Leasable ARM servers running Linux. $10/mo!
servers  hosting  linux  arm 
20 hours ago
4K pirate rips
Another copy protection scheme bypassed
tv  scene  piracy  4k 
Open mapping for government
Great talk by @pramsey on governments staying relevant in the world of Google Maps, OpenStreetmap, OpenAddresses
maps  data  government  openaddresses 
Alpha Centauri Redux
Writeup of a student project to redesign an old game's UI
games  ui  hci  civilization  alphacentauri 
2 days ago
Mapping Daesh
Observations on the politics of various map portrayals of Islamic State
Daesh  maps  politics 
2 days ago
Heart warming stories turn sinister when you reverse the video
gif  movie  funny  animals 
3 days ago
CIA vs crypto
CIA cynically used the Paris attacks to advance their anti-privacy agenda
privacy  encryption  crypto  freedom  cia  snowden 
3 days ago
Macbook charger teardown
Details of Apple's engineering and profit margins
apple  electronics  charger  voltage 
4 days ago
Slack site previews
Details of how Slack presents page previews
slack  preview  web  developer  html 
4 days ago
Justin Mason's excellent linkblog
linkblog  blog  jmason  taint 
4 days ago
Loading Screen Jam
Game developers celebrate the ending of a stupid patent
games  patents  namco 
4 days ago
Simple static hosting site with some API features for dynamic bits. $7/mo
hosting  blog  web  internet 
4 days ago
Google Star Wars ad
Never seen this massive a co-branding thing at Google
google  starwars  ads 
4 days ago
TileReduce 3
MapBox's open source infrastructure for working on geodata in parallel
maps  opensource  code  tiles 
5 days ago
Nagle on delayed ACK
Awesome HN comment by a networking legend
nagle  tcp  performance  via:jm 
5 days ago
Trump's facism
Documenting a "skid" towards more overtly facist ideas
facism  politics  trump 
5 days ago
Mob violence at Trump rally
3 days old now, but I hadn't seen the video complete with Trump cheering them on in the background
trump  politics  facism  blacklivesmatter 
5 days ago
Can I blog safely?
Sad, detailed discussion from women about how to blog non-anonymously and avoid harassment
women  feminism  blogging  gamergate 
5 days ago
eSports economics
Pro LoL team owner NMEChachi talks about the financial reality of running a professional gaming team
games  lol  esports  budget 
6 days ago
Shackleton photos
Beautiful images from an amazing tale of polar survival
shackleton  geographic  polar  antarctica  photos 
7 days ago
Time scale BART map
Transit map scaled to travel time
maps  travel  transit  bart 
7 days ago
15 Asian unicorns
$1B startups, mostly China and India
china  india  via:hackernews  startups 
7 days ago
Nancy Jo Sales calls out Tinder
Righteous response to Tinder CEO's sleazy suggestion of having some personal dirt on a journalist
journalism  tinder 
8 days ago
Food tracker
Excellent visualization of people trying to lose weight
loseit  visualization  diet  weight  health 
9 days ago
1978 video graphics
Beautiful, very retro demo reel of video effects
video  effects  fx  graphics  70s 
9 days ago
Disturbing subreddit for folks embracing their destructive lifestyle
drinking  drunk  reddit  addiction 
9 days ago
VATSIM profile
Nice article about the Air Traffic Control simulation game people play supporting flight simulator players
games  vatsim  atc  flying  aviation 
10 days ago
Tinder CEO interview
Awkward douchebag interview the week of the IPO
tinder  ipo  match  dating  sex 
10 days ago
No crypto in Paris attack
Earliest scaremongering articles turn out to be unfounded
civilrights  crypto  terrorism  paris 
11 days ago
Paris | Tom Lee
Friend of mine was in the middle of the Paris attacks, his personal story
paris  france  terrorism 
11 days ago
NYT unpublishing
More details on the newspaper removing a badly written article about the Paris attacks and encryption
journalism  encryption  syria  france  politics  terrorism 
11 days ago
Another Python charting library; this one strives to do simple things well in Jupyter Notebooks
notebooks  python  ipython  jupyter  plotting  charting  visualization 
12 days ago
US healthcare spending
We spend 2x as much as any other nation, have a lower life expectancy
health  healthcare  obamacare  usa 
12 days ago
Making a cave to age cheese
Project for modifying a small fridge to be warm and humid enough
cheese  affinage  refrigerator  aging  food 
12 days ago
1B NYC trips
Taxi and Uber data collected and visualized
transit  newyork  nyc  taxis  uber  maps  visualization  via:hackernews 
12 days ago
Anti-crypto backlash
Roundup of the intelligence community using the Paris attacks as an excuse to once again try to restrict crypto
cryptography  crypto  privacy  terrorism  civilrights 
12 days ago
Moschino Barbie
Barbie ad features a young boy proclaming Barbie "so fierce"
gay  lgbt  barbie  toys  gender  funny 
13 days ago
Afterbirth ARG
More details on the crazy game event from Binding of Isaac
games  bindingofisaac  arg 
13 days ago
NYT unpublishes article
Bad NYTimes article gets yanked from site, no explanation
nytimes  nyt  terrorism  snowden  journalism 
13 days ago
The Mystery of ISIS
Bleak and depressing framing of ISIS/IS/ISIL/Daesh
terrorism  middleeast  isis  daesh 
14 days ago
English is not normal
Linguistically accurate article about how the English language is unusual
language  english  linguistics  via:metafilter 
14 days ago
Ultrasonic tracking
Unethical advertisers invent a new surreptitious way to track you
tracking  sound  tv  ads  advertising  badtech  cookies 
14 days ago
Binding of Isaac unlock
Cool real world event for a video game
twitter  games  bindingofisaac 
15 days ago
Riot's API strategy
League of Legends developer talks about their API
api  riot  games  leagueoflegends  lol 
16 days ago
Guy Fieri wine
Hilarious and odd commentary on the TV personality
food  wine  via:metafilter  funny  guyfieri 
16 days ago
Simple summary of floating point handling in various languages
math  floatingpoint  programming 
16 days ago
Misattributed paternity
Rates for people having the wrong idea who the father is
paternity  family  genetics  23andme 
17 days ago
Not today death!
Lovely death imagery on the Fulton, GA county department of health and wellness
sculpture  art  death  georgia 
17 days ago
Ray casting demo
Fun toy experimenting with simulations of light
light  toy  webgl  via:reddit 
17 days ago
Bill Benny, a former tech at NSA, answers questions on Reddit
nsa  civilrights  surveillance  reddit 
18 days ago
Network game challenges
Riot talks in detail about the difficulty of making real time games on the Internet
games  lol  engineering  networks  logsoflag 
18 days ago
SF Prop F vote map
Folks in popular neighborhoods voted to limit AirBNB
airbnb  maps  propf  sanfrancisco  politics 
18 days ago
Torture report languishes
Senate report on CIA torture is not being read because of stupid legal nonsense
torture  civilrights  cia  government 
18 days ago
Square's ratchet
Details of late-stage financing deal terms, various shenanigans
square  finance  startup 
18 days ago
Words for smells
A curious gap in English; more words in other languages
language  smell  linguistics  via:metafilter 
18 days ago
Explaining equity
A transparent company instructs its employees about the value of their options
startups  options  ethics  business  equity  compensation 
18 days ago
WSJ profiles Stewart
Another loving portrait of the Slack CEO
slack  stewart  flickr 
19 days ago
The Wrath of Kahm
An unfortunate yeast that can spoil a ferment
fermenting  food  cooking  pickles 
19 days ago
Fossil English
Words that only survive in idioms
english  language  idiom  via:metafilter 
19 days ago
Stewart Butterfield on butter
Folksie wisdom from the Slack founder
slack  butter  funny 
20 days ago
TensorFlow white paper
Description of Google's new machine learning system
opensource  google  machinelearning  tensorflow 
20 days ago
Google open sources a neural network machine learning system
machinelearning  google  neuralnetworks  software 
20 days ago
ESR is harmful
Good essay on why sexist jerks like Eric S. Raymond are harmful to our community
esr  sexism  linux  software  opensource  misogyny 
21 days ago
California UFO
Strange light in the sky in LA
la  ufo  twitter 
22 days ago
YIFY shutdown
One of the most prolific movie pirating groups, now gone
yify  movies  torrents  piracy 
22 days ago
LDS hates children
Refuses to baptize kids of gay parents
lgbt  gay  mormon  lds  via:metafilter 
23 days ago
Marijuana v opioids
When marijuana is semi-legal, deaths from opioids goes down. Duh.
drugs  policy  marijuana  health 
23 days ago
Square IPO vs valuation
Significantly lower price than private investors paid
square  finance  startups  unicorns  ipos  downround 
24 days ago
Erlang: the Movie: Just the Calls
A shorter version of the programming language promotional movie
funny  erlang  programming  hellojoe  hellomike 
24 days ago
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