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Workshop on the Future of Privacy Notice and Choice - Carnegie Mellon University CyLab
Workshop on the Future of #Privacy Notice & Choice #fopnac will be live streaming tomorrow
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june 2014 by npdoty
App Terms Of Service: Icons Or Text? | The New Republic
Some great quotes in this piece, including this DMA reaction against developers having any say in privacy practices:

"The people who really make choices about collection and use of data are the people who have the apps themselves," says the Direct Marketing Association's lawyer, Stuart Ingis. "Developers are the people we hire to do software coding. That's like saying the painter of a retail store makes decisions about the paint."
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january 2013 by npdoty
P3P is dead, long live P3P! | This Thing
P3P is dead, long live P3P! New blog post and journal paper on standardized notices etc.
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december 2012 by npdoty
Mac OS X Lion adds a human-readable "purpose" parameter when requesting the device's location.
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july 2011 by npdoty

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