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Free Stock Photos
Many of these photographs are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons public domain dedication. This means you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.
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july 2014 by ole
totally free photos for your commercial & personal works
web  free  design  reference  webdesign  graphics  tools  image  download  inspiration  resource  stock  photo  photography  picture 
july 2014 by ole
OpenGL Tutorials [NeHe Productions]
Back in the day I have written a set of OpenGL Tutorials on various subjects from setting up OpenGL to how light works. I hope that these tutorials can prove to be useful to someone out there. I had them on my site for over 7 years, and according to my Google Analytics code, they are still being widely read.
tutorial  opengl  developing  development  c  c++  3d  dev  nehe  code  coding  computer  software  example  documentation  examples  graphics  game  gamedev  opensource  howto  guide 
september 2010 by ole
sIFR3 | novemberborn.net
sIFR, or "scalable Inman Flash Replacement" is a technique for displaying typography on the web, without requiring your visitors to install the font you’d like to use.
sifr  sifr3  typography  font  design  fonts  graphics  html  image  javascript  js  resource  tools  web  webdesign  webdev  xhtml  replacement  ajax  code  css 
august 2010 by ole
iGoogle: How to make an iGoogle theme
How to make themes for iGoogle, simple and easy - by The Design O'Blog
google  igoogle  theme  theming  design  howto  tutorial  xml  webdesign  webdev  custom  art  designing  development  easy  graphics  guide  how  to  how-to  useful 
october 2009 by ole
Article: GameDev.net - How To Build a Game In A Week From Scratch With No Budget
Covering the game development for a game that is made in one week, following how the author is solving problems and what he thinks about game programming, what is hard to come by, and what is fairly easy to do.
howto  tutorial  game  python  design  development  games  guide  programming  article  computer  reference  tips  tools  tutorials  graphics  learning  software  gaming  pygame  articles  gamedev  videogames  interesting  educational 
august 2009 by ole
Design: Sprite Database: http://spritedatabase.net
Find sprites for games, useful if you are a game developer
design  graphics  game  pixel  retro  art  sprite  sprites  image  images  animation  games  free  freeware  development 
august 2009 by ole
Photoshop: Grafpedia
A page with experienced artists who know what they are doing, a great site to get inspiration and obtain new techniques, has tutorials for both photoshop and illustrator
photoshop  resources  blog  layout  illustrator  brushes  designblog  howto  tutorial  web  webdesign  design  downloads  tutorials  development  adobe  graphics  inspiration  artist  article  articles  create  education  educational  guide  help  how  to  image  images  international  learning  learn  media 
august 2009 by ole
Design: kuler
Put together and rate color themes, efffective if you are making a website and want the colors to match nicely.
free  web  online  reference  tools  design  webdesign  development  tool  hex  color  code  codes  adobe  colour  inspiration  colors  kuler  rate  toplist  graphics 
august 2009 by ole

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