Turbo colormap
Google redesigns the stupid angry rainbow palette.. for some reason? A weird compromise between ugly aesthetics and non-correctness
google  rainbow  visualization  colormap  scale  tootme 
21 hours ago
On me, and the Media Lab
Zuckerman has enough, decides to leave the Media Lab over its palling up with a child rapist
minksy  epstein  rape  children  science  scandal 
21 hours ago
Minsky and Epstein
More fallout from the child rape ring
minksy  epstein  rape  children  science  scandal 
21 hours ago
Epoch Times + QAnon
Falun Gung newspaper has embraced the insane conspiracy
qanon  epochtimes  conspiracy  falungong  journalism 
Ottawa Mayor comes out
Sweet but also sad; he's 58, spent his whole life in the closet
gay  lgbt  ottawa  politics  tootme  comingout 
4 days ago
X11 tools
For many years this is what computers looked like
computers  ui  graphics  x11  ugly  design  tootme 
5 days ago
TikTok and Chinese innovation
Good perspective on how the Chinese Internet economy has grown to a formidable strength
china  internet  firewall  economics  tiktok  tootme 
5 days ago
Hong Kong protests
Maciej in fine form writing up his experience as a visitor to a couple of Hong Kong protests
hongkong  protest  america  politics  marco 
5 days ago
Everything is Gamergate
Series of NYT op/ed pieces about the hideousness of online commentary
gamergate  sexism  politics  twitter  via:metafilter 
6 days ago
Indigenous Data Sovereignty
Keoni Mahelona on indigenous people controlling their own data and culture
hawaii  hawai'i  newzealand  keoni  mahelona  tootme  indigenous 
7 days ago
Mullenweg on Tumblr
Detailed interview from the new owner of Tumblr, very thoughtful
tumblr  wordpress  automattic  mullenweg  tootme 
7 days ago
Museum of Westward Expansion animatronics
Now gone, a badly considered National Parks installation
nps  animatronics  stlouis  nationalpark  robot  westworld  tootme 
8 days ago
Google internal politics
Gossipy, detailed account of cultural rifts inside Google
google  politics  tirefire  sexism  racism 
8 days ago
Conspiracies can be real
The difficulty of understanding a story like Epstein's death when there really are powerful conspiratorial forces at work
conspiracy  politics  epstein  truth  journalism 
8 days ago
Irish slaves
Debunking the idea that indentured servitude of Irish people was the same evil as chattel slavery of Africans.
ireland  slavery  racism  politics  history  america 
9 days ago
System Shock 2 revival
Mysterious patches from "Le Corbeau" may have come from a found disk of original source code
systemshock2  games  lookingglass  tootme 
9 days ago
Twitter and conspiracies
Lessons from the Epstein news cycle. “If you make it trend, you make it true.”
epstein  news  twitter  propaganda  politics  culture 
9 days ago
YouTube and Brazilian politics
Recommendation algorithms radicalize a nation
brazil  youtube  radicalization  propaganda  ethics  google  tootme 
9 days ago
Florida's new poll tax
Details on the Republican attempts to suppress the vote
voting  politics  florida  felons  votingrights 
10 days ago
Stanford tech backlash
The kids are alright; undergraduates getting woke to dangers of tech
tech  ethics  politics  stanford  slap 
10 days ago
Snopes on Clinton death count
A detailed rebuttal to the disgusting right wing / Russian smear campaign
clinton  deaths  politics  rumor  snopes 
11 days ago
Qname minimisation
A small change to DNS usage that greatly improves privacy
dns  privacy  qname  tootme  internet 
11 days ago
Michael Twitty on plantation tours
Well written article on how upside down white people's expectations of presentations about slavery are
slavery  racism  cooking  politics  plantation 
11 days ago
SPY 11 kids
Bizarre corporate structure for an ETF pins it to the lifespans of 11 random people
etf  spy  finance  tootme 
12 days ago
Vanguard tax weirdness
Mutual funds exploit a hole mostly used by ETFs
taxes  etf  irs  capitalgains  tootme 
12 days ago
ETF tax weirdness
How ETFs defer capital gains; it's a sham
etf  capitalgains  taxes  irs  finance  tootme 
12 days ago
Moderating Hacker News
The people managing the tech world's problematic community
hackernews  moderation  tech  politics  tootme 
13 days ago
NYTimes in 2022
Crisp parody of NYTimes' propensity for not criticizing white people
nytimes  racism  funny  politics 
13 days ago
Recycling failing in SF
Private company that collected recycling just closed. Our utility garbage company can't recycle plastic anymore.
sanfrancisco  recycling  environment  economics  tootme 
14 days ago
Riot Games a year later
A year after the big story about sexism at the games company. Some change, some questions
riotgames  games  sexism  tirefire  harassment  lol  leagueoflegends 
14 days ago
Mapping North Korea
Details about the contributors to OpenStreetMap of North Korean data
northkorea  mapping  tootme  openstreetmap  osm 
15 days ago
Aperiodic tilings
Rendering of various aperiodic ways to tile the plane
tiles  tiling  generative  via:reddit  tootme 
15 days ago
Securing campaigns
Maciej on the organizational challenges of computer security for congressional campaigns
politics  security  elections  democracy 
15 days ago
Tulsi Gabbard
Details on the unusual presidential candidate
tulsi  gabbard  tulsigabbard  hawaii  politics  dnc  primary  tootme 
17 days ago
The Stranding of the MV Shokalskiy
Maciej on the question "What if Shackleton had had a Twitter feed?"
antarctica  travel  maciej  southpole  dumbass  tootme  turney 
18 days ago
A Night Under The Stars
Lovely visualization of overnight stays in national parks
parks  visualization  nps  america  camping  tootme 
18 days ago
LIGO Trifecta signal?
Gravity telescope may have seen an event we also observe with EM and particle detectors
astronomy  ligo  science  tootme 
18 days ago
Buying a phone in Venezuela
When your country has no money you can't buy global products easily
phones  venezuela  markets  economy  tootme 
18 days ago
The fight for redistricting becomes a very local political battle
politics  gerrymandering  2020  redistricting  redmap 
18 days ago
Amtrak tracking
Nicely done map with live train locations and status
amtrak  trains  america  maps  tootme 
19 days ago
National Cathedral calls for decency
A condemnation of Trump to the closest thing America has to a national church
church  christian  america  prayer  trump  politics  via:metafilter  racism 
21 days ago
Attention K-Mart Shoppers
Tapes to play in the K-Mart store from the late 80s / early 90s
kmart  k-mart  music  80s  90s  tootme 
23 days ago
Vaporwave has a subgenre
vaporwave  mallwave  malls  music  culture  tootme 
24 days ago
Victor Blackwell on "infested"
Moving op/ed about President Trump's hateful language directed at non-white Americans
america  politics  trump  racism 
25 days ago
Floppies orphaned in Linux
Old school floppy interface (not USB) is now marked "orphaned" in the Linux kernel because no one has hardware anymore
floppy  linux  obsolete  software  computers  tootme 
25 days ago
Sonic.net turns 25
The Bay Area's best ISP is long-lived
isp  internet  sonicnet  sonic  bayarea  tech  tootme 
26 days ago
jwz's new Lisp machine
The discussion in the comments is terrific
lisp  jwz  symbolics  funny  tootme 
26 days ago
Behind the spoof seal
Creator of the parody Presidential seal has no idea how it ended up in a Trump broadcast, but thinks its hilarious
trump  funny  politics  parody 
27 days ago
Slavery map in 1860 US
County-level data on percentage of slaver households
slavery  america  history  maps  1860  census 
27 days ago
Ilhan Omar on American ideals
Excellent editorial about how un-American Trump's racism is
america  politics  ideals  ilhanomar  trump 
27 days ago
Facebook malfeasance
The ad database tool they promised doesn't work
ads  facebook  mozilla  politics  propaganda 
27 days ago
Mauritius tax sheltering
Yet another offshore tax haven for companies
taxes  fraud  mauritius  finance  geldof 
29 days ago
Yelena Grigoryeva
Russia has this thing about murdering human rights activists
russia  politics  lgbt  humanrights 
29 days ago
Article about a tech development area in Beijing
china  beijing  tech  siliconvalley  tootme 
29 days ago
Nils Barricelli
Early artificial life researcher, now mostly forgotten
artificiallife  science  simulation  complexity  tootme 
29 days ago
maup: redistricting data toolkit
Python code to work with voting precincts, congressional districts, census blocks, etc
python  gis  geospatial  politics  redistricting  software  tootme 
4 weeks ago
Trails of Wind
Airport runway orientations mapped
maps  wind  airports  visualization  tootme 
4 weeks ago
Google age discrimination
Minor lawsuit settlement, no admission of wrong doing or changes
google  discrimination  tirefire  ageism  agism  employment 
4 weeks ago
Computational Photography
Excellent explanation of how mobile phone cameras can be so good
photography  computing  lytro  stacking  photos  cameras  mobilephones  tootme 
4 weeks ago
Rebuilding Slack desktop
It's still Electron, but now React based and with one single Electron process. Also lazy loading of data
Slack  architecture  rewrite  electron  javascript  programming  tootme 
4 weeks ago
Cowboy Town
Low-rent animatronics in South Dakota
southdakota  tourism  america  westworld  robots  tootme 
4 weeks ago
India's Muslim purge
This is what a serious purge of a religious minority looks like; in Assam, India
assam  india  politics  muslims 
4 weeks ago
Evening at the park
Skate park: excellent looped cinegraph
cinegraph  photo  skate  skating  tootme 
4 weeks ago
Sims Design Documents
Details from the milestone game, including some details on the LGBT content
lgbt  gay  sims  games  programming  tootme 
4 weeks ago
Ham IPv4 addresses sold
Little known ham radio group owned 1/256 of Internet addresess. They sold a quarter of that to Amazon and are starting a non-profit
ham  amazon  radio  ardc  philkarn  tootme  via:hackernews  ampr 
4 weeks ago
RIP Professor Winston
One of the more beloved professors of CS at MIT
mit  csail  obituary  rip  winston  ai  tootme 
4 weeks ago
Facebook Libra payment system
This article has made me cautiously optimistic Libra may work as a payment system and not be a terrible monopoly play
facebook  libra  money  payments  online  wechat  alipay  tootme 
4 weeks ago
What the hell is Cats
Andrew Lloyd Weber explained for millenials
cats  funny  millenials  musicals  movies  tootme 
4 weeks ago
DroneGun Tactical
As seen at the Bastille Day parade; jams drone control signals
drones  aviation  flying  control  military  tootme 
4 weeks ago
Grindr's decline
Details of the ugly aftermath of being acquired by a Chinese company
grindr  china  gay  lgbt  via:hackernews  tootme 
4 weeks ago
Google watches you fap
Web tracking pervades to porn sites
porn  google  privacy  facebook  ads  tootme 
4 weeks ago
Ramsey Orta
Police harassment of the man who filmed Eric Garner being murdered
garner  politics  police  corruption  blm  blacklivesmatter 
4 weeks ago
A new Javascript engine from a hugely prolific open source engineer
opensource  javascript  programming  embedded  tootme 
4 weeks ago
"Send her back Send her back"
Trump rally devolves into fascist chanting against an elected Congressperson. Trump says nothing.
ilhanomar  trump  politics  fascism 
5 weeks ago
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