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Cataclysm ! - YouTube
"All I have to say that you'd have to be pretty stupid not to want to survive and live in that beautiful radiated Garden of Eden that will be living in after Cataclysm but it's only going to be that beautiful if you do prepare. A lot of people think they can take a couple of hundred gold Krugers and throw it in a sock and prepare. Let me tell you somebody you can have all the gold in the world but you can't eat it after Cataclysm and all that gold is not gonna buy you freeze-dried wheat, freeze-dried ice cream, freeze-dried chips, freed-dried pop all the kind of freeze-dried foods that you need in order to survive.
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march 2017 by nhaliday
Gaming Safety FTW: The Pokémon In Pokémon Go Will... | ClickHole
The new patch seamlessly integrates data from the national sex offender registry with Pokémon Go’s augmented reality gameplay, keeping players safe without obtrusive pop-ups. Any wild Pokémon that you encounter within a one-mile radius of a known sex offender now let out a full-throated howl through your phone’s speakers, letting you know to stay alert on your quest to catch ’em all.
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july 2016 by nhaliday
Apply HN: Pinboard – Make Y Combinator Great Again | Hacker News
Following in this earnest vein, I live a life of independence and fun, and would like to encourage young technical people to live that life too, rather than wasting their youth in pursuit of a one-in-ten-thousand shot at plutocracy.
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april 2016 by nhaliday

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