Are Britons falling out of love with booze? - BBC News
Baby Boomers may be screwing Millenials over, but they're also more likely to die from alcohol-induced illnesses
alcohol  millennials  babyboomers  drink  #tw 
25 days ago
Fitness app Strava really, really wants to be the social network for athletes - The Verge
Strava seems to be planning to become a fully-fledged social network for athletes.
strava  fitness  #tw  running  cycling  socialnetwork 
26 days ago
Stop Shaming Your Users for Micro Conversions
Ever heard of 'manipulinks'? They're those 'No thanks' links to opt out of email newsletters.
manipulinks  email  #tw 
26 days ago
Major apps abandoning Apple Watch, including Google Maps, Amazon & eBay [u]
Google, Amazon and eBay have dropped Apple Watch support from their latest iOS app releases.
google  ebay  amazon  applewatch  smartwatch  app  ios  apple  #tw 
27 days ago
Google and Facebook duped in huge 'scam' - BBC News
Facebook and Google duped out of over $100m via email scams.
facebook  google  email  scam  #tw 
4 weeks ago
CS department updates introductory courses | Stanford Daily
Stanford Uni's introductory programming course will be in JavaScript, rather than Java in future. Sign of the times
javascript  programming  java  stanford  #tw 
4 weeks ago
How will decreased sugar in Lucozade affect people with diabetes? - Diabetes Blog
Lucozade is cutting its sugar content - how will this affect diabetics?
diabetes  lucozade  #tw 
4 weeks ago
BBC exposes flaws in 'world's most secure' email service - BBC News
'World's most secure email system' is actually a Raspberry Pi running outdated open source software.
email  RaspberryPi  security  #tw 
4 weeks ago
Fitbit contradicts husband's story of wife's murder - police - BBC News
Data from a deceased woman's Fitbit is being used as evidence again the man accused of her murder.
fitbit  murder  #tw  crime  fitness 
4 weeks ago
Humour bypass as hummus runs dry | Life and style | The Guardian
There is a national hummus shortage. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.
hummus  food  #tw 
4 weeks ago
Zimbabwe schools accept goats for tuition fees - BBC News
If you're a Zimbabwean parent who can't afford school fees, you can now pay in goats
goat  zimbabwe  education  #tw 
5 weeks ago
My open source Instagram bot got me 2,500 real followers for $5 in server costs
How to get hundreds of real Instagram followers using a bot. (ethics aside)
coding  instagram  python  bot  programming  #tw 
6 weeks ago
Aga app 'could let hackers turn off oven'
TIL: 1) You can control your (new) Aga with an app
security  aga  food  internetofthings  #tw  cooking  iot 
6 weeks ago
Inmates built computers hidden in ceiling, connected them to prison network
Prison inmates in Ohio built two hidden skunkworks servers and ran them for 4 months before being caught
prison  #tw  crime 
6 weeks ago
DSLRs vs. Mirrorless Cameras: The 10 Crucial Things You Need to Understand
Good overview of the 10 key differences between DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and which one is best.
camera  dslr  photography  #tw 
7 weeks ago
The drink Brits go to bed with and Indians wake up with - BBC News
Horlicks: marketed as soothing bedtime drink in the UK, and stimulating morning drink in India. It's the same drink
#tw  india  marketing  horlicks 
7 weeks ago
UK charities fined for data law breaches - BBC News
11 UK charities fined for Data Protection Act breaches, including combining data to track down old donors
charity  data  #tw  law 
7 weeks ago
The public was asked to name a new ferry and the inevitable happened | Metro News
The public was asked to name a new ferry and the inevitable happened #boatymcboatface
boat  boatymcboatface  #tw 
8 weeks ago
Skegness ranked among war zones as one of the world's worst travel destinations | Grimsby Telegraph
Skegness ranked with Damascus, Pyongyang and Mogadishu as one of worst travel destinations in the world. Bit harsh!
skegness  travel  #tw  tourism 
8 weeks ago
Mexico City metro's 'penis seat' sparks debate - BBC News
Of course, an article about sexual assault on public transport would have a 'not all men' response :-/
transport  mexico  feminism  #tw 
8 weeks ago
Australia Hit by Real Life Sharknado
Australia hit by real-life Sharknado. (Because of course this would happen in Australia)
#tw  shark  sharknado  australia 
8 weeks ago
Uber to pull out of Denmark - BBC News
Uber, rather than complying with local laws, is pulling out of Denmark after 3 years.
#tw  uber  taxi  denmark 
8 weeks ago
Samsung plans to relaunch refurbished Note 7 devices - BBC News
Samsung may relaunch the Note 7 as it decides what to do with 2.5 million re-called devices.
samsung  android  #tw  recall 
8 weeks ago
Hollywood director Brett Ratner says Rotten Tomatoes is destroying movies - BBC Newsbeat
Hollywood director bemoans Rotten Tomatoes because it puts people off. STOP MAKING CRAP FILMS THEN.
#tw  film  movies  rottentomatoes  ratings 
9 weeks ago
Philip Davies MP: My 16,000 Twitter followers hate me - BBC News
For the record, I don't follow Philip Davies on Twitter, but do hate him.
#tw  politics  twitter 
9 weeks ago
Ofcom plans instant payback for broadband woes - BBC News
Ofcom is proposing £10 compensation for every day that your internet is down due to ISP faults.
ofcom  #tw  broadband  compensation 
9 weeks ago
Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware - Motherboard
American farmers are hacking the John Deere tractors with Ukrainian fimrware, to get around repair restrictions.
hacking  farming  economics  #tw 
9 weeks ago
Forgetful railcard users now able to claim refunds if they're told to pay full fare
If you forget your railcard when travelling by train, you're now able to claim a refund if made to pay full fare
travel  rail  railways  tickets  #tw 
9 weeks ago
To censor or not to censor? YouTube's double bind | Technology | The Guardian
YouTube's difficult censorship compromise - how to satisfy both advertisers and the LGBT+ community.
youtube  google  video  advertising  #tw 
9 weeks ago
802.eleventy what? A deep dive into why Wi-Fi kind of sucks | Ars Technica
Ars Technica on why Wi-Fi routers never quite live up to their promised speeds.
wifi  arstechnica  network  #tw 
10 weeks ago
US man held for sending flashing tweet to epileptic writer - BBC News
US man arrested for tweeting seizure-inducing flashing at an epileptic journalist
epilepsy  twitter  #tw 
10 weeks ago
YouTube: UK government suspends ads amid extremism concerns - BBC News
British gvmt, Channel 4 and The Guardian have pulled ads from YouTube because they're appearing next to extremist material.
Guardian  youtube  advertising  #tw  channel4  video 
10 weeks ago
DOO - Analysed
RailStaff magazine analyses the role of train guards, and the current disputes on Southern Rail.
trains  transport  #tw 
10 weeks ago
Five ways the singles chart can be fixed - BBC News
5 suggestions for fixing the UK Singles Chart (or: how to end Ed Sheeran's dominance)
#tw  edsheeran  music  singles  chart 
10 weeks ago
Boaty McBoatface submarine set for first voyage - BBC News
May God bless Boaty McBoatface and all of the computer equipment that will sail in her.
#tw  boatymcboatface  submarine 
11 weeks ago
diamond geezer
You need to read this blog post by @diamondgeezer on milk delivery.
#tw  milk  delivery 
11 weeks ago
Spitting out the Red Pill: Former misogynists reveal how they were radicalised online
The New Statesman interviews former members of Reddit's infamous TheRedPill board
altright  feminism  sexism  reddit  #tw 
11 weeks ago
India washing machine launched with 'curry' button - BBC News
New range of washing machines in India will have a special mode to remove curry stains. I NEED THIS.
curry  #tw  washing  technology 
11 weeks ago
The weird names the CIA gives its hacking tools - BBC News
CIA's hacking tools appear to be named after Doctor Who monsters, Weird Al lyrics and WoW spells.
security  hacking  cia  #tw 
11 weeks ago
Three inTouch - Embedded Wi-Fi Calling on iOS- Send a Text or Call over Wi-Fi.
3 users who have a phone with built-in Wifi Calling don't need the InTouch app anymore
#tw  wifi  three 
11 weeks ago
Jawbone denies 'abandoning' customers - BBC News
Jawbone's UK social media and customer service have gone quiet. Glad I bought a Fitbit instead.
jawbone  fitness  fitbit  #tw 
11 weeks ago
As CRT Supplies Vanish the Classic Arcade Machine is Virtually Dead
Classic arcade machines may end up being scrapped as the supply of replacement CRT screens dries up
crt  screens  arcade  #tw 
12 weeks ago
Are food bloggers fuelling racist stereotypes?
Interesting BBC piece on food blogging, authenticity and cultural appropriation
food  #tw 
12 weeks ago
Amazon typo knocked websites offline - BBC News
This week's Amazon Web Services downtime was caused by a typo in the billing system. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
amazon  cloud  #tw  fail 
12 weeks ago
Why American Eggs Would Be Illegal In A British Supermarket, And Vice Versa
American eggs would be illegal to sell in Britain and Europe... and vice versa. Here's why.
#tw  eggs  america  europe  law  food 
12 weeks ago
Why your car servicing costs could be about to rise - BBC News
Who should control the data that your car generates - you, or the car manufacturer?
business  motoring  cars  #tw 
february 2017
Donald Trump Eats His Steak Well Done With Ketchup, Like a Damn Child
If being a lying, racist, misogynist douchebag wasn't bad enough, Trump eats his steak well done with ketchup.
trump  steak  donaldtrump  food  #tw  jezebel 
february 2017
Make Friends As an Adult By Reconnecting With Acquaintances | Lifehacker UK
Want to make more friends as an adult? Reconnect with old acquaintances. Did this a lot when I became a Dad.
relationships  friendship  #tw 
february 2017
Grace Hopper's compiler: Computing's hidden hero - BBC News
You've probably heard of Grace Hopper - she wrote the first computer code compiler.
computing  compiler  gracehopper  #tw  programming 
february 2017
Cheating Frenchman sues Uber for tipping off wife about affair
A bug in the iOS Uber app resulted in a woman finding out that her husband was having an affair
#tw  uber  bug  ios 
february 2017
The Body Shop: What went wrong? - BBC News
The Body Shop: What went wrong? (IMO: Lush stole its USP and did it better)
#tw  bodyshop  retail  shopping  cosmetics  lush 
february 2017
Trump says terror attacks 'under-reported': Is that true? - BBC News
BBC listed all of Trump's 'under-reported' terror attacks and whether it reported them (in almost all cases: yes)
#tw  bbc  terrorism  trump 
february 2017
Film site IMDB to shut down message boards - BBC News
IMDB is shutting down its message boards. Good riddance!
#tw  imdb 
february 2017
Does Shiraz wine come from Iran? - BBC News
Does Shiraz wine come from Shiraz in Iran? Erm, well, sort-of...
wine  #tw  iran  shiraz  grapes 
february 2017
Amazon and Apple end exclusive deal on audio books - BBC News
Amazon/Audible and Apple have ended their exclusive deal, so hopefully cheaper audiobooks are on the horizon.
amazon  audible  audio  audiobooks  apple  ibooks  #tw 
january 2017
Netflix's gamble pays off as subscriptions soar - BBC News
Netflix's investments in original content seem to be paying off - subscriber numbers soaring.
#tw  netflix 
january 2017
What Can YOU Do? Positive Anti Brexit Action
If like me you're anti-Brexit, here's a list of things you can do.
#tw  brexit 
january 2017
Squirrel 'threat' to critical infrastructure - BBC News
Squirrels are more of a threat to critical internet infrastructure than cyber-attacks.
squirrel  security  internet  #tw 
january 2017
Southern comes bottom of a rail customer satisfaction survey, in the least surprising news ever.
#tw  railways 
january 2017
Why Martin Luther King Jr. Loved Star Trek | TIME
Bit late for MLK Jr Day, but here's an interesting piece on how he loved Star Trek
startrek  martinlutherkingjr  #tw 
january 2017
Academics swear on Twitter ‘more than expected’ | THE News
Academics swear on Twitter more often than you would perhaps expect, according to a study.
swearing  academia  #tw  twitter 
january 2017
Oops! How The BBC Purged All Of Their Old Doctor Who Episodes | Geek and Sundry
Why are there no surviving copies of 97 classic Doctor Who episodes?
doctorwho  bbc  #tw 
january 2017
Children 'fending for themselves online' - BBC News
Kids signing up for Instagram don't understand large parts of the terms and conditions.
#tw  instagram 
january 2017
CES 2017: UK support to tech firms 'an embarrassment' - BBC News
Organiser of CES (rightly) criticises UK government for not supporting startups
technology  #tw  ces 
january 2017
The iPhone at 10: How the smartphone became so smart - BBC News
9th January 2017 will be the 10th anniversary of the announcement of the first iPhone
#tw  iphone  apple 
december 2016
Are we facing a Christmas of Discontent? - BBC News
2015 saw a record low number of strikes. Is the tide changing?
strike  employment  #tw 
december 2016
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