Report: Twitter CEO took a Russian impostor’s bait in 2016 | Ars Technica UK
"Accounts like these can allow a fake actor to attract seemingly organic connections to other users, which Twitter may look for when determining whether an account is legitimate and/or should be pushed down by its "quality filter." From there, a politically motivated actor can distribute divisive messages or target advertising at a bucket of like-minded users."
dopost  propaganda  russia  twitter 
10 hours ago
Sell Your By-products – Signal v. Noise
"Look closely at everything you do. There are probably by-product opportunities everywhere. Hell, even your office space could be a by-product. You rent it to work, but what about after hours? Could you rent it out for events? Maybe you could hold stand-up comedy shows like Maryʼs Futons in San Rafael, California does. Sometimes customers return to buy the futon they were sitting on during the show. That’s extra sweet."
product_development  dopost  business_strategy 
3 days ago
Quantitative Risk Analysis for overall project risk - YouTube
Demonstration and discussion of the eyeball plot (or football plot) for indicating projected project completion time and cost.
video  risk_management  visualisation  dopost 
5 days ago
My tolerance for risk appetite is fading | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"Now PwC has published a piece, “Board oversight of risk: defining risk appetite in plain English”. I was hoping to see new thinking that would help organizations and their boards manage risk effectively. Instead, while PwC says that risk appetite “is not a new concept but one that can be confusing”, I don’t believe they have succeeded in removing any of that confusion."
risk  risk_management  management  dopost 
6 days ago
MOVING CITY & A NEW START - Blog | Enjoy Piano
What one piano teacher did when she needed to move to a new city and restart her business.
piano  teaching  creativity 
7 days ago
What Can You Play? – Pianodao
"Surely we should be able – if we walk into a hotel lobby and see a shiny grand piano – to sit down and play a few pieces without warning, without embarrassment, and without sheet music? I know from talking to students this is what most of them would like to be able to do!"
piano  learning  music  advice 
7 days ago
So what is a Coach and what is a Trainer? | LinkedIn
"The Coach should be able to ask the right questions and make sure the recipient team is moving in the right direction toward their own objective. The recipient team is normally providing all the content themselves. The more the Coach keeps the process moving along and resists him or herself from providing content in the discussion, the more effective they will be."
jobs  agile  coaching  training  dopost 
7 days ago
Twitter deleted data potentially crucial to Russia probes - POLITICO
"Were Twitter a contractor for [Russian intelligence agency] the FSB [...] they could not have built a more effective disinformation platform."
russia  twitter  data  election  dopost 
9 days ago
How Facebook rewards polarizing political ads - The Verge
"But even as Facebook makes unpopular messages more expensive to distribute, it can still promote polarization on a grander scale: thanks to Facebook’s microtargeting capabilities, voters can see fewer viewpoints that they might disagree with, because Facebook algorithms treat disagreement as bad for the user experience."
facebook  advertising  election  donald_trump  dopost 
10 days ago
Flying Logic
"Flying Logic is a highly visual, easy to use software application that does for reasoning what spreadsheets do for numbers. Just as you would not do detailed financial projections in your head, you need Flying Logic for all nontrivial planning and reasoning endeavors."
tool  logic  planning 
11 days ago
Wardley Mapping Tools and Techniques – Benjamin Mosior – Medium
"This post has two main sections: A semi-serious reflection on the problem space of tools for mapping, and then a fun overview of all sorts of mapping tools and techniques, informed by discussion and sharing that took place at the inaugural Map Camp."
business_strategy  wardley_maps  dopost 
11 days ago
Start, Stop, Continue — how to get less of the wrong things and more of the right things done
"Struggling with your workload? Failing to deliver? Frequently saying “I don’t have time for that”? then read on…"
11 days ago
AWS Lambda Summary // Practical Applications
"AWS Lambda is the cornerstone of the AWS serverless framework and provides a fully managed, zero-admin, auto-scaling, pay-per-use, code execution environment."
aws  serverless  dopost  architecture 
12 days ago
GOV.UK Ethnicity facts and figures
"Use this service to find information about the different experiences of people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. It gathers data collected by government in one place, making it available to the public, specialists and charities."
statistics  ethnicity  data  uk  dopost 
12 days ago
Can a dynamic IP address constitute personal data? - Privacy, Security and Information Law Fieldfisher
Dynamic IP addresses could be considered personally identifiable information (PII) in the context of GDPR.
gdpr  privacy  data  legal  dopost 
12 days ago
Why it’s important to understand that agile is radically different to what went before
"...if you think agile is not radically different to what’s gone before, you might believe that the processes and ways-of-working used in the enabling functions around delivery (e.g. Governance, Change Management, Finance, Facilities, IT etc.), that have evolved (and been optimised) to enable non-agile delivery approaches, do not need to be changed to enable agile delivery."
agile  transformation  management  dopost 
13 days ago
Facebook’s chief security officer let loose at critics on Twitter over the company’s algorithms - Recode
Facebook's Chief Security Officer argues that fake news is hard to kill with algorithms: "A bunch of the public research really comes down to the feedback loop of "we believe this viewpoint is being pushed by bots" -> ML"
tweets  facebook  media  bias  dopost 
13 days ago
Secure development and deployment - NCSC Site
"Today we are pleased to share with you an alpha draft of our secure development and deployment guidance."
security  development  advice  dopost 
13 days ago
8 Things Top Practicers Do Differently - Bulletproof Musician
"...the researchers identified 8 distinct practice strategies that were common to the top pianists, but occurred less frequently in the practice sessions of the others..."
piano  learning  advice  research  music 
14 days ago
Efficient Piano Practice
"In his autobiography, Daniel Barenboim cites this as a fundamental rule for practicing. If your practicing does not demand enormous reserves of concentration, then you’re not practicing properly."
piano  advice  music  learning 
14 days ago
HP Enterprise let Russia review the Pentagon's security software
"Last year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) allowed a Russian defense agency to analyze the source code of a cybersecurity software used by the Pentagon, Reutersreports."
russia  software  hp  usa  security  dopost 
20 days ago
POLITICO Cabinet: How to tame Russia - POLITICO
"Several participants said that Russia has effectively declared political war on the West, even if Europe and the United States haven’t quite grasped that yet."
russia  analysis  politics  vladimir_putin 
20 days ago
Adobe Crossword
"The answers to the crossword are chosen from the 1000 most used passwords for Adobe user accounts from the recent password leak. The clues are up to 50 of the most commonly used hints for each of the passwords."
humour  adobe  passwords  security  dopost 
24 days ago
Reader, I clicked on him! I test-drive the online Jane Austen role-playing game | Books | The Guardian
"I’m playing Ever, Jane, a virtual roleplaying game by Judy L Tyrer, formerly of Linden Labs, which created the seminal online world Second Life. As avid fans of Jane Austen, Tyrer and her team at 3 Turn Productions have worked to unify the worlds of Austen’s writing, from Lady Susan to Sense and Sensibility, turning them into Tyrehampton, a place where women in bonnets lounge about in day rooms and dissect their rivals."
games  jane_austen  dopost 
25 days ago
The Gerasimov Doctrine - POLITICO Magazine
"Gerasimov took tactics developed by the Soviets, blended them with strategic military thinking about total war, and laid out a new theory of modern warfare—one that looks more like hacking an enemy’s society than attacking it head-on."
russia  politics  war 
27 days ago
Data Viz Project | Collection of data visualizations to get inspired and finding the right type.
"This is a website trying to present all relevant data visualizations, so you can find the right visualization and get inspiration on how to do it."
visualisation  reference  statistics  dopost 
4 weeks ago
The Copenhagen Letter, 2017
"It is time to take responsibility for the world we are creating. Time to put humans before business. Time to replace the empty rhetoric of “building a better world” with a commitment to real action. It is time to organize, and to hold each other accountable."
letter  design  ethics  technology  dopost 
4 weeks ago
‘I Want to Explode’ — A Roger Ailes Protégé Bares His Soul - POLITICO Magazine
"Ailes tells Renard [...] “Everything must be made into a narrative … Facts don’t matter.”"
fox_news  book  truth  facts  media 
4 weeks ago
3D Face Reconstruction
"This is an online demo of our paper Large Pose 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image via Direct Volumetric CNN Regression. Take a look at our project website to read the paper and get the code. Please use a (close to) frontal image, or the face detector won't see you (dlib)"
3d  artificial_intelligence  modelling  photographs  dopost 
4 weeks ago
Two Ex-Googlers Want To Make Bodegas And Mom-And-Pop Corner Stores Obsolete
"The major downside to this concept–should it take off–is that it would put a lot of mom-and-pop stores out of business. In fact, replacing that beloved institution seems explicit in the very name of McDonald’s venture, a Spanish term synonymous with the tiny stores that dot urban landscapes and are commonly run by people originally from Latin America or Asia. Some might bristle at the idea of a Silicon Valley executive appropriating the term “bodega” for a project that could well put lots of immigrants out of work. (One of my coworkers even referred to it as “Bro-dega” to illustrate the disconnect.)"
bodega  retail  startup  startups  economics  social_media  dopost 
4 weeks ago
Email security and anti-spoofing - NCSC Site
"This guidance is intended to help you secure your organisation's email in two distinct ways. Firstly, we want to protect the emails you send and receive, ensuring that the content of your communications arrives in its intended state. We recommend you use TLS to do this. The second goal is to make it difficult for fake emails to be sent from your organisation's domains."
security  email  advice 
5 weeks ago
The great nutrient collapse
"“Every leaf and every grass blade on earth makes more and more sugars as CO2levels keep rising,” Loladze said. “We are witnessing the greatest injection of carbohydrates into the biosphere in human history―[an] injection that dilutes other nutrients in our food supply.”"
food  nutrition  biology  climate_change  science  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Tree Editor
"TextEditors which treat documents as hierarchies"
editors  tools  productivity 
5 weeks ago
The Equifax Data Breach Didn't Have to Be This Bad
"The problem with Social Security numbers is that businesses and financial services treat them as authenticators, meaning that the mere possession of the number is enough to verify a person’s identity. In practice, identification and authentication should be two different things. For example, a driver’s license is a form of identification. A person’s face, which corroborates with the photo on the license, provides the authentication. One is useless without the other."
security  identity  authentication  crime  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Solved: 5 Minutes to load after log in - HP Support Forum - 6319186
"When I turn off my laptop and then want to turn it back on, it takes anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes after the login screen to actually load."
windows_10  hp  problem  solution 
5 weeks ago
Equifax moves to fix weak PINs for “security freeze” on consumer credit reports | Ars Technica UK
"A number of customers discovered that the PINs generated by enrolling in Equifax's TrustedID Premier Service were non-random and apparently sequential—in fact, they were essentially date-time stamps of the time of enrollment."
security  failure  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Hide Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Advertisements / Ads
"I like the Windows 10 "Spotlight" with its custom photos each day. [...] However, I've noticed random Store ads popping up, saying things like, "See what's free" or "Explore a marketplace of apps... I'd love to disable these ads, while keeping the Spotlight feature of daily photos."
windows_10  advertising  tips 
5 weeks ago
Every JavaScript framework tutorial written more than 5 minutes ago
"Step one, the tutorial said, was to install Tupress. Well, duh. Then Roger had to install Bistup — a lightweight wrapper, whatever that meant. After that, he had to install Claster, which provided a thin unopinionated layer of utility methods and middleware. He didn’t know what that meant either, but installed it anyway."
humour  javascript  frameworks  dopost  tutorials 
5 weeks ago
For the love of God, please tell me what your company does
"A button invites us to try a demo, but doesn’t bother to mention what this might be a demo of — clicking it takes us to a contact form, which seduces us with the promise, “Learn how to take your PR and social media marketing programs to the next level”."
marketing  communication  failure  dopost  public_relations 
6 weeks ago
Why I owned a Macbook Pro for a day — and what it says to me about the future of Apple
"Chapter 1. ‘How to run a business’ — ‘Think like a customer’. The End."
apple  hardware  customer_service  dopost  mac 
6 weeks ago
ONS hits problems again, delaying its retail index data
"The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has been hit by further IT problems, causing it to delay the publication of UK retail sales data scheduled for later this month."
ons  statistics 
6 weeks ago
Telephone numbers
Advice from GDS: "​​Users should be allowed to enter phone numbers in whatever format is familiar to them. You should be forgiving of additional spaces, hyphens, brackets and dashes, and be able to accommodate country and area codes."
gds  design  user_experience  advice  user_interfaces 
6 weeks ago
There are some crazy medical codes out there—here are the weirdest on record | Ars Technica UK
"Amino found that 25,500 people experienced a W2203, which is code for “walked into furniture.” In the same vein, 17,200 Americans walked into walls and 400 walked into a lamppost."
categorisation  health  insurance  data  weird  dopost 
7 weeks ago
JP Morgan Chase just got a patent on basic app communications | Ars Technica UK
"As we have explained many times before, the Patent Office seems to operate in an alternate universe where the only evidence of the state of the art in software is found in patents. Indeed, the examiner considered only patents and patent applications when reviewing JP Morgan's application. It's no wonder the office gets it so wrong."
patents  apps  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Twitter account suspected of being part of Russian disinformation campaign
"Keir Giles, an expert in Russian information warfare at Chatham House, said that the user’s high standard of English, and the relative complexity of their arguments, would make it “one of the most sophisticated” pro-Kremlin accounts on social media."
russia  propaganda  twitter  analysis  dopost 
7 weeks ago
What’s changed in the year since the Brexit vote? | Visual.ONS
"It’s been a year since the UK voted to leave the EU after more than 40 years of membership. [...] What has changed in the space of a year?
Draw your estimates on the charts below, then click the button to see how you did"
ons  visualisation  brexit  economics  data 
7 weeks ago
Not everything is awesome | FT Labs
"Unfortunately we often write job ads thinking about how we’d describe the person we want to hire, not how someone like that would describe themselves. So it’s understandable that you describe them in glowing terms, but it’s actually not helpful."
recruitment  sexism  language  dopost 
7 weeks ago
About Us
"Project Implicit is a non-profit organization and international collaboration between researchers who are interested in implicit social cognition - thoughts and feelings outside of conscious awareness and control. The goal of the organization is to educate the public about hidden biases and to provide a “virtual laboratory” for collecting data on the Internet."
psychology  research  bias 
8 weeks ago
If you’re a startup, you should not use React (reflecting on the BSD + patents license)
"“BSD + patents” essentially means that the code is open (for everyone to see and use), but it’s always copyrighted by Facebook. And they grant you a patent license as long as you’re nice to them by never suing Facebook for patent infringement."
facebook  react  patents  legal  startups  licencing  dopost 
8 weeks ago
So apparently we lost the grammar war, and on-premises is just called "on premise" now?
"I never thought I'd be writing a blog post like this, but now that I'm coming up on 20 years in this industry, and I'm writing on a website called BrianMadden.com, I feel like I've earned the right to. I'm saddened that the industry seems to have adopted the grammatically-incorrect term "on premise" in place of the actual term, "on premises" when discussing where servers will live."
grammar  cloud_computing  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Why There Are No Nazi Statues in Germany - POLITICO Magazine
"Southerners may have lost the Civil War, but between the 1890s and 1920s they won the first great battle over its official memory. They fought that battle in popular literature, history books and college curricula, but also on hundreds of courthouse steps and city squares, where they erected monuments to Confederate veterans and martyrs. These statues reinforced the romance of reunion."
culture  racism  usa  germany  history 
9 weeks ago
12 'best practices' IT should avoid at all costs
"What makes IT organizations fail? Often, it’s the adoption of what’s described as “industry best practices” by people who ought to know better but don’t, probably because they’ve never had to do the job."
advice  enterprise_computing  project_management  failure  dopost 
9 weeks ago
AgilePM aka DSDM | IndigoBlue
"If you’ve never heard of it then you really ought to take a look and if you did use it in the past then it’s worth revisiting as much has changed in the latest version (launched in 2014). [...] DSDM is also well structured, established, scalable, home grown and for organisations who’s governance is based around traditional approaches, a more comfortable migration path."
agile  scalability  frameworks  dsdm  agilepm  dopost 
9 weeks ago
How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016 – Hacker Noon
"No JavaScript frameworks were created during the writing of this article."
javascript  humour  frameworks  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Every Voting Machine at This Hacking Conference Got Totally Pwned
"By the end of the weekend, every one of the roughly 30 machines at the village, including those used to tabulate votes and to check voters in when they go to the polls, had been hacked. Even though several of the exploits ended up paying tribute to Astley, they’re not jokes—they also present a serious lesson about the security vulnerabilities in voting machines that leave them open to tampering and manipulation."
voting  hacking  security  dopost 
9 weeks ago
How these hidden video watermarks can help spot piracy, doctored images | ZDNet
"He argues that what this technology brings is reversibility. Reversible watermarking is a method of hiding the watermark in digital media in such a way that its effect is as imperceptible as possible but which also allows digital media to be restored to its original form, down to the individual bit, once the watermark has been extracted."
video  copyright  algorithms  dopost  watermarking 
9 weeks ago
Regime Change in Charlottesville - POLITICO Magazine
"Sometimes the regime change takes a little longer. That’s how we should look at images of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson being lifted through the night sky in Baltimore; of protesters stomping on a Confederate soldier statue in Durham, North Carolina; and of "alt-right" battalions storming Charlottesville to rescue a doomed Lee memorial. It should also shape how we read President Donald Trump’s defiant response to the violence in Charlottesville."
racism  donald_trump  history  usa  statues 
9 weeks ago
Thank you Donald Rumsfeld! | IndigoBlue
"I have been working with a client on explaining the concept and management of Uncertainty. I write Uncertainty here with a capital as I would like to differentiate it from the generic use of the word in the same way Agile is often stated. There are many definitions of what Agile thinking is all about but here at Indigoblue we consider the three pillars of Agile as collaboration, incremental delivery and Uncertainty management. So, understanding Uncertainty management is pretty fundamental."
risk  risk_management  uncertainty  agile  dopost 
9 weeks ago
How to spot a fake viral video - The Verge
"we turned to filmmaker and visual effects specialist Alan Melikdjanian, better known as Captain Disillusion — a character Melikdjanian has been playing on YouTube for a decade, and who’s responsible for some of the best (and wittiest) debunkings online. Here are his top tips for spotting forgeries and fakes"
falsehoods  videos  myths  tips  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Cost of Delay: Not Shipping on Time, Part 1 | Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant
"Any delays in our shipment will not push our sales figures to the right. They will remove our max sales from the middle. Got it? We have to make our ship date."
cost_of_delay  delivery  technical_debt  dopost 
9 weeks ago
The best telepresence robot
"...we don't think these devices are ready for prime time. But if you want a telepresence robot to give remote employees a physical presence in your office, the Suitable Technologies Beam Enhanced is the only bot that's reliable and user-friendly enough to consider."
robots  telepresence  review  hardware  dopost 
10 weeks ago
Depression simulator 'Please Knock' arrives September 7th
"Please Knock on My Door is a conversation about depression via video game. Developer Michael Levall created the indie title about his own experiences with depression and the mind-numbing routine of making games."
depression  game  psychology  dopost 
10 weeks ago
What Trump Needs to Know About North Korea's History - POLITICO Magazine
"The system that has ensured a workable peace for the rest of Asia and brought prosperity for South Korea has long been viewed by the North Koreans as the main impediment to realizing their nation’s destiny: the unification of the peninsula."
history  north_korea  politics  diplomacy 
10 weeks ago
Read My Lips: Let’s Kill 0Day | Dan Kaminsky's Blog
"Defense without Offense is after all just Compliance."
compliance  security 
10 weeks ago
"This pattern has led many of my colleagues to argue that you shouldn't start a new project with microservices, even if you're sure your application will be big enough to make it worthwhile."
microservices  architecture  advice 
10 weeks ago
Slacking off? ICO probe throws up concerns over instant messaging • The Register
"The Cabinet Office initially told the ICO that Slack "is not used in any official capacity", but in the same sentence added that any decisions made outside the official system would be "properly recorded and transferred to official systems"."
slack  government  freedom_of_information  dopost 
10 weeks ago
Monolithic Architecture pattern
Pattern (plus advantages and disadvantages) for choosing a monolithic architecture for your application.
microservices  architecture  patterns  dopost 
10 weeks ago
When a Candidate Conspired With a Foreign Power to Win An Election - POLITICO Magazine
"As investigators rush to understand just what President Donald Trump knew about Russia’s attempts to meddle in the 2016 election and when he knew it, the Chennault Affair—and how Nixon got away with it—is as relevant than ever."
richard_nixon  politics  vietnam  history 
11 weeks ago
Jeff Sessions' Attack on the Media Is Worse Than You Think - POLITICO Magazine
"By saying “I’m here to talk about leaks to the media,” and then talking about all sorts of other unlawful activities tied to classified information, Sessions has adroitly preyed on a logical fallacy we’ll call “false implication,” which is based on humans’ basic tendency to want to see patterns even where none exist."
psychology  language  media  leaks  jeff_sessions  politics 
11 weeks ago
Technical Debt: Don't Go Bankrupt - YouTube
Philippe Kruchten on ways to think about, make decisions about, and deal with technical debt.
technical_debt  analysis  video  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Music And Measure Theory - YouTube
"A connection between a classical puzzle about rational numbers and what makes music harmonious."
music  maths  video  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Researchers say WannaCry operator moved bitcoins to “untraceable” Monero | Ars Technica UK
"Monero is a private digital currency that is focused on anonymity. While it is based on blockchain like other cryptocurrencies and uses distributed consensus for all transactions to prevent wallet hacking, it uses "ring signatures"—an anonymous cryptographic signature scheme—to sign transactions."
malware  ransomware  monero  bitcoin  dopost  crime 
11 weeks ago
Escaping the Build Trap by Melissa Perri - Mind the Product
"Companies believe that feature ideas + code = profit. So if we just keep product managers shovelling requirements to the developers, and keep developers shovelling features out the door, all will be fine. But developing products is part of a system. It’s a value exchange."
product_development  value  video  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Taylor Wescoatt - Being the First Product Manager - Mind the Product
"In working at Seedcamp and helping over 100 startups understand product thinking, Taylor Wescoatt has learned some valuable lessons he’d like to share, together with some real-world examples to drive the point home!"
product_development  startups  advice  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Dual-Track Agile: Why Messy Leads to Innovation - Mind the Product
"With Dual-Track Agile, the development team participates in the discovery track – often led by the lead engineer, the UX designer, and the product manager. In other IT development methodologies, the IT teams are only a part of the delivery track, so they don’t get the valuable knowledge from talking with users and performing experiments."
agile  product_development  dopost 
11 weeks ago
BBC - Future - The ghostly radio station that no one claims to run
"It is thought to be the headquarters of a radio station, “MDZhB”, that no-one has ever claimed to run. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for the last three-and-a-half decades, it’s been broadcasting a dull, monotonous tone. Every few seconds it’s joined by a second sound, like some ghostly ship sounding its foghorn. Then the drone continues."
number_stations  russia  radio  spying 
11 weeks ago
Trump is fooling himself with the Dow
"...a major 2002 study [...] found little evidence that stronger equity returns correlated with stronger long-run economic growth. [...] And since about 80 percent of the value of the stock market is held by the richest 10 percent of the nation, the vast majority of gains in share value accrue to the rich, not to most Americans."
finance  dow_jones  donald_trump  economics  wealth 
11 weeks ago
My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump - POLITICO Magazine
"To carry on in the spring of 2017 as if what was happening was anything approaching normalcy required a determined suspension of critical faculties. And tremendous powers of denial."
politics  donald_trump  republicans 
11 weeks ago
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