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UglifyJS Online Demo
Online demo for UglifyJS a JavaScript compressor
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october 2013 by ole
OpenGL Tutorials [NeHe Productions]
Back in the day I have written a set of OpenGL Tutorials on various subjects from setting up OpenGL to how light works. I hope that these tutorials can prove to be useful to someone out there. I had them on my site for over 7 years, and according to my Google Analytics code, they are still being widely read.
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september 2010 by ole
Bitlbee: Create MSN Messenger Bot Using PHP and Bitlbee
Create a bot for some of the most popular IM services available using PHP and Bitlbee
bitlbee  msn  bot  irc  chat  chatting  php  programming  code  coding  script  scripting  howto  how  to  guide  tutorial  yahoo  yim  gtalk  icq  aim  jabber  instant  messaging  messenger 
september 2009 by ole
Python: Eli Bendersky's website " Pygame tutorial
Tutorial consisting of four tutorials that will teach you more about pygame
tutorial  howto  guide  game  python  gamedev  games  development  programming  blog  pygame  software  cross  platform  sprite  article  coderip  coding  compatible  computer  how  to  make  script  think  tips  tool 
august 2009 by ole

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