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Python: The wxPython tutorial
The wxPython tutorial is the largest and most advanced wxPython tutorial available on the Internet. Suitable for beginners and intermediate programmers.
python  wxpython  linux  unix  windows  open  source  cross  platform  tutorial  howto  guide  how  to  api  reference  gui  programming  code  syntax  examples  zetcode 
november 2009 by ole
Linux: Arch Linux Forums / Scan for and connect to wireless networks from an openbox ...
Wifi-Pipe - Pipemenu for openbox (and now also supporting pekwm) using zenity and netcfg, screenshots included
pipemenu  openbox  linux  wifipipe  wifi-pipe  wifi  wireless  internet  access  pipe  menu  bash  opensource  open-source  open  source  netcfg  zenity  menu.xml  pekwm 
september 2009 by ole
Linux: QLOCKTWO for your desktop in conky
A text based alternative to the ordinary computer clock programming
clock  time  watch  howto  conky  qlocktwo  linux  opensource  desktop  program  free  freeware  unix  download  application  open  source  stylish 
august 2009 by ole
Open Source: Find Open Source Alternatives to commercial software
A website where you can search for open source application alternatives to commercial software and view reviews.
linux  free  database  list  reference  search  applications  computer  download  downloads  freeware  opensource  open  source  open-source  windows  mac  software  alternatives  alternative 
august 2009 by ole

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