Editor's Choice - Photos
still in my favorites. Now with and editor's choice section.
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november 2016
HTML Standard
HTML defines some optional tags. You can throw html, head, body away when conditions are met. This is still valid html!
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september 2016
GitHub · Where software is built
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august 2016
in which a surprising affinity is pondered - Technomancy
When I got started with Lua, everything about it seemed to be the opposite of what I would like in a language, especially coming from Racket, Clojure, OCaml, and Erlang. It's unabashedly imperative,
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august 2016
Just got my first Clojure job! Any tips for someone using it in production for the first time? : Clojure
Hey everyone, I'm finally getting paid to write Clojure wooo. I'll basically be writing Clojure microservices on AWS. I have quite a bit of experience using Java and Rails in production and quite a few Clojure personal projects, but I was wondering if anyone had some tips, talks, or other resources for someone who is using it in production for the first time. Most of my personal projects were small-ish web services but what I'll be working on is quite a big step up. Looking specifically atStructuring / Architecting / Design patterns for large Clojure applicationsTesting / Continuous integration workflowsDeployment best practicesDebugging (Remote?) advice for large applicationsDocumentation best practices?Profiling, monitoring, and logging via /r/Clojure
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july 2016
Master Plan, Part Deux - Tesla
Follow up on Mr Musk master plan.
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july 2016
Tom Morello est plus remonté que jamais
Photo - Andy Kellen/Rolling Stone Du 18 au 21 juillet prochain,
july 2016
Reducing JPG File size — Medium
If you’re a modern developer, then you use JPG files. Doesn’t matter if you’re a web dev, mobile dev, or some weird sysadmin who just sends around memes all day. JPGs are a part of your job, and
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july 2016
JavaPoly.js — Java(script) in the Browser
This will definitely make my colleague crazy...
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may 2016
Deported SSH interface for clusters
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march 2016
Man Hunting, The Sport of Security Forces — Medium
Intelligence agencies must cooperate more rapidly and proactively to counter ISIS’ rapid and haphazard operational tempo.Clandestine operatives must rely on support networks that include overt
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march 2016
Platform to learn things. asks you questions before giving your things to read. Seems nice.
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march 2016
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