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Blu-ray is dead - heckuva job, Sony!
I was wondering what happened to all the fuss
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october 2008 by nigham
Science and the Candidates -
A 2006 National Science Foundation survey found that 25% of Americans did not know the earth goes around the sun.
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december 2007 by nigham
India & China - The gap is narrowing
Good article on governance in the two countries
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july 2007 by nigham
ongoing · Economist Trouble
Quality of The Economist slipping?
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august 2006 by nigham
Pepsi and Coke in India under fire again
Higher than ever levels of pesticide found
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august 2006 by nigham - Mac's Moment?
A Japanese bank switches to Mac OS X
mac  switch  news  business 
april 2006 by nigham
DailyTech - A Robot In Every South Korean Home by 2020
With or without the Three Laws, that is the question
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april 2006 by nigham

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