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may 2017
Everything was Forever, Until it was No More: The Last Soviet Generation - Alexei Yurchak - Google Books
We will use the slang term stiob to refer to the ironic aesthetic practiced by groups such as the Mit'li and the necrorealists. Stiob was a peculiar form of irony that differed from sarcasm, cynicism, derision, or any of the more familiar genres of absurd humor. It required a degree of overidentification with the object, persion, or idea at which this stiob was directed that it was often impossible to tell whether it was a form of sincere support, subtle ridicule, or a peculiar mixture of the two. The practitioners of stiob themselves refused to draw a line between these sentiments, producing an incredible combination of seriousness and irony, with no suggestive signs of whether it should be interpreted as the former or the latter, refusing the very dichotomy between the two.
may 2017
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