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How do these "neural network style transfer" tools work? - Julia Evans
When we put an image into the network, it starts out as a vector of numbers (the red/green/blue values for each pixel). At each layer of the network we get another intermediate vector of numbers. There’s no inherent meaning to any of these vectors.

But! If we want to, we could pick one of those vectors arbitrarily and declare “You know, I think that vector represents the content” of the image.

The basic idea is that the further down you get in the network (and the closer towards classifying objects in the network as a “cat” or “house” or whatever”), the more the vector represents the image’s “content”.

In this paper, they designate the “conv4_2” later as the “content” layer. This seems to be pretty arbitrary – it’s just a layer that’s pretty far down the network.

Defining “style” is a bit more complicated. If I understand correctly, the definition “style” is actually the major innovation of this paper – they don’t just pick a layer and say “this is the style layer”. Instead, they take all the “feature maps” at a layer (basically there are actually a whole bunch of vectors at the layer, one for each “feature”), and define the “Gram matrix” of all the pairwise inner products between those vectors. This Gram matrix is the style.
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Spaceship Generator | Hacker News
some interesting discussion of the value of procedural generation in the comments
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a search system for videos based on drawing
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