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gotoAndPlay Flash Tutorials -- Game creation tutorial
This is the first part of a long step-by-step article that will guide you through the entire process of creating a Flash game including input management, basic physics, collision detection and a lot more!
design  flash  game  gamedev  games  howto  tutorial  guide  programming  online  resource  webdevelopment  actionscript  physics 
november 2010 by ole
Design: kuler
Put together and rate color themes, efffective if you are making a website and want the colors to match nicely.
free  web  online  reference  tools  design  webdesign  development  tool  hex  color  code  codes  adobe  colour  inspiration  colors  kuler  rate  toplist  graphics 
august 2009 by ole
Linux: Heroes of Newerth - S2 Games
A stand-alone DoTA game available on Windows, Linux and MAC OS X.
heroes  of  newerth  game  linux  microsoft  windows  win  unix  apple  mac  games  gaming  dota  strategy  warcraft  rts  hon  free  freeware  online  multiplayer  multiplay 
august 2009 by ole
Misc: Zamzar - Free online file conversion
Free online conversion of various media types, it even supports mailing the converted file to your e-mail.
free  online  conversion  convert  media  types  type  mp3  video  sound  music  from  to  tools  tool  easy  encoding  avi  simple 
june 2009 by ole
Misc: Trustpilot
Dansk database med anmeldelser af online handelssteder.
dansk  danish  anmeldelser  handel  e-handel  online  shopping  shop  forbruger  sikkerhed  reviews  ratings  database 
december 2008 by ole

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