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The Setup / Russ Cox
I swear by the small Apple keyboard (in stores they have one that size with a USB cable too) and the Evoluent mouse.


I run acme full screen as my day to day work environment. It serves the role of editor, terminal, and window system. It's hard to get a feel for it without using it, but this video helps a little.

Rob Pike's sam editor deserves special mention too. From a UI standpoint, it's a graphical version of ed, which you either love or hate, but it does two things better than any other editor I know. First, it is a true multi-file editor. I have used it to edit thousands of files at a time, interactively. Second, and even more important, it works insanely well over low-bandwidth, high-latency connections. I can run sam in Boston to edit files in Sydney over ssh connections where the round trip time would make vi or emacs unusable. Sam runs as two halves: the UI half runs locally and knows about the sections of the file that are on or near the screen, the back end half runs near the files, and the two halves communicate using a well-engineered custom protocol. The original target environment was 1200 bps modem lines in the early 1980s, so it's a little surprising how relevant the design remains, but in fact, it's the same basic design used by any significant JavaScript application on the web today. Finally, sam is the editor of choice for both Ken Thompson and Bjarne Stroustroup. If you can satisfy both of them, you're doing something right.


I use Unison to sync files between my various computers. Dropbox seems to be the hot new thing, but I like that Unison doesn't ever store my files on someone else's computers.


I want to be working on my home desktop, realize what time it is, run out the door to catch my train, open my laptop on the train, continue right where I left off, close the laptop, hop off the train, sit down at work, and have all my state sitting there on the monitor on my desk, all without even thinking about it.
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