Test Your Calibration! - Less Wrong
"In my journeys across the land, I have, to date, encountered four sets of probability calibration tests. [...] If anyone knows of other tests, please do mention them in the comments, and I'll add them to this post."
measurement  estimation  tools  dopost 
15 hours ago
Estimation - Part I: How to do it? - 80,000 Hours
"In this post we are going to look at how to make an estimate of a quantity you’re uncertain about. In order to do this we will cover the following things: Making your estimate; Is your estimate a good one? Are you overconfident?"
estimation  measurement  dopost 
15 hours ago
How do you measure value? | ThoughtWorks
"We talk a lot in the agile world about "delivering value". It is the central theme of almost every agile workshop I have attended, a catchphrase in the agile world, and the focus of agile projects. But how do we know if we are delivering value?"
presentation  value  measurement  dopost 
3 days ago
5 Key Steps to Effective Project Prioritisation | James Blackstock | Pulse | LinkedIn
"Last week I was asked a very interesting question that made me want to write a ‘how to’ article explaining how I believe project and programme managers should be involved in project and programme prioritisation..."
prioritisation  programme_management  project_management  advice  dopost 
7 days ago
Inside the protest movement that has Republicans reeling - POLITICO
"Dubbed “Indivisible,” the group launched as a way for Padilla and a handful of fellow ex-Democratic aides to channel their post-election heartbreak into a manual for quashing President Donald Trump’s agenda. They drafted a 26-page protest guide for activists, full of pointers on how to bird dog their members of Congress in the language of Capitol insiders."
politics  usa  protest 
12 days ago
Simon Wardley defines a map
"Asked to explain difference between network topology and a map [...] as simply as I can"
mapping  simon_wardley  networks  visualisation 
12 days ago
The 6 Rules for Rewards - NOOP.NL
"Rewards that trigger intrinsic motivation are more effective and cost way less. Such rewards can work for your organization, and not against it. Just make sure you take the following six rules into account..."
motivation  advice  rewards  management  dopost 
13 days ago
Building what’s useful: governance and agile delivery – Digital blogs
"It makes sense to have a piece of internet that I could point to which explains how to do governance when you’re doing agile delivery. That’s what this blog post is about."
governance  agile  co_op  dopost 
13 days ago
Guide to IR35 in the Public Sector | IPSE
"This new and free guide explains what this change means and what contractors can expect when working in the public sector. As we learn more we will update this guide."
taxation  ir35 
14 days ago
UK government’s huge citizen data grab is go—where are the legal safeguards? | Ars Technica UK
"Privacy campaigner Phil Booth [...] told Ars that the so-called "Government Transformation Strategy" didn't sit well side-by-side with Whitehall's big legislative push to crack open citizens' data. "Which do you believe, the current draft legislation, or a PDF?" he asked."
privacy  government  gds  dopost 
14 days ago
Free Business Tools - Online Tools for Small Businesses
Lots of "generator" tools: for a business name, bar code, privacy policy, refund policy,...
tools  business  templates 
14 days ago
The ACLU Dash Button – Medium
"It was my friend Katherine who made the comment “I wish there was an ACLU Dash button I could push to donate any time I read about the latest offense from Trump.” Her language was sliiiiightly more colorful than that, but it got me thinking: why reserve that instant gratification for physical goods? Why not push a button and do some real good?"
amazon  aclu  donald_trump  innovation  iot  dopost 
15 days ago
Does the online card payment landscape unwittingly facilitate fraud? | the morning paper
The ease of conducting credit card fraud... "Ignoring address for the moment, note that expiry date + CVV2 gives us 60,000 combinations to guess, but by cracking them in stages we reduce it to only 1,060."
credit_cards  security  hacking  dopost 
15 days ago
Gary Kasparov on propaganda
"The point of modern propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth."
propaganda  truth  politics  russia 
15 days ago
Trump’s Plan to Fight ISIS With Putin Isn’t Just Futile. It’s Dangerous. - POLITICO Magazine
"Russians operate differently from Americans at every level of conflict — tactically, operationally, and strategically. There is no established trust between our nations or our forces, and the place to build that trust is not during a major operation where our goals are fundamentally misaligned."
russia  war  terrorism  usa  donald_trump 
16 days ago
Questions of Uncertainty | IndigoBlue
"The actions should make the uncertainty (range) for story estimates narrower (smaller) by a planned amount, but will not necessarily change the estimates or make them smaller. In fact, while the range in an estimate gets smaller, the estimate itself could increase."
uncertainty  project_management  visualisation  dopost 
16 days ago
Why the best product managers don’t build the features their users ask for.
"In his now classic paper ‘Marketing Myopia’, [Theodore Levitt] argued how the railroads in the US served as an example of an industry whose failure to grow was due to a limited market view. Those behind the railroads were in trouble not because the need for passenger transportation had declined. Rather, the industry failed because those behind it assumed they were in the railroad business rather than the customer transportation business."
product_development  history  facebook  dopost  user_needs 
16 days ago
Well, that escalated quickly. IR35 v2.0 | IndigoBlue
"It is unusual in Government to have an abrupt change in legislation and be able to rapidly monitor its effects in a reasonably sized control group of the population. But that is about to happen, and the people affected quite probably include you, dear reader."
ir35  taxation  public_sector 
23 days ago
Colin Bird - Founder of RippleRock - Has the Burndown Chart Burnt-out?
"The venerable Burndown chart has been a central plank in tracking progress and predicting likely release dates in Scrum since I can remember. Over the last few years, the Burnup chart has gained popularity – lets explore why."
agile  visualisation  charts  dopost 
23 days ago
Why UPS drivers don't turn left and you probably shouldn't either
"UPS have designed their vehicle routing software to eliminate as many left-hand turns as possible (in countries with right-hand traffic). Typically, only 10% of the turns are left turns. As a result, the company claims it uses 10m gallons less fuel, emits 20,000 tonnes less carbon dioxide and delivers 350,000 more packages every year."
ups  driving  maths  efficiency  prisoners_dilemma  dopost 
24 days ago
Why the media got it so wrong on Trump and Brexit
"There is no doubt the two big political campaigns of 2016 have thrown into stark relief some failings of both traditional and digital media. [...] The problems are more complex than the easy accusations of liberal bias and elitism, although those come into it, too."
media  society  democracy  analysis  journalism 
24 days ago
Repairing the Thinkpad X220 [pdf]
See chapter 8 for disassembly instructions.
thinkpad  hardware  dontpost  pdf 
24 days ago
Trump signs executive order stripping non-citizens of privacy rights
"With a stroke of his pen, the president just potentially invalidated a transcontinental data flow agreement between the US and EU which took years to negotiate."
privacy  usa  donald_trump  eu  dopost 
28 days ago
Do Targets Work or Not?
"I hope the last two posts have demonstrated admirably that: Targets work; Targets don’t work. I also trust that is nice and clear."
targets  culture  management  dopost 
4 weeks ago
Targets Work!
"However there is plenty of academic evidence to show that goal setting improves performance. [...] Locke and Latham suggest that having a target to work towards has four positive effects..."
targets  psychology  research  dopost  management 
4 weeks ago
How statistics lost their power – and why we should fear what comes next | William Davies | Politics | The Guardian
"Rather than diffusing controversy and polarisation, it seems as if statistics are actually stoking them. Antipathy to statistics has become one of the hallmarks of the populist right, with statisticians and economists chief among the various “experts” that were ostensibly rejected by voters in 2016."
statistics  politics  trust  dopost 
4 weeks ago
‘He Has This Deep Fear That He Is Not a Legitimate President’ - POLITICO Magazine
"So at the very moment he hates the establishment, he also desperately wants to be approved by it."
psychology  donald_trump  interview 
5 weeks ago
Mobile Processors - Benchmark List - NotebookCheck.net Tech
"This table is sorted by the approximate speed of the (laptop) CPU. It contains average benchmark values of some internal and external reviews. Furthermore, the list can be sorted and filtered by the user."
hardware  comparison  tool 
5 weeks ago
Securing KeePass with a Second Factor | Kahu Security
"I opted for the Challenge-Response method via KeeChallenge which I’ll be describing here. With KeeChallenge, I didn’t have any problems like I did using the OTP method."
security  yubikey  passwords 
5 weeks ago
"A plugin for KeePass2 to add Yubikey challenge-response capability."
security  yubikey  passwords 
5 weeks ago
Google explains how it spots malicious Android apps
"Google explains how it detects if a particular application is harmful even with the absence of Verify's verdict. "To understand this problem more deeply [...] the Android Security team correlates app install attempts and Dead or Insecure (DOI) devices.""
google  android  security  malware  dopost  maths 
5 weeks ago
The Man Who Became Donald Trump - POLITICO Magazine
"He noticed lesser-known physical tics, like the fact that Trump never makes eye contact. To train himself to avoid looking at Clinton, Reines taped a big X on the opposite wall and stared at it intently."
donald_trump  hillary_clinton  usa  politics  election 
5 weeks ago
Why Russia Loves the Idea of California Seceding - POLITICO Magazine
"...people who know the Russian political playbook say winking at these fringe movements—and even giving them a boost—is a part of a very real strategy."
russia  california  politics  usa 
5 weeks ago
A Comment on the Trump Dossier - Schneier on Security
"Imagine that you are someone in the CIA, concerned about the future of America. You have this Russian dossier on Donald Trump [...] The smartest thing you can do is to leak it to the public. By doing so, you are eliminating any leverage Russia has over Trump..."
russia  donald_trump  cia  politics 
5 weeks ago
Watch out, Europe. Germany is top of Russian hackers’ list | Natalie Nougayrède | Opinion | The Guardian
"Berlin officials struggled to counter the Russian campaign. But Moscow’s overt meddling in Germany’s domestic politics seeped into the public consciousness – for a while, at least."
russia  germany  politics  immigration  news  europe 
5 weeks ago
2017 is the year we realise we've been doing the Internet wrong
"Our data is what drives services and profits on the Net - but we’re unable to reap the rewards of the value we create. [...] Networks can distribute power – like the electricity power grid – or they can centralise it – like old boys networks."
internet  data  privacy  politics  dopost 
5 weeks ago
SECTION 3 Enhancing Existing Risk Management in National Statistical Institutes by Using Agile Principles - Guidelines on Risk Management - UNECE Statistics Wikis
"These Guidelines on implementing risk management in statistical organisations were drafted under the coordination of the UNECE High Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics, by the Modernisation Committee on Organisational Framework and Evaluation (MCOFE), chaired by Jackey Mayda (Statistics Canada)." Includes a section on Agile by ONS people.
risk  un  ons  management 
6 weeks ago
5 Russian words that explain Vladimir Putin – POLITICO
"[Putin has] pushed for the creation of a free-trade zone — the Eurasian Customs Union — between them. Those countries that have resisted the Kremlin’s advances, such as Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine after its 2014 Euro-revolution, have found themselves in direct military conflict with Russia."
russia  politics  language  words 
6 weeks ago
Hackers can remotely steal fingerprints from Android phones | ZDNet
"Researchers outline how hackers can attack your smartphone to steal your fingerprint on a "large scale" -- without anybody noticing."
security  mobile  hacking  dopost  android 
6 weeks ago
Russia waging information war against Sweden, study finds | World news | The Guardian
"Sweden’s most authoritative foreign policy institute has accused Russia of using fake news, false documents and disinformation as part of a coordinated campaign to influence public opinion and decision-making in the Scandinavian country."
russia  sweden  politics 
6 weeks ago
How We Fool Ourselves on Russia - NYTimes.com
The reality is that our relationship with Russia will remain competitive, and often adversarial, for the foreseeable future. At its core is a fundamental disconnect in outlook and about each other’s role in the world."
politics  russia  usa  history 
6 weeks ago
Burnistoun S1E1 - Voice Recognition Elevator - ELEVEN! - YouTube
"Voice-recognition technology? In a lift? In Scotland? You ever tried voice-recognition technology?"
humour  video  technology 
6 weeks ago
Is this my interface or yours? – Medium
"Why do products sometimes label things as my stuff, and sometimes label things as your stuff? [...] As you tap around from app to app, you’ll see that there’s no standard way to refer to the things that belong to you within an interface. Some say it’s my stuff. Some say it’s your stuff."
naming  user_interfaces  dopost 
6 weeks ago
What scientific term or concept ought to be more widely know? The Premortem
"Before a major decision is taken, say to launch a new line of business, write a book, or form a new alliance, those familiar with the details of the proposal are given an assignment. Assume we are at some time in the future when the plan has been implemented, and the outcome was a disaster. Write a brief history of that disaster."
risk  uncertainty  psychology  management  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Ownership of UK Quoted Shares - Office for National Statistics
"The value of ordinary shares held in UK incorporated companies listed on the London Stock Exchange by sector of the owner, with a country breakdown for shares owned outside the UK."
shares  data  survey  dopost  uk  finance  economics 
7 weeks ago
A company with an SQL injection attack as its name. Nice.
humour  security  dopost  databases 
7 weeks ago
Embracing Agile
"By taking people out of their functional silos and putting them in self-managed and customer-focused multidisciplinary teams, the agile approach is not only accelerating profitable growth but also helping to create a new generation of skilled general managers."
agile  management  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Why the Podesta hack was co-ordinated by the Russians
@pwnallthethings explains why the DNC email hack was actually undertaken by Russia.
security  hacking  usa  phishing  tweets  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Putin’s Real Long Game - POLITICO Magazine
"This war seeks, at home and abroad, to erode our values, our democracy, and our institutional strength; to dilute our ability to sort fact from fiction, or moral right from wrong; and to convince us to make decisions against our own best interests."
politics  russia  usa  vladimir_putin 
7 weeks ago
Is an NSA contractor the next Snowden? In 2017, we hope to find out | Ars Technica UK
"While we do our best to cover a wide variety of civil and criminal cases, there are five that stand out to us in 2017. These cases range from privacy and encryption, to government-sanctioned hacking, to the future of drone law in America."
legal  privacy  security  crime  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Measure what you are speaking about, and Express it in Numbers
"In a single sentence, Lord Kelvin distinguishes between quantification and measurement twice, and three times in the quotation! This is not by accident. ‘Quantification’ alone, has great merit, even if you never actually carry out any measurement!"
quantification  measurement  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Web of tax breaks and subsidies keeps iPhone production in China | Ars Technica UK
"[The] city of Zhengzhou helped finance the construction of Foxconn's factory and housing for its workers; that it provides discounted energy and constructed power generators and other infrastructure to support the facility; that it has waived and deeply cut corporate and value-added taxes..."
apple  china  manufacturing  taxation  trade  usa  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Op-ed: Five unexpected lessons from the Ashley Madison breach | Ars Technica UK
"This complaint and settlement are more than just business as usual—they reflect a modern and sustainable way to think about and enforce our privacy in the coming years."
ftc  ashley_madison  hacking  regulation  dopost  security  trust 
7 weeks ago
How the 2011 hack of DigiNotar changed the internet’s infrastructure.
"Cybersecurity breaches don’t usually spell the end of companies, much less spur national governments to seize control of private firms. But the DigiNotar compromise was unusual in many ways."
browsers  security  dopost  google  history 
8 weeks ago
Bloomberg | How Apple Alienated Mac Loyalists | Apple content from SuperSite for Windows
"Apple prioritizes features, like thinness and minimal ports, that sell its iPhones and iPads, which generated about 75 percent of revenue this year. Those are contrary to professional needs, like maximum computing power."
mac  apple  hardware  dopost 
8 weeks ago
Thirty things you didn't know about the EU referendum | Politics | The Guardian
"[Vote Leave] only realised at 10.30pm on the night before it had to submit documents to the Electoral Commission saying why it should get the designation that its draft was missing key information. Staff stayed up until 3.30am rewriting it."
history  politics  brexit  uk 
9 weeks ago
Value Poker in the Dragons' Den - MindTheProduct
"But, if estimation is good enough for effort why not use estimation for value? And if wisdom of crowds style “planning poker” works for effort, why not apply it to value?"
value  estimation  agile  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Clear Desks and Other Management Claptrap | The Squawk Point: Service Improvement
"Who would have thought it?  People do not like being controlled.  When they are, they take their discretionary effort away."
management  psychology  experiment  dopost  productivity 
9 weeks ago
My Priorities for the Next Four Years - Schneier on Security
"I am choosing to proceed as if this were cowpox, not smallpox: fighting the more benign disease today will be much easier than subjecting ourselves to its more virulent form in the future. It's going to be hard keeping the intensity up for the next four years, but we need to get to work."
security  donald_trump  usa  politics  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Why did Microsoft bring SQL Server to Linux, and how? | Ars Technica UK
"There was some nervousness and trepidation when the decision was first made to bring SQL Server to Linux [...] but as the project progressed, the team grew more confident that it would open up SQL Server to a whole set of customers who previously couldn't even contemplate it because of its OS dependency."
microsoft  linux  database  dopost 
9 weeks ago
GDS departure from CAP programme leads RPA to ditch agile approach - Government Computing Network
"A National Audit Office (NAO) memorandum into progress on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Delivery Programme has revealed that the withdrawal of the Government Digital Service (GDS) from the programme has led to the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) now choosing to drop the agile development approach advocated by GDS in favour of a ‘traditional deployment and release cycle.’"
agile  government  gds  nao 
9 weeks ago
GitHub Is Building a Coder’s Paradise. It’s Not Coming Cheap - Bloomberg
"GitHub’s Chris Wanstrath says the business is running more smoothly now and growing. “What happened to 2015?” says the 31-year-old co-founder and chief executive officer. “Nothing was getting done, maybe? I shouldn’t say that. Strike that.”"
github  financials  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Meltdown Monday: Southern's Problems Run Deep
"What consistently seems to get overlooked, however, is the possibility that two or three problems, relatively small and insignificant in themselves, can come together to produce a situation that is hard to unravel and even more difficult to solve. [...] Here, we take a look at seven problems that are, or may be, affecting Southern Railway."
transport  unions  strikes  london  rail 
10 weeks ago
Strikes won’t fix the Southern rail crisis. Here are some fresh ideas for the unions | David Boyle | Opinion | The Guardian
"When the contract is dysfunctional – as it clearly is in this case – the main effort of the organisation shifts from meeting public or customer needs to meeting financial or other targets which seem only subtly different, but in practice amount to a huge shift in resources, and therefore a waste of public money."
unions  targets  rail  strikes  transport 
10 weeks ago
Op-ed: I’m throwing in the towel on PGP, and I work in security | Ars Technica UK
"After years of wrestling with GnuPG with varying levels of enthusiasm, I came to the conclusion that it's just not worth it, and I'm giving up—at least on the concept of long-term PGP keys."
security  cryptography  pgp  dopost  trust 
10 weeks ago
Obama's got a new cybersecurity plan, but what's the point?
"The report finally policy-izes fixing things people like me have been raising the alarm about for years. Namely, that the tech industry rushes things to market before securing them, that organizations no longer have control over people, devices and data, and that attackers are cashing in on our security fatigue."
report  security  politics  usa  dopost 
10 weeks ago
That One Privacy Site | Welcome
"This site is meant to be a resource to those who value their privacy, specifically those looking for information on VPNs (that isn’t disguised advertising)."
security  networking  vpns  privacy  dopost  comparison 
10 weeks ago
German Intel chief: Russia is trying to 'destabilize' the country
"In recent months, Germany has seen an "aggressive and increased cyber spying and cyber operations that could potentially endanger German government officials, members of parliament and employees of democratic parties," Maaßen said in his statement. This has been accompanied by an "enormous use of financial resources" to spread "disinformation" and sow discord both within the country and the wider EU"
russia  security  hacking  germany  eu  dopost 
10 weeks ago
Pragmatic Agile by Rob Saddler on Prezi
Prezi presentation on what it means to have an Agile mindset, through the introduction of Scrum into an organisation.
scrum  agile  presentation 
11 weeks ago
Thieves can guess your secret Visa card details in just seconds | Ars Technica UK
"The technique relies on Web bots that spread random guesses across almost 400 e-commerce sites that accept credit card payments. [...] Because different sites rely on different fields, the bots are able to enter intelligent guesses into the user field of multiple sites until the bots hit on the right ones."
security  hacking  credit_cards  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Why the fuss about serverless?
"The co-evolution of practice around platform from componentisation to code sharing to financial monitoring to increases in agility and efficiency is a pretty big deal as we enter this serverless world. But the new business models around worth based development and the collision of finance and development will literally knock your socks off."
devops  cloud_computing  serverless  mapping  future  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Lies, damned lies, statistics and university performance targets – Peter Scott | Education | The Guardian
"It gets worse. Performance enthusiasts naively believe they are “driving up” standards across the board, by selecting just a few key indicators. In fact, by seeking to measure some things, usually because they are easier to measure, a default decision has been taken not to measure other, more important, ones."
education  government  targets  performance  dopost 
11 weeks ago
The Varieties of Human Work | Humanistic Systems
Four basic varieties can be considered: work-as-imagined; work-as-prescribed; work-as-disclosed; and work-as-done. These are illustrated in the figure below, which shows that the varieties of human work do usually overlap, but not completely, leaving areas of commonality, and areas of difference. Here we will consider each variety, one by one.
psychology  work  ergonomics  dopost  management 
11 weeks ago
Measuring transformations in attitudes | marcus jenal
"Following up on my last blog post on a new framework for systemic change, I would like to present here the main methodology we used to measure whether there have been transformations in the attitudes of farmers. The approach we used was Cognitive Edge’s SenseMaker®, which allowed us to deeply scan for changes in attitudes and beliefs beyond mere observation of changed behaviours."
cynefin  farming  report  sensemaker 
11 weeks ago
A GDS Story | Government Digital Service
This is a story. It's about GDS. It's written in very short sentences. Some things aren't included. This is to keep it simple. Presumably.
government  gds  history  dopost 
11 weeks ago
The World is Designed for Men – HH Design – Medium
"The impact of having such a limited set of voices in the rooms where design decisions are made has far reaching implications. We’ll look at a few examples of how these missing perspectives lead to design “solutions” that create unexpected negative consequences for many, and shortchange us all."
design  sexism  diversity 
11 weeks ago
The real state of Scaled Agile | The IT Risk Manager
"By the time the idea reaches the chasm, most people access the idea through “books”, and most of these people do not have access to the originators."
scalability  frameworks  agile  governance 
11 weeks ago
Building better assessments for digital services | Government Digital Service
"Under the new model, assessors will visit teams regularly at their location throughout the development of their service. A lead assessor will be assigned to each service and help the team to identify risks and any areas they need to focus on."
assurance  governance  gds  dopost 
11 weeks ago
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