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go-fuzz — Medium
This is a quick tutorial on how to fuzz a simple library using Dmitry Vyukov’s go-fuzz tool.
golang  example  go-fuzz  programming  tools 
december 2015 by newtonapple
LofoCats UI is a simple web application consuming the LofoCats API, built with Ruby on Rails
ruby  rubyonrails  rails4  example  github  code 
october 2015 by newtonapple
This is an experimental build of a simple "twitter" application in Postgres.
github  postgresql  example  code  sql  twitter  tweets 
may 2015 by newtonapple
JavaScript is a language we love despite it giving us so much to hate. This is a collection of those very special irregularities, inconstancies and just plain painfully unintuitive moments for the language of the web.
programming  reference  javascript  hacks  fun  humor  wtfjs  rant  pitfalls  anti-pattern  corner_case  example 
february 2010 by newtonapple
Speaking UNIX: More shell scripting techniques
If you've worked on IBM® AIX®, another flavor of UNIX®, or Linux®, you've more than likely used the vi editor. Since its conception in 1976, vi has become a staple for anyone wanting to edit files. How could someone make a more powerful editing tool than vi, you may ask? The answer is Vim, and this article provides details on the many enhancements that have made Vim a highly used and acceptable editor in the world of UNIX and Linux.
scripting  unix  shell  console  bash  ksh  tutorial  code  example 
september 2008 by newtonapple

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