constraint based layouts, includes D3 plugin
d3js  visualization  d3  constraints 
2 days ago
Git Large File Storage
Extension for blobs goes 1.0
git  github  code 
6 days ago
Story of a small tech company
tech  software  startups  australia  builtwith 
6 days ago
Space Panic
Arguably the first platformer game
games  platform 
8 days ago
Privacy icons
Ideas on something like Creative Commons, but for privacy attestations
privacy  internet  icons 
10 days ago
Uber backup system
They use drivers' phones as backup storage to cover datacenter failure
ops  uber  scaling  replication 
13 days ago
traceroute bad.horse
fun little Internet nerdery
funny  internet 
13 days ago
38 Studios dirt
Details on the failed financing for the game studio
games  38studios  curtschilling 
13 days ago
Ad blocking extortion
iOS ad blockers already taking payments from advertisers
ads  adblocking  ios  extortion 
13 days ago
Bot ad traffic
Data showing a whole lot of ads are being shown to robots
ads  fraud  google 
13 days ago
Liquidation preferences
Details on problematic VC financing
startups  vcs  funding  investment 
13 days ago
Simpsons parody of the Sorcerer's Apprentice
disney  fantasia  forking  sorcerersapprentice  simpsons  itchyandscratchy 
15 days ago
More Lenovo spyware
Third time in a year they put hostile software on consumer computers
spyware  malware  badtech  lenovo 
15 days ago
XcodeGhost spread
Malware has been on the Apple app store for months, still not removed
xcode  malware  apple  ios  badtech 
15 days ago
SF public schools and race
White kids go to public schools less often in SF
sanfrancisco  demographics  schools  education 
15 days ago
Maciej on ads and privacy
Phenomenal talk slides about the modern state of privacy on the Internet
internet  ads  privacy  via:metafilter 
15 days ago
7000 year old oral history
Australian Aboriginal cultural memory of lower sea levels
history  australia  culture  aborigine  oralhistory 
16 days ago
Widespread iOS malware, on the Apple app store
apple  ios  badtech  malware  xcode 
17 days ago
Python goto
Function decorator rewrites bytecode
python  programming  via:hackernews  goto 
17 days ago
4chan sold
Owner of 2channel buys 4chan
moot  4chan  community  online  anonymous 
17 days ago
Unusual childhood development where apparent physical gender changes at puberty
gender  puberty  domincanrepublic  development 
18 days ago
Cyberattack negotiation
US/China in talks for first ever cyberwarfare agreement. Very limited, more of a symbol.
china  us  security  diplomacy  cyberwarfare 
18 days ago
MapZen elevation service
Get an elevation profile for a path on earth's surface
maps  elevation  dem 
19 days ago
Simple table of all EC2 computer types.
amazon  aws  ec2  cloudcomputing 
20 days ago
Slack at XOXO
I was less excited with how a 1000 person Slack turned out, but it was useful at xoxo
xoxo  xoxofest  slack  conference  socialmedia 
20 days ago
Feral Concurrency Control
Interesting paper about the mismatch between programming language ORMs and the underlying relational databases
via:migurski  programming  databases  orm 
21 days ago
Google's source code system
Piper, their code management tool for 2 billion lines of cod
google  piper  code  vcs  git 
22 days ago
River of Iron
Documentary of a sculpture project that used my river map
maps  rivers  tamsie  mississippi  sculpture  art 
22 days ago
Meme: "same"
When someone wants to agree with you without being complicated, they just say "same"
meme  same  lol  leagueoflegends 
23 days ago
Zoe Quinn at XOXO
Nice overview of what was a great talk
xoxo  xoxofest  zoequinn  gamergate  community  harassment 
23 days ago
NAD27 (map)
Actual surveyor's work measuring the country
nad27  maps  gis  america  surveying 
23 days ago
Dan Deacon
Fun electronica performer
xoxo  music  electronica  dancing 
26 days ago
RadiumOne / Willie Brown
Politician asked for $1M to help protect a domestic abuser at a tech company
sexism  abuse  sanfrancisco  williebrown  corruption  radiumone 
27 days ago
AWS in Plain English
Amazon's notoriously opaque products given simple names
amazon  cloud  ec2  aws 
27 days ago
90% of Bitcoin users are male
Only 10% of the supposed new currency's users are women
bitcoin  gender  money 
29 days ago
Mike Bostock IAmA
Insightful answers from the D3.js creator
d3js  d3  bostock  visualization  javascript 
29 days ago
Erlang: The Movie
Funny programming language promo video, but not clear if on purpose or not.
erlang  coding  computerscience  programming 
4 weeks ago
Gurus of Multimedia Gulch
NYTimes 1994 about what is now the SF SOMA tech scene
tech  history  nytimes  sanfrancisco  soma 
4 weeks ago
SSL for every IP
Wildcard cert works for any server
servers  ssl  security  via:hackernews 
4 weeks ago
Hell's Club
Extended mashup of club scenes from movies
movies  editing  supercut  mashup  travolta 
4 weeks ago
A new NTP implementation, development seems to have stalled
ntp  time  ntpd  security 
4 weeks ago
OSM QA Tiles
All OSM data in simple vector tile form
osm  openstreetmap  data  mapreduce 
4 weeks ago
Mapping Immigrant America
Dot map featuring immigrants to the US
maps  america  immigration  dots 
4 weeks ago
What 3 Emojis?
Revolutionary new mapping / addressing system
parody  maps  cartography  what3words 
4 weeks ago
History of Cartography
Free, online version of a classic omnibus of map making
maps  cartography  books  design 
4 weeks ago
Bar Charts start at zero
Excellent demonstration of how to avoid a misleading chart
charts  visualization  barcharts  dataisugly 
5 weeks ago
Kellan: five years
Wisdom accrued from being CTO at Etsy
etsy  engineering  kellan  software 
5 weeks ago
50 gigapixel PNG
In only 6 megabytes (420 bytes compressed)
compression  security  png 
5 weeks ago
The G Mark
Nice visual demo of why the new Google logo has unequal colors
google  logo  color 
5 weeks ago
Aphyr on sexual openness
Brilliant software guy / BDSM enthusiast talks about his blend of personae online
twitter  persona  identity  gay  bdsm  software  aphyr 
5 weeks ago
Google OnHub router review
Mostly positive, no specifics on wifi performance
google  onhub  router 
5 weeks ago
Trump bankruptcies
Being a deadbeat as a business strategy
business  bankruptcy  trump  politics 
5 weeks ago
Python type hints
Coming in Python 3.5: optional annotations for static type checking
python  types  programming  languages 
5 weeks ago
Vincent Lau 刘梓晨
A plastic surgery enthusiast popular on Weibo
webio  china  plasticsurgery 
5 weeks ago
Practical ramda
In praise of a Javascript functional programming library
programming  javascript  code 
5 weeks ago
Ligatures in coding fonts
Monospace fonts that replace common programming digraphs and trigraphs with a single glyph, a ligature
programming  ligature  coding  fonts 
5 weeks ago
Trump loves China
Hilarious supercut of Donald Trump saying China
china  trump 
5 weeks ago
The VCs' investors
About the limited partners who invest in VC funds
startups  entrepreneurs  vcs  venturecapital  lps 
5 weeks ago
Blog engine that publishes to GitHub
github  publishing  blog 
6 weeks ago
Augmented reality sandbox
Details on how to build your own projection topo map
maps  augmentedreality  ar  terrain 
6 weeks ago
Australia's gun experiment
Statistics and data from a country that enacted gun control
guns  america  australia 
6 weeks ago
In defense of Rentboy
Gay escort talks about safe online hustling
sex  prostitution  gay  rentboy 
6 weeks ago
grsecurity fed up
Open source security team regularly abused by embedded systems vendors, starts restricting code releases to sponsors only
security  linux  opensource  verifone  intel 
6 weeks ago
share SVGs; like imgur, but for SVG
svg  d3  d3js  graphics  imgur 
6 weeks ago
Code for exporting matplotlib graphics to an HTML web page, supports interactivity
d3  d3js  matplotlib  python  programming  visualization 
6 weeks ago
D3 + iPython
Towards doing more complex HTML rendering in iPython
python  ipython  d3  d3js  via:hackernews 
6 weeks ago
Ad blocking performance
Chrome is 3x faster, uses half the memory with an ad blocker
chrome  adblocker  ads  browser  web 
6 weeks ago
Google's network design
Details of datacenter networking technology
google  network  internet  switching  hardware 
6 weeks ago
History and definitions for Emoji
emoji  unicode  etymology 
6 weeks ago
Common Lisp 2015
Notes on what to use for Lisp development today
lisp  programming  commonlisp 
6 weeks ago
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