Keep You On My Arm - rsadelle - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
In which the gay bar is Stalberg's idea and Kaner doesn't notice Jon pretending to be his boyfriend
fandom:hockeyrpf  pairing:kane/toews 
october 2013
dexwebster | Be better, gmail
Also, obviously, this is going to a slavefic place, so I will just TAKE IT THERE and be damned:

So the parents (?) sell the players to the League when the kids are, like, 14. If you're good enough, you can earn out your freedom; otherwise, they just garnish your wages forever, even after you've left the League, to pay for your "training" and "housing" and "care." (Sidney Crosby's father is still paying out HIS account.) Most people who make the big leagues can eventually buy their way out. Jonathan Toews, because he is the world's most anal and dedicated human, actually managed, through excruciating frugality, contributions from his family, and good investments, to buy himself back at the age of 24. Every time Patrick Kane fucks up, they take like a million of his current freedom account as "reparations," so he's currently at negative numbers and is facing a future where he will have to be sold again AFTER HE RETIRES, which hasn't happened since Theo Fleury.

...And then Jonathan BUYS PATRICK. Because they're teammates.
author:dexwebster  author:thefourthvine  fandom:hockeyrpf  pairing:Patrick.Kane/Jonathan.Toews  pairing:Sidney.Crosby/Evgeni.Malkin  AU  au:dystopia  type:chatfic  via:absurdfact 
september 2013
what you are and who i'll be for you
For this alone, SO AMAZING:

"Yes, sir," Brad says, and doesn't think he's ever agreed with an order more whole-heartedly.

Nate pauses, though, and Brad can almost see his mind working, replaying the exchange. Before he can get to the second-guessing of himself, Brad takes his hands, abandoning their mutual struggle to get rid of their jeans, and bends down, speaking against Nate's mouth.

"Nate," he says, and catches Nate's lower lip between his teeth, "Nate," he repeats, licking the side of Nate's mouth, mouthing his jaw, his neck, "Nate, Nate," and finally, finally Nate gets back on with the program, angling his head to get Brad back on his lips and kissing him deep, wet.
pairing:brad/nate  fandom:generationkill 
july 2013
Early SGA fic with alien tech and isolation! Hit many of my buttons.
fandom:sga  pairing:mckay/sheppard 
may 2013
Everything Looks Different After the War
Some nice mis-communication and longing to go along with being older and wiser.
futurefic  fandom:generationkill  pairing:natefick/bradcolbert 
april 2013
Retrieve the Kraken! - Merlin fic!
Really lovely young kids to high school AU, with emotions a tumble, but real feeling behind it. And Will is not a ridiculous caricature, thank goodness.
fandom:merlin  author:rurounihime  pairing:merlin/arthur  highschoolau 
december 2012
misswinterhill: Fic: Ten Out of Ten for Subtlety (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, PG)
Oh, I love this one. Merlin gets into a fight with another servant and Arthur leaves him to defend himself. Also, just a lovely relationship between those two.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  establishedrelationship 
december 2012
"'You,' he says, finally, 'affect me ridiculously. It is unfathomable.'" OH MAN.
fandom:sherlockholmes  pairing:holmes/watson  sweet 
december 2012
foxxcub: Fic: It's Nice to Know You Work Alone (1/2)
It's funny, because I often think that what I love about the Sherlock Holmes stories is the language, but this one is set in modern times, and is still beautiful. The 19th Cen. grittiness translates well to a Chicago setting. (Though really, you would text your police captain?)
fandom:sherlockholmes  pairing:holmes/watson  modernau 
december 2012
foxxcub: Fic: What It Is to Burn
Oh so very full of heartache, but so lovely all the same!
fandom:sherlockholmes  pairing:holmes/watson 
december 2012
thisissirius: [fic] merlin } vides et taceo } merlin/arthur } nc17
A really depth-ful post-Ealdor fic. I love how broken they are, and yet how it isn't totally hopeless. Just really painful right now.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  arthurfindsout 
december 2012
mysecretashes: Fic: Everything, Always (Merlin/Arthur)
Angsty but good, where Arthur finds out and keeps it to himself.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur 
december 2012
libraryofsol: Fic: Eloquence
"I love this kingdom but it takes as quickly as it gives," Arthur told him, like he hadn't even heard. "I want things I can't have."
So wish there was more!
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  angst 
december 2012
libraryofsol: Fic: Whims
So lovely, I wish I could read a million words of this dynamic.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  genish 
december 2012
Alsoa's LJ - Fic Merlin: Here's the thing about magic (Merlin/Arthur) R
The ending leaves things hanging a bit, but in a way that's believable and fairly satisfying. Merlin's reaction to Arthur once he finds out is really interesting.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  arthurfindsout 
december 2012
An Ever-Fixed Mark - imperfectcircle - Merlin (BBC), Ursula le Guin -- The Birthday of the World [Archive of Our Own]
A fusion with Ursula Le Guin's "O" planet, where marriages are between four people. It's so perfectly Merlin, at it's best, at the same time that I just love it.
(also, they other things this author's written = fab. more angsty, but fab.)
fandom:merlin  crossover  pairing:Merlin/Arthur/Morgana/Gwen 
december 2012
you're the tall kingdom i surround - think i better follow you around.
A sorcerer comes to town and does a bunch of harmless tricks. It's a really lovely take on the loneliness these characters carry around with them.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  arthurfindsout 
december 2012
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