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Know Your Rights | Electronic Frontier Foundation
“I do not want to talk to you. I do not consent to a search. I want to speak to my attorney.”
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october 2014 by npdoty
Metafoundry 6: Accident Blackspot
I don’t know what it’ll take to change technology culture from one that is nonconsensual and borderline-abusive to one that is about enthusiastic consent, and it might not even be possible at this point.

What would a culture of enthusiastic consent for technology products be like? Is it a coincidence that we see this lacking in the community and in the technology?
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september 2014 by npdoty
The Fantasy and Abuse of the Manipulable User, by Betsy Haibel | Model View Culture
Social platforms are not fully responsive to user protest, but they do respond, and the existence of actual or potential user outcry gives ethical tech workers a lever in internal fights about user abuse.

I call on my fellow tech workers to build accessible products and platforms which aid users’ resistance, to build tools which restore users’ ability to set and enforce granular electronic boundaries.
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july 2014 by npdoty
P3P is dead, long live P3P! | This Thing
P3P is dead, long live P3P! New blog post and journal paper on standardized notices etc.
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december 2012 by npdoty

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