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Parallels Coherence
Win applications embedded into OS X!
linker  mac  software  parallels 
june 2007 by nigham
displays shell txt output onto desktop
cool  productivity  mac  software  tools  linker  geektool 
july 2006 by nigham
CodeWeavers - CrossOver Mac
Emulation for Windows on the Mac coming
apple  mac  wine  crossover  linker 
july 2006 by nigham
AppleCared: My Life Inside Apple and AppleCare
Former AppleCare technician tells his tale
apple  mac  blogpost  linker 
may 2006 by nigham
Evening at Adler
Video fo meetup of Apple developers
apple  video  mac  development  cocoa 
april 2006 by nigham
Apple - Science - Profile - University of California, Irvine, p.1
They've put up 50 30-inch cinema displays in a matrix to create a 200 megapixel screen
apple  linker  mac 
april 2006 by nigham - Mac's Moment?
A Japanese bank switches to Mac OS X
mac  switch  news  business 
april 2006 by nigham - pluzzle
free puzzle game for mac os x
mac  software  games 
april 2006 by nigham
text substitution software
mac  software 
march 2006 by nigham
Google Macintosh Dashboard Widgets
Finally, multiple GMail account access made easy on the Mac
linker  mac  google  gmail  widgets 
february 2006 by nigham
Main Page - Mactel-Linux
For the first time, Linux boots on an Intel iMac
linker  mac  linux 
february 2006 by nigham
Easily create PDFs from various sources
mac  software  pdf  osx 
february 2006 by nigham
The Cult of Mac Blog
BitTorrent tracker for iPod videos
linker  mac  download 
november 2005 by nigham
Mac Security: Identifying Changes to the File System
What if someone hypothetically breaks into your Mac?
linker  mac  security 
october 2005 by nigham
Blackhole Media - Noise
Mac program to generate audio noise
linker  mac  software 
october 2005 by nigham
Ogg Vorbis r45 - MacUpdate
Plays OGG in QuickTime 7 / iTunes 5!!
mac  software  linker 
october 2005 by nigham
Macworld: Mac Gems: Typing time saver
use global text abbreviations to replace repetitive text
linker  software  mac 
october 2005 by nigham
carpeaqua - Check Off
Awesome to-do list application for OS X
linker  mac  software 
october 2005 by nigham
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