Trump's Treasury Department Hands Banks a Windfall | Capital & Main
Banking is not a "financial service", according to the administration, at least with respect to massive tax cuts that rich owners of banks were hoping for.
banking  taxes  corruption  politics  finance 
4 days ago
inessential: The Public Square
Twitter is *not* the public square. It just wants you to think it is. The web itself is the public square.
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4 days ago
Smarter search for the open web
Search engines or other indexing tools could provide useful functionality for back-of-the-book style indexes and blogrolls of how blogs are connected by links.
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4 days ago
Part IV | World Inequality Report 2018
Documentation of our return to the Gilded Age.
wealth  inequality  infovis  piketty  gildedage 
6 days ago
In Memoriam: Gervase Markham | Mitchell's Blog
An in memoriam with a frank and candid treatment of the good and the difficult in a colleague.
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6 days ago
Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change
Neil Postman's talk sets out some ideas about technological change, of the style of considering it as a series of trade-offs. Some of this just reads as religious conservatism (he's speaking to theologians) or ludditism, but other parts are traditional and well-put philosophy of technology arguments about technology as a process of changing the world.
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7 days ago
Opinion | What Feminists Can Do for Boys - The New York Times
I wish we had proactive programs in place to teach men about the fullness of life and opportunities outside of patriarchy and oppression. Recognizing the need is a good step, but I haven't seen the answers filled out yet.
feminism  sexism  patriarchy  men 
10 days ago
RT : Interested in doing {word, network, statistical}-analysis of mailinglists?
Use BigBang! New release: v0.2.0 'Tulip…
from twitter
27 days ago
This nonsense of earning a living
The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a living. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery because, according to Malthusian-Darwinian theory, he must justify his right to exist.
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4 weeks ago
Less, More, and None - Jacoby Young
Setting out ongoing goals for life by which things you want to do less, which things you want to do more, which things you want to have none of.
lists  list  personalwebsite  missionstatement 
5 weeks ago
Cage the Mastodon - Official Mastodon Blog
An overview of features for dealing with abuse and harassment
harassment  federation  decentralization  mastodon  abuse  via:octodon 
5 weeks ago
Advocates urge cyclists to use new "Please don't kill me" hand signal - The Beaverton
Cycling safety advocates have developed a new hand signal following a string of fatal accidents on Toronto’s streets. In addition to the existing signals for ‘right’, ‘left’, and ‘stop’, cyclists can now inform oncoming drivers of the their humanity and will to live.

The new “Please don’t kill me” hand signal will be taught as part of bike safety programs in schools and community centres across the GTA, in the hopes that cyclists can more efficiently beg for their lives.</blockquote...
satire  bikes  safety  driving  humor  via:numtots 
7 weeks ago
A cartoon intro to DNS over HTTPS – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Fantastic illustrated explanation of the privacy and security implications of DNS requests (in addition to Web traffic in general) and some potential mitigations. And, especially rare, it includes a clear section that explains the issues that aren't yet fixed (that on-path routers can still see who you actually contact, via IP address or SNI).
privacy  security  http  web  illustration  techdel  techdellab  https  networking  dns 
9 weeks ago
Looking for Life on a Flat Earth | The New Yorker
I continue to find this community and reporting on it fascinating.
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9 weeks ago
SF mayor’s bold plan to treat heroin addicts on the street - San Francisco Chronicle
Lots to quibble with in this reporting, but it's just pretty exciting to see this topic -- low-barrier buprenorphine prescribed by street medicine teams in San Francisco -- reported so prominently. Also, ends with a great quote (with an attribution to the patient, which seems pretty impressive to me).
addiction  medicine  sf  buprenorphine  homelessness 
12 weeks ago
About txt.fyi
This is the dumbest publishing platform on the web.

Write something, hit publish, and it's live.
publishing  web  text  indieweb  via:rss 
12 weeks ago
Right Effort, Right Interface — Ben Hammersley
I'm not sure about the idea of relying on watch/voice interfaces, but I love the idea of wrapping my phone up in fabric (furoshiki) so as to encourage myself to use it only when I actually want to *use* it, instead of like scratching an itch.
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may 2018
Letter from urban planning professors at California universities, describing the causes of the housing crisis, potential solutions, support for SB 827 and transit-oriented development of dense housing and the necessity of new housing supply to address the crisis.
sf  housing  politics  sb827  berkeley  urbanplanning 
may 2018
Topicbox: group email for teams
Useful setup for creating mailing lists for an organization, and letting users see and filter archives in a friendly way. Probably pretty much what I was imagining for a good mailing list service.

Costs 2-3$/user/month, which is a lot for a throwaway idea and not much at all for a business. $15/month for some non-profit communities, it looks like.
email  communication  fastmail  collaboration  mailinglist  via:slack 
may 2018
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