Nomx, the "most secure" email service, can be easily hacked, say researchers | ZDNet
"It would be very easy to conclude that this is a scam. The device is running standard mail server software running on a Raspberry Pi, most of which is outdated. They have presented at countless tech shows and can be constantly found making bold statements of "absolute security" yet didn't pick up a CSRF vulnerability in their web interface."
security  email  hardware  dopost  research 
7 hours ago
The secret lives of Google raters | Ars Technica UK
"Raters are encouraged to take weekly quizzes to keep up to date with changes and to make sure their task responses are in line with other raters. They say they are not paid for this re-training or testing, even though it can take a few hours every week."
google  work  jobs  employment  dopost 
Commercial and contract management: insights and emerging best practice - National Audit Office (NAO)
"This interactive publication draws on our audits of government contracts and engagement with government to provide practitioners with insights on the new, emerging higher standard for government contracting."
risk_management  contracts  public_sector  advice  pdf  dopost 
3 days ago
Google's Classroom is open to anyone with an urge to teach
"Starting today, any Google Classroom user will be able to create their own classes. Working as an app or via desktop, what started as merely a service to organize coursework now lets users share their own wisdom. Previously, in order to create and attend classes you'd need a G Suite for Education account, now anyone with a Google account can enjoy its benefits."
google  education  launch  dopost 
3 days ago
DevOps on Windows Hosted Roundtable - Skelton Thatcher Consulting
"Last night, our partners The Scale Factory hosted a roundtable discussion on the subject of DevOps on Windows. [...] The discussions were under Chatham House Rule and as such no attributions will be made in this post."
devops  windows  continuous_integration  tools  dopost 
4 days ago
Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing
"Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing. Henry Segerman. This is the companion website for a popular mathematics book. Click around to explore figures from the book!"
maths  3d  3d_printing  dopost 
7 days ago
xkcd: Survivorship Bias
"Every inspirational speech by someone successful should have to start with a disclaimer about survivorship bias."
cartoon  humour  statistics  cognitive_bias  dopost  psychology 
9 days ago
Windows bug used to spread Stuxnet remains world’s most exploited | Ars Technica UK
"One of the Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities used to spread the Stuxnet worm that targeted Iran remained the most widely exploited software bug in 2015 and 2016 even though the bug was patched years earlier, according to a report published by antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab."
stuxnet  malware  windows  usb  dopost 
9 days ago
GoPro's Fusion spherical camera is six GoPros in one
"GoPro has taken the wraps off a spherical camera called Fusion hot on the heels of Facebook's 360-degree camera launch. Unlike the brand's other action cams, Fusion is a spherical device that can capture 5.2K resolution VR and non-VR videos and photos."
camera  gopro  launch  dopost  hardware 
10 days ago
Salesforce CEO Slams 'The World's Dumbest Idea': Maximizing Shareholder Value
"This week, Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce [CRM] joined these CEOs and declared in an article in the Huffington Post that this still-pervasive business theory is “wrong. The business of business isn't just about creating profits for shareholders -- it's also about improving the state of the world and driving stakeholder value.”"
finance  business  salesforce.com  investment  dopost 
10 days ago
The Tao of Programming
"Thus spake the Master Programmer: Though a program be but three lines long, someday it will have to be maintained."
programming  philosophy  humour  dopost 
12 days ago
3D Hubs: Browse Online 3D Printing Services
"Find a 3D printing service and get your parts in 48 hours"
3d_printing  shopping 
16 days ago
Surface Pro 3 Camera Blocker by iAce - Thingiverse
"I made this to have something that can block the front and back cameras of my MS Surface Pro 3. It fits perfectly snug onto the tablet so it won't ever slide or fall off."
shopping  laptops  security  microsoft_surface 
24 days ago
Surface Pro 3 Privacy Shield by sodacan - Thingiverse
"Simple object to block Surface Pro 3 camera. Slide the object to select which camera to block or scale the object before printing to make it wide enough to block both cameras at the same time."
shopping  laptops  security  microsoft_surface 
24 days ago
Surface Pro 4 Privacy Screen by Nlit3n - Thingiverse
"This is a privacy screen for a Surface Pro 4. The screen is wide enough to cover both the front and back cameras. The screen can slide over to quickly expose cameras as needed. I made the front thick enough that logo could be added to it."
shopping  laptops  security  microsoft_surface 
24 days ago
Insight Maker | Free Simulation and Modeling in your Browser
"Insight Maker lets you express your thoughts using rich pictures and causal loop diagrams. It then lets you turn these diagrams into powerful simulation models. All this happens right in your browser, for free."
tool  systems_thinking  system_dynamics  simulation  dopost 
25 days ago
Complexity Academy – The World Of Complex Systems
"Welcome to the internet’s most extensive resource on
complex systems"
systems_thinking  reference  education  complexity 
25 days ago
Putin Is Soft on Terrorism | Foreign Policy
"Since the 9/11 attacks, the Kremlin has endeavored to use the mutual desire to fight terrorism as a foundation for restored relations with Washington. [...] the idea that “terrorism” is the top threat to America, rather than Russia."
terrorism  usa  russia  politics 
25 days ago
President Trump delivers final blow to Web-browsing privacy rules in the US | Ars Technica UK
"Trump's action also "eliminates the requirement that broadband providers notify their customers of any hacking or security breaches.""
isps  usa  donald_trump  dopost  privacy  security 
26 days ago
Russian hackers targeted Clinton's email before the elections
"The DNC hack can be compared to a carefully executed physical break-in in which the intruders used uniquely identical listening devices; uniquely identical envelopes to carry the stolen files past security; and uniquely identical getaway vehicles."
hillary_clinton  security  election  hacking  russia  dopost 
4 weeks ago
The OldWood Thing: Stand-Up and Deliver
“I visited the opticians the other day after I started seeing printers, keyboards and mice out the corner of my eye. She said it’s okay, it’s just peripheral vision.” And many more
humour  agile  technology  conference  dopost 
4 weeks ago
Retromat - Inspiration & plans for (agile) retrospectives
"Planning your next agile retrospective? Start with a random plan, change it to fit the team's situation, print it and share the URL. Or browse around for new ideas!"
tool  retrospectives  dopost  agile 
4 weeks ago
Experiencing flow, enjoyment and risk in skydiving and climbing : Sussex Research Online
"This article brings together findings from two separate ethnographic studies that explore the motivations, behaviours and experiences of those who voluntarily engage in high-risk activities."
risk  sport  skydiving  climbing  dopost 
4 weeks ago
Reproducible Analytical Pipeline | Data at GDS
"With open source software becoming more widely used, there’s now a range of tools and techniques that can be used to reduce production time, whilst maintaining and even improving the quality of the [statistical] publications. This post is about these techniques: what they are, and how we can use them."
tools  statistics  open_source  gds 
4 weeks ago
Dynamics of Russian Power in Moldova - Foreign Policy Research Institute
"...for many ordinary Moldovans, Russia is attractive as a model of stability. For instance, according to a survey in April 2016, Vladimir Putin was the most popular foreign politician in Moldova. Putin gained support of 62% of respondents, while only about 30% backed Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany or then-U.S. President Barack Obama."
russia  moldova  politics  europe 
5 weeks ago
Coding, burnout, and mental health – Medium
"And if you make your entire life about the job, then you can end up having your friends, and your social life based around work as well. Which can lead to having no external life to your job. This approach to these people often seems to lead to burnout (certainly a significant lowering of productivity)."
startups  health  mental_health  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Alpha Explained | IndigoBlue
"I held firm the mantra that the team should consider the Alpha a discreet project and as such the outputs from the Alpha should be placed in a (virtual) box with a nice ribbon on it. Thus, allowing the Beta team to walk in and unwrap the Alpha to absorb everything that we had done and discovered."
gds  ons  project_management  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Change, not "change management"
"Low internal digital skills at all levels encourage a company to rely on vendors and apply heavy governance to manage risk because they stop trusting their own capability to deliver, while ignoring the problems of their broken IT. Brownfields should be upskilling their workforce so that they have the talent to build great digital services - themselves."
agile  change  digital  transformation  advice  dopost 
5 weeks ago
AP Exclusive: Manafort had plan to benefit Putin government
"President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, secretly worked for a Russian billionaire to advance the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin a decade ago and proposed an ambitious political strategy to undermine anti-Russian opposition across former Soviet republics..."
russia  donald_trump  politics  paul_manafort 
5 weeks ago
The one Yahoo meme that perfectly represents the faltering company | Ars Technica UK
"Execs seemed to profoundly misunderstand why people used the sites they bought. As the original community members drained away, they were inevitably replaced by people like kavya, whose babby-style contributions were nightmarish amalgams of griefing and cluelessness."
dopost  yahoo  history  memes 
5 weeks ago
World Happiness Report 2017
"Norway has jumped from 4th place in 2016 to 1st place this year, followed by Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland in a tightly packed bunch. All of the top four countries rank highly on all the main factors found to support happiness: caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance. Their averages are so close that small changes can re-order the rankings from year to year."
happiness  measurement  report  pdf  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Michael Feathers - Moving Past the Scaling Myth
"Despite the fact that we are surrounded by examples of structures that "don't scale." We want to believe that we can keep fundamentally the same process or architecture in place "as we scale." I think that we need to get used to the idea that scaling is different than what we may think it is. We should expect something analogous to phase transitions."
agile  scalability  dopost 
6 weeks ago
The Road to a Free Europe Goes Through Moscow - POLITICO Magazine
"Through means both covert (internet troll factories) and overt (a €9 million loan to Marine Le Pen’s National Front), the Kremlin aids and abets a wide variety of disruptive movements and figures in the Western world, no matter how radical or seemingly hopeless the cause, on the calculation that such a strategy is low risk and high reward."
russia  propaganda  vladimir_putin  politics  brexit 
6 weeks ago
WhatUsersDo | Usability and User Testing
"Our platform helps you understand how your customers engage with your website or product"
user_testing  user_research  testing 
6 weeks ago
When the culture becomes the cult – Agile in the Wild
"Whilst highly collaborative working practices work well for some they disadvantage others, and even if you prefer a vibrant environment you might sometimes seek some quiet and solitude. I see and speak to people all the time whose gifts and contributions are passed by or their brilliance stifled by the accommodations they have to make to fit in to the environments we have created."
agile  culture  psychology  dopost  teams 
6 weeks ago
The Satir Change Model | Steven M. Smith
"Improvement is always possible. This conviction is the heart of the transformation system developed by family therapist Virginia Satir. Her system helps people improve their lives by transforming the way they see and express themselves."
change  model  families  dopost 
6 weeks ago
The problem with facts
"The facts about smoking — indisputable facts, from unquestionable sources — did not carry the day. The indisputable facts were disputed."
public_relations  truth  politics  propaganda 
6 weeks ago
When Coffee and Kale Compete by Alan Klement
"'Customers don't have needs, they just want to make progress within the system they belong.' [...] When Coffee and Kale Compete by Alan Klement will help you become better at creating and selling products that people will buy. Your joy at work will grow. You will know how to help companies increase profits, reduce waste, and remain competitive. In doing so, you will help economies prosper, and help provide stable jobs for employees and the families that depend on them."
book  user_needs 
6 weeks ago
WikiLeaks CIA cache: Fool me once
"This week's poorly conceived distraction from Trump and Putin sittin' in a tree was brought to us by WikiLeaks, which dumped 8,761 documents of the CIA's hacking arsenal online for all to see. [...] Hilarity ensued. Well, if you think it's funny when the press parrots WikiLeaks' misleading claims wrapped in PR spin."
wikileaks  cia  security  dopost  journalism  privacy 
6 weeks ago
2017 Winners | Guthman Musical Instrument Design Competition | Georgia Institute of Technology | Atlanta, GA
"Creator and contestant Subhraag Singh filled the room with infinite sounds with his futuristic, saxophone-like invention, the Infinitone. Singh won the first-place prize of $5,000, and shed tears of joy and excitement as he told the audience that he put his life's work into this instrument."
musical_instrument  music  invention  competition  dopost 
7 weeks ago
U.S. Warned of Foreign Intel Operations After Russian Met With Team Trump at RNC - The Daily Beast
"Several other Trump campaign or transition officials who attended the conference also dismissed concern over communications with Kislyak at the conference as idiotic and overblown at best. All said the FBI was wasting its time and resources running down every single person the ambassador approaches."
russia  usa  politics 
7 weeks ago
Risk Appetite & Tolerance - Executive Summary [pdf]
"By providing practical advice on how to approach the development and implementation of a risk appetite framework we believe we will be helping boards and senior management teams both to manage their organisations better and to discharge their corporate governance responsibilities more effectively."
risk  risk_management  management  pdf 
7 weeks ago
Working In Uncertainty: Results of a survey on risk phrases
"The results of this survey confirm what many of us have long suspected, that the phrase 'risk appetite' is inherently confusing, now has multiple interpretations, and it is easy to think of better phrases that we could use from now on. With plainer, more self-explanatory terminology we can stop debating what words mean and get on with doing something useful."
risk  risk_management  language  survey  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Hacker George Hotz cancels Model S order after Tesla reminds him about IP theft | Ars Technica UK
"Hotz was planning on buying a Tesla Model S with the latest HW2 sensors until Tesla's legal office reached out to him just before delivery. Hotz told Electrek that Tesla's lawyers specifically called to remind him that intellectual property theft is a crime."
tesla  hacking  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Data-wiping malware Shamoon is back, and now it’s targeting Europe: | Ars Technica UK
"StoneDrill also includes backdoor functions that are used for espionage purposes. Kaspersky researchers found four command-and-control panels that the attackers used to steal data from an unknown number of targets."
crime  security  ransomware  malware  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Build your own Scrum -
"The goal of the exercise is to get small groups of 5 to 9 people collaborating with each other to recreate the workflow of Scrum from memory, or by using Michael James’ Scrum Reference Card. I’ve found this works equally well if they’ve attended a lecture on Scrum, if I review the workflow quickly prior to the exercise, or even if the individuals have just read the Scrum Guide. The magic of the exercise is that a group of people, even Scrum amateurs, can work it out together. And isn’t that what it’s all about? :)"
scrum  agile  training 
7 weeks ago
Russia: Kremlin-backed media turns on Trump - POLITICO
"It’s not that the Kremlin-controlled outlets which all but explicitly rooted for Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton last fall have changed their view of the New York mogul. It’s that Moscow’s main goal was always to undermine the U.S. political system, regardless of who is in the White House, experts said."
propaganda  russia  usa  media 
7 weeks ago
Visualizing the Riemann zeta function and analytic continuation - YouTube
"How a certain perspective on what the Riemann zeta function looks like can motivate what it might mean beyond its domain of convergence."
video  maths  visualisation  dopost 
8 weeks ago
The RARA Model - www.rara-risk.com
"Have you ever been confused between Risk Appetite and Risk Attitude? The RARA model is designed to address this. The image to the right is a simplified picture of our RARA model that describes how Risk Appetite and Risk Attitude are connected, and how they can be understood and managed as part of active risk management."
risk  model  risk_management 
8 weeks ago
What is GDP? | Visual.ONS
GDP explained. "GDP is the standard measure of the size and health of a country’s economy. It’s the way we measure and compare how well or badly countries are doing. (Diane Coyle, GDP, Princeton Press)"
economics  visualisation 
8 weeks ago
Value Chains and Value Streams: Strategic Maps Are Better For Project Inception | ThoughtWorks
Some approaches to mapping business processes: "I wanted to put a bit of an outline out for people who are interested--the bottom line is that the type of mapping you do will heavily impact the way you think about problems. As usual, I'm pushing tools which may help us to think more about strategic business value, at least at first, during project inception, and less about the systematic steps to improve it."
mapping  visualisation  tools  value  process  dopost 
8 weeks ago
A Survey of Propaganda - Schneier on Security
"This is an excellent survey article on modern propaganda techniques, how they work, and how we might defend ourselves against them. [...] As to defense: "Debunking doesn't work: provide an alternative narrative.""
propaganda  politics  analysis 
8 weeks ago
SHAttered - SHA-1 is broken
"It is now practically possible to craft two colliding PDF files and obtain a SHA-1 digital signature on the first PDF file which can also be abused as a valid signature on the second PDF file."
security  cryptography  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Test Your Calibration! - Less Wrong
"In my journeys across the land, I have, to date, encountered four sets of probability calibration tests. [...] If anyone knows of other tests, please do mention them in the comments, and I'll add them to this post."
measurement  estimation  tools  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Estimation - Part I: How to do it? - 80,000 Hours
"In this post we are going to look at how to make an estimate of a quantity you’re uncertain about. In order to do this we will cover the following things: Making your estimate; Is your estimate a good one? Are you overconfident?"
estimation  measurement  dopost 
9 weeks ago
How do you measure value? | ThoughtWorks
"We talk a lot in the agile world about "delivering value". It is the central theme of almost every agile workshop I have attended, a catchphrase in the agile world, and the focus of agile projects. But how do we know if we are delivering value?"
presentation  value  measurement  dopost 
9 weeks ago
5 Key Steps to Effective Project Prioritisation | James Blackstock | Pulse | LinkedIn
"Last week I was asked a very interesting question that made me want to write a ‘how to’ article explaining how I believe project and programme managers should be involved in project and programme prioritisation..."
prioritisation  programme_management  project_management  advice  dopost 
10 weeks ago
Inside the protest movement that has Republicans reeling - POLITICO
"Dubbed “Indivisible,” the group launched as a way for Padilla and a handful of fellow ex-Democratic aides to channel their post-election heartbreak into a manual for quashing President Donald Trump’s agenda. They drafted a 26-page protest guide for activists, full of pointers on how to bird dog their members of Congress in the language of Capitol insiders."
politics  usa  protest 
11 weeks ago
Simon Wardley defines a map
"Asked to explain difference between network topology and a map [...] as simply as I can"
mapping  simon_wardley  networks  visualisation 
11 weeks ago
The 6 Rules for Rewards - NOOP.NL
"Rewards that trigger intrinsic motivation are more effective and cost way less. Such rewards can work for your organization, and not against it. Just make sure you take the following six rules into account..."
motivation  advice  rewards  management  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Building what’s useful: governance and agile delivery – Digital blogs
"It makes sense to have a piece of internet that I could point to which explains how to do governance when you’re doing agile delivery. That’s what this blog post is about."
governance  agile  co_op  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Guide to IR35 in the Public Sector | IPSE
"This new and free guide explains what this change means and what contractors can expect when working in the public sector. As we learn more we will update this guide."
taxation  ir35 
11 weeks ago
UK government’s huge citizen data grab is go—where are the legal safeguards? | Ars Technica UK
"Privacy campaigner Phil Booth [...] told Ars that the so-called "Government Transformation Strategy" didn't sit well side-by-side with Whitehall's big legislative push to crack open citizens' data. "Which do you believe, the current draft legislation, or a PDF?" he asked."
privacy  government  gds  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Free Business Tools - Online Tools for Small Businesses
Lots of "generator" tools: for a business name, bar code, privacy policy, refund policy,...
tools  business  templates 
11 weeks ago
The ACLU Dash Button – Medium
"It was my friend Katherine who made the comment “I wish there was an ACLU Dash button I could push to donate any time I read about the latest offense from Trump.” Her language was sliiiiightly more colorful than that, but it got me thinking: why reserve that instant gratification for physical goods? Why not push a button and do some real good?"
amazon  aclu  donald_trump  innovation  iot  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Does the online card payment landscape unwittingly facilitate fraud? | the morning paper
The ease of conducting credit card fraud... "Ignoring address for the moment, note that expiry date + CVV2 gives us 60,000 combinations to guess, but by cracking them in stages we reduce it to only 1,060."
credit_cards  security  hacking  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Gary Kasparov on propaganda
"The point of modern propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth."
propaganda  truth  politics  russia 
11 weeks ago
Trump’s Plan to Fight ISIS With Putin Isn’t Just Futile. It’s Dangerous. - POLITICO Magazine
"Russians operate differently from Americans at every level of conflict — tactically, operationally, and strategically. There is no established trust between our nations or our forces, and the place to build that trust is not during a major operation where our goals are fundamentally misaligned."
russia  war  terrorism  usa  donald_trump 
11 weeks ago
Questions of Uncertainty | IndigoBlue
"The actions should make the uncertainty (range) for story estimates narrower (smaller) by a planned amount, but will not necessarily change the estimates or make them smaller. In fact, while the range in an estimate gets smaller, the estimate itself could increase."
uncertainty  project_management  visualisation  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Why the best product managers don’t build the features their users ask for.
"In his now classic paper ‘Marketing Myopia’, [Theodore Levitt] argued how the railroads in the US served as an example of an industry whose failure to grow was due to a limited market view. Those behind the railroads were in trouble not because the need for passenger transportation had declined. Rather, the industry failed because those behind it assumed they were in the railroad business rather than the customer transportation business."
product_development  history  facebook  dopost  user_needs 
11 weeks ago
Well, that escalated quickly. IR35 v2.0 | IndigoBlue
"It is unusual in Government to have an abrupt change in legislation and be able to rapidly monitor its effects in a reasonably sized control group of the population. But that is about to happen, and the people affected quite probably include you, dear reader."
ir35  taxation  public_sector 
12 weeks ago
Colin Bird - Founder of RippleRock - Has the Burndown Chart Burnt-out?
"The venerable Burndown chart has been a central plank in tracking progress and predicting likely release dates in Scrum since I can remember. Over the last few years, the Burnup chart has gained popularity – lets explore why."
agile  visualisation  charts  dopost 
12 weeks ago
Why UPS drivers don't turn left and you probably shouldn't either
"UPS have designed their vehicle routing software to eliminate as many left-hand turns as possible (in countries with right-hand traffic). Typically, only 10% of the turns are left turns. As a result, the company claims it uses 10m gallons less fuel, emits 20,000 tonnes less carbon dioxide and delivers 350,000 more packages every year."
ups  driving  maths  efficiency  prisoners_dilemma  dopost 
january 2017
Why the media got it so wrong on Trump and Brexit
"There is no doubt the two big political campaigns of 2016 have thrown into stark relief some failings of both traditional and digital media. [...] The problems are more complex than the easy accusations of liberal bias and elitism, although those come into it, too."
media  society  democracy  analysis  journalism 
january 2017
Repairing the Thinkpad X220 [pdf]
See chapter 8 for disassembly instructions.
thinkpad  hardware  dontpost  pdf 
january 2017
Trump signs executive order stripping non-citizens of privacy rights
"With a stroke of his pen, the president just potentially invalidated a transcontinental data flow agreement between the US and EU which took years to negotiate."
privacy  usa  donald_trump  eu  dopost 
january 2017
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