Gang of Eight
The last serious effort to reform immigration in the US, in 2013. The compromise bill had 68 votes in the Senate but was killed by the GOP in the House
immigration  politics  rubio  america 
2 hours ago
Ajit Pai's continued lies
FCC Chair lies about support for repealing net neutrality
netneutrality  fcc  politics  lies  ajitpai  via:reddit 
2 hours ago
They scream “Mami” and “Papá” over and over again
Audio recording of kids in internment camps while their guards make jokes
america  politics  immigration  trump  ice 
20 hours ago
Supreme Court dodges gerrymandering case
Such a shame, this case is super important to the near-term future of our republic
america  politics  gerrymandering  supremecourt 
Fibonacci Hashing
An alternative hash algorithm that uses the Golden Ratio to evenly distribute things
hasing  algorithms  fibonacci  goldenratio  phi 
Cages for kids
Border Patrol says it's not inaccurate to say we're putting kids in cages, just they don't like the term
cages  immigration  politics  trump  humanrights 
Child separation reality
Interview with an immigration advocate who describes in detail the process at the border right now
children  kids  politics  trump  immigration  ice  humanrights  asylum 
History of ICE child policy
Details on how America came to be a country separating children from their parents
politics  immigration  policy  history  trump  obama  bush 
Shahmeen Kasim
SF Twitch streamer does art and Fortnite
twitch  culture  games  streaming  sanfrancisco  sf 
2 days ago
Imaqtpie profile
Portrait of a professional League of Legends player and $MM streamer
lol  games  leagueoflegends  twitch  qtpie  imaqtpie 
2 days ago
Houston kids internment camp
Considering housing 240 kids in a warehouse 5 miles from the house I grew up in
houston  politics  immigration  ice  trump  children  humanrights 
2 days ago
Elle Mills coming out
Young YouTube star makes a sweet video. I'm totally baffled by YouTube culture but this is nice.
youtube  lgbt  gay  bisexual  ellemills 
2 days ago
Trump charity fraud
Details of the NY AG indictment sure look like Trump broke the law flagrantly. The question is, will anyone care?
trump  politics  charity  fraud  newyork 
2 days ago
Paul Pressler, predator
Leader of the Southern Baptists has a long history of sexually abusing boys and young men
lgbt  politics  baptists  texas 
3 days ago
Do not repeat lies
Direct and thoughtful writing from an excellent journalist
journalism  trump  politics  lies 
3 days ago
Gay travelling businessmen
Scholarship on a cache of letters from the 50s
gay  lgbt  history  via:hackernews 
3 days ago
AI chips
Overview of the current trend in processor design
chips  intel  ai  machinelearning  gpus 
3 days ago
Data Propria and Trump 2020
Cambridge Analytica folks are back and doing more political work
politics  trump  elections  facebook  demographics 
3 days ago
Methods of Comparison
A very nice Observable demo notebook showing data visualization options
maps  visualization  notebooks  observation 
3 days ago
The Update Framework
A cross-platform system for securely shipping software updates
security  python  opensource  packaging  signatures  pgp  gpg 
3 days ago
Problems with package signing
Well written essay on why package signing doesn't solve all software security problems. (I still think it's a good idea though.)
security  python  badtech  pypi  pgp  gpg  signatures  weboftrust 
3 days ago
Know your Meme AMA
Interview with the folks who research Internet culture
memes  internet  reddit 
4 days ago
Lighthouse Maps
Lovely collection of data about lighthouses, simple useful presentation
maps  lighthouses  via:metafilter 
5 days ago
Tu vs Vous
Confusing French grammatical politesse explained
french  grammar  politeness  funny 
5 days ago
Aphyr is amazing
Gaying it up for keynote at #VelocityConf
aphyr  gay  lgbt  velocity  talk 
5 days ago
Laurene Powell Jobs' philanthropy
Profile of Steve Jobs' widow and her $20B career of philanthropy
philanthropy  charity  stevejobs 
5 days ago
The Trump flag issue
Story behind the $100,000 payment
trump  flag  palmbeach  politics 
5 days ago
Tesla worker complaints
Details about working for an egomaniacal part time CEO. Injuries, discrimination.
tesla  work  labor  elonmusk  factory 
5 days ago
Trump Foundation fraud lawsuit
New York Attorney General suing Trump's non-profit
trump  fraud  politics  newyork 
5 days ago
ICE child shelter
Inside a facility in Brownsville holding 1500 boys
ice  immigration  politics  trump  brownsville  children  humanrights 
5 days ago
Provo anti-LGBT bigotry
Fourth of July parade excludes LGBT groups for a second year
lgbt  utah  religion  politics  mormons  lds  civilrights  gay  parade  july4  via:reddit 
5 days ago
Glass Gem Corn
Ornamental variety, many colors
plants  agriculture  corn 
5 days ago
The Kid Should See This
Collection of smart YouTube videos
youtube  video  science  education 
5 days ago
Bitcoin / Tether fraud
Detailed academic paper finds evidence of manipulation
tether  bitcoin  markets  badtech  bitfinex  fraud 
6 days ago
Webpack and Rollup
Comparison of two similar Javascript tools for packaging code
javascript  webpack  rollup  programming  webgl 
6 days ago
Russian election meddling testimony
Details from a security expert, a good summary of substantive evidence of Russian influence
trump  politics  russia  elections 
6 days ago
John Kelly was hacked
Trump's chief of staff had his phone and email breached while he was head of Homeland Security
homelandsecurity  dhs  trump  security  politics  badtech  butheremails 
7 days ago
Trump / Kim cult indoctrination film
Bizarre video shown at the Singapore meeting
politics  trump  cult  korea  northkorea 
7 days ago
Honolulu Chinatown was burned
1899 event where the city burned down Chinatown trying to contain a disease
chinatown  honolulu  racism  history  hawaii  hawai'i 
7 days ago
Voter suppression OKed
Supreme Court decision for Ohio is very bad
ohio  voting  votingrights  politics 
7 days ago
Central exchange of ship location tracking data
ships  boats  ais  tracking  gps  marine 
8 days ago
China's Sputnik Moment
ZTE embargo creates a national conversation about tech independence
china  technology  zte  tech 
8 days ago
Trump tears his paper
Insane and childish behavior at odds with the most basic of good government laws
trump  politics  presidency  sunlight 
8 days ago
More FCC malfeasance
Lies about DDOS are now being walked back. IT chief David Bray is made out to be the villain in this telling
fcc  ddos  lies  government  politics  corruption 
11 days ago
Microsoft/GitHub IAmA
Nat Friedman answering questions on Reddit
github  microsoft  reddit  software  opensource 
11 days ago
A story of one 5 year old boy separated from his father by the US
america  family  immigration  trump  politics  border  ice 
11 days ago
Take Five
As sung by an Indian woman with a drone in the background
music  takefive  jazz  india 
12 days ago
Lockdown kids poem
Horrifying elementary school poster
guns  nra  politics  trump  schools  kids 
12 days ago
New Steam policy
This will end poorly; Valve decides to stop having a content policy
games  steam  valve  tirefire 
12 days ago
CrossFit homophobia
Executive for the organization classified gay pride as "sin"
gay  lgbt  crossfit  bigotry 
12 days ago
Self Racing Cars
Hacker / tinkerer friendly self driving car event
cars  autonomous  ai  racecars 
13 days ago
Remote worker data
Remote vs. on-site workers time spend traveling, grooming, working
remote  remotework  work  statistics 
13 days ago
Submarine data center
No idea why you'd do something this difficult, but it's cool
microsoft  datacenter  hardware  submarine  underwater 
13 days ago
LA county vote snafu
118,000 voters left off the rolls by accident
losangels  voting  politics  votingrights  voterrights 
13 days ago
Federal agency directly lied to journalists
fcc  ddos  corruption  politics  netneutrality  ajitpai  davidbray  markwigfield 
13 days ago
David Hogg SWATted
Parkland survivor terrorized by hoax police calls
nra  politics  hogg  swatting 
13 days ago
Political ad lawsuit
State of Washington sues Facebook and Google for not keeping and disclosing data on advertisers
politics  google  facebook  tech  election  ads 
13 days ago
Planet Money REDMAP
Podcast on 2010 Republican gerrymandering
politics  gop  republican  gerrymandering 
13 days ago
GitHub acquisition gossip
Google was also at the table. Microsoft paid 25x revenues (!)
google  microsoft  github  acquisition  tech 
14 days ago
Melania Trump fantasies
Reflection on what we do when we imagine what the First Lady is doing
politics  trump  imagination  melania  melaniatrump 
14 days ago
Tom Rubnitz
Collection of videos by the late great queer / drag filmmaker, famous for Pickle Surprise
picklesurprise  lgbt  trans  drag  funny  1980s  video  gay 
14 days ago
Project Blitz
Laying the groundwork for Christian nationalism in the US, at the expense of LGBTs and others
lgbt  politics  christian  nazi 
14 days ago
Disqus and hate speech
Alt right targets online discussions
disqus  nazis  internet  culture 
14 days ago
Giuliani asserts President cannot be prosecuted
Literally says Trump could shoot someone and not be prosecuted. It's insane, and so, so dangerous to democracy
politics  trump  giuliani  constitution 
15 days ago
Baron Von Steuben
A nice comic about American gay history
lgbt  gay  vonsteuben  america  revolution  military  revolutionarywar 
15 days ago
Dependency computing
New notebook automatically only recalculates the minimum it needs to
notebooks  computing  make  dependencies  observable  javasacript 
15 days ago
Hacker tool for changing CPU speed, voltage, etc. Useful for laptops; either to speed up or to undervolt to make more efficient
laptop  cpu  intel  hardware 
16 days ago
Intellectual Ventures is a failure
The horrible patent troll company has lost a lot of money
investment  patents  intellectual  property  scam 
16 days ago
Droid slaves in Solo
Great article about one of the creepiest plot points in the mediocre movie
solo  droids  starwars  slavery 
16 days ago
Far-flung Faroes
Postal-delivery oriented stories about remote Scandanavian life
faroes  travel  via:metafilter 
17 days ago
USA Really
Brand new Russian propaganda site full of bizarre new stories about the US
america  russia  politics  propaganda  trump 
17 days ago
Game harassment example
Popular streamer woman posts video of the sort of bullshit she gets
games  online  voicechat  harassment  feminism  twitch 
17 days ago
bud.com delivers
Justin Hall lands on his feet
marijuana  pot  bud.com  weed  bayarea  startup 
17 days ago
Trump screws the bond market
Reveals a hint about the jobs report ahead of the embargo
trump  bonds  finance  politics  incompetence 
17 days ago
White House vs GAO
This sounds like a big step towards further corruption
politics  whitehouse  government  gao  corruption  trump 
17 days ago
Google Drone AI
Details on the controversial program; company expects it to be highly valuable
google  politics  military  ai  drones 
18 days ago
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