Quick Guide To Property Animators
There are at least three ways to animate views in iOS. In the early days we had the begin/commit style. The block based API has been around since iOS 4 and since iOS 10 we have property animators which saw some updates in iOS 11.
16 days ago
Designing Windows 95’s User Interface
win95uidesignThree years ago I came across an interesting paper written up by a Microsoft employee, Kent Sullivan, on the process and findings of designing the new user interface for Windows 95.
history  windows 
18 days ago
These tutorials walk you through writing medium-size software projects from scratch
c  programming 
18 days ago
First-Class Swift API for Objective-C Frameworks
Our main SDK is written in Objective-C, but we can’t yet switch our SDK to Swift, both because we still have many clients using Objective-C, and because Swift does not yet have a stable API.
objective-c  apple  swift 
19 days ago
Star Trek: Discovery, in a parallel universe – Austin Wintory – Medium
This is a story of daring to dream of the near-impossible and celebrating that I even came close.
22 days ago
Watch Frank Sinatra Record “It Was a Very Good Year” in the Studio in 1965
I’ll be honest, for a long time when I thought of Frank Sinatra, I thought of Marilyn Monroe, ratpack films, and the Olive Garden.
26 days ago
Fall Of Voodoo
In a few short years, the graphics card company 3Dfx Interactive provided a polygon-laden shock to the PC world—then fell apart, fast. What happened?
games  history 
4 weeks ago
Sex, Pong, And Pioneers: What Atari Was Really Like, According To Women Who Were There
Back in 1973, Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker” was blaring from the PA in a California warehouse as two dozen women in flared jeans assembled Pong circuit boards.
games  history 
5 weeks ago
Scoop: Apple delays iOS features to focus on reliability, performance
Apple has shaken up its iOS software plans for 2018, delaying some features to next year in an effort to put more focus on addressing performance and quality issues, Axios has learned.
apple  from instapaper
7 weeks ago
Deep Space Nine 25 years later: An oral history of the show that changed Star Trek Deep Space Nine 25 years later: An oral history of the show that changed Star Trek
In January 1993, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiered and changed the way people thought about the iconic science fiction franchise.
8 weeks ago
iOS Ref
iOS Ref was created in January 2018 by me to serve as a one-stop quick reference spot for iOS developers.
ios  development 
9 weeks ago
WWDC 2017 Lightbox – Josh Tidsbury – Medium
I wanted to create something of a keepsake for each of the other members of our team as a personal gift to each of them.
apple  design 
9 weeks ago
The Making of Apple’s Emoji: How designing these tiny icons changed my life
When design leads to friendship, and that friendship leads back to design, magic happens.
icons  design  apple  from instapaper
9 weeks ago
Kylo Ren Learns What His Employees Think of Him in a Saturday Night Live Parody of Undercover Boss
Adam Driver reprised his role as Kylo Ren, a CEO who disguises himself as a bespectacled blonde radar technician named Matt
fun  videos 
11 weeks ago
Lightweight, portable and easy to integrate C directory and file reader
11 weeks ago
C11 Lock-free Stack « null program
A lock-free data structure doesn’t require the use of mutex locks.
c11  programming 
11 weeks ago
A Cross-Platform reimplementation of classic Tomb Raider 1—5 engines.
tombraider  games 
11 weeks ago
Searchable full-text transcripts of WWDC sessions
apple  development 
11 weeks ago
The best laptop ever made – Marco.org
Apple has made many great laptops, but the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro (2012–2015) is the epitome of usefulness, elegance, practicality, and power
apple  mac 
november 2017
A Better MVC, Part 1: The Problems
The main reason that people decry MVC is that they tend to run afoul of two major problems when using it.
programming  from instapaper
november 2017
‘The Orville’ Renewed For A Second Season – TrekMovie.com
Today Fox announced that Seth MacFarlane’s space adventure series The Orville has been renewed for a second season.
tv  scifi 
november 2017
iPhone X review: The best damn product Apple has ever made
iPhone X (pronounced "Ten"), launching now, is something else entirely — the beginning of what comes next.
apple  iphone 
november 2017
This is how Apple built the iPhone X
The iPhone X is the smartphone Apple always wanted to make.
apple  iphone 
november 2017
‘Star Trek VI’ Composer Cliff Eidelman Releases EP Of Music Originally Made For ‘Discovery’ – TrekMovie.com
According to composer Cliff Eidelman, he was asked to develop some ideas for the show last year by co-creator Bryan Fuller.
music  startrek 
october 2017
Inter UI font family
Inter UI is a font for highly legible text on computer screens.
october 2017
iOS version code names
iOS doesn't have public code names the way OS X does, but it does have internal code names and they're all shades of awesome cool.
ios  apple 
october 2017
Book of the Runtime (BOTR) for the .NET Runtime
This contains a collection of articles about the non-trivial internals of the .NET Runtime.
programming  development 
october 2017
100 Photos Inside North Korea – Part 1
I visited North Korea in late 2014 and over 16 days ventured to all corners of this mysterious nation on one of the longest itineraries ever executed for foreigners.
october 2017
Fuchsia is Not Linux
This “book” is a collection of topics describing the Fuchsia operating system. Sections will be populated over time.
technology  linux 
october 2017
Why many developers still prefer Objective-C to Swift
For several years after the iOS SDK was announced, developers were flocking to Objective-C…
objective-c  swift  programming 
october 2017
For Inventor of Eudora, Great Fame, No Fortune
At 34, Dorner has to his credit not only Eudora, but also PH, an E-mail and telephone directory program used by hundreds of universities and corporations all over the world.
articles  history  email 
october 2017
UI Design for iPhone X: Top Elements and the Notch
In the same spirit as the first post (UI Design for iPhone X: Bottom Elements), this post will deal with designing for the iPhone X.
design  iphone 
october 2017
Wt, C++ Web Toolkit — Emweb
Wt is a web GUI library in modern C++.
september 2017
Short Trip - Alexander Perrin
Short Trip is the first instalment in a collection of interactive illustrations created for the web.
games  html5 
september 2017
'Tomb Raider': Classic vs Reboot | Gamers
The evolution of one of gaming's most-loved female protagonists.
tombraider  games 
september 2017
Daring Fireball: The iPhones 8
But ignoring the iPhone X would actually do an injustice to the 8 and 8 Plus, because so much of what is inside the X is also inside the 8’s.
iphone  apple 
september 2017
Orville, a new Seth MacFarlane enterprise. | fxguide
Set 400 years in the future, in 2417, the TV series The Orville follows the exploits of the U.S.S Orville and her crew exploring outer space.
tv  scifi 
september 2017
Welcome to the Steve Jobs Theater
Apple Park’s main building — the ring — is simply massive. Driving past it on the way to yesterday’s event, it was hard not to be awed.
september 2017
Interview: Seth MacFarlane Talks Mission Of ‘The Orville’ And Defends Star Trek: TNG’s Replicators – TrekMovie.com
During The Orville media tour and set visit, TrekMovie had a chance to speak briefly with the show’s creator and star Seth MacFarlane.
startrek  scifi 
september 2017
The Salami Method
C and C++ are probably the only viable languages for true cross-platform development.
c++  programming 
august 2017
Concurrency in Swift: One possible approach
Chris Lattner's Concurrency in Swift Manifesto
swift  programming 
august 2017
Ten Years Ago
See what the internet was doing ten years ago.
history  web 
august 2017
Boot Buddy – sqwarq
Boot Buddy is a little free utility app written in Swift which allows you to create a bootable USB Installer from a macOS Installer.app.
mac  tools 
july 2017
OneCore to rule them all: How Windows Everywhere finally happened
Microsoft promised developers that Windows would run anywhere. This summer, it finally will.
windows  microsoft 
july 2017
5K Versions of Every Default macOS Wallpaper
Every major version of macOS has come with a new default wallpaper.
mac  images 
july 2017
Kill sticky headers
I hate sticky headers. I want to kill sticky headers. So I made this bookmarklet.
web  tools 
july 2017
John Markoff Interviews Original iPhone Engineering Team Members and Scott Forstall
The second half of the program […] is a one-on-one interview by Markoff of Scott Forstall who led software development for the iPhone.
apple  iphone  history 
june 2017
First Image Of Jason Isaacs From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’
This time they’re giving us the first image of Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca of the U.S.S. Discovery.
startrek  images 
june 2017
C++ Core Guidelines
The C++ Core Guidelines are a collaborative effort led by Bjarne Stroustrup, much like the C++ language itself.
june 2017
One More Thing: Inside Apple's Insanely Great (or Just Insane) New Mothership
To consolidate his employees, he wanted to create a new campus, a verdant landscape where the border between nature and building would be blurred.
apple  stevejobs 
may 2017
JSON Feed, a format similar to RSS and Atom but in JSON. It reflects the lessons learned from our years of work reading and publishing feeds.
may 2017
Jerry Goldsmith Finally Gets Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame
Yesterday, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce unveiled a long overdue Walk of Fame star for the late Jerry Goldsmith, who over his five-decades long career composed five Star Trek feature films and themes for two of the TV series.
music  startrek  articles 
may 2017
Hide Mac menu bar icons for free
tools  mac 
may 2017
Alan Kay On Messaging
Smalltalk is not only NOT its syntax or the class library, it is not even about classes. I'm sorry that I long ago coined the term "objects" for this topic because it gets many people to focus on the lesser idea.
smalltalk  programming 
may 2017
Steve Jobs: “All the work that I have done in my life will be obsolete by the time I’m 50”
Steve Jobs, in a documentary filmed in 1994. You can find it in this collection, maintained by the Silicon Valley Historical Association.
stevejobs  apple  videos 
may 2017
Tomb Raider The Dagger Of Xian
Fan Game Tomb Raider 2 Remake by Nicobass
tombraider  games 
may 2017
Five years of Sword & Sworcery: the history of a weird and beautiful game
That evening, Adams had just released his first game, a collaboration with local studio Capy Games and musician Jim Guthrie. It was called Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
games  articles 
may 2017
Mstdn: Tiny web-based mastodon client for your desktop
Mstdn is a desktop application based on mobile version Mastodon page and Electron framework.
mac  tools 
april 2017
Michael Tsai - Blog - Switching to an iPhone SE
The iPhone SE is much more comfortable in the hand, and especially in the pocket.
apple  iphone 
april 2017
Daring Fireball: The Mac Pro Lives
Apple is currently hard at work on a “completely rethought” Mac Pro, with a modular design that can accommodate high-end CPUs and big honking hot-running GPUs
apple  mac  articles 
april 2017
security / codesign in Sierra: Keychain ignores access control settings and UI-prompts for permission
Starting with macOS Sierra, I can't import a codesign-identity into a keychain with /usr/bin/security any more without usr/bin/codesign UI-prompting for access when using this identity.
ios  mac  xcode 
april 2017
The best hardware to build with Swift is not what you might think
In the previous article I shared some data regarding Swift compiler performance when compared with Objective-C.
swift  xcode 
march 2017
Data Consistency in an Unpredictable World
Pinterest recently completed a rewrite of the iOS app for a faster, cleaner experience. One of the goals of the re-architecture was to move to a completely immutable model layer.
swift  development 
march 2017
The domain consisting of defaults parsed from the application’s arguments. These are one or more pairs of the form -default value included in the command-line invocation of the application.
objective-c  swift 
march 2017
Goldfrapp Brings Back the Synths for 'Ocean' From Upcoming Album: Premiere
Goldfrapp wanted to make its latest album new -- and familiar.
music  goldfrapp 
march 2017
id Software Programming Principles
id Software co-founder John Romero tells the early story of the game company in this GDC 2016 talk
games  history 
february 2017
Everybody Designs: An Agile Approach to Design
I'd like to share my experience as a designer working in a flat organizational structure with teams of engineers, and how we approach design tasks when there are no defined hard lines that segregate responsibilities between individuals.
programming  design 
february 2017
The Difficult Journey of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
An untried director, budget cuts, a star killed in the first scene. Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan didn't have the makings of a classic.
startrek  movies 
february 2017
World of Monkey Island
A big Monkey Island site with news, forums, comics, punchlines, downloads, walkthroughs, interviews, fan art, and much more.
games  monkeyisland 
february 2017
Loom (or, how Brian Moriarty Proved That Less is Sometimes More)
In April of 1988, Brian Moriarty of Infocom flew from the East Coast to the West to attend the twelfth West Coast Computer Faire and the first ever Computer Game Developers Conference.
games  history 
february 2017
AOL: The Rise and Fall of the First Internet Empire
AOL was one of the early pioneers of the Internet in the mid-1990s, and the most recognized brand on the web in the U.S.
videos  history  technology 
february 2017
First pictures of Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft published online
The first pictures of Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in MGM and Warner Bros. Tomb Raider.
tombraider  movies 
february 2017
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