.
gunicorn  unicorn  python  wsgi  django  framework  web  webframework  frame  http  server  green  unix  linux  model  projectt  speed 
december 2012 by ole
Python: The wxPython tutorial
The wxPython tutorial is the largest and most advanced wxPython tutorial available on the Internet. Suitable for beginners and intermediate programmers.
python  wxpython  linux  unix  windows  open  source  cross  platform  tutorial  howto  guide  how  to  api  reference  gui  programming  code  syntax  examples  zetcode 
november 2009 by ole
Synergy: How to configure Synergy in six steps
Easy tutorial on how to configure the server configuration for synergy on linux
synergy  synergy2  synergys  server  howto  tutorial  linux  tips  unix  software  opensource  windows  mac  configuration  configure  share  mouse  keyboard  useful 
november 2009 by ole
Linux: CD Image Conversion - LQWiki
For one reason or another, you may have .nrg .bin .b5i .cdi .mdf .ccd .img .pdi files laying around that you would like to access under Linux. Here are some nifty utilities to convert those pesky 'Windows only' images into something Linux can understand (standard .iso format (wiki.linuxquestions.org))... You can then burn it to disk or mount it via loopback device.
howto  tutorial  linux  tips  unix  image  download  images  software  convert  bin  conversion  cue  iso  converter 
october 2009 by ole
Python: Changing to a new created directory
How to create and change directory in python, useful for making self-extracting programs
linux  unix  python  programming  function  new  directory  extract  archive  tutorial  how  to  howto  guide  application  code  folder  create  change  move 
august 2009 by ole
Linux: QLOCKTWO for your desktop in conky
A text based alternative to the ordinary computer clock programming
clock  time  watch  howto  conky  qlocktwo  linux  opensource  desktop  program  free  freeware  unix  download  application  open  source  stylish 
august 2009 by ole
PSP: Defence Station Portable
Defence Station Portable v2
Freeware Tower Defence game for the PSP, also works on linux and windows
linux  tower  defence  sony  psp  game  games  unix  free  freeware  customizable  flexible  td  homebrew 
august 2009 by ole
Linux: Heroes of Newerth - S2 Games
A stand-alone DoTA game available on Windows, Linux and MAC OS X.
heroes  of  newerth  game  linux  microsoft  windows  win  unix  apple  mac  games  gaming  dota  strategy  warcraft  rts  hon  free  freeware  online  multiplayer  multiplay 
august 2009 by ole
Linux: Remind-Nix: Mounting bin/cue files in Linux
How to convert a .bin/.cue file to iso, and then mount the iso in linux
bin2iso  howto  how  to  tutorial  linux  unix  mount  mounting  bin  cue  file  files  iso  convert  bchunk  image 
july 2009 by ole
Torrent: btmaketorrent.py instructions
how to make a torrent in commandline with the python script that comes with the official BitTorrent client
howto  how  to  make  torrent  commandline  command  line  linux  unix  btmaketorrent  btmaketorrent.py  maketorrent  createtorrent  create  BitTorrent  python 
may 2009 by ole

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