An example of game theory in risk management | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"One consultant from a major accounting firm suggested establishing a ‘risk appetite’. But management is not sure that means anything tangible to them. They believe that the right approach, with which I agree, is to understand the options, how they will change the risk at what cost, and then select from them the one or more that make good business sense."
risk_management  game_theory  uncertainty  dopost 
7 days ago
Practising the Piano – On Practice versus Playing Through
"If you notice the beginning of your piece is good but things taper off as you go along, try this process. Divide your piece up into sections like tracks on a CD. Play the last track, then play from the penultimate track to the end, continuing backwards like this until you reach the beginning."
learning  music  piano  advice 
7 days ago
mite. Get to know the time tracking tool in detail.
"Fast input, powerful output: mitelets you track your time in a structured way. Advanced reporting helps you and your team to stay on top of your daily business."
time_tracking  timesheets  visualisation  tool  productivity 
10 days ago
The most important audits my team performed | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"Internal auditors should understand that business is not about avoiding or limiting risk, it is about taking the right risk. I have learned that all internal auditors should consider themselves business people who have a job as internal auditors."
dopost  risk_management  auditing 
11 days ago
A Deeper Dive into Spectre and Meltdown
"This is a follow up to 'Meltdown and Spectre: What They Are and How to Deal with Them' taking a deeper look at: the characteristics of the vulnerability and potential attacks, why its necessary to patch cloud virtual machines even though the cloud service providers have already applied patches, the nature of the performance impact and how it's affecting real world applications, the need for threat modelling, the role of anti virus, how hardware is affected, and what's likely to change in the long term."
intel  security  hacking  dopost 
12 days ago
“Meltdown” and “Spectre”: Every modern processor has unfixable security flaws | Ars Technica
"The presence of the data in the cache can then be detected, because accessing it will be a little bit quicker than if it weren't cached. Other data structures in the processor, such as the branch predictor, can also be probed and have their performance measured, which can similarly be used to reveal sensitive information."
security  intel  amd  dopost 
16 days ago
New bill could finally get rid of paperless voting machines | Ars Technica
"Some states already do post-election audits, but even here Halderman argues there's room for improvements. States can maximize the effectiveness of these audits and minimize costs by varying the size of each recount based on the victory margin."
statistics  elections  voting  security  usa  dopost 
16 days ago
What’s behind the Intel design flaw forcing numerous patches? | Ars Technica
"Since the Linux patches first came to light, a clearer picture of what seems to be wrong has emerged. While Linux and Windows differ in many regards, the basic elements of how these two operating systems [...] handle system memory is the same..."
security  intel  linux  windows  macros  dopost 
17 days ago
You don't ever deliver an Epic User Story even if your Agile tool says you do!
"Clear concise user requirements emerge throughout the journey of an agile project, and the "Epics" are just wrappers along the way."
agile  delivery  business_analysis  epics  backlogs  dopost 
17 days ago
Does the White Working Class Really Vote Against Its Own Interests? - POLITICO Magazine
"Trump’s first year in office revived an age-old debate about why some people choose race over class—and how far they will go to protect the system."
race  history  class  poverty  usa 
19 days ago
Measuring Ethical Culture – Tapping Into “Open Secrets” - The Protiviti View
"I can’t think of an internal investigation of corruption, fraud or misconduct in which the underlying conduct that was at the center of the need for the investigation wasn’t an “open secret” at the company."
ethics  compliance  culture  surveys  dopost 
20 days ago
Donald Trump Is a Consequential President. Just Not in the Ways You Think. - POLITICO Magazine
"Congressional Republicans [would] prefer their tax cuts without the white nationalist retweets, but it’s a package deal."
donald_trump  use  politics  analysis 
21 days ago
A Philosophical Approach to Piano: Seeing Major Scales Differently
"If that all sounds too familiar, this post will prove to be some kind of revelation to you for not only is the major scale the absolute foundation to anything you do on the piano (other scales, chords, improvisation), it can also be used to improve your situational awareness and key confidence."
23 days ago
Identifying, assessing, and evaluating risk is the easy part | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"Many ERM programs stop when they have identified a risk, determined its level, assigned an owner, and said what will be done about it. But they usually don’t provide a disciplined process for evaluating the options and identifying the new or modified risks that result from the decision on how to address the original risk – and, essentially, factoring that into the selection process."
risk_management  risk  management  standards  dopost 
24 days ago
Chinese hackers go after think tanks in wave of more surgical strikes | Ars Technica
"The think tank attacks in October and November had all the hallmarks of a Chinese operation. The attackers worked largely during Beijing business hours, used tried-and-true (and widely available) tools, and were highly focused in their attempts to extract data."
china  hacking  security  phishing  dopost 
28 days ago
Bitcoin: Seven questions you were too embarrassed to ask | Ars Technica
"One back-of-the-envelope calculation suggested that each bitcoin transaction uses 252kWh of electricity—enough to power a typical American home for eight days."
bitcoin  energy  dopost 
28 days ago
Iced tea company rebrands as “Long Blockchain” and stock price triples | Ars Technica
"The stock market loved the announcement. Trading opened Thursday morning more than 200 percent higher than Wednesday night's closing price."
blockchain  weird  stock_market  dopost 
29 days ago
Trump, Putin and the New Cold War - POLITICO Magazine
"By the end of Putin’s first few years in power, he had succeeded in taking control over virtually all rival power centers, real and potential. Those years saw the end of Russia’s independent media, the canceling of regional elections, the neutering of the federal parliament, and the renationalization of valuable oil and gas assets. Most grimly of all, they saw the ruthless and barbaric war against separatists in Chechnya."
russia  politics  vladimir_putin  history 
29 days ago
Revenue and Customs Brief 9 (2014): Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - GOV.UK
"This brief sets out HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) position on the tax treatment of income received from, and charges made in connection with, activities involving Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies, specifically for VAT, Corporation Tax (CT), Income Tax (IT) and Capital Gains Tax (CGT)."
bitcoin  hmrc  tax  guidelines  dopost 
4 weeks ago
'He began to eat Hermione's family': bot tries to write Harry Potter book – and fails in magic ways | Books | The Guardian
"After being fed all seven Potter tales, a predictive keyboard has produced a tale that veers from almost genuine to gloriously bonkers"
harry_potter  artificial_intelligence  humour  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook - Upload and Save Notes Using iOS/Andriod App and Then Simply Wipe Clean to Clear All Pages and Start Again - Letter / Large Size: Amazon.co.uk: Amazon Launchpad
"Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook - Upload and Save Notes Using iOS/Andriod App and Then Simply Wipe Clean to Clear All Pages and Start Again - Letter / Large Size"
productivity  shopping  writing 
5 weeks ago
Is Bitcoin a bubble? Here’s what two bubble experts told us | Ars Technica
"Both academics saw clear parallels between the bubbles they've studied and Bitcoin's current rally. Bubbles tend to be driven either by new technologies (like railroads in 1840s Britain or the Internet in the 1990s) or by new financial innovations (like the financial engineering that produced the 2008 financial crisis)."
finance  bitcoin  history  dopost 
6 weeks ago
Yale psychologist John Bargh: ‘Politicians want us to be fearful. They’re manipulating us for their own interest' | Science | The Guardian
"The Yale psychologist has just written a book, Before You Know It, about the eye-opening extent to which our actions are dictated by forces within us to which we are almost entirely oblivious. Who knew, for example, that we feel less hostile to people different to ourselves after washing our hands? Or that the reason why you’re feeling so friendly is the cup of piping hot coffee you are holding?"
psychology  book 
6 weeks ago
'Holy crap': Experts find tax plan riddled with glitches - POLITICO
"Republicans’ tax-rewrite plans are riddled with bugs, loopholes and other potential problems that could plague lawmakers long after their legislation is signed into law."
tax  legislation  usa  law 
6 weeks ago
Configure Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10 - gHacks Tech News
"You may use the PowerShell to enable and configure Controlled Folder Access."
security  windows_10  ransomware  automation 
6 weeks ago
Working with MIDI on Windows (Outside of a DAW) – Donya Quick's Website
"The purpose of this document is to give examples of ways to configure commonly used MIDI setups on Windows and to clarify a number of misconceptions about the process that are common in the computer-related music community."
midi  sound  windows 
6 weeks ago
Risk and Game Theory | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"It is important to consider not only your actions but also those of the other parties. I will leave it to my friend, Ruth Fisher[i], to pick up the explanation of how Game Theory can help you assess the situation, understand and assess the risk, and then make an informed decision."
risk_management  game_theory  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Slicing Pie | Slicing Pie, Perfect Equity Splits for Bootstrapped Startups
"Slicing Pie is a universal, one-size-fits all model that creates a perfectly fair equity split in an early-stage, bootstrapped start-up company."
equity  startups  negotiating  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Inside the Revolution at Etsy - NYTimes.com
"The first time Josh Silverman addressed the staff of Etsy as their newly installed chief executive, he tried to connect with a work force known for its diversity, idealism and sincerity. “Hello,” he said. “My name is Josh. I identify as male. My preferred pronouns are ‘him’ and ‘he.’ Most people just call me Josh.”"
etsy  culture  change  dopost 
7 weeks ago
How app developers and designers feel about the iPhone X—and the notch | Ars Technica UK
"The iPhone X could have easily been one of the roughest transitions for app developers, but it seems that Apple did a good job preparing them for it. Elegant solutions and important groundwork were laid at WWDC and in iOS 11, and that left only a little to be figured out when the phone itself was revealed and came to market."
apple  iphone  design  software_development  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Your Database is Your Prison — Here’s How Expensify Broke Free | First Round Review
"Despite us having no customers—and thus no data to store—our CTO bet the company on a fancy distributed system claiming it was the only way to scale to petabytes of data [...] Like most sexy, ‘hyper-scalable’ solutions, in practice it couldn’t even scale to megabytes..."
technology  startups  databases  dopost 
8 weeks ago
This Is What It’s Like to Be the Only Trump Fan at Thanksgiving Dinner - POLITICO Magazine
"When Donald Trump stood in that square in Warsaw and unapologetically hailed Western civilization, I felt a 30-year discouragement lift ever so slightly. That’s my experience, and I’m happy to share it this season."
thanksgiving  politics  family 
8 weeks ago
How to fix a program without the source code? Patch the binary directly | Ars Technica UK
"To make space for the new length checking, the part of the program that copied the font name was ever so slightly deoptimized, replacing a faster routine with a slightly slower one, and freeing up a few bytes in the process."
microsoft  security  souce_code  dopost 
9 weeks ago
The Best Piano Sightreading Tool (By far...) on YouTube
Overview of Sight Reading Factory, plus a systemic approach to improving your right reading
music  learning  video  sight_reading 
9 weeks ago
How Trump walked into Putin’s web | News | The Guardian
"Just as Nixon was re-elected during the early stages of Watergate, Trump won the presidential election, to general dismay, at a time when the Russia scandal was small but growing. Steele had found prima facie evidence of a conspiracy, but by and large the US public knew nothing about it. In November, his dossier began circulating in the top national security echelons of the Obama administration. But it was too late."
donald_trump  russia  spying 
9 weeks ago
Transformation troubles and non-technical debt
"...what you have actually done is payed back the "non-technical debt" in your company all in one go and "boosted" your future velocity as a result. You're still in business and now better prepared to take on the future, in fairness you've potentially saved the company from a steady decline and uncertain fate. Things are certainly different."
technical_debt  transformation  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Divining Business Value for Agile Projects - Value Mapping, Value Statements & Measures
Matt Hosking has some answers... "If you read a scrum guide or a paper on prioritisation, or indeed many of the learned texts on Agile, they all seem to fall into a grey area around what business value actually is. They will potentially give you reams of advice on prioritisation methods, however these can only be applied once you understand where your value lies."
value  measurement  agile  prioritisation  dopost 
9 weeks ago
How AV can open you to attacks that otherwise wouldn’t be possible | Ars Technica UK
"AVGater is the latest example of the way AV programs can make people susceptible to attacks that otherwise wouldn't be possible. These types of critical AV weaknesses have existed for as long as the industry has, but they didn't start to get much attention until researchers Alex Wheeler and Neel Mehta presented a talk titled 0wning Antivirus at the Blackhat security conference in 2005."
security  antivirus  dopost 
10 weeks ago
Blog | Documenting Architecture Decisions | Relevance
"An architecture decision record is a short text file in a format similar to an Alexandrian pattern. (Though the decisions themselves are not necessarily patterns, they share the characteristic balancing of forces.) Each record describes a set of forces and a single decision in response to those forces. Note that the decision is the central piece here, so specific forces may appear in multiple ADRs."
architecture  decision_making  documentation  dopost 
10 weeks ago
IBM’s plan to regulate pot with blockchains isn’t as crazy as it sounds | Ars Technica UK
"In a regulatory filing, IBM argued that the province should use a blockchain to manage its legal marijuana market. That is probably not a sentence that you ever expected to read. But it's not as crazy as it sounds."
blockchain  ibm  drugs  canada  dopost 
10 weeks ago
Leaders as Decision Architects
"It’s extraordinarily difficult to rewire the human brain to undo the patterns that lead to such mistakes. But there is another approach: Alter the environment in which decisions are made so that people are more likely to make choices that lead to good outcomes."
failure  psychology  learning  dopost 
10 weeks ago
The serious side of pranking - NCSC Site
"I was recently targeted for a prank and have taken the unorthodox step of asking James Linton, the very person who was trying to prank me, to help write this blog."
phishing  security  email  dopost 
10 weeks ago
Jenna Abrams, Russia’s Clown Troll Princess, Duped the Mainstream Media and the World
"Roseanne Barr and Michael McFaul argued with her on Twitter. BuzzFeed and The New York Times cited her tweets. But Jenna Abrams was the fictional creation of a Russian troll farm."
russia  social_media  propaganda  twitter 
11 weeks ago
American Alt-Right Leaves Facebook for Russian Site VKontakte
"Kicked off the U.S. social-media giants, white supremacists are finding a home on Russia’s VKontakte, where they are finding fellow travelers and fewer restrictions."
russia  facebook  social_media  racism 
11 weeks ago
How Putin could yet save Britain from Brexit | Mark Galeotti | Opinion | The Guardian
"If Putin ever deluded himself that his campaign of hacks, disinformation, covert political donations and other gambits was going to allow him to shape the western political agenda, he ought now to be having second thoughts."
russia  brexit  nato  politics 
11 weeks ago
The Verge Survey: how Americans really feel about Facebook, Apple - The Verge
"The findings are fascinating: respondents trusted Facebook less than Google, and “trust” was a primary factor for individuals who abstained from using Facebook overall. Respondents trusted Amazon almost as much as their own bank."
survey  facebook  microsoft  twitter  apple  google  amazon  dopost 
11 weeks ago
QA joke
"A QA Tester walks into a bar..."
quality_assurance  testing  humour  dopost 
11 weeks ago
5 Risk Mitigation | The Owner's Role in Project Risk Management | The National Academies Press
"This chapter discusses the importance of risk mitigation planning and describes approaches to reducing or mitigating project risks."
risk_management  book 
11 weeks ago
Steve Blank Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer and Why He Still Has His Job at Apple
One of the strengths of successful visionary and charismatic CEOs is that they [...] unconsciously force out any world-class innovators from their direct reports. The problem is in a company driven by a visionary CEO, there is only one visionary.
leadership  innovation  apple  microsoft  steve_jobs  tim_cook  dopost 
11 weeks ago
Yes, That Web Project Should Be a PWA · An A List Apart Article
"...many designers and developers (and their management teams) that PWAs aren’t appropriate for their projects. They are! Your site—every site—should be a PWA. This approach offers benefits for every project on the web, but I’ll get to that in a minute."
web_development  architecture  dopost 
11 weeks ago
The Grandmaster in the Corner Office: What the Study of Chess Experts Teaches Us about Building a Remarkable Life - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
"Geoff Colvin, an editor at Fortune Magazine who wrote an entire book about this idea, surveyed the research literature, and expanded the [deliberate practice] definition to include the following six traits (which I’ve condensed slightly from his original eight)..."
learning  advice  training 
11 weeks ago
How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice? - Bulletproof Musician
"I once worked with a saxophone professor who was fond of reminding his students that “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent.”"
music  learning  advice 
12 weeks ago
The Recruitables: Why Trump’s Team Was Easy Prey for Putin - POLITICO Magazine
"A former CIA officer looks at the personality traits that might have allowed Russian intelligence to manipulate key members of the president’s inner circle."
russia  usa  donald_trump  spying  psychology 
12 weeks ago
On HMRC, cloud providers, SMEs – and cloud-first government IT - Computer Weekly Editor's Blog
"The original scoop, another good piece from The Register, said that HM Revenue & Customs’ (HMRC) decision to switch some of its cloud estate from a small UK cloud provider, Manchester-based Datacentred, to Amazon Web Services (AWS), sent the SME into administration. [But] according to our source, “Datacentred was already dead.”"
hmrc  cloud_computing  risk_management  amazon  dopost 
12 weeks ago
Report: Twitter CEO took a Russian impostor’s bait in 2016 | Ars Technica UK
"Accounts like these can allow a fake actor to attract seemingly organic connections to other users, which Twitter may look for when determining whether an account is legitimate and/or should be pushed down by its "quality filter." From there, a politically motivated actor can distribute divisive messages or target advertising at a bucket of like-minded users."
dopost  propaganda  russia  twitter 
october 2017
Sell Your By-products – Signal v. Noise
"Look closely at everything you do. There are probably by-product opportunities everywhere. Hell, even your office space could be a by-product. You rent it to work, but what about after hours? Could you rent it out for events? Maybe you could hold stand-up comedy shows like Maryʼs Futons in San Rafael, California does. Sometimes customers return to buy the futon they were sitting on during the show. That’s extra sweet."
product_development  dopost  business_strategy 
october 2017
Quantitative Risk Analysis for overall project risk - YouTube
Demonstration and discussion of the eyeball plot (or football plot) for indicating projected project completion time and cost.
video  risk_management  visualisation  dopost 
october 2017
My tolerance for risk appetite is fading | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"Now PwC has published a piece, “Board oversight of risk: defining risk appetite in plain English”. I was hoping to see new thinking that would help organizations and their boards manage risk effectively. Instead, while PwC says that risk appetite “is not a new concept but one that can be confusing”, I don’t believe they have succeeded in removing any of that confusion."
risk  risk_management  management  dopost 
october 2017
MOVING CITY & A NEW START - Blog | Enjoy Piano
What one piano teacher did when she needed to move to a new city and restart her business.
piano  teaching  creativity 
october 2017
What Can You Play? – Pianodao
"Surely we should be able – if we walk into a hotel lobby and see a shiny grand piano – to sit down and play a few pieces without warning, without embarrassment, and without sheet music? I know from talking to students this is what most of them would like to be able to do!"
piano  learning  music  advice 
october 2017
So what is a Coach and what is a Trainer? | LinkedIn
"The Coach should be able to ask the right questions and make sure the recipient team is moving in the right direction toward their own objective. The recipient team is normally providing all the content themselves. The more the Coach keeps the process moving along and resists him or herself from providing content in the discussion, the more effective they will be."
jobs  agile  coaching  training  dopost 
october 2017
Twitter deleted data potentially crucial to Russia probes - POLITICO
"Were Twitter a contractor for [Russian intelligence agency] the FSB [...] they could not have built a more effective disinformation platform."
russia  twitter  data  election  dopost 
october 2017
How Facebook rewards polarizing political ads - The Verge
"But even as Facebook makes unpopular messages more expensive to distribute, it can still promote polarization on a grander scale: thanks to Facebook’s microtargeting capabilities, voters can see fewer viewpoints that they might disagree with, because Facebook algorithms treat disagreement as bad for the user experience."
facebook  advertising  election  donald_trump  dopost 
october 2017
Flying Logic
"Flying Logic is a highly visual, easy to use software application that does for reasoning what spreadsheets do for numbers. Just as you would not do detailed financial projections in your head, you need Flying Logic for all nontrivial planning and reasoning endeavors."
tool  logic  planning 
october 2017
Wardley Mapping Tools and Techniques – Benjamin Mosior – Medium
"This post has two main sections: A semi-serious reflection on the problem space of tools for mapping, and then a fun overview of all sorts of mapping tools and techniques, informed by discussion and sharing that took place at the inaugural Map Camp."
business_strategy  wardley_maps  dopost 
october 2017
Start, Stop, Continue — how to get less of the wrong things and more of the right things done
"Struggling with your workload? Failing to deliver? Frequently saying “I don’t have time for that”? then read on…"
october 2017
AWS Lambda Summary // Practical Applications
"AWS Lambda is the cornerstone of the AWS serverless framework and provides a fully managed, zero-admin, auto-scaling, pay-per-use, code execution environment."
aws  serverless  dopost  architecture 
october 2017
GOV.UK Ethnicity facts and figures
"Use this service to find information about the different experiences of people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. It gathers data collected by government in one place, making it available to the public, specialists and charities."
statistics  ethnicity  data  uk  dopost 
october 2017
Can a dynamic IP address constitute personal data? - Privacy, Security and Information Law Fieldfisher
Dynamic IP addresses could be considered personally identifiable information (PII) in the context of GDPR.
gdpr  privacy  data  legal  dopost 
october 2017
Why it’s important to understand that agile is radically different to what went before
"...if you think agile is not radically different to what’s gone before, you might believe that the processes and ways-of-working used in the enabling functions around delivery (e.g. Governance, Change Management, Finance, Facilities, IT etc.), that have evolved (and been optimised) to enable non-agile delivery approaches, do not need to be changed to enable agile delivery."
agile  transformation  management  dopost 
october 2017
Facebook’s chief security officer let loose at critics on Twitter over the company’s algorithms - Recode
Facebook's Chief Security Officer argues that fake news is hard to kill with algorithms: "A bunch of the public research really comes down to the feedback loop of "we believe this viewpoint is being pushed by bots" -> ML"
tweets  facebook  media  bias  dopost 
october 2017
Secure development and deployment - NCSC Site
"Today we are pleased to share with you an alpha draft of our secure development and deployment guidance."
security  development  advice  dopost 
october 2017
8 Things Top Practicers Do Differently - Bulletproof Musician
"...the researchers identified 8 distinct practice strategies that were common to the top pianists, but occurred less frequently in the practice sessions of the others..."
piano  learning  advice  research  music 
october 2017
Efficient Piano Practice
"In his autobiography, Daniel Barenboim cites this as a fundamental rule for practicing. If your practicing does not demand enormous reserves of concentration, then you’re not practicing properly."
piano  advice  music  learning 
october 2017
HP Enterprise let Russia review the Pentagon's security software
"Last year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) allowed a Russian defense agency to analyze the source code of a cybersecurity software used by the Pentagon, Reutersreports."
russia  software  hp  usa  security  dopost 
october 2017
POLITICO Cabinet: How to tame Russia - POLITICO
"Several participants said that Russia has effectively declared political war on the West, even if Europe and the United States haven’t quite grasped that yet."
russia  analysis  politics  vladimir_putin 
october 2017
Adobe Crossword
"The answers to the crossword are chosen from the 1000 most used passwords for Adobe user accounts from the recent password leak. The clues are up to 50 of the most commonly used hints for each of the passwords."
humour  adobe  passwords  security  dopost 
september 2017
Reader, I clicked on him! I test-drive the online Jane Austen role-playing game | Books | The Guardian
"I’m playing Ever, Jane, a virtual roleplaying game by Judy L Tyrer, formerly of Linden Labs, which created the seminal online world Second Life. As avid fans of Jane Austen, Tyrer and her team at 3 Turn Productions have worked to unify the worlds of Austen’s writing, from Lady Susan to Sense and Sensibility, turning them into Tyrehampton, a place where women in bonnets lounge about in day rooms and dissect their rivals."
games  jane_austen  dopost 
september 2017
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