Disinformation Report
Details of Russian propaganda from the Senate intelligence committee data
russia  politics  propaganda  trump  ira 
7 hours ago
Monopoly Man AMA
Activist who has been trolling congressional hearings in costume
troll  trans  politics  tootme  lgbt  monpolyman 
7 hours ago
Donald Knuth
Nice profile of an excellent old-fashioned computer scientist
computerscience  knuth  algorithms  computers  tootme 
8 hours ago
Azellia White
First female Black pilot in Texas, 1946. /cc @tysonweihs
flying  aviation  texas  black  africanamerican  tootme  houston 
9 hours ago
Google Dragonfly malfeasance
Internal team stole user search data without proper notification (internally or externally)
google  privacy  china  tirefire 
22 hours ago
LEO Internet satellites
Details on OneWeb and SpaceX's plans to launch thousands of satellites to provide data networks
data  internet  leo  space  spacex  oneweb  tootme 
Russian propaganda info
Details from data collected by the Senate intelligence committee
russia  politics  propaganda  trump  twitter  facebook  youtube 
Riot Games Must Be Better
Painful to read this several months later, after the author was fired and Riot has changed nothing
games  riotgames  sexism  tirefire  lol  leagueoflegends 
2 days ago
RIP Tim May
Influential cypherpunk writer passes away
cypherpunks  crypto  history  computing  via:hackernews  tootme 
2 days ago
Queer Zines
A fun small medium is still thriving
gay  lgbt  queer  zines  culture  magazine  tootme 
2 days ago
Tree ring visualization details
Specifics on how that beautiful visualization of immigration data was developed
visualization  infovis  treerings  dendochronology  tootme 
3 days ago
Riot COO slap on the wrist
One of the chief executives involved in the cultural of sexual harassment gets a minor punishment
riotgames  leagueoflegends  harassment  tirefire  games 
4 days ago
Commons Clause
Open source projects are closing off their source by trying to be the exclusive provider of that software as a service
license  opensource  commonsclause  redis  code  tootme  business 
4 days ago
ICE acts with pure evil
ICE puts out a request for families to sponsor migrant children. Then turns around and arrests those families.
ice  immigration  politics  evil  trump 
4 days ago
Robot impales worker
Remarkable photo of 10 foot long, half-inch thick metal rods violating the body of a human worker
robot  photos  china  tootme  accident  industrial 
5 days ago
A commercial product for helping websites comply with the GDPR
data  privacy  gdpr  cookies  web  tootme 
5 days ago
San Francisco's ghost stations
Some details of SF's transit infrastructure
transit  wichary  sf  sanfrancisco  marcin  tootme  muni 
5 days ago
Ms. Berezin’s Data Secretary
The first computer word processor (the Redactron) was designed by a woman. This is her obituary.
computing  obituary  history  women  tootme 
7 days ago
German rail strike
It's not just the French train system that goes on strike
germany  diebahn  train  strike  labor  politics 
7 days ago
systemd root escalation
If your UID > MAX_INT you get to be root
badtech  systemd  security  unix  bug 
7 days ago
Google+ leaks 52M users' data
Another flaw in Google's failed social network leaks data explicitly marked as private
google  privacy  badtech  google+  googleplus 
7 days ago
Google $MM ad mistake
Internal tool accidentally ran an ad that cost millions
google  ads  bug  tootme 
8 days ago
Jack's meditation
Twitter + Square CEO talks about a 10 day demanding meditation retreat
meditation  jack  twitter  square  tootme  vipassana  myanmar 
9 days ago
An opinionated Python code formatter, to save you the trouble of worrying about formatting
python  format  lint  programming  tootme 
11 days ago
Goodbye, EdgeHTML
Forceful essay on the value of browser diversity
firefox  mozilla  edge  msie  microsoft  google  chrome  webkit  browsers  standards  tootme 
11 days ago
On a crypto cruise
Reporter embeds with a bunch of Bitcoin true believers
cryptocurrency  bitcoin  cruise  culture  tootme 
12 days ago
Never use Quora
Nice essay on how awful the closed system is
quora  freedom  internet  tootme 
12 days ago
Python and bash had a baby
programming  unix  python  bash  tootme 
12 days ago
Dirty-Poor and Ugly
"qiou", a popular memeish thing in China
china  weibo  tootme  culture  qiou 
13 days ago
Republican email hacked
NRCC had 4 email accounts breached, probably by a foreign power
politics  nrcc  republicans  gop  security  badtech  russia 
14 days ago
Just Cause 4 Easter Egg
Lovely homage to Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy; listen to the narrative
tootme  games  justcause4  gettingoverit 
14 days ago
FCC continues to hide
Continuing scandal of stolen identities around net neutrality comments
fcc  ajitpai  corruption  politics 
14 days ago
John Henry
Nice essay about the historical importance of the folklore song about a Black steel drivin' man
labor  politics  black  africanamerican  johnhenry  folklore  tootme 
14 days ago
More on NC electoral fraud
Very suspicious absentee ballots, and a convicted felon at the middle of the Republican campaign
votes  northcarolina  election  politics  fraud  tootme 
14 days ago
Jeff and Sanjay
Lovely profile of two of the best systems engineers I've ever known. Details on their unusual collaborative coding method.
google  engineering  pairprogramming  jeffandsanjay  tootme 
14 days ago
Tumblr porn crackdown
One of the most common sources of user-curated pornography is about to go away
porn  tumblr  tootme  lgbt  gay 
14 days ago
The Content Cycle
The way stupid jokes on the Internet become fodder for TV's culture wars
via:metafilter  tootme  culture  politics  internet  memes  stupid 
14 days ago
RSS to Mastodon
Service bridging RSS feeds and Mastodon, experimental / simple hack
mastodon  rss  activitypub  syndication  tootme 
15 days ago
An OS designed to launch in 125ms and 5MB. Runs under Linux KVM and crosvm.
unix  linux  vm  virtualization  kvm  crosvm  unikernel 
16 days ago
Pentagon fraud
Pentagon regularly shifts money and hides spending from Congress. They recently they failed a private audit.
pentagon  government  politics  fraud 
17 days ago
Voting fraud in North Carolina?
Some evidence of misconduct involving absentee ballots
politics  voting  fraud  northcarolina  absentee 
17 days ago
Blockchain in practice
0% success rates, no callbacks. There is something real there but the hype far outstrips out
blockchain  business  database  computing  fraud 
17 days ago
Broken Reality
90s style virtual reality turned into a modern game
games  vaporwave  tootme  brokenreality  vrml 
18 days ago
Gerrymandering beats Blue Wave
North Carolina and Pennsylvania's gerrymandered districts both held strong against a major increase in people voting Democrat
gerrymandering  politics  northcarolina  pennsylvania  elections  voting  votingrights 
18 days ago
Google Dragonfly internal details
For its Chinese product Google bypassed security and privacy reviews, generally tried to keep the project secret internally
google  china  privacy  badtech  security  hacking  dragonfly 
18 days ago
Open Science
NewScientist calls for the end of for-pay academic journals
academics  science  openculture  tootme  freeculture  sciweb 
18 days ago
N.K. Jemisin
Thoughtful interview. She also has a new book of short stories out
scifi  writing  books  jemisin  nkjemisin  environment  tootme 
19 days ago
Playground / Observable
Nice demo of the powerful notebook-style computing for Javascript in your browser
computing  javascript  d3js  observable  notebooks  jupyter  tootme 
19 days ago
event-stream attack
Details on the subtle Bitcoin-stealing malware
malware  badtech  npm  javascript  tootme  bitcoin 
19 days ago
Trimmigrants in 2018
Fluffy piece on what it's like doing manual work for marijuana
marijuana  weed  pot  tootme  trimmigrants  california  labor 
19 days ago
Amit Patel has reached a stopping point on his latest generative procedural map project
maps  generative  proceduralgeneration  games  tootme  amitp  amitpatel 
19 days ago
YouTube annotations
Waxy writes a loving summary of an underloved YouTube feature
youtube  video  art  tootme  waxy 
19 days ago
Parody map backfire
Man tweets Thanksgiving pie map as a joke. People freak out.
maps  funny  parody  politics  tootme  pie  thanksgiving  visualization 
19 days ago
Kink is not the problem
Nuanced article about reporting on Google sexual harassment; being kinky isn't the problem, it's being abusive
sex  lgbt  kink  bdsm  polyamory  google  sexualharassment 
19 days ago
PrEP and STDs
What we've learned after a few years of the HIV prevention drug
gay  lgbt  prep  std  medicine  health  tootme 
20 days ago
St. Sebastian
Everyone's favorite homoerotic saint
saints  catholicism  art  sebastian  stsebastian  funny  tootme 
21 days ago
USGS malware from porn
Government employee visited *9000* porn sites in 7 months, downloaded Russian malware to USB, etc
hacking  badtech  politics  porn  government  security  russia 
21 days ago
Olivia Jaimes
Interview with the new Nancy writer
comics  nancy  funny  tootme  via:metafilter 
21 days ago
Esri and Winning
Danger of a software monopoly in the GIS market
esri  opensource  software  tootme  maps  cartography  gis 
22 days ago
Android ad fraud
$100MM+ stolen by apps that wrongly take credit for installing other apps
android  ads  fraud  badtech  tootme  google 
22 days ago
332 people in Trump/Russia
A list of everyone named in relation to the Mueller investigation
mueller  trump  politics  corruption 
23 days ago
Dampr Python data processing
Data processing library intended for large datasets on a single machine
python  dataprocessing  via:reddit  dask  tootme 
23 days ago
Handling Trump's lies
Lakoff forcefully explaining how Trump's lies are effective distractions
trump  politics  truth  lying  biglie  propaganda  media  journalism 
23 days ago
Thanksgiving a Yankee holiday
Slaver states in the South considered Thanksgiving a provocation
thanksgiving  holiday  america  history  slavery 
23 days ago
Petaluma river
Hasn't been dredged in years, barely navigable
petaluma  river  california  tootme  dredging 
24 days ago
Making of RDR2
Detailed article from last month about creating the masterpiece
games  rdr2  rockstar  tootme  reddeadredemption 
24 days ago
Sentinelese contact
The supposedly uncontacted island tribe had an ugly encounter with a British coolonialist in 1880
sentinelese  india  andamans  anthropology  history  colonialism  tootme 
24 days ago
USPS security hole
60M users' data exposed, exploit was disclosed a year ago and USPS didn't act
usps  security  badtech  government  incompetence 
25 days ago
Facebook child slavery
16 year old girl auctioned off on Facebook
facebook  slavery  sudan  southsudan  tirefire 
25 days ago
Nevada City shelter cruelty
Homeless shelter operator says they will open *after* three days of rain; not on the first day when three days of rain are predicted
homeless  cruelty  politics  nevadacity  grassvalley  nevadacounty  shelter 
26 days ago
Collection of photos of the most fun form of mass transit
funicular  transit  train  tootme  photos  photography 
26 days ago
4-H LGBT rights vs Trump
Trump administration pressures the youth group to be cruel to transgender kids
4h  politics  lgbt  trump  transgender  4-h 
26 days ago
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