Boys' pee-pee physics
Crazy argument boys are better at physics because they play games with their urine
boys  gender  funny  tirefire 
6 hours ago
Zone Rouge
Sections of France that still are unsafe because of WW1 munitions
war  ww1  france  bombs 
Many examples of mail refused or marked for political reasons
mail  war  postage  politics 
When postal services go to war. Snarky stamps issued by East and West Germany
germany  history  post  stamps  postage 
River of Iron
Art project I helped with
rivers  art  tamsie  mississippi 
Brave ICO
Sleazy browser company also raised money with a scammy sounding ICO
ico  scam  brave  bravebrowser  brendaneich 
2 days ago
Dogecoin and ICOs
A brief history of cryptocurrency scams
ico  bitcoin  ethereum  dogecoin  scam 
2 days ago
Berlin weekly markets
Lovely map overlaying food markets on the transit system
berlin  transit  food  wochenmarkt  maps 
3 days ago
Voter suppression email fraud
Trump commission avoiding Presidential Records Act by illegally using private email servers
email  trump  voting  politics 
3 days ago
Trump's petty grift
Receipt for overpriced hotel room at taxpayer expense. Trump personally benefits.
trump  maralago  hotel  corruption  fraud  politics 
3 days ago
Trump's latest embarassment
Jackass tweets just hours after a terrorist bombing
trump  politics  embarassment  london 
3 days ago
Facebook Jew-hating ads
When automated ad categories go wrong
facebook  jews  politics 
4 days ago
Doublelift came to win
Sports hype video for a League of Legends player
games  lol  leagueoflegends  esports  doublelift  tsm 
4 days ago
Mister Rogers' obscene gesture
Even the smiling bird flipping turns out to be entirely innocent
misterrogers  tv  sincerity  funny 
4 days ago
Pritikin mansion for sale
Chenery House, a weird mansion in Noe Valley
noevalley  sanfrancisco  sf  pritikin  realestate  house 
4 days ago
Tetris in Game of Life
An insane project of building up abstractions
life  gameoflife  gol  ca  cellularautomata  programming  tetris 
4 days ago
Eve Online heist
Leader of a large coalition flips sides
eve  betrayal  ccp  games  scam 
4 days ago
Social Finance
Ugly details of sexual harassment, etc at finance startup
sofi  socialfinance  sexualharassment  sex  tirefire 
6 days ago
Yet another scammy fundraise from a tech company. Kik is infamous for child porn, btw.
ico  scam  kik  childporn 
6 days ago
Hakim Bey and pedophilia
Famous anarchist writer and his having sex with children
hakimbey  taz  pedophilia  anarchism 
7 days ago
Not voter fraud
Detailed takedown of Kobach's claim of New Hampshire vote fraud
votingrights  voting  newhampshire  politics  trump  kobach 
7 days ago
Taxi Medallion collapse
What happens when an artificial monopoly is dismantled
taxi  nyc  newyork  uber  medallion 
8 days ago
Foot juggling tables
Odd variety act from the 60s
tv  via:reddit  funny  juggling 
8 days ago
MIT Senior House
Even-handed treatment of MIT's funky dorm, now gone
mit  culture  campus  college  seniorhouse  sportdeath 
8 days ago
Voynich crap
Recent article about the manuscript being decoded is junk
voynich  crypto  manuscript  hoax 
8 days ago
Cajun Navy dispatch
Intense, personal story of trying to help during Hurricane Harvey
harvey  hurricane  rescue  zello  cajunnavy  dispatch  emergency 
9 days ago
Detailed article on Tex-Mex favorite item
food  texmex  mexican  via:metafilter  chileconqueso  queso 
11 days ago
Gay face AI
Machine learning can pick gay people out from straight ones
machinelearning  gay  lgbt  ai  ml  dating 
11 days ago
The first white president
Powerful Ta-Nahesi Coates on the racism of the Trump presidency
racism  politics  trump 
11 days ago
Reed anti-racism protests
Left wing at my college goes very far
reed  protest  racism  academics  politics 
11 days ago
Raffi at the DNC
Nice profile of the new head tech guy
raffi  dnc  politics  cto  tech 
11 days ago
Polygonal Map Generation v2
Amit updates his excellent procedural map generator
maps  generator  procedural  games  amitp 
13 days ago
An ignominious end to one of the best Unix companies
sun  oracle  unix  history 
14 days ago
Neural Network mistakes
Some basic things AI programmers need to do
programming  ai  neuralnetwork  via:douwe  ml  machinelearning 
14 days ago
A minimal program to run as PID 1 for a Docker image
docker  container  linux  unix  init  systems 
15 days ago
A Road Trip
Driving movie made entirely from Google Streetview images
google  maps  streeview  via:metafilter 
15 days ago
Waiting for a Perfect Protest?
Excellent historical perspective on violence at progressive protests
protest  nytimes  tactics  nonviolence  history  civilrights  trump  politics  antifa 
16 days ago
Keyword in context
A maximalist machine-generated text index
text  index  books  publishing 
16 days ago
IBM mainframe terminal font
fonts  ibm  mainframe  tn3270 
16 days ago
Justise Winslow
Basketball player; went to my high school in Houston
houston  sjs  stjohns  basketball  miamiheat 
16 days ago
Kelly and Trump
More on the new chief of staff, gossip about Omarosa
trump  politics  kelly  whitehouse 
16 days ago
Kelly and Trump
President's new Chief of Staff may not be long for the job
trump  politics  kelly 
16 days ago
All Güt Things
A documentary about Texas Germans
texas  german  culture  language 
16 days ago
Reddit goes closed source
Code that runs the service was open source
reddit  opensource  code  business 
16 days ago
Russian election tampering
More evidence the 2016 vote was manipulated by hacking
election  voter  voting  russia  politics  trump 
17 days ago
Colorado election auditing
Security expert company helping Colorado conduct secure elections
election  voting  politics  colorado  freeandfair  voters 
17 days ago
Voting security
2016 squabbling led to non-secure voting systems
voting  security  badtech  voters  elections  politics 
17 days ago
Earth data
Collection of near real time data streams about the planet; climate, earthquakes, etc
earth  data  maps 
17 days ago
Lovely animations of public transit in cities
transit  maps  animation  visualization 
17 days ago
Nazi private chats
More analysis of the Discord logs from Charlottesville
charlottesville  politics  trump  nazis  rightwing 
17 days ago
A Serf on Google’s Farm
Details of just how much market power Google has
monopoly  antitrust  google  internet  ads 
17 days ago
Mexican data plans
What cell phone service looks like in a country without net neutrality
netneutrality  via:REddit  mexico  telecomm 
18 days ago
Trump's Army
Charles Blow says it out loud
trump  politics  democracy  america  coup 
18 days ago
FCC malware hosting
Naive feature lets anyone upload files for the FCC to serve, creating all sorts of security problems
fcc  internet  web  badtech  security  via:hackernews 
18 days ago
K'inich Janaab' Pakal
We know an astonishing amount of detail about the Maya now
maya  mexico  history  america  mayans 
19 days ago
Sally Hemmings' power
Interesting subtlety about the slave relationship with Jefferson
via:metafilter  slavery  history  jefferson 
20 days ago
Wisconsin gerrymandering
Excellent detailed article on the coming Supreme Court case
gerrymandering  politics  Wisconsin  democracy 
20 days ago
Review of the excellent book about 2010 gerrymandering
ratfucked  ratfcked  ratf**ked  politics  gerrymandering  voting 
20 days ago
A radical faerie event for people of color
gay  lgbt  fabulous 
20 days ago
Louise Mensch's hoax source
Crazy left wing rumormonger was deliberately hoaxed
hoax  fakenews  trump  politics 
20 days ago
Trump's ideology
Dangerous embrace of the constitutional sheriff lunacy
trump  politics  constitution 
20 days ago
Confederate history
Black daughter of the Confederacy's thoughts on how to think of monuments
confederacy  history  civilwar  racism 
20 days ago
AWS localstack
A cloud computing clone that runs locally, for dev and testing
aws  amazon  cloud  python  testing 
20 days ago
stormfront client hold
Second Nazi domain name seized by registrars
nazis  politics  via:metafilter  dailystormer  stormfront 
20 days ago
Discord and Charlottesville
Social media product used to plan violence
gamers  discord  nazis  politics  charlottesville 
20 days ago
Homestead gerrymander
District drawn to include a state senator
senate  gerrymandering  funny  via:reddit 
21 days ago
Local pool boy makes good
Adam used to service my pool, he bought the company. Good guy.
pools  grassvalley  local  entrepreneur 
21 days ago
Antifa violence
Small minority of violent leftists spoil what was otherwise a pretty good outcome for the weekend
berkeley  antifa  violence  politics  fascism 
21 days ago
No one wants the Daily Stormer
Nazi site can't find hosting or a stable domain name
nazis  dailystormer  politics  freespeech  google 
22 days ago
A farce of a boxing / wrestling match in 1975
japan  ali  muhammedali  boxing  wrestling  inoki 
22 days ago
Bitcoin energy waste
Some basic data of how much electricity is wasted making the cryptocurrency's proof of work
bitcoin  energy  via:hackernews 
23 days ago
Charlottesville gunfire
Nazi guy shot a pistol at counterprotestors two weeks ago
nazis  charlottesville  terrorism  guns  police 
23 days ago
Seer (Windows)
Windows app to quick-preview files with spacebar, like a Mac
macos  preview  windows  app  desktop 
23 days ago
Arpaio's fake assassination
A particularly bizarre story of Trump's sheriff buddy
arpaio  trump  politics 
24 days ago
Arpaio's career
Details from a local newspape
arpaio  arizona  politics  trump  pardon 
24 days ago
Constitutional crisis
Pardoning Arpaio creates a precedent for the executive branch ignoring the constitution
apraio  pardon  constitution  politics  trump 
24 days ago
North Carolina efficiency gaps
Proposed 2017 redistricting gives an enormous advantage to the GOP
republicans  votes  politics  northcarolina  gerrymandering 
24 days ago
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