Landsat water map
Raster map based on satellite imagery
maps  rivers  landsat 
10 hours ago
Geo-engineering climate change
Some folks are looking for technology solutions to global warming
climate  geoengineering  globalwarming  climatechange 
15 hours ago
Klout score algorithm
Odious social measurement company publishes details on their ranking
klout  social  reputation 
19 hours ago
Stegano malware
New adware found using steganographic channels to transmit code
malware  steganography  crypto  badtech  ads 
20 hours ago
Indian Breads
A list of diversity
roti  bread  india  food  cooking 
Putin seized VKontakte
2014 story of the Russian state taking control of Russia's Facebook equivalent
vkontakte  trump  politics  russia  paveldurov 
Thiel conflicts of interest
Trump advisor from the tech industry is in a hopeless ethics tangle
ethics  politics  thiel  trump 
2 days ago
Flynn, propagandist
Trump's National Security Advisor regularly spreads outrageous anti-Clinton propaganda
twitter  propaganda  flynn  politics  truth 
2 days ago
Rhythm of Food
Visualization of search trends
visualization  food  cooking  google 
3 days ago
Clarus the DogCow
A museum for a classic Susan Kare icon
clarus  moof  apple  macos  dogcow  susankare  funny 
4 days ago
Mandela Effect
Examples of unreliable memory
memory  funny  berenstain 
4 days ago
Algorithmic hate
Thoughtful article on the unfortunate outcomes of machine learning
google  machinelearning  via:metafilter  racism  politics 
4 days ago
Truvada and HIV stigma
Excellent essay on gay men's sex lives
prep  sex  hiv  truvada  gay  lgbt 
5 days ago
Github vs trolls
Company takes steps to address its misogyny problem
sexism  github  tech  diversity  misogyny 
5 days ago
Trump / Clinton insiders
Debate amongst campaign staff reveals much
politics  trump  clinton 
6 days ago
US infrastructure maps
Nice renderings of railroads, pipelines, etc
america  unitedstates  infrastructure  maps  visualization 
7 days ago
Uber financials
Heavily skeptical take on the car company
uber  business  via:hackernews  finance 
7 days ago
Meet cute
A trope from TV and film; the boy and the girl in a story always meet each other in a "cute" way
tv  film  narrative  movies 
7 days ago
FAA has restricted aircraft over the protest in North Dakota
northdakota  dapl  protest  faa  tfr 
8 days ago
spez apology
Reddit CEO apologizes for editing user comments, punishes some abusers
trump  politics  reddit  freespeech  censorship 
8 days ago
North Carolina do-over
Fallout from their racist election tampering; must hold a new election
politics  racism  northcarolina  voting 
8 days ago
Trump DC lease problem
Lease on his hotel in Washington DC clearly states he can't be an elected official
trump  politics  washingtondc  ethics  conflict 
9 days ago
Bird Sounds
Machine learning aided visualization /cc @celesteramsay
birds  ornithology  machinelearning  google 
9 days ago
Electoral college fragility
Tiny changes in state borders change the whole election
politics  elections  gerrymandering  maps 
10 days ago
Anti-semitic academic threats
More of a rising tide of hate, one Trump specific
trump  politics  jews  civilrights  universities 
10 days ago
Mac App Store scams
Good apps aren't in the store, just scams
apple  macos  scam 
11 days ago
UUID history
The origin of the 8-4-4-4-12 format for UUIDs
uuid  guid  id  database  apollo 
11 days ago
Hina missing from Disneyʼs Moana
Cultural critique from a Polynesian expert
disney  movies  moana  religion 
11 days ago
Muslim genocide threats
Someone's sending pro-Trump threatening letters to mosques in California
california  civilrights  muslims  genocide  humanrights 
11 days ago
Matthew Picton | Artist
Paper sculpture based on city layouts
via:migurski  maps  art 
11 days ago
PropOrNot a problem
Claim that the Washington Post story on Russian propaganda comes from an unreliable, anonymous source
politics  trump  russia  propaganda 
11 days ago
Speech sample from a phonetically complex click language
language  africa  click  xhosa 
12 days ago
MUNI ransomware
San Francisco's transit payment system got hacked
badtech  muni  sanfrancisco  ransomware 
12 days ago
Trump's fake news team
Folks close to Trump also involved with propaganda sites
propaganda  journalism  politics  trump 
12 days ago
Russian propaganda in election
Details of Russia's role in the various kinds of fake news that aided Trump
russia  politics  trump  espionage  sabotage 
12 days ago
Clinton recount
Statement from the Clinton team on vote recount
voting  politics  clinton  trump  election 
12 days ago
Gerrymandering maps
Visualization of a subversion of democracy
voting  politics  democracy  northcarolina  maps  gerrymandering 
13 days ago
Simple ZeroConf tool for copying a file between two machines
files  zeroconf  copying  transfer 
13 days ago
spaCy NLP
Natural Language Parsing for Python
python  nlp  machinelearning  programming  code 
14 days ago
Reddit CEO dumbness
Head of Reddit snaps and edits some user comments, apologizes
reddit  politics  censorship 
14 days ago
Quick tool for cropping video
video  ffmpeg  crop 
14 days ago
California vote by mail
SB 450 moves CA to voting by mail by 2024
california  politics  voting 
14 days ago
California vote-by-mail
Nevada County is going to try vote-by-mail in 2018
california  voting  politics 
14 days ago
Through a Looking Glass Darkly
2013 bit of agitprop by Mr. Fish, newly topical
america  politics  racism  kkk  mrfish  art 
14 days ago
Facebook deceptive ads
Zuckerberg's post about misinformation has two ads with misinformation
ads  facebook  fakenews  misinformation 
15 days ago
Ukraine election hacked
Evidence from 2014 that Russia hacked the Ukraine election
ukraine  russia  politics  badtech  voting  hack 
15 days ago
Was the election hacked?
Responsible article arguing that we need to start verifying votes against paper ballots
voting  hacked  election  politics 
15 days ago
American community survey
US census data about people's culture
america  census  data  maps 
16 days ago
Superman / American
Hi-res scan of an anti-racism poster
superman  politics  racism  1950s  comics 
16 days ago
Homeopathy kills
Product for infants contains "inconsistent amount" of deadly poison
poison  medicine  homeopathy  healthcare 
17 days ago
Case study of fake news
Details of how propaganda propagates
news  politics  trump  journalism  propaganda 
17 days ago
Rural political bias
Various ways US federal policies give disproportionate power to rural areas
politics  rural  urban  america 
17 days ago
Cloudflare's IPv6 view
Web hosting service in a unique position to measure IPv6 usage
ipv6  internet  networking 
17 days ago
Alt-Right rally
Including Nazi propaganda "in the original German"
politics  racism  trump  altright 
17 days ago
Muslim registry plusuntrue
Trump spokesman tries to rewrite history
orwell  trump  politics  muslims 
19 days ago
Trump must divest
Astonishing WSJ editorial
trump  politics  ethics 
20 days ago
Takei on internment
Strong, personal reflection on Trump threats to Muslims
racism  takei  politics  trump  muslims  civilrights  japanese 
20 days ago
SF Clarion Alley
Details on one of San Francisco's biggest street art galleries
streetart  sf  sanfrancisco  art 
20 days ago
what.cd eulogy
Appreciation of a music sharing community
bittorrent  torrent  music  copyright  whatcd 
20 days ago
Richard Spencer interview
Jaw-dropping, upsetting, calm NPR interview with a white nationalist / alt-right leader
politics  racism  nazis  whitenationalist  altright  trup 
21 days ago
A Theranos whistleblower
Detailed story of a young man defying his grandfather, on the board of directors
theranos  whistleblower  science  medicine  fraud 
21 days ago
Fake news writer
Interview with someone completely amoral
politics  news  journalism  facebook  adsense 
21 days ago
How to use AWS
Some observations from the Skyliner architecture
aws  skyliner  docker  devops 
21 days ago
Russia tampered with US election
NSA head confirms Clinton campaign was targeted, but does not specifically name Russia
russia  politics  clinton  election  badtech 
22 days ago
jitter needle
Defense of a problematic design element
politics  jitter  design  anxiety 
23 days ago
Trump deportation plans
Details on how he gets to 2-3M people to deport
trump  politics  immigrants 
23 days ago
Google vs fake news
Ads now has a policy against fake news
google  news  journalism  politics 
23 days ago
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