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How to write an IRC bot
following Slack IRC connector shutdown
march 2018 by octplane
cute Git commit / history GUI. Simple and usable. Kind of like Sourcetree but better.
git  GUI  OSS  @post 
november 2017 by octplane
Mullvad VPN
Praised by Mozilla, there must be a reason, right?
vpn  tools  @post 
october 2017 by octplane
What is a datalake? A must read.
bigdata  @post 
october 2017 by octplane
Goodbye Uncanny Valley
Very nice video about the uncanny valley
@post  cgi  video 
october 2017 by octplane
5 Tips for Writing Small CLI Tools in Rust
Tips to write Rust Applications, very nice article.
rust  library  @post 
september 2017 by octplane
ZeroBrane Studio
A cross platform lua IDE. As I do more and more lua, esp. because of #pico8, I might want to build bigger project using lua.
lua  @post  development 
july 2017 by octplane
VIM Adventures
Cute and probably useful!
game  learning  vim  @post 
july 2017 by octplane
Nice website, pretty scientific story, excellent demo...
@post  nature 
may 2017 by octplane
Blame | Netflix
Blame arrive sur Netflix. À suivre....
@post  youtube  anime 
may 2017 by octplane
Localtstack from Atlassian
AWS services simulator for the development. Nice stuff from Atlassian.
@post  development  tools 
april 2017 by octplane
Les Braqueurs
Un podcast à écouter !
podcast  @post 
april 2017 by octplane
What are some killer libraries and frameworks unique to Haskell? : haskell
Besides features of the haskell language itself, I was wondering if there were any libraries in haskell that stood out as being unique--not a sinatra-like web interface for example. Something like erlang's mnesia or rails for ruby, maybe, or hazelcast for java or any frameworks (for web programming or whatever), that were truly a step above comparable libraries or don't even have a non-Haskell equivalent. Something that once you use it, you hate not using it in other projects. via /r/haskell
@post  reddit 
march 2017 by octplane
Image-to-Image Demo - Affine Layer
Draw any cat, let the computer draw a real one
tensorflow  ai  drawing  @post 
february 2017 by octplane
Editor's Choice - Photos
still in my favorites. Now with and editor's choice section.
free  photos  @post 
november 2016 by octplane
HTML Standard
HTML defines some optional tags. You can throw html, head, body away when conditions are met. This is still valid html!
@post  HTML 
september 2016 by octplane
GitHub · Where software is built
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texteditor  @post  development 
august 2016 by octplane
in which a surprising affinity is pondered - Technomancy
When I got started with Lua, everything about it seemed to be the opposite of what I would like in a language, especially coming from Racket, Clojure, OCaml, and Erlang. It's unabashedly imperative,
programming  @post 
august 2016 by octplane
Just got my first Clojure job! Any tips for someone using it in production for the first time? : Clojure
Hey everyone, I'm finally getting paid to write Clojure wooo. I'll basically be writing Clojure microservices on AWS. I have quite a bit of experience using Java and Rails in production and quite a few Clojure personal projects, but I was wondering if anyone had some tips, talks, or other resources for someone who is using it in production for the first time. Most of my personal projects were small-ish web services but what I'll be working on is quite a big step up. Looking specifically atStructuring / Architecting / Design patterns for large Clojure applicationsTesting / Continuous integration workflowsDeployment best practicesDebugging (Remote?) advice for large applicationsDocumentation best practices?Profiling, monitoring, and logging via /r/Clojure
@post  reddit 
july 2016 by octplane
Master Plan, Part Deux - Tesla
Follow up on Mr Musk master plan.
tech  @post  article 
july 2016 by octplane
Reducing JPG File size — Medium
If you’re a modern developer, then you use JPG files. Doesn’t matter if you’re a web dev, mobile dev, or some weird sysadmin who just sends around memes all day. JPGs are a part of your job, and
article  programming  @post 
july 2016 by octplane
JavaPoly.js — Java(script) in the Browser
This will definitely make my colleague crazy...
development  java  @post 
may 2016 by octplane
Deported SSH interface for clusters
@post  ssh  linux  tools 
march 2016 by octplane
Man Hunting, The Sport of Security Forces — Medium
Intelligence agencies must cooperate more rapidly and proactively to counter ISIS’ rapid and haphazard operational tempo.Clandestine operatives must rely on support networks that include overt
@post  article 
march 2016 by octplane
Platform to learn things. asks you questions before giving your things to read. Seems nice.
@post  discussion  elearning 
march 2016 by octplane
Cheap cab ride? You must have missed Uber’s true cost
Insightful article on why the uber model is working and why this is not good news.
article  @post 
february 2016 by octplane
Itsycal for Mac
Small calendar for the menu bar. Cute as hell.
@post  osx  software 
january 2016 by octplane
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