Advocates urge cyclists to use new "Please don't kill me" hand signal - The Beaverton
Cycling safety advocates have developed a new hand signal following a string of fatal accidents on Toronto’s streets. In addition to the existing signals for ‘right’, ‘left’, and ‘stop’, cyclists can now inform oncoming drivers of the their humanity and will to live.

The new “Please don’t kill me” hand signal will be taught as part of bike safety programs in schools and community centres across the GTA, in the hopes that cyclists can more efficiently beg for their lives.</blockquote...
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4 days ago
A cartoon intro to DNS over HTTPS – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Fantastic illustrated explanation of the privacy and security implications of DNS requests (in addition to Web traffic in general) and some potential mitigations. And, especially rare, it includes a clear section that explains the issues that aren't yet fixed (that on-path routers can still see who you actually contact, via IP address or SNI).
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17 days ago
Looking for Life on a Flat Earth | The New Yorker
I continue to find this community and reporting on it fascinating.
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18 days ago
SF mayor’s bold plan to treat heroin addicts on the street - San Francisco Chronicle
Lots to quibble with in this reporting, but it's just pretty exciting to see this topic -- low-barrier buprenorphine prescribed by street medicine teams in San Francisco -- reported so prominently. Also, ends with a great quote (with an attribution to the patient, which seems pretty impressive to me).
addiction  medicine  sf  buprenorphine  homelessness 
5 weeks ago
About txt.fyi
This is the dumbest publishing platform on the web.

Write something, hit publish, and it's live.
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5 weeks ago
Right Effort, Right Interface — Ben Hammersley
I'm not sure about the idea of relying on watch/voice interfaces, but I love the idea of wrapping my phone up in fabric (furoshiki) so as to encourage myself to use it only when I actually want to *use* it, instead of like scratching an itch.
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5 weeks ago
Letter from urban planning professors at California universities, describing the causes of the housing crisis, potential solutions, support for SB 827 and transit-oriented development of dense housing and the necessity of new housing supply to address the crisis.
sf  housing  politics  sb827  berkeley  urbanplanning 
5 weeks ago
Topicbox: group email for teams
Useful setup for creating mailing lists for an organization, and letting users see and filter archives in a friendly way. Probably pretty much what I was imagining for a good mailing list service.

Costs 2-3$/user/month, which is a lot for a throwaway idea and not much at all for a business. $15/month for some non-profit communities, it looks like.
email  communication  fastmail  collaboration  mailinglist  via:slack 
6 weeks ago
Data Violence and How Bad Engineering Choices Can Damage Society
Because it’s never “just” an algorithm. And there’s no such thing as “just” an engineer.
(Cf. Ortega y Gasset)
ethics  engineering  philosophy  fairness 
7 weeks ago
xkcd: Python Environment
This is such a recognizable hell.
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7 weeks ago
Oh Hi: Gothamist
A nice history of early NYC blogging in this welcome-back post.
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8 weeks ago
To Know Entity Resolution is to Love Entity Resolution
Entity Resolution: Recognizing when two observations relate to the same entity, despite having been described differently. And conversely, recognizing when two observations do not relate to the same entity, despite having been described similarly.

Nice to know that I'm not the only person using "entity resolution" in that way.
research  bigbang  entityresolution  ml  datamining  via:noise 
8 weeks ago
Why Most Women Wear Pants But Most Men Don’t Wear Dresses - Racked
Why is it considered so socially disturbing for a man to wear a dress, but not for a woman to wear pants or a suit? A nice history, analysis.
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8 weeks ago
12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech
4. Tech history is poorly documented and poorly understood.

People who learn to create tech can usually find out every intimate detail of how their favorite programming language or device was created, but it’s often near impossible to know why certain technologies flourished, or what happened to the ones that didn’t. While we’re still early enough in the computing revolution that many of its pioneers are still alive and working to create technology today, it’s common to find that te...
history  technology  ctsp  culture 
10 weeks ago
#davewentandroid - daverupert.com
I don’t need a Real Time Strategy Game for my Privacy with my phone’s OS. I don’t need to be constantly notified to improve Google’s data-driven products. I don’t need a phone begging me to use its AI Assistant. I need a phone that disappears and connects me to the world.
A sad state of affairs.
privacy  android  google  location-privacy  via:mastodon 
11 weeks ago
What happened to Capitol Hill ‘conspirators’ in the FBI’s 2010 Russian spy case
Interesting, I lived less than a block from two Russian spies while I was in Seattle. (They were captured after moving to Virginia in 2010.)
seattle  russia 
12 weeks ago
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