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iCheck jQuery Plugin
Identical inputs across different browsers and devices
icheck  javascript  js  jscript  checkbox  input  html  dom  plugin  jquery  ui  form  element  elements  interface  design  layout 
july 2013 by ole
Strophe.js - An XMPP library for JavaScript
Strophe.js is an XMPP library for JavaScript. It is primary purpose is to enable web-based, real-time XMPP applications that run in any browser.
strophe  javascript  xmpp  js  jquery  programming  serverside  chat 
september 2011 by ole
Jquery flot
Flot is a pure Javascript plotting library for jQuery. It produces graphical plots of arbitrary datasets on-the-fly client-side.
jquery  flot  javascript  library  graph  graphic  graphical  data  client  arbitrary 
august 2011 by ole
Easily make a nice looking graph from a .txt file with jquery
jquery  graph  javascript  plugin  chart 
july 2011 by ole
A photo gallery application plug-in for the Django web framework with flickr integration.
django  gallery  photo  jquery  app  application  web  flickr 
june 2011 by ole
jQuery: Create an amazing music player using mouse gestures & hotkeys
A tutorial showing how to make an interactive and effective music player using jQuery
jquery  javascript  ajax  framework  how  to  tutorial  howto  effective  music  player  webplayer  web  html  xhtml  code  development  webdesign  css  js  mp3  ui  music-player  mouse  interface  gestures  movement 
august 2009 by ole

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