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Command-T for Vim, easy opening of files from inside vim
Very neat plugin for quickly opening files withing the current working directory
howto  tutorial  guide  search  file  open  vim  commandt  command-t  plugin  files  directory 
october 2012 by ole
python-magic is a simple wrapper for libmagic. libmagic identifies file types according to their headers. It is the core of the Unix "file" command.
python  libmagic  magic  file  mime-type  mimes  mime  files  python2 
june 2012 by ole
python - Override specific admin css files in Django - Stack Overflow
Override default admin media files in django with the test server
django  python  admin  media  static  files  override  runserver  test  dev 
march 2012 by ole
Serving static files from node.js
Handy little code snippet to serve static files with node.js
node.js  node  javascript  js  dev  static  file  files 
february 2012 by ole
Linux: Remind-Nix: Mounting bin/cue files in Linux
How to convert a .bin/.cue file to iso, and then mount the iso in linux
bin2iso  howto  how  to  tutorial  linux  unix  mount  mounting  bin  cue  file  files  iso  convert  bchunk  image 
july 2009 by ole

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