16 year old Canadian vs Milo
The video that surfaced was found by a liberal-leading young Canadian woman
milo  politics 
9 hours ago
Levandowski profile
Uber's head of self driving cars has a history of ignoring regulations
uber  google  ai  selfdrivingcars  levandowski 
12 hours ago
Women in astronomy
Reflection on the power of role models
women  feminism  computing  astronomy 
12 hours ago
Reading Trump propaganda
Between the lines of the extraordinary WashPo story about Trump propaganda efforts
trump  lies  propaganda  washpo  journalism  politics 
12 hours ago
Trying to collect US election data in one central place
elections  politics  polisci  votes  gerrymandering 
13 hours ago
PrEP smuggler
AIDS activist saves thousands of Londoners from getting HIV by importing medicine
aids  hiv  prep  via:metafilter 
14 hours ago
Fox fake Swedish expert
"Nils Bildt" is a fraud, not clear if Fox colluded or was duped
sweden  immigration  politics  journalism  fox  foxnews 
16 hours ago
Trump vs the press
Friday Feb 24 was a significantly anti-democratic day
trump  politics  freepress  despotism 
16 hours ago
Trump Russian propaganda
Administration asks intelligence, Congressional people to fight back on Russia ties
russia  propaganda  politics  trump 
17 hours ago
The Comey Letter Debacle
Yet another take on the FBI meddling in the election
politics  trump  clinton  comey  fbi 
Mumps in Nevada County
Another outbreak of a vaccinatable disease
disease  vaccine  california  nevadacounty  grassvalley 
Protest suppression
17 states considering legislation to curtail free speech
protest  politics  trump  freespeech  civilrights 
Russian flag prank
Nice bit of culture jamming at CPAC
cpac  politics  trump  funny  russia 
Aussie snake wrangling
Doesn't get more strine, does it?
australia  snake  funny 
United to Protect Democracy
Watchdog group checking on the Trump administration's ethics compliance
politics  trump  ethics 
Otto / Uber stealing trade secrets
Google / Waymo allege former employees downloaded schematics, data, etc
ip  intellectualproperty  tradesecrets  google  uber  theft  fraud  autonomouscars 
2 days ago
Domestic ID checks
Update on the domestic flight where passengers had to show documentation on landing at JFK
civilrights  passport  immigration  politics  cbp 
2 days ago
Manafort blackmailed
More details of unsavory Russian/Ukrainian business of Trump's campaign chairman
trump  politics  russia  ukraine  blackmail  scandal 
2 days ago
Google.org and racial justice
New donations for organizations working on police data
google  blacklivesmatter  race  charity 
2 days ago
Arizona vs protests
Blatantly unconstitutional bill passed in state senate
Arizona  civilrights  protest  politics  rico  forfeiture 
2 days ago
Natural and Political History of the Gerry-Mander
Transcription of the 1812 newspaper article that led to the term "gerrymander"
politics  gerrymander  redistricting 
2 days ago
Moon Duchin fighting gerrymandering
Tufts mathematician working on measures of compactness, one component of redistricting
voting  gerrymandering  redistricting  geometry  tufts 
2 days ago
Advice for young trans people
Surviving in a hostile environment
trans  lgbt  queer  civilrights 
2 days ago
Customs checking local flights
Passengers on an SFO->JFK flight are having ID checked
customs  ice  harassment  civilrights  immigration 
2 days ago
Reflecting on Susan Fowler’s Reflection
A women engineer at Uber responds to the original stories of sexual harassment
uber  women  employment  sexualharassment  feminism 
2 days ago
Uber: a human tire fire
More gossipy insider detail of what it's like to work at Uber
uber  employment  sexualharassment  startups 
2 days ago
SHA-1 collisions
Practical methods to subvert the cryptographic hash
crypto  cryptography  security  sha1 
2 days ago
Babysitting Trump's ego
Former staffers talk about managing the President as if he were a seven year old child
trump  politics  ego  media  twitter  press 
3 days ago
You reposted in the wrong Overwatch
A delightful video remix meme. /cc @bookscout
overwatch  meme  funny  jeffkaplan 
3 days ago
Antivirus breaks SSL
Many so-called security products are actually weakening SSL security
browser  security  badtech  ssl  antivirus 
3 days ago
US border homophobia
Enraging story of a Gay Canadian being harassed at the US border (pre-Trump)
gay  lgbt  border  canada  america  politics 
3 days ago
Milo and the Lost Boys
Culture of young men trolls in politics
milo  politics  trump  trolls 
3 days ago
CIA demoralization
Career intelligence officer and his reasons for leaving. (Spoiler: Trump)
politics  trump  cia 
4 days ago
RIP Texas Monthly
Surprisingly good long form journalism outlet is changing direction
texas  journalism  texasmonthly 
5 days ago
Felix Sater
Details on an associate of Trump with extensive Russian connections
russia  politics  trump  scandal 
5 days ago
legislative redistricting
geodata expert gets up to speed on politics and mapping
maps  politics  districts  redistricting  gerrymandering 
5 days ago
Trump + InfoWars
Trump is speaking regularly on the phone with nut-job Alex Jones
trump  politics  insane  conspiracy  infowars 
5 days ago
Bypassing safety measures in extreme circumstances
military  safety 
5 days ago
Trump psychology at work
Our very own North Korean terror leader
america  northkorea  politics  trump  nuclear 
5 days ago
Uber management disasters
Sexual harassment run rampant in engineering
uber  engineering  software  tirefire  sexualharassment 
6 days ago
First Lady worked illegally
She illegally did paid modelling work on a visitor visa. (Story is from Nov.)
melania  trump  politics  immigration  firstlady  visa 
7 days ago
Pres. Supervillain
Dropping Trump words into Red Skull's mouth
comics  funny  trump  politics  parody  redskull  via:metafilter 
7 days ago
Padilla vs voter suppression
Political nastiness vs. Californians' right to vote
voting  california  padilla  trump  voterfraud  votingrights 
8 days ago
Eaten Fish
Tragic story of a young Iranian refugee being held in limbo in PNG, by Australia
australia  iran  refugee  png 
8 days ago
Alabama populists
A bit of American political history
history  alabama  populism  politics  america 
8 days ago
EPA defiance
Conflict between career staffers and political bosses
epa  politics  trump 
8 days ago
Against deletionism
BoingBoing writer describes a problem with delete-happy Wikipedia editors
deletionism  wikipedia  culture 
8 days ago
Outside Your Bubble
BuzzFeed testing a feature to show a diversity of opinions
politics  news  buzzfeed  journalism 
8 days ago
National Guard and ICE
Trump administration denies this frightening plan was ever taken seriously
nationalguard  immigration  civilrights  trump  politics 
8 days ago
Flynn not authorized to take Russian pay
2015 paid TV appearance was apparently not approved by the Pentagon, his employer
flynn  russia  politics  trump 
8 days ago
4chan and Trump
A history of how hateful meme culture became politically influential
4chan  memes  via:metafilter  internet  culture  chanology 
8 days ago
Shep Smith on Trump lies
Even Fox News isn't going along
trump  lies  politics  foxnews 
8 days ago
Some examples of Microsoft's database interface technology
microsoft  linq  sql  programming 
9 days ago
Trump's response to being caught in a lie
Bizarre equivocation, assertion of dominance
trump  politics  lies  cnn  voting 
9 days ago
Stephen Miller on Twitter
Little used account engages with a lot of bizarro right wing hate stuff. This article may not be accurate.
twitter  politics  trump  stephenmiller 
9 days ago
Sync two filesystems with frequent rsync; uses inotify to detect changes
filesystem  network  rsync  sshfs  nfs 
9 days ago
2016 US election interference by Russia
Exquisitely detailed and sourced Wikipedia summary
elections  politics  russia  trump 
10 days ago
Confide snakeoil
Communications app used by Trump staffers is not secure
security  badtech  confide  signal  trump  politics 
10 days ago
Voter ID law impact
Laws suppress minority votes, as is intended
voting  votingrights  voterid  civilrights  politics 
10 days ago
Islam in SE Asia
Very detailed explanation for the spread of a religion
religion  via:metafilter  islam  indonesia  malaysia 
10 days ago
Buddy Cole
A nice appreciation for 90s gay stereotype cmoedy
comedy  funny  kidsinthehall  racism  buddycole  gay  lgbt 
10 days ago
Inside the Recount
Details on the academic effort to verify the vote this year, sabotaged by political naivete
politics  elections  security  recount  halderman  voting 
10 days ago
Yosemite Firefall
Sunset illuminates a waterfall
yosemite  photography  photos 
10 days ago
"Transgender", not "transgendered"
Choosing correct words for politeness (and apologies for my mistake)
lgbtq  lgbt  transgender  transgendered  language 
10 days ago
Trump / Russia roundup
Scattered op/ed, but links to all of today's major stories
trump  politics  russia  treason 
10 days ago
Trump v Transgender teens
Refuses to help transgender kids in Texas
trump  lgbtq  lgbt  politics  transgender  humanrights 
10 days ago
Trump / Russia collusion
Details from the investigation into the campaign
russia  trump  politics  treason 
11 days ago
Inaccurate executive orders
More White House incompetence; can't even post correct version of dictats
trump  politics  executiveorders 
11 days ago
Mission Cinemas
Grand old movie palaces /cc @strongthomas
movies  sanfrancisco  mission  history  theaters 
11 days ago
PewDiePie and Nazi jokes
One of the biggest YouTube stars makes some "jokes" in very poor taste
pewdiepie  youtube  nazis 
11 days ago
Trump + Russia
A list of news articles
trump  politics  russia 
11 days ago
Flynn resignation timing
Trump administration seemed OK with Flynn's undermining the President, until he got caught
flynn  trump  politics  treason 
11 days ago
Trump’s counter-jihad
Detail on the anti-Islam hate inside the administration
trump  politics  islam  shariah  hate 
12 days ago
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