How to write an IRC bot
following Slack IRC connector shutdown
march 2018
cute Git commit / history GUI. Simple and usable. Kind of like Sourcetree but better.
git  GUI  OSS  @post 
november 2017
Sound of Dialup
Amazing Visualisation
@post  Geek  tech 
november 2017
Mullvad VPN
Praised by Mozilla, there must be a reason, right?
vpn  tools  @post 
october 2017
What is a datalake? A must read.
bigdata  @post 
october 2017
Goodbye Uncanny Valley
Very nice video about the uncanny valley
@post  cgi  video 
october 2017
5 Tips for Writing Small CLI Tools in Rust
Tips to write Rust Applications, very nice article.
rust  library  @post 
september 2017
ZeroBrane Studio
A cross platform lua IDE. As I do more and more lua, esp. because of #pico8, I might want to build bigger project using lua.
lua  @post  development 
july 2017
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