52 Of The Best Jeff Bezos Quotes, Carefully Sorted By Category
“The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?'”
2 days ago
Adam Grant: How to become more resilient
It works for all sorts of professions. For example, when radiologists were shown a picture of a patient alongside an x-ray, diagnostic accuracy went up by 43 percent, says Grant. “You now know you’re not just sort of looking for a fracture you are trying to help a living breathing human being.”

The more people can “connect those dots” between the work they do on a daily basis and who is benefiting from it, “the easier it is to find resilience and maintain our motivation,” says Grant
11 days ago
Jevons paradox - Wikipedia
reading about Jevons Paradox, a principle that’s visible everywhere, and particularly good at anticipating growth + adoption of declining cost technology:

EVs, energy storage, serverless computing...

“as technology improvements drive down costs, demand (& complexity) explodes”
18 days ago
Danone links illustrated yogurt packaging to Spotify playlists | Mobile Marketer
Packaging (1) - Danone is putting Spotify playlists on Yogurt packaging
Danone is the latest FMCG company to provide playlists, with its Light & Free yogurts offering 4 playlists triggered by QR codes on packaging which is being designed by 4 independent artists. Each of the playlists is being curated by the artists, for example the illustrator Neil Stevens.
spotify  generalmills 
18 days ago
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