12 'best practices' IT should avoid at all costs
"What makes IT organizations fail? Often, it’s the adoption of what’s described as “industry best practices” by people who ought to know better but don’t, probably because they’ve never had to do the job."
advice  enterprise_computing  project_management  failure  dopost 
AgilePM aka DSDM | IndigoBlue
"If you’ve never heard of it then you really ought to take a look and if you did use it in the past then it’s worth revisiting as much has changed in the latest version (launched in 2014). [...] DSDM is also well structured, established, scalable, home grown and for organisations who’s governance is based around traditional approaches, a more comfortable migration path."
agile  scalability  frameworks  dsdm  agilepm  dopost 
How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016 – Hacker Noon
"No JavaScript frameworks were created during the writing of this article."
javascript  humour  frameworks  dopost 
2 days ago
Every Voting Machine at This Hacking Conference Got Totally Pwned
"By the end of the weekend, every one of the roughly 30 machines at the village, including those used to tabulate votes and to check voters in when they go to the polls, had been hacked. Even though several of the exploits ended up paying tribute to Astley, they’re not jokes—they also present a serious lesson about the security vulnerabilities in voting machines that leave them open to tampering and manipulation."
voting  hacking  security  dopost 
2 days ago
How these hidden video watermarks can help spot piracy, doctored images | ZDNet
"He argues that what this technology brings is reversibility. Reversible watermarking is a method of hiding the watermark in digital media in such a way that its effect is as imperceptible as possible but which also allows digital media to be restored to its original form, down to the individual bit, once the watermark has been extracted."
video  copyright  algorithms  dopost  watermarking 
2 days ago
Regime Change in Charlottesville - POLITICO Magazine
"Sometimes the regime change takes a little longer. That’s how we should look at images of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson being lifted through the night sky in Baltimore; of protesters stomping on a Confederate soldier statue in Durham, North Carolina; and of "alt-right" battalions storming Charlottesville to rescue a doomed Lee memorial. It should also shape how we read President Donald Trump’s defiant response to the violence in Charlottesville."
racism  donald_trump  history  usa  statues 
2 days ago
Thank you Donald Rumsfeld! | IndigoBlue
"I have been working with a client on explaining the concept and management of Uncertainty. I write Uncertainty here with a capital as I would like to differentiate it from the generic use of the word in the same way Agile is often stated. There are many definitions of what Agile thinking is all about but here at Indigoblue we consider the three pillars of Agile as collaboration, incremental delivery and Uncertainty management. So, understanding Uncertainty management is pretty fundamental."
risk  risk_management  uncertainty  agile  dopost 
3 days ago
How to spot a fake viral video - The Verge
"we turned to filmmaker and visual effects specialist Alan Melikdjanian, better known as Captain Disillusion — a character Melikdjanian has been playing on YouTube for a decade, and who’s responsible for some of the best (and wittiest) debunkings online. Here are his top tips for spotting forgeries and fakes"
falsehoods  videos  myths  tips  dopost 
5 days ago
Cost of Delay: Not Shipping on Time, Part 1 | Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant
"Any delays in our shipment will not push our sales figures to the right. They will remove our max sales from the middle. Got it? We have to make our ship date."
cost_of_delay  delivery  technical_debt  dopost 
5 days ago
The best telepresence robot
"...we don't think these devices are ready for prime time. But if you want a telepresence robot to give remote employees a physical presence in your office, the Suitable Technologies Beam Enhanced is the only bot that's reliable and user-friendly enough to consider."
robots  telepresence  review  hardware  dopost 
7 days ago
Depression simulator 'Please Knock' arrives September 7th
"Please Knock on My Door is a conversation about depression via video game. Developer Michael Levall created the indie title about his own experiences with depression and the mind-numbing routine of making games."
depression  game  psychology  dopost 
7 days ago
What Trump Needs to Know About North Korea's History - POLITICO Magazine
"The system that has ensured a workable peace for the rest of Asia and brought prosperity for South Korea has long been viewed by the North Koreans as the main impediment to realizing their nation’s destiny: the unification of the peninsula."
history  north_korea  politics  diplomacy 
9 days ago
Read My Lips: Let’s Kill 0Day | Dan Kaminsky's Blog
"Defense without Offense is after all just Compliance."
compliance  security 
11 days ago
"This pattern has led many of my colleagues to argue that you shouldn't start a new project with microservices, even if you're sure your application will be big enough to make it worthwhile."
microservices  architecture  advice 
12 days ago
Slacking off? ICO probe throws up concerns over instant messaging • The Register
"The Cabinet Office initially told the ICO that Slack "is not used in any official capacity", but in the same sentence added that any decisions made outside the official system would be "properly recorded and transferred to official systems"."
slack  government  freedom_of_information  dopost 
12 days ago
Monolithic Architecture pattern
Pattern (plus advantages and disadvantages) for choosing a monolithic architecture for your application.
microservices  architecture  patterns  dopost 
12 days ago
When a Candidate Conspired With a Foreign Power to Win An Election - POLITICO Magazine
"As investigators rush to understand just what President Donald Trump knew about Russia’s attempts to meddle in the 2016 election and when he knew it, the Chennault Affair—and how Nixon got away with it—is as relevant than ever."
richard_nixon  politics  vietnam  history 
12 days ago
Jeff Sessions' Attack on the Media Is Worse Than You Think - POLITICO Magazine
"By saying “I’m here to talk about leaks to the media,” and then talking about all sorts of other unlawful activities tied to classified information, Sessions has adroitly preyed on a logical fallacy we’ll call “false implication,” which is based on humans’ basic tendency to want to see patterns even where none exist."
psychology  language  media  leaks  jeff_sessions  politics 
12 days ago
Technical Debt: Don't Go Bankrupt - YouTube
Philippe Kruchten on ways to think about, make decisions about, and deal with technical debt.
technical_debt  analysis  video  dopost 
14 days ago
Music And Measure Theory - YouTube
"A connection between a classical puzzle about rational numbers and what makes music harmonious."
music  maths  video  dopost 
14 days ago
Researchers say WannaCry operator moved bitcoins to “untraceable” Monero | Ars Technica UK
"Monero is a private digital currency that is focused on anonymity. While it is based on blockchain like other cryptocurrencies and uses distributed consensus for all transactions to prevent wallet hacking, it uses "ring signatures"—an anonymous cryptographic signature scheme—to sign transactions."
malware  ransomware  monero  bitcoin  dopost  crime 
14 days ago
Escaping the Build Trap by Melissa Perri - Mind the Product
"Companies believe that feature ideas + code = profit. So if we just keep product managers shovelling requirements to the developers, and keep developers shovelling features out the door, all will be fine. But developing products is part of a system. It’s a value exchange."
product_development  value  video  dopost 
15 days ago
Taylor Wescoatt - Being the First Product Manager - Mind the Product
"In working at Seedcamp and helping over 100 startups understand product thinking, Taylor Wescoatt has learned some valuable lessons he’d like to share, together with some real-world examples to drive the point home!"
product_development  startups  advice  dopost 
15 days ago
Dual-Track Agile: Why Messy Leads to Innovation - Mind the Product
"With Dual-Track Agile, the development team participates in the discovery track – often led by the lead engineer, the UX designer, and the product manager. In other IT development methodologies, the IT teams are only a part of the delivery track, so they don’t get the valuable knowledge from talking with users and performing experiments."
agile  product_development  dopost 
15 days ago
BBC - Future - The ghostly radio station that no one claims to run
"It is thought to be the headquarters of a radio station, “MDZhB”, that no-one has ever claimed to run. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for the last three-and-a-half decades, it’s been broadcasting a dull, monotonous tone. Every few seconds it’s joined by a second sound, like some ghostly ship sounding its foghorn. Then the drone continues."
number_stations  russia  radio  spying 
16 days ago
Trump is fooling himself with the Dow
"...a major 2002 study [...] found little evidence that stronger equity returns correlated with stronger long-run economic growth. [...] And since about 80 percent of the value of the stock market is held by the richest 10 percent of the nation, the vast majority of gains in share value accrue to the rich, not to most Americans."
finance  dow_jones  donald_trump  economics  wealth 
17 days ago
My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump - POLITICO Magazine
"To carry on in the spring of 2017 as if what was happening was anything approaching normalcy required a determined suspension of critical faculties. And tremendous powers of denial."
politics  donald_trump  republicans 
18 days ago
Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon | The New Yorker
"In Scaramucci’s view, the fact that word of the dinner had reached a reporter was evidence that his rivals in the West Wing, particularly Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff, were plotting against him."
usa  politics  donald_trump  anthony_scaramucci  interview 
22 days ago
Elon Musk says Mark Zuckerberg is an AI dumb-ass | Ars Technica UK
"I suspect the real bone of contention between the two nerds has more to do with time scales: Zuckerberg's stance on AI is that it will massively improve the human condition (and probably Facebook ad revenues) in the short term, but Musk is more concerned with what happens further down the line, when it's too late to put the sentient robot cat back in the bag."
artificial_intelligence  elon_musk  mark_zuckerberg  dopost 
24 days ago
A new deal could end Bitcoin’s long-running civil war | Ars Technica UK
"In short, traditionalists are willing to sacrifice growth, if necessary, to preserve Bitcoin's decentralization. Pragmatists are willing to sacrifice decentralization, if necessary, to promote growth. Hence, each camp sees the other as a threat to their vision of Bitcoin's long-term evolution."
bitcoin  dopost 
24 days ago
Architecture principles considered harmful | InfoWorld
"Architecture principles are descriptive rules, not prescriptive ones. And that difference is something that can lead us astray, it is related to the difference between statistical and causal relations."
enterprise_architecture  rules  dopost 
4 weeks ago
The Book | Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture
"In spite of many `best practices’ and `frameworks’ that have been introduced, Enterprise Architecture is not a great success. After thirty years, we still have the same problems. Chaos is still everywhere. Projects still fail far too often."
enterprise_architecture  change  dopost  book 
4 weeks ago
The Story of the Suicidal Kangaroo - The Analogies Project
"Identify the suicidal kangaroos within your organisation. Typically resistance to behaviour change is related to a particular culture, so you may find that a particular department or function (where cultural norms are distinct to that function) may be resistant to behaviour change."
security  analogy  change  dopost 
4 weeks ago
The Hill Staffer at the Center of the Russia Intrigue - POLITICO Magazine
"Meet Paul Behrends, an aide to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher whose friendliness toward Moscow is raising hackles on Capitol Hill."
russia  usa  paul_behrends 
4 weeks ago
Would You Ever Fire a Client Because They Were Unkind? | Dave Aron | Pulse | LinkedIn
"When my colleague introduced me and set up the meet, [the client] told me to 'give my pitch', then proceeded to open his laptop and read his email whilst I talked about what we could do. He did not do this surreptitiously, or try to pretend he was also listening; he wanted to show us that he actively ignoring us. Obviously it was not a fun experience, and looking back on it, I wished I had had the courage to stop the meeting and leave."
culture  people  kindness  behaviour  dopost 
4 weeks ago
Software Architecture training musings, day 2 | Richard Wild | Pulse | LinkedIn
Wow - "Don't make software architect a higher pay grade than the developers. This fosters the idea that development is something to aspire away from, and hinders collaboration."
architecture  software_development  careers  dopost  training 
4 weeks ago
“They never want the gravy train to end”—the NASA contracts debate lifts off | Ars Technica UK
"At the heart of this issue lies a tussle between traditional aerospace companies and their penchant for cost-plus contracts and a desire by new space firms such as SpaceX for fixed-price awards."
elon_musk  space  spacex  nasa  dopost  contracts 
4 weeks ago
Linguistics 001 -- Language Change and Historical Reconstruction
"Generation by generation, pronunciations evolve, new words are borrowed or invented, the meaning of old words drifts, and morphology develops or decays. The rate of change varies, but whether the changes are faster or slower, they build up until the "mother tongue" becomes arbitrarily distant and different. After a thousand years, the original and new languages will not be mutually intelligible. After ten thousand years, the relationship will be essentially indistinguishable from chance relationships between historically unrelated languages."
language  change  history 
4 weeks ago
Hemingway Editor
"The app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors; if you see a yellow sentence, shorten or split it."
app  writing 
4 weeks ago
Is the President Fit? - POLITICO Magazine
"When O’Donnell, who in 1991 published a tell-all book about working with Trump, watches Trump putter along in his vehicle of choice, he doesn’t see a man conserving energy but a man who is unfit for office."
donald_trump  health 
4 weeks ago
Android killed Windows Phone, not Apple - The Verge
"So Windows Phone is well and truly dead(excepting a tiny handful of Windows 10 devices). There it lies, buried in the graveyard of failed smartphone platforms. Cause of death: Android. Yes, really."
windows_phone  android  google  microsoft  dopost  mobile 
5 weeks ago
White House releases voter-fraud comments, personal info included (updated)
"As noted by former Deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu on Twitter, however, the commission published 112 pages of public comment "without redacting email addresses, home addresses & phone numbers.""
personal_data  usa  voting  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Kaspersky in the crosshairs
"Here I'll say a couple of things "everyone knows" but few want to admit (or will like to hear). Cybersecurity firms have gone from being infosec startups to becoming intelligence brokers, no matter how anyone tries to package it."
russia  kaspersky  security 
5 weeks ago
Thousands sign up to clean sewage because they didn't read the small print | Technology | The Guardian
"The (hopefully) joke clause was inserted in the terms and conditions of Manchester-based wifi company Purple for a period of two weeks, “to illustrate the lack of consumer awareness of what they are signing up to when they access free wifi”."
humour  legal  wifi  terms_and_conditions  dopost 
5 weeks ago
The Putin Obsession That Led to Trump Jr.’s Meeting - POLITICO Magazine
"The sweeping Kremlin campaign has included lobbying Congress, the creation and promotion of several slick documentaries, the opening of murder investigations in Russia against the laws’ top advocate, the use of social media bots to promote criticism of the laws and the posting of a suspiciously popular petition calling for repeal on WhiteHouse.gov."
russia  corruption  crime  usa  politics 
5 weeks ago
What was it like to be at Xerox PARC when Steve Jobs visited? - Quora
"I can supply a few comments to highlight just how little attention is paid in the media, histories, and by most people to find out what actually happened."
apple  xerox  history  user_interfaces  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Lumosity boosts brain function by 0%, the same as normal video games—study | Ars Technica UK
"Brain training may do little more than train healthy brains to be good at brain training, yet another study suggests."
neuroscience  research  games  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Two-factor authentication is a mess - The Verge
"We talk about two-factor like aspirin — a uniform, all-purpose fix that’s straightforward to apply — but the reality is far more complex. The general framework still offers meaningful protection, but it’s time to be honest about its limits."
security  2fa  authentication  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Here’s how to find the weak spots in your personal security | Ars Technica UK
"By using threat modeling to identify your own particular pile of risks, you can then move to counter the ones that are most likely and most dangerous."
risk  security  advice  modelling  dopost 
5 weeks ago
‘Alexa, what is the GDP?’ How the ONS is planning for a technological future | PublicTechnology.net
"David Best, director of digital services at the Office for National Statistics, likes to plan for the future. But, as some organisations lumber towards it a micro-step at a time, Best wants the ONS to be not just prepared, but leading the way."
ons  interview  transformation  dopost 
6 weeks ago
How hackers can steal your 2FA email account by getting you to sign up for another website / Boing Boing
"[The attack] leverages a bunch of clever insights into how password resets work to steal your email account (and other kinds of accounts), even when it's protected by two-factor authentication."
security  hacking  research  passwords  dopost 
6 weeks ago
Recreate the thrills of '90s PC admin in this browser game
"In his latest game It Is As If You Were Doing Work, players find themselves logging in to a brilliantly realized Windows 95 backdrop as they're tasked with clicking boxes and doing completely pointless 'work'."
work  humour  game  windows  automation  dopost 
6 weeks ago
Hinkley Point: EDF adds £1.5bn to nuclear plant cost - BBC News
"The National Audit Office said the government had "increasingly emphasised Hinkley Point C's unquantified strategic benefits, but it has little control over these and no plan yet in place to realise them"."
measurement  quantification  nao  hinkley_point  nuclear_power 
6 weeks ago
"Hyper-Reality (total runtime approx 6 minutes) is a concept film by Keiichi Matsuda. It presents a provocative and kaleidoscopic new vision of the future, where physical and virtual realities have merged, and the city is saturated in media."
future  video  augmented_reality  dopost 
7 weeks ago
The options for the UK’s trading relationship with the EU | The Institute for Government
"The table below compares the main options, based on existing arrangements the EU has with other countries – and the option of leaving the EU with “no deal” in place."
brexit  analysis  eu 
8 weeks ago
Apple tries to clamp down on leaks with mixed success
"Many of Apple's anti-leak investigators, including Rice himself, come from agencies like the NSA, FBI and Secret Service -- does it really need to treat an iPad leak like a matter of national security? The company will also pursue in-house leakers for years, and is adamant that employees avoid discussing products with family or in the more public parts of Apple's offices. It'll sometimes place overseers on product teams to actively prevent leaks."
security  apple  working_practices  dopost 
8 weeks ago
The Book of Jeremy Corbyn | The New Yorker
"And there came from the same country a prophet, whose name was Jeremy. His beard was as the pelt of beasts, and his raiments were not of the finest. And he cried aloud in the wilderness and said, Behold, I bring you hope."
humour  politics  jeremy_corbyn  theresa_may  election 
8 weeks ago
Microsoft Surface Laptop Teardown - iFixit
"Verdict: The Surface Laptop is not a laptop. It’s a glue-filled monstrosity."
microsoft_surface  hardware  guides  dopost 
8 weeks ago
Programming with spaces instead of tabs makes you richer, according to survey | Ars Technica UK
"Developers who use tabs to indent their code, developers who fight for truth and justice and all that is good in the world, those developers have a median salary of $43,750."
humour  survey  programming  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Visio ShapeSheet reference
"This reference contains conceptual overviews, programming tasks, samples, and references to guide you in developing solutions based on Visio 2013."
visio  reference 
9 weeks ago
How to Handle Bullies, Teasers, and Other Meanies: A Book That Takes the Nuisance Out of Name Calling and Other Nonsense
"How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies Provides information on what makes bullies and teasers tick, how to handle bullies, how to deal with prejudice, and how to defend onesself when being teased or insulted."
book  children 
11 weeks ago
'It was quasi-religious': the great self-esteem con | The Guardian
"None of this, says Keith Campbell, professor of psychology at the University of Georgia and expert on narcissism, serves our youngsters well. “[We] live in a world of trophies for everyone. Fourteenth place ribbon. I am not making this stuff up. My daughter got one.”"
psychology  falsehoods  education  research 
11 weeks ago
61 US cities and three states vow to uphold Paris climate agreement
"Shortly after Donald Trump told the world that the US would withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, American cities and states vowed they would abide by the international compact anyway."
leadership  climate_change  donald_trump  dopost 
11 weeks ago
What went wrong in British Airways datacenter in May 2017? | UP2V
"Combining all the different sources shown later in this post, a fairly accurate reconstruction of what went wrong can be provided."
failure  ba  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Are security questions leaving a gap in your security? - NCSC Site
"Security questions are widely used as a form of authentication, especially as a backup if you forget your password. However, the way to authenticate a password reset should be as good, if not better, than the password itself. We think that security questions just don’t fit that brief and the research agrees."
security  passwords  research  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Why They Join | Southern Poverty Law Center
"Sociologist Pete Simi, who has conducted 17 years of fieldwork with radical-right extremists, discusses why people join hate groups and how they come to leave."
psychology  racism 
12 weeks ago
The Facebook president and Zuck's racist rulebook
"While it's not quite a "we're sorry you feel that way," we only hope that Facebook understands that Holocaust denial is less like a nut allergy and more like ignoring the facts of genocide for the express purpose of harm."
racism  facebook  dopost 
12 weeks ago
AgileBits Blog | Introducing Travel Mode: Protect your data when crossing borders
"Travel Mode is a new feature we’re making available to everyone with a 1Password membership. It protects your 1Password data from unwarranted searches when you travel. When you turn on Travel Mode, every vault will be removed from your devices except for the ones marked “safe for travel.” All it takes is a single click to travel with confidence."
security  passwords  features  dopost 
12 weeks ago
Atomic Design by Brad Frost
"Atomic Design details all that goes into creating and maintaining robust design systems, allowing you to roll out higher quality, more consistent UIs faster than ever before. This book introduces a methodology for thinking of our UIs as thoughtful hierarchies, discusses the qualities of effective pattern libraries, and showcases techniques to transform your team's design and development workflow."
book  design  user_interfaces 
may 2017
An AI invented a bunch of new paint colours that are hilariously wrong | Ars Technica UK
"Shane decided to train a neural network to generate new paint colors, complete with appropriate names. The results are possibly the greatest work of artificial intelligence I've seen to date."
artificial_intelligence  humour  colour  names  dopost 
may 2017
UK government, NHS and Windows XP support - what really happened - Computer Weekly Editor's Blog
"The XP support deal has even become a political issue, with Labour criticising the Conservatives for “cancelling” support for XP. The truth is very different, and sheds light on the deep organisational and structural issues within NHS IT that made a cyber attack on this scale inevitable."
nhs  windows_xp  security  malware  gds  contracts  dopost 
may 2017
How Richard Spencer Became an Icon for White Supremacists - The Atlantic
"Richard Spencer is a troll and an icon for white supremacists. He was also my high-school classmate."
racism  facism  usa  interview  politics 
may 2017
How to Accidentally Stop a Global Cyber Attacks | MalwareTech
"So finally I’ve found enough time between emails and Skype calls to write up on the crazy events which occurred over Friday, which was supposed to be part of my week off (I made it a total of 4 days without working, so there’s that). You’ve probably read about the WannaCrypt fiasco on several news sites, but I figured I’d tell my story."
security  malware  ransomware  nhs  dopost 
may 2017
The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked | Technology | The Guardian
"There are three strands to this story. How the foundations of an authoritarian surveillance state are being laid in the US. How British democracy was subverted through a covert, far-reaching plan of coordination enabled by a US billionaire. And how we are in the midst of a massive land grab for power by billionaires via our data. Data which is being silently amassed, harvested and stored. Whoever owns this data owns the future."
cambridge_analytica  surveillance  democracy  psychology  politics  data  dopost  russia  brexit  elections 
may 2017
How to adjust the gears on your bike - BikeRadar
"Indexing gears, setting derailleur limits and replacing a rear derailleur explained"
cycling  advice 
may 2017
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