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Jürg Lehni — Scriptographer
Scriptographer is an open-source scripting plugin for Adobe Illustrator, available as a free download at

The software was created to give the user the possibility to extend Illustrator’s functionality by writing simple scripts in the JavaScript language, with a focus on ease of use, simplicity and clarity of the provided vocabulary.
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march 2015 by neurogami
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Art S. Buck Artists Manikins The highly durable plastic body has true human proportions in 1/6 scale. The male and female heads are generic facial features and the heads have distinctive, expressive fingers to aid with your detailed drawing studies. These 12 inch Art S. Buck figures come with a custom stand. The durable plastic stand has a circular base, measuring approximately 4.5" in width, with a plastic stem that houses a wire holder which is adjustable in height. The stand features colorful artwork of the Art S. Buck logo. Art S. Buck Manikin Artist Model.
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october 2008 by neurogami

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