Drone racing
Crazy looking remote controlled flying
via:Reddit  drones  flying  racing 
1 hour ago
Phad Paintings
A traditional Indian storytelling painting / scroll. Rajasthani.
india  rajasthan  hinduism  art  painting  religion 
Against AI weapons
"The key question for humanity today is whether to start a global AI arms race or to prevent it from starting"
ai  military  via:metafilter  ethics  armsrace 
Kindleberry Pi
Hacked up mobile computer using a wireless keyboard, a raspberry pi, and a Kindle for display
kindle  raspberrypi  unix  hacking 
Undoing Google+
Google finally steps back from requiring Google+ accounts to use a bunch of Google products
google  privacy  via:hackernews 
Something like a QR Code, but designed to be easily drawn as a graffiti tag
graffiti  tagging  qrcode  via:reddit 
2005 talk on SOAP
My war stories from the web services era; SOAP and WSDL in 2005
google  soap  wsdl  webservices 
Miéville on Tolkien
A thoughtful Marxist critique by one fantastical writer of another
fiction  tolkien  mieville  lotr  fantasy  scifi  books  movies 
Zero Day market
Data on security exploit sales courtesy of the Hacking Team demolishment
hacking  badtech  zeroday  security  via:metafilter 
2 days ago
Firefox addon that visualizes web trackers
web  privacy  ghostery  firefox  mozilla 
3 days ago
The Verge's web sucks
A nice rant against the proliferation of tracking Javascript that weighs down websites
web  javascript  privacy  ghostery 
3 days ago
Mike Tyson Bitcoin
Bitcoin is beyond parody. Coming next: Bill Cosby Bitcoin
rape  rapist  miketyson  bitcoin 
3 days ago
Terry Tao profile
Nice portrait of one of the world's top mathematicians
math  academics  genius 
3 days ago
700+ Roguelikes
A collection of many computer games
games  nethack  roguelike 
4 days ago
Twitter frat party
No, really, tech company team has a stupid themed party
bros  twitter  gender  dumb 
4 days ago
Vegetable Fermentations
More science about pickling vegetables
pickles  food  fermentation 
4 days ago
Microbial lacto-fermentation
Most detailed explanation of the science I've seen. Not sure it is correct.
fermentation  food  pickles 
4 days ago
Kimchi Container
Nicely designed plastic fermentation vessel
fermentation  kimchi  pickling 
4 days ago
musl libc
Alternative libc implementation, correct and small and fast
libc  embedded  linux  programming 
4 days ago
Road trip novel maps
Well illustrated stories from Great American Novels
novels  reading  roadtrip  maps  via:metafilter 
4 days ago
OS X 10.10 security hole
Really dumb, basic Unix security bug, suggests Apple's security process is inadequate
macos  badtech  security  sudo  dyld  apple 
5 days ago
Burt Rutan SkiGull
Even though he's retired, Rutan still designing crazy aircraft
planes  aviation  rutan  aerospace  seaplane 
5 days ago
A simple retro game system you program yourself in Lua
games  lua  retro  console 
6 days ago
Cynk pump-and-dump
Conclusion to last year's most visible stock scam
scam  cynk  fraud  markets  pennystocks 
7 days ago
Remote car hijacking
Chrysler builds a fully Internet connected car. It goes poorly.
badtech  hacking  cars 
7 days ago
Little Chihuahua interview
Story of the slightly upscale taqueria in SF. attn @burritojustice
burritos  food  restaurants  sanfrancisco 
8 days ago
A tiny Javascript shim for better loading of web fonts
fonts  typography  javascript  via:onethingwell 
12 days ago
Internet vs trolls
Ellen Pao on the recent harassment she experienced
internet  community  trolls  reddit 
12 days ago
Hacking Team hack
Some details on the public humiliation of a creepy mercenary hacker group
hackingteam  badtech  hacking  civilrights 
12 days ago
Scott Wiener v Fox News
Hilarious response from my local supervisor to an obnoxious Fox News person
foxnews  funny  sanfrancisco  scottwiener  journalism 
13 days ago
A new solution for comments on websites. Looks like it's working, we're done here.
comments  funny  via:metafilter  javascript 
13 days ago
Open postcodes
Various open systems for things like US zip codes
zipcode  postcode  maps  geodata 
14 days ago
Pawn Storm
Observed pro-Russian hacker activity on the Internet
security  badtech  russia  internet 
15 days ago
RiotLyte on failure
Nice personal story from a now-successful guy
games  lol  leagueoflegends  riotlyte 
16 days ago
1.7B Reddit comments
Massive dataset collected for analysis
reddit  data  nlp  corpus  via:waxy 
17 days ago
Ha-ha wall
Landscape feature, a discrete wall
landscaping  architecture  wall  garden 
18 days ago
Bitcoin struggle
More drama on the blockchain; warring factions are placing weird transactions in the ledger
bitcoin  consensus  via:hackernews 
18 days ago
Measuring web users
Details on the challenge of counting visitors to a site
web  metrics  cookies  privacy 
19 days ago
Company spun out of the healthcare.gov rescue effort
sha  shahwang  nava  healtcharegov  government 
19 days ago
Marketplace Lite
Story of the MPL, a startup in the government that reimplemented healthcare.gov after the initial crisis was past
government  18f  healthcaregov  programming 
19 days ago
git man pages
Parody documentation generator
git  funny  parody 
19 days ago
Against Wealthfront
Nice ranty essay about how the new investment software system is too expensive
investments  weathfront  taxlossharvesting 
19 days ago
BSD preferred to GPL
Bioinformatics professor explains why he prefers non-viral licenses
gpl  bsd  licensing  opensource 
20 days ago
Facebook post-meme
A study of a vernacular inspired by Reddit-style memes
memes  facebook  language  culture  minions 
20 days ago
Reddit NYT op/ed
Details on the recent conflict between moderators and Reddit's owners
reddit  moderation  nytimes  oped  editorial  community 
20 days ago
re/code: League of Legends community management
Jeffrey Lin (RiotLyte) has been doing amazing community management work at Riot Games
games  machinelearning  community  moderation 
20 days ago
PandoDaily being sleazy
Responds to criticism with CC to the critic's boss
pandodaily  twitter  stupid 
21 days ago
What is Docker for?
Remarkably useful Hacker News discussion
docker  virtualization  container  ops  production 
21 days ago
Lovely design talk about advanced user interface work for the Mars Curiosity rover
mars  design  vr  virtualreality  eyeo  jpl 
21 days ago
Discussions entirely between Markov bots
markov  reddit  funny  via:twitter 
21 days ago
openaddresses CI
Automated system to run data sources for OpenAddresses and report results to github pull requests
openaddresses  github  travis 
22 days ago
Python Anaconda
Distribution of Python with many data analysis packages pre-installed
visualization  python 
22 days ago
Instant Club Hit
Classic 1987 Dead Milkmen song (You'll dance to anything)
music  deadmilkmen  funny 
22 days ago
Jesus Christ is my nigga
Probably intentional parody, but still hilarious
music  rap  christianity  fellowkids  funny  via:Reddit 
22 days ago
Sexual fluidity
Nice essay in praise of men relaxing a bit about gay/straight identity
identity  gender  gay  sex 
22 days ago
Greek debt timetable
Simple visualizations of what payments are due when
greece  debt  economics  grexit  politics 
22 days ago
RIP Charanjit Singh
Brief obituary for an Indian man who accidentally invented acid house music only no one noticed
music  electronica  obituary 
22 days ago
La Monte Young profile
Nice update on a difficult composer
music  minimalism  lamonteyoung 
22 days ago
Nintendo Playstation
Rare obscure prototype hardware found
games  nintendo  sony  playstation 
22 days ago
Good Game: Spawn Point
Australian TV show about gamer culture, suitable for kids. Well produced.
games  culture  australia  tv 
22 days ago
Private stock scrutiny
Startup shares are trading hands and the SEC is concerned
investment  startups  stock  market 
22 days ago
Hacking Team hacked
Gross company that provides computer intrusion services for repressive governments is itself hacked, customers revealed
badtech  hacking  civilrights 
22 days ago
Economist obituary for a Japanese cat
cats  japan  trains  obituary 
23 days ago
Slavery and the Declaration of Independence
Jefferson drafted an anti-slavery paragraph which was removed
slavery  history  america  jefferson 
23 days ago
Gluten myth
Op/ed on evolution, diet, and immunity
health  gluten  via:hackernews  evolution 
23 days ago
git backends
Alternate git implementations store data in databases instead of files
git  performance  database 
23 days ago
Bitcoin consensus failure
Accidental fork in the blockchain rules causes chaos
bitcoin  via:hackernews 
24 days ago
4th of July fireworks
A celebration of vernacular design
fireworks  design  funny 
24 days ago
Implementation of a virtual DOM like React has, but standalone
performance  javascript  dom  vdom  virtualdom  react  reactjs 
24 days ago
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