Russell Davies: Attention and power
"The fast moving trends get most of the attention. The slow moving trends have most of the power."
2 days ago
Why Doctors Hate Their Computers | The New Yorker
I’ve come to feel that a system that promised to increase my mastery over my work has, instead, increased my work’s mastery over me. Politics gets in the way of good design, adds to complexity
11 days ago
(1) Ric Rodriguez | LinkedIn
I feel I could bring particular insight to topics covering the future of search, scaling up marketing internationally or local SEO / digital knowledge management (which is where I specialise).
18 days ago
The Best Bosses Are Humble Bosses - WSJ
Teams led by humble leaders outperform teams led by egocentric ones.
Sprint2  leadership 
4 weeks ago
Why do we feel so busy? It’s all our hidden ‘shadow work’ | Oliver Burkeman | Life and style | The Guardian
“These days, we serve not only as our own supermarket clerks, but our own travel agents and airport check-in staff, our own secretaries and petrol station attendants...”
4 weeks ago
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