Trump lies about his height
Various photographs prove he's nowhere near the 6'3" he claims. Not a big lie, but the silliest kind.
trump  lying  politics  height 
1 hour ago
Immigration raid on the SF Bay Area
Trump's ICE rumored to be making a show of force
trump  politics  bayarea  immigration 
1 hour ago
OpenStreetMap data cut into vector tiles with open source styles. Looks designed to be used with MapBox GL JS
mapbox  openstreetmap  maps  opensource  free  mapboxgljs 
15 hours ago
Google Memory Loss
Google's search engine no longer comprehensively has old documents
google  search  history 
19 hours ago
Bruce Lee with Lightsabers
What makes a good kung fu action sequence even better? Laser swords
lightsaber  brucelee  effects  kungfu  hongkong  movies 
Folium map library
Python library that renders to Leaflet maps. Integrates well in notebooks
maps  visualization  python  javascript 
George Clinton AMA
Legendary Dr. Funkenstein brings the space knowledge to Reddit
funk  pfunk  music  reddit  ama 
Going "Serverless"
Some details on how my Wanderin.gs project works
openpaths  maps  location  gps  googletimeline  tracking  serverless  server  implementation 
My new location tracker project: iOS app + website
openpaths  maps  location  gps  googletimeline  tracking 
Bitcoin price manipulation
2013's runup from $150 to $1000 was artificially pumped
bitcoin  mtgox  fraud  scam  pumpndump 
Russian cyberwar
NotPetya attack against Ukraine attributed to Russia
russia  ukraine  cyberwar  notpetya  badtech 
2 days ago
Visualization of snowfall; I like how simple the code is
snowfall  visualization  python  gdal 
3 days ago
Linguistic map of Europe
Lovely detailed map, excellent colors and key
maps  languages  europe 
3 days ago
Bitcoin Millionaires
Burn it all down, an NYT Style article
nytimes  style  bitcoin  cryptocurrency 
3 days ago
Twitter payola
tweetdecking; thousands of dollars a month to retweet spam
tweetdecking  twitter  spam  ads 
3 days ago
Steamed Hams / Nier: Automata
Semi-obscure meme meets semi-obscure videogame
games  funny  simpsons  steamedhams  nierautomata 
3 days ago
Meltdown patch impact
System monitoring graphs from a large AWS deployment
aws  amazon  meltdown  performance  badtech 
3 days ago
Embracing despair
No one is coming to save us from Trump's racism, a strong NYT op/ed
trump  racism  politics 
4 days ago
Open Web Analytics
Alternative to Google Analytics for web visitor stats
analytics  googleanalytics  web  publishing  website  tracking  stats 
4 days ago
Twitter can still occasionally be funny.
twitter  blacktwitter  funny  harrypotter 
4 days ago
Male Fashions (1951)
Jaw droppingly gay clothing from London
london  gay  lgbt  fashion  swimwear 
4 days ago
How Haiti became poor
Interesting bits of historical detail and racism
racism  america  trump  politics  haiti  history 
4 days ago
Trump vs the UK
American president cannot visit London; this must be a first since 1776.
trump  politics  america  london  uk  england  protest 
5 days ago
Women in pro Overwatch
Excellent roundup of stories about Blizzard's failure to have women professional players
gender  women  gaming  overwatch 
5 days ago
Optimal driving routes
Visualizing getting from the middle of the US to every county
america  maps  driving  routing  osm  openstreetmap 
5 days ago
Image to HTML
Neural network generates web page markup based on design pictures
neuralnetwork  ai  via:raffi  machinelearning 
5 days ago
Google Brain 2017
Summary of machine learning advances from Google
google  machinelearning  ai  jeffdean 
5 days ago
Uber evidence destruction tool
Ripley, an entire product built to hide evidence from law enforcement
uber  ripley  legal 
5 days ago
Russian spies in SF
Details of intelligence activities at the now-closed consulate in San Francisco
russia  spying  trump  intelligence  politics  spies 
6 days ago
Dutch v Trump
Journalists don't let the US ambassador get away with something outrageous
trump  politics  netherlands  journalism 
6 days ago
Resume review bias
Tips on not limiting your applicant pool when hiring by avoiding unconscious bias
hiring  diversity  tech  resume  racism 
6 days ago
Davis v. Bandemer
1986 court case that found that partisan gerrymanders were subject to court review
politics  gerrymandering  votingrights  voting  democracy  redistricting 
6 days ago
Ancient Unix built to run on modern PC hardware
v7  unix  retro  pc  computers 
6 days ago
AV1 codec
AOMedia Video 1 is the name of a new royalty free video codec in development
video  codec  av1 
6 days ago
North Carolina gerrymandering case
NYT overview of the decision against partisan gerrymandering
northcarolina  politics  gerrymandering  votingrights 
7 days ago
Completing Desert Golf
Endless procedural game has an end
games  golf  desertgolf  mobile 
8 days ago
Singapore meme humor
singapore  memes 
8 days ago
Who Killed Captain Alex?
Ugandan film turned meme incubator
memes  uganda  movies 
8 days ago
Visualizing uncertainty
Guide to various data presentation techniques
statistics  data  visualization 
8 days ago
"Fire And Fury": Post-Truth
The sorry state of how journalism is consumed in 2018
politics  journalism  posttruth  trump 
8 days ago
Ian Dees
Profile of a map nerd, great guy
iandees  openstreetmap  osm  openaddresses  maps  engineers 
8 days ago
mydlinkBRionyg / abc12345cba
Idiots at Western Digital shipped a hardcoded login
westerndigital  security  badtech  password  login 
9 days ago
Alex Gulakov restraining order
CW: rape threats. A friend of mine has been the victim of this guy
gulakov  alexgulakov  rape  kellyellis  threats  feminism 
10 days ago
California cannabis licenses
Authoritative source for who has a license
California  marijuana  pot  cannabis  license 
10 days ago
History of Neural Nets
60 years of computer science in 4 short blog posts
computerscience  neuralnetworks  ai  machinelearning  ml  deeplearning 
11 days ago
Box breathing box
A small craft project for meditation
meditation  boxbreathing  breathing  adafruit  tmcw 
11 days ago
Box Breathing
A simple calming meditation technique
boxbreathing  via:tmcw  meditation  calming  breathing 
12 days ago
Fox → DVR → Trump → Twitter
Details on the President's unhealthy obsession with a TV news show
fox  tv  trump  politics  journalism  twitter 
12 days ago
Kander on voting rights
Editorial after the voter suppression committee disbanded
trump  politics  kander  voting  votingrights  kobach 
12 days ago
Mapzen exit interview
Honest chat with an engineer at the closing map company
maps  osm  mapzen  exitinterview 
12 days ago
My Insane Year Inside Trump's White House
More excerpt's from Michael Wolff's book, including how he got the story
wolff  trump  politics 
12 days ago
Voter suppression committee disbanded
Trump's sham apparently failed, but voter rights still in peril
voting  politics  trump  kobach  kander 
13 days ago
2020 Census Manager
Trump's pick is virulently political
trump  politics  votingrights  census 
13 days ago
Meltdown and Spectre
Details on the Intel CPU security problem. Really it's a generic problem in almost all computers
security  badtech  intel  x86  kaiser  linux 
13 days ago
Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President
Excerpts from Michael Wolff's upcoming book. Literally nauseating.
trump  politics 
13 days ago
Intel flaw speculation
More details on what looks to be a serious CPU security bug
cpu  security  intel  badtech  x86 
13 days ago
Google tax dodges
Update on the legal but gross thing Google does to avoid paying taxes
google  taxes  dutchsandwich  finance 
14 days ago
Who's On First, Chapter Two
More from the Mapzen shut down; a permanent gazetteer has a plan for the future
mapzen  whoseonfirst  gazetteer  maps  aaron 
14 days ago
Banning hate speech
Academic research shows you can change communities by banning horrible behavior
reddit  community  abuse  tirefire  hatespeech 
14 days ago
Star Wars and female military power
Excellent feminist reading of Admiral Holdo in Star Wars
starwars  gender  feminism  movies 
14 days ago
Mapzen Alternatives
Remarkably good list of open source mapping tools and services, a sad side effect of the shutdown of Mapzen
mapzen  maps  osm  openstreetmap  opensource 
15 days ago
Mapzen shutdown
Very sad news, excellent open source mapping company is shutting down
mapzen  maps  osm  openstreetmap 
15 days ago
About Time's Up
New Hollywood organization of women fighting sexual harassment
harassment  hollywood  women  feminism  via:metafilter 
15 days ago
Voter suppression committee update
Recommendations due in March, committee doesn't meet
votingrights  voterfraud  voting  politics 
15 days ago
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