The Copenhagen Letter, 2017
Let us move from human-centered design to humanity-centered design.
pledge  ethics  engineering  design  values-in-design  techdel  delegation 
9 days ago
draft-thomson-postel-was-wrong-01 - The Harmful Consequences of Postel
I'm not entirely sure that the design principles here are directly in contrast to the robustness principle, but they are common ideas that reflect the long-term issues with ignoring or replicating bugs.
history  design  ietf  interoperability  internet  robustness  postel  i-d 
10 days ago
Technical Standard-Setting Bibliography
Trying out maintaining a bibliography of standards-related work.
standards  litreview  bibliography  bibtex  mendeley  research  academia  dissertation 
11 days ago
The Ethics Canvas
An online tool/printable worksheet to map affected parties and ethical implications of a technology.
ethics  engineering  via:slack  techdel  decisionaltool 
13 days ago
The Very Bad Economics of Killing DACA - NYTimes.com
So this is a double blow to the U.S. economy; it will make everyone worse off. There is no upside whatever to this cruelty, unless you just want to have fewer people with brown skin and Hispanic surnames around. Which is, of course, what this is really all about.
racism  politics  sessions  immigration  nytimes  daca 
19 days ago
Tor: The Second-Generation Onion Router
We present Tor, a circuit-based low-latency anonymous communication service. This second-generation Onion Routing system addresses limitations in the original design by adding perfect forward secrecy, congestion control, directory servers, integrity checking, configurable exit policies, and a practical design for location-hidden services via rendezvous points. Tor works on the real-world Internet, requires no special privileges or kernel modifications, requires little synchronization or coordination between nodes, and provides a reasonable tradeoff between anonymity, usability, and efficiency.
tor  protocol  networks  techdel  routing  internet  tcp  design 
20 days ago
Offline Only
You must go offline to view this page.

This page itself is an experiment in this vein: what if certain content required us to disconnect? What if readers had access to that glorious attention that makes devouring a novel for hours at a time so satisfying? What if creators could pair that with the power of modern devices? Our phones and laptops are amazing platforms for novel content — if only we could harness our own attention.
offline  serviceworker  attention  internet  web  experiment 
4 weeks ago
Burnout and Twitter fatigue | Read the Tea Leaves
One thing my personal exodus toward Mastodon did teach me, though, is that I can live without social media. Not only am I spending more time on Mastodon than on Twitter these days, but I’m spending less time on social media in general, to which I credit both sleeping better and feeling less anxious and distracted all the time. No more staying up late to read about the scandal du jour or hearing hot takes on the latest political calamity that, this time, will surely bring about the end of the world. No more watching people tear each other down over petty grievances, or hearing the sanctimonious echo-chamber sermons of those utterly convinced of their own righteousness.
fatigue  burnout  twitter  mastodon  health  distraction  socialmedia  via:mastodon 
4 weeks ago
Free Speech: Only as Strong as the Weakest Link | Electronic Frontier Foundation
A strange diagram for Web architecture and the connection between a speaker and an audience, but it's interesting to see the step-by-step analysis of each potential chokepoint.

I feel like the diagram lets us down though in terms of identifying which places have many options that can be easily switched and which places are natural chokepoints.
eff  techdellab  architecture  internet  techdel  diagram  freeexpression 
5 weeks ago
Fighting Neo-Nazis and the Future of Free Expression | Electronic Frontier Foundation
I'm not sure I agree with the analysis that DNS registrars/providers should make no content-based distinctions (because: there's a gajillion DNS providers out there), but the advice to have a clear content policy rather than ad-hoc decisionmaking seems compelling. DDOS-protection-services as an unexpected chokepoint in Internet architecture is a new, interesting regulation point.
eff  techdel  freespeech  internet  politics  architecture  techdellab  cdn  cloudflare 
5 weeks ago
Ind.ie Labs: Set
A template that can work on client-side and server-side and just uses straight-up HTML (with data- attributes) instead of some bizarre curly-bracket syntax.
nodejs  templates  html  tool 
5 weeks ago
A moderate speaks: By God, won’t someone else take a stand? - The Washington Post
This bill was not given the process it deserves. We should have deliberated in committee. We should have held hearings. We should have done this the right way. There is only one way to proceed: We must absolutely proceed with it. I, for one, will fight it tooth and nail. I will do everything except vote against it.
satire  politics  hcr  aca  wapo 
8 weeks ago
Who Americans spend their time with
Hours per day with friends is a sad chart.
data  family  friends  graphs  society  picture 
june 2017
cuz language is cѳmplicaťed.
'and there's a gazillion words
compromise interprets and pre-parses text
so life is way better.
nlp  javascript  conversationalui 
june 2017
Beaker | Peer-to-peer Web browser. No blockchain required.
Create and share websites for free, with no advertising and no third-party services, directly from your device. Visitors to your site rehost your files automatically on the peer-to-peer network, so you don't have to pay hosting costs.

I... still don't understand these peer-to-peer web proposals, but they're interesting.
browser  p2p  web  experiment 
june 2017
Dat is a grant-funded, open-source, decentralized data sharing tool for efficiently versioning and syncing changes to data.
data  datascience  collaboration 
june 2017
“Seinfeld” Episodes from the Point of View of the Girlfriends - The New Yorker
Vanessa meets her friend Elaine’s ex, Jerry, who’s apparently a professional comedian, even though Vanessa is exactly as funny as he is and also has a law degree and passed the bar. While she kind of likes him, Vanessa doesn’t make a move because she doesn’t want to set off down a path where, in a year, every party that she and Elaine attend ends with Elaine screaming, “I GUESS FEMALE FRIENDSHIP IS A MYTH!” A couple of days later, Jerry shows up outside Vanessa’s workplace. He’s very clearly stalking her, and it’s very objectively creepy, but Vanessa agrees to go out with him anyway. There are so few good men in New York.
satire  humor  seinfeld 
june 2017
North American Industry Classification System
Census-provided classification system for business/industry in the US. Concordances exist for EU and UN systems.
industry  categorization  classification  standards  census 
may 2017
Toward a Critical Technical Practice
A critical technical practice will, at least for the foreseeable future, require a split identity -- one foot planted in the craft work of design and the other foot planted in the reflexive work of critique.
science  research  academia  ai  critique  via:classics  design  techdel 
may 2017
JSON Feed: Version 1
Bold to publish an entirely new feed spec just to avoid XML, but it does seem well done.
json  rss  feeds  standards  specification  spec 
may 2017
Building Mastodon to be frozen - parker higgins dot net
Mastodon developers can make some choices now that could help preserve those communities — if only in a “frozen” form — after they are no longer active. And if done right, it could open up new possibilities for persistent presentation of ephemeral communities.
internet  decentralization  mastodon  web  archiving  archive.org  history  yes  resilience  via:mastodon  xor 
may 2017
Could You? Should You?
Use of the Jurassic Park quote in 2006 regarding AJAX.
yourscientistsweresopreoccupied  dom  ajax  web  via:slack  jurassicpark 
may 2017
Learning from Twitter’s mistakes – Eugen Rochko – Medium
Smaller, tight-knit communities are less prone to harbouring toxic behaviour; you could think of it as moderation work of the entire network being spread somewhat* between countless administrators of independent but compatible communities, which makes it way more scalable than a single multi-million-user company with a small safety team.

Of course, communities with the sole purpose of spreading toxic behaviour will pop up too. In such cases, instance administrators can blacklist specific instances outright. It takes substantially more effort to setup a brand-new instance than it is to create a new account on a centralized social network — you have to acquire hosting, domain name, invest time in installation and configuration — so blacklist-evading is a lot harder.

twitter  mastodon  ethics  harassment  abuse  moderation  yes  gargron 
may 2017
(500) http://www.iconocla.st/m/Light_Speed_notes.pdf
sorry to see that iconocla.st is down; I wanted to cite that awesome Noisebridge talk on ftl travel/games
from twitter
may 2017
Mapzen Search · Mapzen
API to open source geocoding/reverse-geocoding, based on OSM, OA and Who's On First data. Nice alternative to proprietary solutions.
geocoder  addresses  maps  via:rss  search  osm 
may 2017
ConceptNet Numberbatch 17.04: better, less-stereotyped word vectors – ConceptNet blog
Systematically removing inappropriate bias from machine-learned semantics/word vectors.
ml  ai  word2vec  google  microsoft  bias  fairness  techdel  via:slack 
april 2017
My Comments on the Unroll.Me // Uber Situation – Perri Chase – Medium
Look, respectfully, you have clearly been living under a rock because if you look at the entire tech ecosystem — It’s fucking gross.

The candor of these CEO-publishes-random-thoughts-to-Medium posts is kind of intense.
candor  ethics  privacy  unrollme  uber  email  siliconvalley  via:slack 
april 2017
A Universe Explodes: A Blockchain Book, from Editions At Play
A Google experiment in which a book is distributed through a blockchain, and rules are enforced so that copies change/degrade over time.
blockchain  book  google  ellteedee  ephemerality 
april 2017
PhD Thesis: Cascading Style Sheets
A dissertation about CSS written in HTML and formatted with CSS for presentation on the Web and in print (and in a couple other formats too).
web  standards  html  css  dissertation  research  w3c  history  yes 
april 2017
if we users wrote a Proof Verification Language chunk for Mastodon, would Keybase accept POST…
from twitter
april 2017
Emoji for fun and profit - Webstock
By 2020, all written language will have been supplanted by emoji. But how did it come to this? To understand how emoji work, you first need to learn a little bit about Japanese cellphones in the late 90s, the mechanics of Unicode, and how computers render display fonts. With an understanding of how strange pieces of Japanese culture have become so deeply embedded in the way we communicate, you can start to use them in the things you build. Join CTO of Slack, Cal Henderson, as he shares how to use emoji for fun and for profit.
emoji  video  history  slack  via:waxy 
april 2017
Towards Democratic Regulation of the Airline Industry
More broadly, it’s time for the public to recognize that there is no such thing as “Deregulation.” The choice is always simply between regulation by the public for the public or regulation by private powers for their personal benefit. In short, we must regulate our society through democracy, or the plutocrats will regulate our lives for us. And sometimes, as we saw with David Dao, they will use violence to get their way.
deregulation  airlines  government  policeviolence  lawenforcement 
april 2017
Alan Kay's answer to What made Xerox PARC special? Who else today is like them? - Quora
A few principles:

Visions not goals
Fund people not projects — the scientists find the problems not the funders. So, for many reasons, you have to have the best researchers.
Problem Finding — not just Problem Solving
Milestones not deadlines
It’s “baseball” not “golf” — batting .350 is very good in a high aspiration high risk area. Not getting a hit is not failure but the overhead for getting hits. (As in baseball, an “error” is failing to pull off something that is technically feasible.)
It’s about shaping “computer stuff” to human ends per the vision. Much of the time this required the researchers to design and build pretty much everything, including much of the hardware — including a variety of mainframes — and virtually all of the software needed (including OSs and programming languages, etc.). Many of the ARPA researchers were quite fluent in both HW and SW (though usually better at one than the other). This made for a pretty homogeneous computing culture and great synergy in most projects.
The above goes against the commonsense idea that “computer people should not try to make their own tools (because of the infinite Turing Tarpit that results)”. The ARPA idea was a second order notion: “if you can make your own tools, HW and SW, then you must!”. The idea was that if you are going to take on big important and new problems then you just have to develop the chops to pull off all needed tools, partly because of what “new” really means, and partly because trying to do workarounds of vendor stuff that is in the wrong paradigm will kill the research thinking.
An important part of the research results are researchers. This extends the “baseball” idea to human development. The grad schools, especially, generally admitted people who “seemed interesting” and judgements weren’t made until a few years down the road. Many of the researchers who ultimately solved most of the many problems of personal computing and networking were created by the ARPA community.

Also, I don't think I had realized the level of connection between PARC and ARPA.
parc  arpa  research  xerox  computing  history 
april 2017
Inventor of World Wide Web Receives ACM A.M. Turing Award
ACM named Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Oxford, the recipient of the 2016 ACM A.M. Turing Award. Berners-Lee was cited for inventing the World Wide Web, the first web browser, and the fundamental protocols and algorithms allowing the Web to scale. Considered one of the most influential computing innovations in history, the World Wide Web is the primary tool used by billions of people every day to communicate, access information, engage in commerce, and perform many other important activities.
turing  acm  timbl  award  praise  yes  web 
april 2017
Introduction · ssb-handbook
Scuttlebutt is a decent(ralised) secure gossip platform.
distributed  socialnetworking  decentralization  mesh  gossip  via:mastodon 
april 2017
RFC 8136 - Additional Transition Functionality for IPv6
This document proposes an additional mechanism intended to both facilitate transition from IPv4 to IPv6 and improve the latter's security and privacy.
standards  ietf  humor  rfc  security  privacy  evilbit  ipv4  ipv6 
april 2017
Building a Digital Security Exchange – Medium
Yes. Security training needs to happen, it's going to take a lot of people and be done in diverse ways, and it would be great to coordinate that.
Cryptoparty  training  teaching  trump  security  education  coordination 
april 2017
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