UK academics have snapped – and not just over pensions | THE Opinion
Casualisation and treating academics like feckless children who can’t be trusted have also taken their toll, says Sarah Colvin

March 22, 2018
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By Sarah Colvin
Twitter: @sjc269

Source: Michael Parkin
Anyone who has been in the vicinity of a UK university in recent weeks will have heard something snap.

Snapping, as Sara Ahmed observes, is not always planned; it happens when something ends up being too much – and once it happens, you can wonder what took you so long.

USS strike: social media has collapsed the case for pension cuts
Ahmed snapped in 2016, when she publicly resigned from her position as director of the Centre for Feminist Research at Goldsmiths, University of London, over its “failure to address the problem of sexual harassment”.
2 hours ago
Why this mass shooting is different - the evidence - BBC News
Why this mass shooting is different - the evidence

Mass school shootings typically reignite the US gun control debate until the topic gradually fizzles out. That paradigm changed after Parkland, Florida. Here's why.

Video by the BBC's Franz Strasser.

22 Mar 2018
9 hours ago
Open University plans major cuts to number of staff and courses | Education | The Guardian
Open University
Open University plans major cuts to number of staff and courses

Lecturers express concern over future quality of degrees and £2.5m fees spent on consultants

Diane Taylor

Wed 21 Mar 2018 17.09 GMT Last modified on Wed 21 Mar 2018 22.00 GMT
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Music and classics are some of the courses under threat by the proposed cuts. Photograph: Hill Street Studios/Getty Images/Blend Images
Open University chiefs are planning significant reductions in the number of courses the institution offers and the number of lecturers it employs, the Guardian has learned.

Last June the OU, established in 1969 and the largest university in the UK, announced it needed to cut £100m from its £420m -a-year annual budget, but specific detail of where the cuts would fall was not made public.

The Guardian has seen confidential documents that spell out proposals for the cuts. Staff have been invited to apply for voluntary redundancy in a programme that launches on 9 April.

Lecturers have said the proposals are so significant they will “destroy the OU as we know it” and reduce it to “a digital content provider”. They have expressed concern about how the changes might affect the quality of degrees offered by the OU.

Guardian Today: the headlines, the analysis, the debate - sent direct to you
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A document states that the number of courses, qualifications and modules available to students will be reduced by more than a third. It says there will be a smaller workforce, cutting the budget by £15-20m.

“We are sharing this information in strict confidence to give the senior team early sight of the direction of travel,” the document says.

It states that 41 undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses will be axed, leaving 71 degrees available. A range of courses including science, business, music and classics are under threat.
Express and NPM for PHP Developers – Alan Storm
Frustrated by Magento? Then you’ll love Commerce Bug, the must have debugging extension for anyone using Magento. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, Commerce Bug will save you and your team hours everyday. Grab a copy and start working with Magento instead of against it.

No Frills Magento Layout is the only Magento front end book you'll ever need. Get your copy today!

Programming Quickies
Quick dispatches from the life of a working programmer.

How PHP Runs a Program

Understanding Git Rebase

Using a Magento 2 Theme for Transactional Email

Using "Not Quite JSON" with PHP

Useful Magento 2 JavaScript Helper Functions

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Modern Javascript for PHP Developers. Earlier posts include Modern Javascript for PHP Developers. Later posts include Client Side Javascript, Modules, and Webpack, and Build Watchers, and NPM as a Build Tool.

Last time we investigated the basic execution flow of a server side NodeJS program. Our program responded directly to an HTTP request sent by a web-client. Most NodeJS programs aren’t written like this — instead, they use a routing framework of some kind to help separate requests by their URLs and other request parameters. Today we’ll look at one of the most popular routing frameworks, Express.

This article assumes you have a working installation of NodeJS on your computer. It will also help if you’ve worked your way through the first article in this series, but things are still simple enough that you should be able to wing it if you haven’t.


Last time we wrote a very simple HTTP server in NodeJS. If you skipped that article, just create a new folder with the following file
Suggested Improvements to JSON
Suggested Improvements to JSON
by Michael Bolin, April 6, 2011
Let me start out by saying that, in general, I think that JSON is great. (After a blog post I read on Hacker News last month, I'm trying to be more positive.) As compared to XML, JSON has the following advantages that make it a joy to use:

More bytes are dedicated to data than markup.
Fundamental data types are represented directly.
There are no namespaces.
I could go on and on about how XML fails in those respects, but again, I'm trying to be more positive.

Because I enjoy using JSON so much, I have started to try to use it for more than rudimentary data transfer between client and server. Unfortunately, there are aspects of JSON that make it harder to use in certain situations where one might expect JSON to be an ideal solution. I believe that the following two principles are baked into the design of JSON, which are the source of my problems:

JSON is meant to communicate information only between machines, not between humans.
JSON should be ES3 compliant.
JSON5 | JSON for Humans
The JSON5 Data Interchange Format (JSON5) is a superset of JSON that aims to alleviate some of the limitations of JSON by expanding its syntax to include some productions from ECMAScript 5.1.

This JavaScript library is the official reference implementation for JSON5 parsing and serialization libraries.

Summary of Features
The following ECMAScript 5.1 features, which are not supported in JSON, have been extended to JSON5.

Object keys may be an ECMAScript 5.1 IdentifierName.
Objects may have a single trailing comma.
Arrays may have a single trailing comma.
Strings may be single quoted.
Strings may span multiple lines by escaping new line characters.
Strings may include character escapes.
Numbers may be hexadecimal.
Numbers may have a leading or trailing decimal point.
Numbers may be IEEE 754 positive infinity, negative infinity, and NaN.
Numbers may begin with an explicit plus sign.
Single and multi-line comments are allowed.
Basic Authentication with the WordPress HTTP API – John Blackbourn
Fear not though, it’s really easy. Here’s how:

$args = array(
'headers' => array(
'Authorization' => 'Basic ' . base64_encode( YOUR_USERNAME . ':' . YOUR_PASSWORD )
wp_remote_request( $url, $args );
That’s it. The correct authentication headers will then be sent with your request (after you’ve replaced YOUR_USERNAME and YOUR_PASSWORD with the obvious).
Stunning images capture the world around us - BBC News
In Pictures
Stunning images capture the world around us
8 hours ago
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Image copyrightNICK DOLDING

The winners of this year's Sony World Photography Awards Open competition have been revealed, with Britain's Nick Dolding's portrait of Emile (above) being voted the best in the Portraiture category.

All the category winners will now compete for the Open Photographer of the Year award, which will be announced on the 19 April.
2 days ago
Which browsers will give me the best experience in Online Banking? - NatWest
Which browsers will give me the best experience in Online Banking?
For the best and most secure experience, we suggest that you use the most recent released version of your preferred browser choice.

To access Online Banking, JavaScript must also be enabled. Read more about enabling JavaScript.

If you use an older version of any browser, your online experience may be affected.

Older versions of Internet Explorer have heightened security risks – We strongly advise you to upgrade this browser to the latest version.

To keep your browser up to date you can find links to the most popular browsers below:

Google Chrome (opens in a new window)
Firefox (opens in a new window)
Internet Explorer (opens in a new window)
Safari (opens in a new window)

Read more about protecting yourself online (opens in a new window).
2 days ago
Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company - BBC News
Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company
44 minutes ago
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Media captionAlexander Nix, CEO of Cambridge Analytica was filmed by undercover reporters for Channel 4 News
The UK's Information Commissioner says she will seek a warrant to look at the databases and servers used by British firm Cambridge Analytica.

The London-based company is accused of using the personal data of 50 million Facebook members to influence the US presidential election in 2016.

Its executives have also been filmed by Channel 4 News suggesting it could use honey traps and potentially bribery to discredit politicians.

The company denies any wrongdoing.

Fresh allegations
On Monday, Channel 4 News broadcast hidden camera footage in which Cambridge Analytica chief executive Alexander Nix appears to suggest tactics his company could use to discredit politicians online.

In the footage, asked what "deep digging" could be done, Mr Nix told an undercover reporter: "Oh, we do a lot more than that."

He suggested one way to target an individual was to "offer them a deal that's too good to be true and make sure that's video recorded".

He also said he could "send some girls around to the candidate's house..." adding that Ukrainian girls "are very beautiful, I find that works very well".

Mr Nix continued: "I'm just giving you examples of what can be done and what has been done."

Cambridge Analytica: The story so far
Facebook data sharing - time to act?
Channel 4 News said its reporter had posed as a fixer for a wealthy client hoping to get a political candidate elected in Sri Lanka.
bbc  news 
3 days ago
Sync.com Review - Updated 2018
Sync.com Review
Without a doubt Cloudward.net's favorite storage provider, Sync.com offers ease of use, speed, security and at a reasonable price.

By Joseph Gildred – Last Updated: 19 Mar'18

Visit Sync.com
Overall Rating 92% Excellent
90% Excellent
90% Excellent
Ease of Use
95% Excellent
File Sharing & Syncing
95% Excellent
84% Very Good
Security & Privacy Policy
100% Excellent
Customer Service
90% Excellent
cloud  storage  review 
3 days ago
Theodore Grunewald on Twitter: ""Facebook was our hands-on partners." "Without Facebook, we wouldn't have won." "Facebook really and truly put us over the edge." "Facebook was *the* medium that proved most successful for this [Trump] campaign." https://t.
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Replying to @mikells43 @bigdontex @boztank
Theodore Grunewald Retweeted BBC Stories
"Facebook was our hands-on partners."
"Without Facebook, we wouldn't have won."
"Facebook really and truly put us over the edge."
"Facebook was *the* medium that proved most successful for this [Trump] campaign."

ªªhttps://twitter.com/bbcstories/status/896752720522100742 …ºº
#DeleteFacebook #DumpFacebook

Theodore Grunewald added,

BBC Stories
Verified account
Meet the woman who wrote @realDonaldTrump's campaign Facebook posts - and the tech firm that helped him get elected.
3:49 AM - 17 Mar 2018
105 Retweets 189 Likes
twitter  facebook  privacy  data  us  politics 
3 days ago
#DeleteFacebook trends in response to Cambridge Analytica - BBC News
Theodore Grunewald
Replying to @mikells43 and 2 others
"Facebook was our hands-on partners."
"Without Facebook, we wouldn't have won."
"Facebook really and truly put us over the edge."
"Facebook was *the* medium that proved most successful for this [Trump] campaign."ªªhttps://twitter.com/bbcstories/status/896752720522100742 …#DeleteFacebookºº #DumpFacebook

3:49 AM - Mar 17, 2018
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Twitter Ads info and privacy
bbc  trending  blog  facebook  data  privacy 
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Language tags in HTML and XML / private-use subtags
Extension and private-use subtags
Extension subtags

Private use subtags

Read more in the BCP 47 spec:

2.2.7 Private Use Subtags

2.2.6 Extension Subtags

4.1 Choice of Language Tag

If you feel you really need to use these subtags, you should read the specification, rather than this article.

Extension and private use subtags are introduced by a single letter tag, or 'singleton'. An organization can propose a singleton for an extension. Its intended use must be described by an RFC (IETF specification). The singleton will be added to the registry if it successfully passes a review. The singleton x is reserved for private use. Multiple subtags are allowed after the singleton; however, as for all subtags, they must each be 8 or less characters in length.

Extension subtags allow for extensions to the language tag. For example, the extension subtag u has been registered by the Unicode Consortium to add information about language or locale behavior. Many locale identifiers require additional "tailorings" or options for specific values within a language, culture, region, or other variation. This extension provides a mechanism for using these additional tailorings within language tags for general interchange.

For example, the following indicates that phonebook collation order should be used by an application, that sorted data in a document is sorted according to this collation, and so on.

The u- extension is defined in RFC 6067, which points to the Unicode Consortium's Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) for details on the subtags that follow it. It is not defined by BCP 47.

Private-use subtags do not appear in the subtag registry, and are chosen and maintained by private agreement amongst parties.

Because these subtags are only meaningful within private agreements and cannot be used interoperably across the Web, they should be used with great care, and avoided whenever possible.

The following example of a private use subtag may identify a specific type of US English, but only within a closed community. Outside of that private agreement, its meaning cannot be relied upon.

language  localize  international  i18n  web  w3c  spec 
3 days ago
Indian Curry Heat Scale - How hot are Indian Curries
Curry Name Heat Scale

Korma Curry 1 out of 5
Biryani Curry 2 out 5
Kashmir Curry
2 out 5
Mughalai Curry
2 out 5
3 out 5
Dhansak Curry
3 out 5
Pasanda Curry
3 out 5
Rogan Josh Curry
3 out 5
Tikka Masala Curry
3 out 5
Pathia Curry
3 out 5
Bhuna Curry
4 out 5
Dopiaza Curry
4 out 5
Madras Curry
4 out 5
Ceylon Curry
4 out 5
Vindaloo Curry
5 out 5
Jalfrezi Curry
5 out 5
5 days ago
Oxford’s and Cambridge’s role in the demise of USS – Mike Otsuka | The Vision of the Pension Playpen
← BSPS – with the benefit of hindsight.Complaints about complaints →
Oxford’s and Cambridge’s role in the demise of USS – Mike Otsuka
Posted on February 12, 2018 by henry tapper

To be more precise: what follows is an account of the role of these two universities, and their constituent colleges, in the demise of USS as a multi-employer scheme that promises a decent, defined benefit (DB) pension to its members. In the past, this promise has been generous and affordable, owing to the risk pooling across 68 well-established UK universities that the last-man-standing mutuality of the scheme makes possible. It is clear, however, that Oxford and Cambridge now want out of such a DB scheme. The clarity of this desire is revealed in the following figure:
pension  ou  university 
7 days ago
List of supported languages and lexers · jneen/rouge Wiki
List of supported languages and lexers
Alexandre Perrin edited this page on May 24, 2017 · 18 revisions
Pages 5
Adding a new lexer
List of supported languages and lexers
List of tokens
Setting up Ruby
Clone this wiki locally
Clone in Desktop
Here the list of the supported languages and lexers. Feel free to write your own submitting a pull request ! Contributions are welcome.

Note that the canonical, always-up-to-date list of lexers can be found by running rougify list.
jekyll  language  syntax 
7 days ago
From Brexit to the pensions crisis, how did the Baby Boomers get the blame for everything? | British Politics and Policy at LSE
Mervyn Hyde February 8, 2017 at 6:26 pm - Reply
As a baby-boomer myself I have lots to complain about my generation, I do believe they sold their children’s and grand children’s heritage away, they turned their backs on the steady progress made through the fifties and sixties for the fast life offered by the Tories. Not all but most of my generation.

There is of course a debate to be had about Europe and the EU which is not taking place. I personally did vote remain but not for the reasons that the media peddle, I voted to prevent the debate we are now having, and the chaos that it has brought, do I support the EU, not really I campaigned against it in 1975, but what I didn’t want was for this government to use this debate as a smoke screen to allowing them to continue to dismantle the state.

The problems facing us inside Europe are exactly the same as we have here at home, Neo-Liberal politicians dismantling the state, we only have to look at the way Greece has been treated to understand that those politicians in Europe have the same agenda as Neo-Liberals here.

My grouse with my generation is on the whole, they have stood back, whilst benefiting from the progressive periods since the war and allowed all those achievements to be swept away under the guise of modernisation, when reality it was nothing of the sort.

They can of course redeem themselves, by recognising their ignorance in the recent past, and get out their armchairs and do something about saving the NHS, by voting every single Tory out of office, and look at what a post war Labour Party achieved.

We are leaving the EU whether we all like it or not, what we should all now accept is there is an alternative and to carefully consider what can be achieved when people come together to achieve it. The post war Labour Party proved what can be done, this chaos has been deliberately constructed so that this government can complete the Neo-Liberal agenda that Thatcher started.

People are the real economy, they are the real creators of wealth, the point is most just don’t realise it.
LSE  blog  brexit  people  politics 
9 days ago
A coercive policy-making state? How the EU is alienating its citizens | British Politics and Policy at LSE
The remit of EU institutions has expanded inexorably, writes Jeremy Richardson, all while their policy-making style has shifted from a consensus-based process towards a more coercive, top-down one. At the same time, the EU’s focus on interest groups might have also exacerbated the problem of the democratic deficit by distancing the EU from broader public opinion. These realities have contributed to both Brexit and the broader ‘populist revolt’ across Member States.

It is conventional wisdom that immigration played a central role in the 2016 EU Referendum. But what about the long-term role of European elites and EU institutions in (unwittingly) creating the seismic conditions for the Brexit vote in the first place? How did the increasing alienation (‘the populist revolt’) from the EU arise? Is it that voters are ill-informed about the benefits of the EU, or is that European elites have spent 60 years building a policy-making state, accompanied by a policy-making style which has become increasingly coercive?

The EU’s paradox is that it has achieved so much, from peace within its borders to practical day-to-day matters such as cleaner water, yet has managed to so alienate many of its citizens that the future of the EU is under threat. The case of motor vehicle safety is a typical example of this paradox. It is a  technical issue yet is also very important for most citizens. Few would dispute the need for some common international standards. The EU, as is often the case, met this need. Thus, on 1 November 2014 new safety features became mandatory for every new car, van, truck, and bus sold in the EU.
europe  LSE  blog  brexit  politics 
9 days ago
Using management consultancy brings inefficiency to the NHS | British Politics and Policy at LSE
Using management consultancy brings inefficiency to the NHS

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The spending on management consultancy services for the NHS has more than doubled in recent years, reaching £640m in 2014 alone. Is this money well spent? A new study by Ian Kirkpatrick, Andrew Sturdy and Gianluca Veronesi finds that, instead of improving efficiency in English NHS hospital trusts, the employment of management consultants is likelier to result in inefficiency.


Ander Broadman March 13, 2018 at 8:46 am - Reply

Any half competent manager with a decent grounding in economics would realise that £6 return on £1 spend is an on offer too good to be true.
Either management consultants charge far too little for they services (a functioning competitive market should bring returns to a ‘natural level’, in which case you have to question their competence at missing the perfectly justifiable opportunity), they are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts (make your own judgement there), or its a false claim.
I work for a large organisation and once questioned a consultants claim that a new muktimillion pound IT system for procurement would lower turnover by 30% (turnover at the time being in the order of £1billion, and dominated by construction and engineering work). He rather clammed up and could only offer the evidence that was what all the management gutus promised from the IT revolution.
Naturally the complete hogwash it was never marialises, and any one who applied even a moments scrutiny to what he was saying would realise that was the case. But of course, great careers in large companies aren’t built on careful scrutiny of the facts.
I’m afraid the cult of managerialism is alive and well.


John Mortimer March 10, 2018 at 12:40 pm - Reply

As a consultant who has been working with the NHS and local authorities, my observation is in agreement with the main thrust of this article. What I would like to offer are some answers to your questions. But I do have to challenge your assumption of efficiency gains in the local government compared to the NHS, because both systems are fundamentally different.
In true consultant style I will list my points;

1. The NHS is an organisational system that is not designed to operate as a workflow – it consists of functions that create barriers to this workflow. No amount of innovative and operational redesign is going to remove the waste, management behaviours and lack of integrated working unless the causes of the problem is addressed. The correct design of the path of patients and their knowledge surrounding their need, has to be the starting point for NHS organisational design. This has been demonstrated when a person centred workflow has been trialled, that has been given temporary permission to avoid the main functional barriers.

LSE  blog  economics  NHS  management 
9 days ago
Pension strike: university staff are getting a ‘Die Quickly’ pension plan. It won’t work. | British Politics and Policy at LSE
Pension strike: university staff are getting a ‘Die Quickly’ pension plan. It won’t work.
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What is at stake in the ongoing university strikes? To answer this question, Ewan McGaughey explains how the pension system works, who governs it, and their conflicts of interest. He argues that there is a need to rebuild the university and pension governance system so that it is more democratic and just. Otherwise the same issues will keep returning.

We need justice in education. In the face of massive strikes and student protest, Universities UK proposes to change pensions from ‘DB’ to ‘DC’ plans. But what does this all really mean? My niche field of pension law and corporate governance has suddenly become cool with the university strike, so I’d like to (1) explain the issues in this strike in the simplest terms, (2) explain who governs our pensions and universities, and their conflicts of interest, and (3) what we can do about it. We must rebuild our university and pension governance system, so this never happens again.
blog  pension  LSE  uk  university  ou 
9 days ago
BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs, Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking
Desert Island Discs

The castaway this week in a special extended edition of the programme is Stephen Hawking, author of the best-selling A Brief History of Time and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University. He will be talking to Sue Lawley about his life and work, and the illness which has left him severely disabled for 25 years, as well as selecting the eight records he would choose to take to the mythical island.

[Taken from the original programme material for this archive edition of Desert Island Discs]

Favourite track: Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Book: Middlemarch by George Eliot
Luxury: Crème brûlée

Show less
Add "Desert Island Discs, Stephen Hawking" to FavouritesAdd to Favourites
bbc  podcast  uk  scientist  people  interview 
9 days ago
Stephen Hawking: Visionary physicist dies aged 76 - BBC News
His most famous book - A Brief History of Time - has now shot to the top of the Amazon Best Sellers list.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association, of which Prof Hawking had been a patron since 2008, reported that its website had crashed because of an influx of donations to the charity.
bbc  news  uk  obituary  science  people 
9 days ago
Due to overwhelming demand, our website is still unavailable. If you are trying to donate in memory of Professor St…
from twitter_favs
9 days ago
The UCU strikes: a battle for the future of Higher Education | British Politics and Policy at LSE
The UCU strikes: a battle for the future of Higher Education

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What type of university system do we want? One with a casualised workforce and vice-chancellors who can claim they deserve exorbitant pay packages for running commercial organisations? Or one in which education is seen as a public good and its workforce – at all levels – is treated with the appropriate respect? It is this fundamental contradiction that lies behind the 2018 UCU strikes, writes Stewart Smyth.

The first days of strike action by UCU members at over 60 universities has been a magnificent show of solidarity, excitement and optimism. Reports from picket lines have shown big numbers of both staff and students turning up. Among the rallies and demonstration were over 1,000 in Bristol and hundreds in Glasgow, Cambridge, Southampton to name but a few. In Leeds, a demonstration set off around the city centre led by a group of students holding a banner stating: “Leeds Students Support the Strike”.

As the second week of strikes commenced rallies were organised for big cities including Edinburgh and London; while “teach-outs” were happening across the country from Bangor to Newcastle. At Goldsmiths in London, those attending on a bitterly cold morning heard Gary Younge discuss the US Civil Rights Movement and Paul Mason explain the Labour Theory of Value.


About the Author

Stewart Smyth is a UCU member at the University of Sheffield, where he is Director of the Centre for Research into Accounting and Finance in Context.

February 27th, 2018|British and Irish Politics and Policy, Economy and Society, Featured, Public Services and the Welfare State, Stewart Smyth|5 Comments

pension  uk  blog  university  ou  LSE 
9 days ago
The is saddened to learn the death of Professor Stephen Hawking, Patron since 2008.

Our thoughts are wit…
from twitter_favs
9 days ago
Universities risk their reputations by failing to value teaching staff
Opinion UK universities

Universities risk their reputations by failing to value teaching staff

In no successful business do smart leaders deliberately alienate frontline workers

University leaders have awarded themselves huge pay rises while letting academic pay and standards of living fall © PA

Share ...Save to myFT

Margaret Heffernan MARCH 11, 2018 73

Across the UK, university lecture halls and seminar rooms have been silent as academic staff continue a wave of strikes. Taken at face value, the industrial action is a textbook case of bad industrial relations.

Lecturers have accepted relatively low pay and pretty poor working conditions in exchange for significant autonomy and relatively secure jobs and pensions. But, over the past decade, without negotiation, every aspect of that deal has been eroded. Autonomy has given way to increased teaching responsibilities, larger classes, more time spent grading and heavier management duties. Job security has been reduced by eliminating departments and cutting research funding. Pensions are failing to deliver on their promise.
news  university  pension  ou 
10 days ago
How to Change the Default Fonts in Your Web Browser
How to Change the Default Fonts in Your Web Browser
by Martin Hendrikx on January 30th, 2015

While changing your browser’s font may not be the most pressing issue, sometimes it is fun to make a change. That’s why we are going to teach you how to change the default font in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Note: the instructions for Chrome and Firefox should work in any operating system. Obviously Internet Explorer only runs on Windows, so these settings would only work there.
browser  configuration  font  accessibility  eab  e-access 
11 days ago
Jess Phillips reads names of women 'killed by male violence' - BBC News
Jess Phillips reads names of women 'killed by male violence'
Labour MP Jess Phillips read out a list she said included the names of all the women killed by male violence since the last International Women's Day.

The 100-plus list of names - provided by Karen Ingala Smith and the Counting Dead Women Project - showed, she said, that "violence against women and girls is an epidemic... if as many people died every week at a sporting event... there would be national outcry... all of these women mattered".

Read more: MPs mark International Women's Day

53m ago
bbc  video  news  international  society  uk  politics 
15 days ago
GitHub badges in SVG format · Issue #150 · h5bp/lazyweb-requests
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GitHub badges in SVG format #150
Closed mathiasbynens opened this issue on Jan 2, 2014 · 30 comments Comments
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16 participants


mathiasbynens commented on Jan 2, 2014
A lot of GitHub repositories have badges like these in their README:

There are several services that can be used to serve these badge images based on some URL parameters, e.g. shields.io (repo).

Currently these badges are all bitmaps (usually in JPG or PNG format). It would be nice to have them in SVG format, for the following reasons:
github  badge  svg  online 
18 days ago
Safe landing for baby chimp - BBC News
Baby chimp rescued from poachers in Africa
Mussa, a baby chimpanzee, was rescued from poachers in Africa and flown to a new home.

The orphaned animal sat with his pilot as they travelled to a new home, Lwiro Primates in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

3h ago
From the section Africa
bbc  video  nature  must-see 
19 days ago
Sir Roger Bannister: First person to run a mile in under four minutes dies at 88 - BBC Sport
Sir Roger Bannister: First person to run a mile in under four minutes dies at 88
5 hours ago From the sectionAthletics 310
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Sir Roger Bannister set the sub-four-minute mile record in May 1954
Sir Roger Bannister, the first person to run a mile in under four minutes, has died at the age of 88.

His time of three minutes 59.4 seconds, set at Iffley Road sports ground in Oxford on 6 May 1954, stood as a record for just 46 days but his place in athletics history was assured.

Bannister also won gold over the same distance at the 1954 Commonwealth Games and later became a leading neurologist.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2011.

A statement from his family said: "Sir Roger Bannister, died peacefully in Oxford on 3 March, aged 88, surrounded by his family who were as loved by him, as he was loved by them.

"He banked his treasure in the hearts of his friends."

IAAF president Lord Coe, who ran a mile world record of 3:47.33 in 1981, said: "This is a day of intense sadness both for our nation and for all of us in athletics.
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19 days ago
typescript - error cannot find module 'json-stringify-safe' - Stack Overflow
please, can you run ionic info to see your versions. Anyway do you tried npm i json-stringify-safe? – Fernando Del Olmo Nov 14 '16 at 10:51
Running ionic info is throwing the same error! Also, I tried running - npm i json-stringify-safe | still not working. – Ankit Maheshwari Nov 14 '16 at 11:09
try to install nvm github.com/creationix/nvm, then run nvm install 5.11.0 or other node version you want and then install again ionic cli with npm i -g ionic – Fernando Del Olmo Nov 14 '16 at 11:33
mh.. have you tried to simply run npm install json-stringify-safe? Afaik it's not a package included by Ionic per default, so if it's not contained in your package.json and therefore not installed when doing an initial npm install, then this error wouldn't be surprising at all ;) – OClyde Nov 14 '16 at 13:14
It's the same with me when system show Can not find module : "abc". I just run npm install abc. Then they will run correctly. – Rai Vu Nov 14 '16 at 13:22
Thanks ALL, finally worked! That worked when I uninstalled node and then reinstalled with version node-v4.6.1-x86 – Ankit Maheshwari Nov 14 '16 at 14:17
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19 days ago
Shape Security Blog : Detecting PhantomJS Based Visitors
Detecting PhantomJS Based Visitors

Sergey Shekyan
Posted on January 22, 2015
Categories Shape Engineering
Tags attack tools, browsers, phantomjs

These days, many web security incidents involve automation. Web-scraping, password reuse, and click-fraud attacks are perpetrated by adversaries trying to mimic real users, and thus will attempt to look like they are coming from a browser. As a website owner, you want to ensure you serve humans, and as a web service provider you want programmatic access to your content to go through your API instead of being scraped through your heavier and less stable web interface.

Assuming that you have basic checks for cURL-like visitors, the next reasonable step is to ensure that visitors are using real, UI-driven browsers — and not headless browsers like PhantomJS and SlimerJS.

In this article, we’re going to demonstrate some techniques for identifying visits by PhantomJS. We decided to focus on PhantomJS because it is the most popular headless browser environment, but many of the concepts that we’ll cover are applicable to SlimerJS and other tools.

NOTE: The techniques presented in this article are applicable to both PhantomJS 1.x and 2.x, unless explicitly mentioned. First up: is it possible to detect PhantomJS without even responding to it?

HTTP stack
As you may be aware, PhantomJS is built on the Qt framework. The way Qt implements the HTTP stack makes it stick out from other modern browsers.

First, let’s take a look at Chrome, which sends out the following headers:
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Oscars 2018: Gary Oldman on his role as Winston Churchill - BBC News
Oscars 2018: Gary Oldman on his role as Winston Churchill
By Lauren Turner
Entertainment reporter in Los Angeles
6 hours ago
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Image copyrightPA
Gary Oldman considered turning down the role of Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour - because he's been played so well by so many other actors.

The British actor is expected to lift the best actor Oscar on Sunday in LA, but said the war-time prime minister was an intimidating character to play.

He said he was drawn to the film as it showed Churchill "wasn't a curmudgeon" but was "energetic and funny".

"We think of him as an old man... who was born in a bad mood," said Oldman.
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Reality Check: What does the EU Brexit draft reveal? - BBC News
Reality Check: What does the EU Brexit draft reveal?
By Chris Morris
Reality Check correspondent, BBC News
5 hours ago
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Related TopicsReality Check
Image copyrightEPA
After months of talking we've finally got our first look at a draft of the agreement which is designed to take the UK out of the European Union. This is a long and complex legal document. It is the European Commission's draft of a withdrawal agreement, which still has to be discussed with the 27 EU member states and the European Parliament before it gets formally sent to the UK authorities for negotiation.

The document is based on the joint report that was agreed by EU and UK negotiators in December but it goes into more detail and translates some of the commitments made into formal legal text.

Here are a few excerpts. Chris Morris from Reality Check has drawn attention to the key phrases in bold type.
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20 days ago
Florida shooting: Gun control debated under #WhatIf hashtag - BBC News
BBC Trending
Florida shooting: Gun control debated under #WhatIf hashtag
By Tom Gerken
BBC UGC & Social News
7 hours ago
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Skip Twitter post by @JaclynCorin
End of Twitter post by @JaclynCorin
"What if all students spoke up about gun reform?"

This is the type of question being posed on social media by survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 people dead.

A video posted by student Jaclyn Corin has been viewed over a million times as she asks politicians to "value children's lives, not dollars", and encourages others to pose "what if" questions of their own.

This follows the #NeverAgain movement, which made international headlines when Parkland student Emma Gonzalez gave an impassioned speech arguing for tougher gun controls.

You may also like:
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Near-miss bus driver: 'My training kicked in' - BBC News
Edinburgh, Fife & East
Glasgow & West
Highlands & Islands
More sections
Near-miss bus driver: 'My training kicked in'
2 hours ago
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Image caption
Charmaine Laurie did not know the incident had been recorded

Bus driver Charmaine Laurie said her training kicked in as she swerved to avoid a car on the wrong side of the road during the treacherous weather conditions in Edinburgh.

Footage of the near-miss was caught on the dashcam of a van and went viral on social media.

The back wheels of Ms Laurie's double-decker bus skidded on the snow as she tried to avoid smashing into the mini.

She told ITV's Good Morning Britain she had "a lot of luck".
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21 days ago
Motorway Traffic Cameras - Select camera on the M6 Northbound
Choose a camera
To avoid possible confusion please be aware that CCTV traffic cameras on the M6 Northbound motorway may face towards or against the flow of traffic. The direction in which the camera is facing, along with the zoom level, may also change at various times of the day. Switch to Southbound cameras?

 J1, Rugby

 J1, Rugby

 J2, Coventry

 J2, Coventry
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Borely -Beaches. Large apartment, garden, luxury, ... - 882903
Saint-Giniez, Marseille, France > Property 882903a


Additional pricing information
Fees No additional mandatory fees
Prix suivant la période de l'année et la durée du séjour
Paiement à la remise des clés
Caution par chèque bancaire en sus remise le jour de l'arrivéé et rendue une semaine aprés le départ ( si aucuns degats causés.) / cent du loyer 800 €
100 euro demandé pour le ménage

Owner's Cancellation Policy
100% refund for cancellations more than 60 days before check-in date.
Service Fee fully refunded on cancellations that qualify for 100% refund.
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How do I withhold funds from the refundable damage deposit? | HomeAway Help
If you need additional time to report damage, you can also delay the refund.

Delay automatic damage deposit refund
Log in to your account.
If you have more than one listing, select the listing you wish to claim damage.
Click Reservation Manager on the left navigation menu.
Click Payments.
Choose the correct traveler payment.
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Dick's Sporting Goods pulls assault-style rifles as Florida students return - BBC News
Dick's Sporting Goods pulls assault-style rifles as Florida students return

30 minutes ago
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Related TopicsFlorida school shooting

Media caption"Those 17 people aren't going to be there" - Florida student reflects on first day back in class
As students at the Florida school where 17 people were recently killed returned to classes, a major gun retailer has announced it will stop selling the kind of weapon used in the attack.

Dick's Sporting Goods, which has more than 600 shops, said it would no longer sell assault-style rifles, and backed "common sense gun reform".

The move came as pupils and teachers made an emotional return to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Grief counsellors were on hand.

In the aftermath of the 14 February shooting, pressure has mounted on US politicians to act on gun control and for corporations to cut ties with the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA).

Firms including Hertz car rental, United airlines and Delta airlines have ended discounts to NRA members.

The announcement by Dick's Sporting Goods also came as Florida lawmakers proposed a package of gun control measures, among them a controversial bill to arm school staff, including teachers.
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23 days ago
Verified by Visa and arcot.com function like a man-in-the middle attack – Jason Pearce
Verified by Visa and arcot.com function like a man-in-the middle attack

jasonpearce Tuesday, May 14, 2013 8

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that the Verified by Visa service offered by arcot.com was a man-in-the-middle attack that was poorly designed to look like a trusted service from Visa (my credit card) and USAA (my bank).

Why your instinct should be to not trust arcot.com
Here’s a few reasons why my instinct was to distrust both Verified by Visa and arcot.com:

https://secure2.arcot.com/ was not united.com, where I began my purchase
https://secure2.arcot.com/ was not visa.com, my credit card
https://secure2.arcot.com/ was not usaa.com, my bank

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University Mental Health Day: Events and activities on 1 March
University Mental Health Day: Events and activities on 1 March
28 February 2018

University Mental Health Day is a national campaign that focuses efforts on promoting the mental health of people who work and study in Higher Education settings.

The Open University are proud to be supporting this day which is taking place on Thursday 1 March 2018. This year's theme is community and so in order to support the cultivation of a positive mental health community and with support from the OU Students Association, the Graduate School and Human Resources, a number of events and activities have been planned across campus for students and staff, in order to promote mental health and wellbeing.

OU Students Association

There are four ways that #OUstudents can get involved in the OU Students Association activities on #UniMentalHealthDay
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Password Security: Why the horse battery staple is not correct
Security lead @Docker, ex-@Square, PhD
Password Security: Why the horse battery staple is not correct
11 OCTOBER 2014 on passwords

I’ve intentionally kept myself from commenting on Password Security in the wake of the last month’s mass iCloud account compromise. My feeling was that this topic had already been discussed to exhaustion, and there really was nothing new about the problem that was worth discussing.

However, as I read through the dozens of articles on how to choose a strong password, I realized that the majority of them are focused on trying to solve the wrong problem.

We should not be incentivizing people to choose passwords in the first place.

There are obviously a few situations where memorable passwords are a requirement, but if you write an article about choosing passwords where password managers aren't mentioned even once, you're not helping anyone.

In this post I’m going to make the following arguments:
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23 days ago
xkcd: Password Strength
What If?

A webcomic of romance,
sarcasm, math, and language.
xkcd updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Password Strength
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23 days ago
UK weather: Overnight snow hits the UK - BBC News
In Pictures
UK weather: Overnight snow hits the UK
48 minutes ago
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Snowfall is continuing to cause disruption in parts of the UK as very cold air sweeps in from Russia.

Some people, though, have found ways to enjoy the freezing conditions.

Image copyrightPA
Image caption
The overnight flurry of snow has caused problems with the roads in some parts of the UK, as seen here in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside
Image copyrightAFP
Image caption
Vehicles negotiated the M62 during a heavy snow shower, as drivers were warned to take extra care
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23 days ago
Bravo Sporting goods making the righteous move to ban sales and all military assault weapons…
from twitter_favs
23 days ago
Breaking News: Dick's Sporting Goods, one of the U.S.'s largest sports retailers, will stop selling assault-style r…
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23 days ago
Thank you to the students from Parkland, Florida, who are doing everything they can to prevent another mass shootin…
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(104) USS: Deficit? What deficit? - YouTube
USS: Deficit? What deficit?




Sheffield UCU
Published on 13 Dec 2017
Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe
Sam Marsh and Matthew Malek, branch officers for Sheffield UCU, outline why a deficit has been found in the USS pension scheme at the 2017 valuation.
Join UCU: http://ucu.org.uk/join
Standard YouTube Licence
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the dumbest thing the and could have ever done is think they could take on teenagers who grew up using so…
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25 days ago
the country woke up and voted to take the power away from the megalomaniacal, racist, homophobic, sexist, m…
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Contact Us | Bedford Synchro Club | Synchronised Swimming
07739 005978 



Contact Bedford Synchro 
Email: info@bedfordsynchro.co.uk 
Our sessions are held at: 
Bedford Girls School, 
Cardington Road, 
MK42 0BX 
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{{ mustache }}
Logic-less templates.

Available in Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Erlang, Elixir, PHP, Perl, Perl6, Objective-C, Java, C#/.NET, Android, C++, CFEngine, Go, Lua, ooc, ActionScript, ColdFusion, Scala, Clojure[Script], Fantom, CoffeeScript, D, Haskell, XQuery, ASP, Io, Dart, Haxe, Delphi, Racket, Rust, OCaml, Swift, Bash, Julia, R, Crystal, Common Lisp, Nim, Smalltalk, Tcl, C, ABAP, and for Elm

Works great with TextMate, Vim, Emacs, Coda, and Atom

The Manual: mustache(5) and mustache(1)


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Why we should stop using Grunt & Gulp
Keith Cirkel
JavaScript Cyber Shepherd
Twitter GitHub
30 Oct 2014 in Node.js, JavaScript, ServerSide, DevOps
Why we should stop using Grunt & Gulp
If you’re building a modern JavaScript application or website, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the JavaScript Build Tool Landscape. The heavyweights of this world are Grunt and Gulp, although many, many others exist too. Grunt receives a whopping 30,000 downloads most days, and Gulp has a respectable 15,000 daily downloads. They must be doing something right, right? Build systems seem to be the tool du jour of the JavaScript community. I’ve used Gulp and Grunt in several projects (mostly closed-source projects, but some open-source, such as Tempus).

For me, especially more recently, I feel like many of these tools are solving the problem badly. All of them do, to varying degrees. Reading between the lines, we can see tools like Gulp attempting to solve the problems of Grunt, and Broccoli attempting to solve the problems of Gulp - covering up the inadequecies of the previous tool while also surfacing their own. Let me cover some of the reasons why I think these tools are bad choices.

All of these task runners (or build systems if you want to call them that) try to abstract
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4 weeks ago
How to Use npm as a Build Tool
Keith Cirkel
JavaScript Cyber Shepherd
Twitter GitHub
09 Dec 2014 in Node.js, npm, JavaScript
How to Use npm as a Build Tool
Update: I frequently get asked, considering this post is now years old, whether or not I still stand by the advice in this post, and whether new developers should use npm as a build tool. The advice still stands, and I believe developers should use npm as a build tool. Myself; I’ve been Gulp & Grunt free since 2013™. Should I ever change my stance on this, I will immediately update this post.

Last month I noted my opinions on why we should stop using Grunt, Gulp et al. I suggested we should start using npm instead. npm’s scripts directive can do everything that these build tools can, more succinctly, more elegantly, with less package dependencies and less maintainence overhead. The first draft of the original post was way over 6,000 words - because it went in depth into how npm could be used as an alternative, but I removed it for brevity - and because the point of that post was me expressing opinions, not a tutorial post. However, the response was pretty overwhelming - many people replied telling me that these build tools offers them features that npm cannot (or does not), some developers were brazen enough to present me with a Gruntfile and say “how could this be done in npm?!”. I thought I’d pull out how-tos from the original draft and make a new post, just focussing on how to do these common tasks with npm.
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4 weeks ago
Trump’s Miss Universe Gambit -- an instructive, riveting read by , which travels far and returns to T…
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4 weeks ago
The survivors are using a time of extreme suffering to voice their concerns and demands because now they will be he…
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4 weeks ago
On March 24 we will take the streets of Washington DC and our communities across the country to .…
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4 weeks ago
BOWEN Rattan 2 chair and 1 ottoman garden set | Buy now at Habitat UK
Home»Offers»Offers»BOWEN Rattan 2 chair and 1 ottoman garden set
Rattan 2 Chair And 1 Ottoman Garden Set
Colour: Rattan with linen white cushion
★★★★★ 4.5 out of 5 stars. Read reviews.
Delivered within 2 weeks
Made from a classic material, the Bowen rattan 2 chair set can be combined to create a small sofa.

Read more
was £795.00 now £397.50
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Mirador Viewer
IIIF - Internat. Image Interop. Framework.
devacuk  dev8d  conference 
5 weeks ago
Home | E-Assessment in Mathematical Sciences conference at Newcastle University
The international conference on E-Assessment in Mathematical Sciences is a three-day academic conference organised by Newcastle University.

The conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners with an interest in e-assessment for mathematics and the sciences. It will consist of a mix of presentations of new techniques, and pedagogic research, as well as workshops where you can get hands-on with leading e-assessment software.

EAMS 2018 will take place on the 28th - 30th August 2018. Registration and the call for speakers are now open.
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5 weeks ago
GDPR: into practice - online briefing | Jisc
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require all organisations to examine their processing of personal data.

Understanding why and how data are being processed, and what the appropriate legal basis is for the processing, will be essential if organisations are to meet the GDPR’s requirements for information provision and data subject rights.
JISC  dev8d  devacuk  conference 
5 weeks ago
Day two of and and I will be demo-ing at 2:30, showcase the amazing digitised collection…
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5 weeks ago
Dev8d jupyter -- Tony Hirst @psychemedia
Dev8d jupyter
1. Teaching Using the Jupyter Ecosystem Tony Hirst tony.hirst@open.ac.uk blog.ouseful.info @psychemedia / github.com/psychemedia
2. Learn to Code For Data Analysis [Michel Wermelinger]
3. Learn to Code for Data Analysis • Started as a 4-week 20-30h Futurelearn MOOC –Basic Python 3 + function definitions – loops –R-like pandas library for data analysis –http://tiny.cc/lcda-ol –Jupyter notebooks with Anaconda or cocalc.com • Problems –learners: time; installation; navigation; feedback –us: software, sites and data change; assessing
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5 weeks ago
. using Jupyter/Python together with Scratch
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5 weeks ago
lightning talks are on at 1630 - four so far, but we'd love to have more. No PPT necessary, 10mins max
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5 weeks ago
First entry in our logo competition, from Kevin Thomson - keep them coming, folks! The Voice…
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How much water does it take to make a cup of tea? - Carbon Trust
QI XL - Series "O" Episode 11 | https://youtu.be/b0KD271FMSw#

Photo: Laura D'Alessandro / CC BY-SA

The Carbon Trust's Dr John Kazer explores the importance of product water footprinting for businesses

So how much water goes into a cup of tea? Somewhere around 30 litres of water is required for tea itself, 10 litres for a small dash of milk and a further 6 litres for each teaspoon of sugar. This means that a simple cup of tea with milk and two sugars could actually require 52 litres of water – enough to fill my kettle more than 30 times.

Taking a life cycle approach involves understanding how much water is consumed in every stage of the production, use and disposal of a product. In the case of a cup of tea this includes: the water needed to grow the tea leaves and the sugar cane, as well as growing the feedstock consumed by dairy cows; the water used in the manufacturing process for both the main products and their packaging; the water used to brew the tea and clean the dirty cup; not to mention a number of other things such as the water used to generate the energy to boil the kettle.

There are over 60 billion cups of tea consumed in Britain each year.
environment  QI  interesting  tv 
5 weeks ago
Lots of ideas for tomorrow's unconference sessions, and they're still coming 😀👍
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5 weeks ago
RT : Release: Pa11y 5.0.0-beta.6, with a new action ("navigate to URL") and an update to Headless Chrome v1.0.0.…
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5 weeks ago
3 Best Cleaning Services in Milton Keynes, UK - Top Picks February 2018
Handpicked Top 3 Cleaning Services in Milton Keynes. How do we actually find the most highly rated cleaning service? Our 50-Point Inspection includes everything from checking reputation, history, complaints, local reviews, nearness, satisfaction, trust and cost to the general excellence. That's not all... businesses do not pay us to list them. You deserve only the best!
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5 weeks ago
Did the NHS avert disaster this winter? - BBC News
Did the NHS avert disaster this winter?
Nick Triggle
Health correspondent
@nicktriggle on Twitter
9 February 2018
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Image copyrightREUTERS
Cast your mind back to the first week of the year and it looked like the NHS was heading for Armageddon.

Ambulances were queuing outside A&E units unable to handover their patients, trolleys were stacking up in corridors and there was hardly a bed free anywhere.

Just five weeks on and it looks as if the ship has been steadied.

On Thursday, NHS bosses were heralding the improvement in performance seen during January.
bbc  health  news  uk 
5 weeks ago
Sulana Rattan Effect Corner Armchair | Departments | DIY at B&Q

Product code:

Product rating
5.0 out of 5 stars Write a review
Home Delivery Click & Collectunavailable SEE BUYING OPTIONS

Please select delivery method

Delivery within 7 days (excluding Saturday & Sunday)
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iTunes won't play my music?! | Official Apple Support Communities
Jan 17, 2018 4:45 AM in response to stnmikita

finally found a solution to this - you have to flush the dns cache....

on windows - just open command prompt and type: ipconfig/flushdns

on mac: http://osxdaily.com/2015/11/16/howto-flush-dns-cache-os-x-elcap/

then restart itunes


Reply Helpful (2) Reply options
by badkitty82,
badkitty82 Jan 23, 2018 6:00 PM in response to mattyruss Level 1 Level 1 (4 points)
mac  osx  itunes 
6 weeks ago
How to Flush DNS Cache in OS X El Capitan
This method of clearing DNS cache applies to all Macs running versions of OS X El Capitan, versioned as 10.11 or later:

Open the Terminal application, found in /Applications/Utilities/ or with Spotlight
At the command prompt, enter the following syntax then hit return:
sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder; say DNS cache flushed 

Enter the admin password when requested (required by sudo) to execute the DNS cache clearing
When you hear “DNS Cache flushed” you know the command has been successful*
osx  network  howto  mac  itunes 
6 weeks ago
The adrenaline junkie: Unicycling to the extreme - BBC News
The adrenaline junkie: Unicycling to the extreme

A unicycle is something often associated with the circus - but unicyclists are much more than what you see in a big top.

Some extreme unicyclists do dangerous stunts, unicycle down perilous mountains and compete in world championships.

Lutz Eichholz is one of these people.

Watch more amazing Outlook videos.

7h ago
From the section World
bbc  video  sport 
6 weeks ago
Amazon.co.uk: Customer Questions & Answers
Los Angeles Modern Fabric Upholstered 3 Seater Sofa Bed Charcoal or Light grey by Sleep Design…

Hi style in design, what fabric is the sofa bed upholstered with please? are the covers removable? and, are they dry-cleanable, or machine washable?

asked on 04 February 2018
amazon  question 
6 weeks ago
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