Homeless mother, dead baby
Heartbreaking story of mental illness and homelessness in Portland
portland  homeless  mentalhealth 
18 minutes ago
The Problem With AMP
Well written essay about Google's new mobile walled garden
google  amp  mobile  via:hackernews  lockin 
53 minutes ago
Snippets of random Youtube videos with zero views
video  cutup  random  youtube  via:metafilter 
2 hours ago
Abstract geoart
Nice feature on Bill Morris' neat satellite photo / machine learning art
art  geography  maps  machinelearning 
22 hours ago
Alt-Right vs Jews
Prominent online white supremacist has a Jewish wife, alt-right community freaks out
racism  politics  altright  jews  hate 
The Stench of Torture
Torture only works to dehumanize the torturer
torture  civilrights  humanrights  trump  politics 
2 days ago
A simple, unified notifications system
notifications  sms  messages 
2 days ago
On "fake news"
Excellent analysis of how the term "fake news" has been robbed of meaning, and broader propaganda goals
politics  propaganda  journalism 
2 days ago
Super Mario Run onboarding
Devastating critique of the new Nintendo iPhone game
games  nintendo  userinterface  ui 
3 days ago
Shadow Brokers quit
Hacker group likely to be Russian government is quitting, or lulzing, or something
russia  politics  hacking 
3 days ago
USDS Report to Congress
Group doing modern Internet development for government
usds  government  politics 
3 days ago
Calling Bullshit
A college course about falsehoods in statistical research, big data, and rhetoric
bullshit  datascience  machinelearning  statistics 
3 days ago
Video Game Luck
Probability and perception manipulated for fun
games  luck  probability 
3 days ago
Trump insanity with National Guard
Firing the head of DC National Guard literally the moment he is sworn in, during the inauguration event
trump  politics  washingtondc  nationalguard 
3 days ago
Trump dossier details
Information on motives of the source
trump  politics  dossier 
5 days ago
Software repeatability
Problems of doing science with software that you can't reliably re-run
software  science  repeatability 
5 days ago
Trump / Russia allegations
Full intelligence dossier, uncorroborated and suspicious, but lots of detail that seems plausible
trump  politics  russia  manafort 
6 days ago
Trump compromised by Russia?
FBI has intelligence from multiple sources that the Russians have personal and financial leverage over Trump
trump  politics  gop  fbi 
6 days ago
Forth Worth subway
A weird private short subway for a parking garage. /cc @enf
texas  dallas  fortworth  transit  subway 
7 days ago
VC Reserves
Details on how venture capital reinvests in portfolio companies
startups  funding  reserve  vc 
7 days ago
Swedish SIGINT
Details of cyberwarfare from Scandanavia
sweden  america  politics  nsa  privacy 
7 days ago
1.5 million gamer records
Hacker / leak, but some interesting data
games  gaming  hacker  badtech  esea  esl  esports 
7 days ago
Patreon: $100M
Direct payment to creative people is working!
financing  art  startups  patreon  games 
7 days ago
Higher level neural network library
python  machinelearning  ai  theano  tensorflow 
7 days ago
Visual Studio Code
Yet another Javascript code editor, cross platform
editor  atom  sublime  javascript  coding 
8 days ago
Brackets editor
Another editor built in Javascript
editor  atom  sublime  coding 
8 days ago
Geek Squad informants
National chain of computer support people had a side business selling customers out to the FBI
fbi  privacy  bestbuy  geeksquad  childporn 
9 days ago
Trump loves Wikileaks
Details of how Trump was happy to have the Russian hack influence the election
trump  politics  russia  clinton  wikileaks  lies 
9 days ago
Kushner's conflicts
More corruption at the center of the Trump family
trump  corruption  politics  china  business  ethics 
9 days ago
Russian election influence
News article summarizing the declassified intelligence report
russia  politics  trump  election  propaganda 
10 days ago
Noncombatant uniformed services
In addition to the military, the US has NOAA and public health uniformed officers
noaa  dhs  uniform  america 
10 days ago
NextBus broken
Muni's bus notification system relied on AT&T 2G cellular
att  nextbus  cellular  muni  transit  sanfrancisco  badtech 
10 days ago
Yugoslavian computer pinups
1980s Eastern European computer magazine had cheesecake photos of women
funny  yugoslavia  soviet  computer  cheese  sexism 
10 days ago
SF Historical Creek Map
Better rendering than I've seen of this before
maps  sanfrancisco  history  rivers  water 
10 days ago
Russian election influence
Public report from the US intelligence community
russia  putin  trump  election  hacking  politics 
10 days ago
A Sanrio character for office alcoholic rage
sanrio  japan  animation  funny  rage  anger 
10 days ago
Ghostcrawler on abuse
Famous game designer talks about dealing with hostile gamer fans
games  blizzard  riotgames  riot  abuse 
11 days ago
Russian hacking intel
Some hints at what's in the classified briefing
russia  hacking  politics  trump  putin 
11 days ago
TQ in Public Policy
Statement from White House CTO about need for more tech capability in government positions
politics  tech  amac 
11 days ago
Obama metrics
Nice set of numbers that make the Obama administration look good
obama  politics  president  economics 
11 days ago
The Agency
Report from Russia's online propaganda arm
russia  politics  trump  propaganda 
11 days ago
NTP Pool vs Great Firewall
Chinese citizen wants to serve time on the Internet; thwarted by UDP firewall
internet  china  ntp  firewall 
12 days ago
Padme needed an ob/gyn
Darth Vader was created because the Empire lacked prenatal health care
starwars  feminism  funny  via:metafilter  obgyn 
13 days ago
Secureworks on Podesta
The June 2016 report that confirmed Russian hacking of Clinton campaign emails, including Podesta
podesta  clinton  hacking  russia  badtech 
13 days ago
Tech employee advice
Details on evaluating an equity package
stock  startups  equity  business 
14 days ago
Vermont utility hack update
Probably not a directed Russian attack, also details on malware chatter
russia  hacking  malware  vermont  security  badtech 
14 days ago
Leap second postmortem
Cloudflare code failed when time went backwards
time  ntp  cloudflare  leapsecond 
15 days ago
Leap second in Redhat
Details of Linux options for leap seconds
leapsecond  time  ntp  redhat  linux 
16 days ago
Facebook 2016 Year in Review
A roundup of user-hostile things Facebook has done
facebook  privacy  badtech 
16 days ago
9th century Persian who invented algebra, much other mathematics. The word "algorithm" is literally his name.
math  history  algebra 
16 days ago
India's identity system
Aadhaar, tied to biometrics, open access
identity  india  openid  login  password 
16 days ago
Favourite maps from 2016
Nice collection of things I hadn't seen elsewhere
maps  cartography  design 
18 days ago
3d audio history
PC gaming technology of the 90s was lost
games  3d  sound  overwatch  audio  directsound3d  directx 
18 days ago
Uber + Pittsburgh
A very detailed look at the relationship between the startup and the city
uber  pittsburgh  corruption  startup 
18 days ago
Russian Malicious Cyber Activity
Technical report of the Russian attacks against the 2016 election
dnc  russia  politics  badtech  hacking 
18 days ago
Newspaper Python
Library for parsing news sites
journalism  coding  python  nlp  text  scraping 
18 days ago
Punishment for Russian hacking
Official US response to the election tampering
russia  politics  badtech  hacking 
18 days ago
Dolby Atmos
A newish technology for rendering 3d audio to headphones
sound  audio  overwatch  games  dolby 
18 days ago
Fahrenthold's reporting
Personal account from one of the best journalists who covered Trump in 2016
journalism  trump  Fahrenthold  politics 
19 days ago
Startup fraud
A series of examples from 2016
fraud  startups  business 
19 days ago
Voting system security
The state of the nation's democratic machinery is not strong
voting  fraud  politics  elections 
21 days ago
About Snopes
Some detail about the people behind the fact-checking website
snopes  truth  internet 
22 days ago
George Michael as queer warrior
Honoring his strong gay rights stance
gay  lgbt  music  georgemichael 
22 days ago
Drone Sweaters
Sweaters and clothes, custom-tailored for cold drones.
drones  funny  sweaters 
22 days ago
Lighthouse web audit
Chrome extension that gives advise on aggressively making performant websites
web  chrome  benchmark  audit  javascript 
23 days ago
Free service to locate IP addresses
ip  geolocation  maps  internet 
23 days ago
Polyfill service
Browser-tailored Javascript shims
javascript  polyfill  programming 
23 days ago
Fast website ideas
Starting with a fancy React browser rendered site, then making it fast again
reactjs  javascript  web  performance  via:timbray 
23 days ago
Twelve Hundred Ghosts
A supercut of A Christmas Carol videos, phenomenal video editing
tv  movies  christmascarol  supercut  editing 
23 days ago
Hacks to try to make XML parsing safer in Python
xml  badtech  security  python 
24 days ago
Dark Star Thresh
Video game character creation process
games  thresh  lol  leagueoflegends  riotgames  animation 
24 days ago
Russia cyberwar against Ukraine troops
Malware in an Android app for soldiers. /cc @danwallach
cyberwar  badtech  malware  ukraine  russia  military  artillery 
25 days ago
Uber halts SF self driving cars
California DMV stands up to company ignoring regulations
google  uber  selfdriving  cars  ai  safety 
26 days ago
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