UTF-8 history
Details on how Ken Thompson designed the text encoding. /cc @migurski
text  encoding  utf  utf-8  unicode 
8 hours ago
Riot streaming rules
Thorny intellectual property issues in streams of online games
faker  games  lol  leagueoflegends  intellectualproperty  ip 
69% annual return
Bizarro French contract allows a family to trade investments on last week's prices
finance  via:metafilter  france  funny 
“Getting into Tech”
For non-techies; the fantastic Karen Wickre @kvox talks about her career
liberalarts  humanities  tech  career  twitter  kvox 
URL fetching and make
How to do dependency checking
make  build  download  http  caching 
3 days ago
Break up the NSA
Thoughtful proposal on how to fix the NSA's problems while preserving national security
nsa  privacy  civilrights 
3 days ago
HSTS Super Cookies
Exploiting HTTP strict transport security for a new kind of user tracker
http  network  privacy 
3 days ago
GPG and Me
Moxie declares GPG a dead end; totally agree
privacy  crypto  pgp  gpg 
3 days ago
US cell coverage map
Detailed data, looks to be from driving
maps  cellular  mobile 
3 days ago
Formal methods success
Software proof technology finds bug in widely used sorting library
proof  programming  formalmethods  java  python  sort  timsort 
4 days ago
Mathematical ends
Unfortunate deaths of 20 mathematicians. Gödel starved himself; 65 pounds at time of death.
math  mathematics  via:hackernews  death 
4 days ago
Venerable X11 game, multiplayer space pew pew
games  space  x11  xwindows 
5 days ago
PG&E/CPUC emails
Archive of communication central to the ongoing scandal about utilities regulation in California
puc  cpuc  pge  corruption 
6 days ago
Bad diet science
Yet more evidence US health guidelines are nonsense
food  diet  science 
7 days ago
Android root certs
More SSL badness; mobile phone root certificates
ssl  security  badtech  android 
8 days ago
Snapchat is different
Smart explanation of how the app just works differently from what old people are used to
snapchat  apps  mobile  digg 
8 days ago
Cloud9 gaming house
Silly tour of a League of Legends' team's house.
bro  games  lol  cloud9 
8 days ago
EFF on Lenovo
Includes details from their SSL Observatory on exploit prevalence
eff  badtech  lenovo  superfish  ssl  malware  ads 
9 days ago
Komodia ad SDK
Product Lenovo uses to inject ads in their customer's browsers
lenovo  malware  ads  badtech 
9 days ago
Superfish certificate
Another copy of Lenovo's MITM certificate
malware  badtech  lenovo  ssl  superfish 
9 days ago
SuperFish certificate
Someone cracked Lenovo's malware; all laptops are vulnerable
lenovo  laptop  security  badtech  malware  ssl  superfish 
9 days ago
Lenovo malware
Idiots install very dangerous adware on the computers they sell
adware  malware  lenovo  badtech 
9 days ago
Superfish cert/encrypted key
Every Lenovo laptop believes these credentials for SSL
badtech  malware  lenovo  adware 
9 days ago
shell shims to let you switch between Python versions
python  development  testing 
10 days ago
AT&T Internet Preferences
Evil ISP tracks the web pages you view and sells info to advertisers
ads  att  badtech  privacy 
10 days ago
The Setup / Karl Anderson
Old buddy has a great little comment on hardware and software he uses
kra  karlanderson  hardware  reed  futel 
10 days ago
HD firmware = NSA malware
Yet more evidence of reckless sabotage of computer security by NSA
nsa  badtech  via:metafilter  spying  civilrights 
11 days ago
Why didn't we see NSA hacking?
Provocative essay on reasons we weren't more aware of NSA hacking.
via:jwz  networks  badtech  nsa  privacy  civilrights 
14 days ago
Molyneux interview
Tough interview, give him credit for doing it
games  molyneux  godus  kickstarter 
15 days ago
Wireshark and TLS
You can save session keys in Chrome and have Wireshark use them to decrypt
wireshark  tls  ssl  security  hacking  pcap  networking  debugging 
16 days ago
More Molyneux fraud
The Curiosity prize turns out to be a sham
molyneux  games  fraud 
17 days ago
Google geo history
Nice overview of the origins of Google Maps, Earth, etc
maps  google  where2  keyhole 
19 days ago
Pro LoL ugliness
Scumbags who run a team threaten, don't pay 17 year old talent
esports  lol  leagueoflegends  games 
19 days ago
Crunchie sexism
Not funny attempts at jokes
sexism  tech  twitter 
22 days ago
Sidi Goma
African sufis living in India
india  africa  sufi  dance  music 
22 days ago
Promoted tweets tricks
@waxpancake figures out how to do silly tricks with Twitter ads
twitter  ads  hacks 
25 days ago
30% of revenue to dodge ad blocker
AdBlock Plus charges 30% for a big ad network to be whitelisted and not be blocked.
adblock  adblockplus  ads  google  via:reddit 
25 days ago
NSA Backdoors
Brief but comprehensive history of known examples of NSA weakening security
nsa  security  hacking  badtech  privacy  civilrights 
26 days ago
Nethack bot win
First ever(?) AI win for the crazily complex game Nethack
clojure  nethack  ai  games 
26 days ago
Jantar Mantar
18th c. Indian observatory; detailed sundials, star sightings
astronomy  india  jantarmantar  history 
26 days ago
Manipulate VM disk images without having to boot the VM
vm  filesystem  fuse  via:onethingwell  software 
28 days ago
LoL server peering
Details of the online realtime game's network design
games  lol  leagueoflegends  peering  networks 
28 days ago
Restart servers with no downtime; some bind/accept clever hack
uptime  reliability  devops  networking  servers 
4 weeks ago
Microsoft BASIC for 6502
Source code for the BASIC that drove the Apple ][
basic  microsoft  billgates  6502  assembly  code  programming  history 
5 weeks ago
An eventual replacement for X11 for Linux graphics
graphics  x11  windows  ui 
5 weeks ago
Nice long article on the history and etymology of the condiment
language  ketchup  catsup  etymology  history  food 
5 weeks ago
Like cat, but returns just a random sample
via:onethingwell  unix  commandline  statistics 
5 weeks ago
NSFWish summary of the culture of an Internet sexcam site
sex  chaturbate  culture  internet  pornography  nsfw 
5 weeks ago
Bees with Machine Guns
HTTP load generator using EC2 micro instance
loadtesting  ddos  aws  performance  testing 
5 weeks ago
Can I have A pet fox?
Details on efforts to domesticate or tame foxes
fox  pets  canids  foxes 
5 weeks ago
ASCII graphs for quickie data visualization
python  graphs  visualization 
5 weeks ago
Fear China
Something weird is going on with Chinese internet, creating DDOS attacks
china  ddos  network  badtech 
5 weeks ago
nPlayer iOS
Alternate video player that does many formats. Better than VLC?
video  ios  ipad  vlc 
5 weeks ago
A new offline Wikipedia reader for iOS
minipedia  wikipedia  offline  ios 
5 weeks ago
Galileo Offline Maps
New OSM map downloader, quite nice
maps  offline  ios  iphone 
5 weeks ago
Pirating the 2015 Oscars
Academy members only get DVD quality screeners, so pirates have moved on to HD sources
movies  piracy  oscars  waxy 
5 weeks ago
healthcare.gov privacy debacle
Government website is sending data to DoubleClick. WTF?
ads  privacy  healthcare  badtech 
5 weeks ago
Hyperion (moon)
One of Saturn's moons is quite bizarre, including chaotic rotation.
saturn  moon  astronomy 
5 weeks ago
Keurig Freedom Clip
Simple hack to fake out the stupid K-Cup DRM
coffee  keurig  drm 
5 weeks ago
The Hobbit: 4 hour edit
Someone cut the 3 movies down to 1 very long movie
movies  hobbit  tolkein  thehobbit  via:reddit  lotr 
5 weeks ago
Clever Little Clock
A battery powered clock that magically improves your AV system, merely by being in the same room
audiophile  batshitinsane  av  funny  via:metafilter 
6 weeks ago
Internet Resistance
Fun looking art class at CMU
cmu  art  internet  4chan 
6 weeks ago
Against DNSSEC
Arguments that DNSSEC is a flawed system that provides no extra security
dnssec  security  crypto 
6 weeks ago
Swiss franc 20% appreciation
Details on currency exchange and how rates shift dramatically
europe  currency  forex  switzerland  finance 
6 weeks ago
CA High Speed Rail collection
Index of thoughtful articles from James Fallows
transportation  california  trains  hsr 
6 weeks ago
NSA regret
Some inadequate words of contrition for subverting national securtiy
nsa  crypto  badtech  snowden 
6 weeks ago
Madrone Cabins
Friend recommends this as a nice cabin camping experience north of SF
camping  redwoods  vacation 
6 weeks ago
GTA: Clockwork Orange
Scenes from the movie re-created in Grand Theft Auto: Online
games  funny  movies  clockworkorange  gtav  gta5  grandtheftauto 
6 weeks ago
A choose your own adventure story in Twitter accounts
twitter  via:metafilter  books  clever  chooseyourownadventure 
6 weeks ago
Google Domains
Google has a product now for a simple company website
Google  business  dns  domain 
6 weeks ago
100 Charts Project
Data visualization project showing demographic changes over time
demographics  charts  visualization  economics 
6 weeks ago
Modern CPUs
Interesting notes on complex new features in CPU design
cpu  optimization  programming  assembly 
6 weeks ago
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