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Olark | Real-time chat and monitoring of your website visitors for sales and support
Linked from the invalid compact policy (presumably used to get past older versions of IE). An interesting interpretation.
Thanks for your interest in privacy at Olark.

The organization that established P3P, the World Wide Web Consortium, suspended its work on this standard several years ago because most modern web browsers do not fully support P3P. As a result, the P3P standard is now out of date and does not reflect technologies that are currently in use on the web, so most websites currently do not have P3P policies.
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may 2014 by npdoty
P3P is dead, long live P3P! | This Thing
P3P is dead, long live P3P! New blog post and journal paper on standardized notices etc.
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december 2012 by npdoty
P5P Specification -
P5P is a new mechanism that combines the expressivity of P3P with the enforceability of DNT.
[Haven't figured out who the original author of this was. It's pretty funny for the very small community who follows this stuff.]
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april 2011 by npdoty
Facebook's Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P)
An explanation of why Facebook doesn't have a P3P policy.
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february 2011 by npdoty

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