Dying man given bill for tens of thousands of pounds for NHS treatment | Society | The Guardian
Dying man given bill for tens of thousands of pounds for NHS treatment
Doctors say making migrant patients pay for NHS palliative care contravenes the Hippocratic oath

Sarah Johnson

Tue 22 Jan 2019 13.00 GMT Last modified on Tue 22 Jan 2019 14.01 GMT

Dr Natalie Miller and Dr Dana Beale, who work with homeless patients in London at Great Chapel Street Medical Centre. Photograph: Alicia Canter for the Guardian
Nasar Ullah Khan is lying in a hospital bed in Birmingham. He is 38 and has weeks, if not days, left to live. Khan, a Pakistani national who came to the UK nine years ago and overstayed his visa, was refused a lifesaving heart transplant just before Christmas because of his ineligibility for free healthcare. Now he’s been told that he will be charged before he can receive end-of-life care. He was handed his first invoice for £16,000 on New Year’s Eve, days after he was told he would probably die within a month. The payment for hospital treatment already received is due at the end of January.

“It’s completely gut-wrenching,” says Elizabeth Bates, a Birmingham GP who is working with Doctors of the World. “Knowing that he’s been handed bills in his hospital room after he’s been given a dreadful diagnosis … I cannot understand what the philosophy of the people running the hospital is and how they expect that to impact on the clinical staff and on the patient sitting in front of them.” Bates, who has been helping Khan, says refusing to help care for him while he is dying is especially unfeeling. “Everybody is appalled that he might be charged for palliative care. It goes against every professional ethic and our Hippocratic oath. We should be treating people according to need.”

Medical colleges criticise charging migrants upfront for NHS care
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Before 2017, migrants and visitors to the UK not eligible for free healthcare were entitled to receive it and be billed afterwards.
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9 minutes ago
CAN conference 2019: The Evolving Landscape of Staff-Student Partnership, 29–30 May 2019 | Change Agents' Network
Change Agents' Network

A network of staff and students working in partnership to support curriculum enhancement and innovation

CAN conference 2019: The Evolving Landscape of Staff-Student Partnership, 29–30 May 2019

By Sarah Knight November 30, 2018

The Open University is proud to be hosting the Change agents’ network Conference 2019 in partnership with Jisc and we would like to announce the call for contributions from colleges and universities who are working in partnership with their students.

In 2019 the CAN Conference will focus on the evolving landscape of staff-student partnerships at universities and colleges. With CAN in its 8th year, and host institution The Open University in its 50th year, our five key themes offer participants the opportunity to critically reflect on our collective progress to date, and to begin to envision the future of staff-student partnership in a rapidly changing education sector.

Conference themes

1. Informed Innovation: Working with Students

How does innovation in education embrace and develop consistent, long-term engagement with students as partners? Innovation in education covers a broad field, from learning and teaching technologies and practices, to ways of working. An evidence-based approach to innovation promotes not only the successful implementation of ideas, but also welcomes discussion of pilots, experiments, and prototypes. Informed innovation relies on learning from experience, and this theme provides a ‘failure amnesty’ to share ultimately unsuccessful efforts. This theme invites submissions that critically reflect on the experience of innovating in education, and how this has evolved through partnership between staff and students.

2. Partnerships in Curriculum Innovation/Design

How do ongoing partnerships with students in curriculum innovation and curriculum design contribute to the development of modern and relevant learning and teaching content, materials, and practices? Submissions on this theme are welcome to explore this broad and varied area, which encompasses experiences in co-production, co-creation, consultation, engagement, student success, and the affordances of digital technologies across these.

3. Engaging Students in Change

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4 hours ago
The Bystander Effect: Neuroscientist shows how our brains dehumanise homeless people - video | Society | The Guardian
More Society videos

My life in a hotel room: Ireland’s hidden homeless crisis

Lloyd Russell-Moyle tells Owen Jones: 'I came out as HIV positive to break down stigma'

No one should feel less able to thrive because of HIV status, says Labour MP

'We must never let the NHS free from our grasp': Harry Leslie Smith's powerful 2014 speech
The Museum of Homelessness worked with neuroscientist Dr Lasana Harris and several participants who have experienced homelessness to understand what is termed 'the bystander effect', where people form a dehumanised perception of others through a lack of social engagement.

In this film the camera tracks across three scenes to hear stories of homelessness from various different perspectives in an effort to change the way it is understood and discussed.

Dorothy Allen-Pickard, Noah Payne-Frank and Jess Gormley, Source: The Guardian

Wed 2 Jan 2019 11.06 GMT First published on Sun 30 Dec 2018 12.00 GMT

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Inside Bamboo Bicycles Beijing | SmartBeijing
A first look at the new social startup, fresh off Kickstarting 15 grand into the bank. The next level of Beijing hutong eco-chic...

By Josh Feola APR 29, 2014 ACTIVITIES

If you live in Beijing you might have seen that Bamboo Bicycles kickstarter floating around. If not, the concept is pretty self-explanatory. Bicycles made of bamboo. In Beijing.

Bamboo Bicycles Beijing is the brainchild of David Chin-Fei Wang, a Boston transplant who's been living in China for six years. After graduating university, he got a Fulbright grant to do a year-long anthropological research project on sports and nationalism in contemporary Chinese culture. After that he ran a bar in Xi'an called Oscar's. That lost money pretty efficiently. Faced with going back to the US for grad school or staying on, David carved a position for himself at China Youthology, a Beijing-based startup conducting market research on emerging trends among... yeah, Chinese youth. Again, David focused on sports, albeit broadly construed. He recently pulled an all-nighter at a wang ba studying World of Warcraft culture. That gets raw apparently.

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ShanghaiBambooBike.com | Bamboo Products
Shanghai Bamboo Bikes
WelcomeOur MilestonesBamboo Bike HistoryProductsGallery

Robert Hartmann is a Swiss entrepreneur who relocated to Shanghai in 2005 after completing his high school education. He attended Fudan Univeristy to study Mandarin Chinese before completing his bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Raffles Design Institute (RDI) Shanghai, awarded by Northumbria University in the UK (where Apple’s chief designer, Jonathan Ive attended).

Shanghai Bamboo Bikes began as the final undergraduate project Students were asked to collaborate with designers to simulate a company start-up. While the designers create products it was Robert’s assignment to come up with branding and marketing strategies. After much research and discovery he set his sights on the bamboo bike concept. From that point on the bamboo bike has continued to grow and change with us. The first few bamboo bikes were non-rideable prototypes—in fact they were only intended to illustrate his thesis. Who would have known that there were so many people who wanted to buy the prototype?
bike  bicycle  china  bamboo 
FAQs - Bamboo Bicycle Club

Why build a bamboo bicycle?

Bamboo has ideal properties, highly suited to bicycle construction. As a material, it has excellent vibration dampening effects, and the all the bumps in the roads seem to be effortlessly absorbed. Academic research has been conducted at the Universities of Princeton, Zurich and Oxford Brookes, Queen Mary, and UCL (among others), and all credits bamboo as a fantastic material for bicycle building. The bamboo bicycle club team have been researching and experimenting with bamboo frames for well over 4-6 years and we just can’t get enough of that smooth sensation!
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Shocked diplomats suggest EU would extend Brexit deadline | Politics | The Guardian
European envoys in London say depth of UK turmoil has taken them by surprise

Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor

Fri 18 Jan 2019 11.22 GMT Last modified on Fri 18 Jan 2019 11.43 GMT

‘I was in Brussels last week and no one can understand what has happened to Britain,’ said one diplomat. Photograph: Jack Taylor/Getty Images
Phone lines and encrypted emails from EU embassies in London to their capitals have been red hot this week as diplomats seek to make sense of the chaos in the British parliament over Brexit.

Some diplomats admit their primary response has been sheer shock at the depth of the turmoil.

But they seem keener on helping Britain delay article 50, which has set the 29 March deadline, than is sometimes thought.

Ditch Brexit, German leaders urge UK in paean to ale and milky tea
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“I was in Brussels last week and no one can understand what has happened to Britain,” said one. “It’s a country looked up to and respected for its ability to find a compromise, to be the one in the meeting with a calm analysis and a gift for finding solutions to problems. It is the country to which people turn for answers.

“But this no longer seems to be about details, the length of the backstop drafts or texts, but about ideology. It is very deep, passionate and irrational.”


One ambassador admitted succumbing to despair after watching hours of the parliamentary debate, saying: “There is a lot of Churchillian rhetoric, but no Churchill.”

In such uncertain times, the unenviable task of embassies is to give an informed assessment of what such an unpredictable parliament might do next.
guardian  uk  news 
3 days ago
Home Office refuses to let great-grandparents remain in UK | UK news | The Guardian
Iranian couple rely on family for support and help care for their autistic grandson

Amelia Hill

Fri 18 Jan 2019 07.04 GMT Last modified on Fri 18 Jan 2019 08.26 GMT

Mozaffar Saberi and Rezvan Habibimarand (7th and 8th from right) and Navid Saberi (second left) posing for a group wedding photo. Photograph: Family Handout
The Home Office is trying to separate a couple from their four British children, 11 grandchildren and a great-grandchild by forcing them to return to Iran.

The 83-year-old great-grandfather and 73-year-old great-grandmother, who bought their flat in Edinburgh in 1978, live near their close-knit family and depend heavily on their daily support. But they also act as co-parents to one of their grandchildren, a teenager with severe autism who requires constant supervision. Their help enables the boy’s mother – a single parent – to continue her work as an NHS nurse.

Separation of the teenager from his grandparents, Mozaffar Saberi and Rezvan Habibimarand, would be extremely detrimental to him and also to his mother, the couple’s daughter, according to a chartered psychologist with expertise in children with autism, who has written a report provided to the Home Office.
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3 days ago
‘Managed no deal’? That’s just more Brexit snake oil | Anand Menon | Opinion | The Guardian
Their delusional thinking finally exposed, the Brexiteers have pivoted. Don’t let this cuddly-sounding rebrand fool you
Anand Menon and Jonathan Portes

Sun 6 Jan 2019 13.17 GMT Last modified on Sun 6 Jan 2019 18.53 GMT

‘David Davis airily dismisses the notion that a no-deal outcome would require a border in Ireland.’ Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Here we go again. As we return, haggard and hungover, from the Christmas break, the Brexit deal is heading back to parliament. And presumably the debate will also continue where it left off. Prepare for a succession of Brexiteers touting the idea of a “managed no deal” as an appealing alternative to either the deal on offer or the prospect of a no-deal outcome. They’re wrong.

It’s worth tracing the “logic” deployed by proponents of this approach, because it has gone through three distinct stages.

Sign up to our Brexit weekly briefing
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The first was to argue that no deal would be just fine for the UK, and that an immediate move to “WTO [World Trade Organization] rules” would not result in any new barriers to trade, because the EU would be obliged to recognise that the UK already complies with all EU regulatory standards. This zombie claim, made most notably by the Economists for Free Trade, has been debunked by almost every UK trade expert.
guardian  uk  politics 
4 days ago
It won't be easy. But Trump will lose 'bigly' on immigration | Art Cullen | Opinion | The Guardian
Art Cullen
Trump wants to keep the nation divided. It won’t work – but it will get worse before it gets better

Sat 5 Jan 2019 07.00 GMT Last modified on Sat 5 Jan 2019 07.11 GMT

‘This is liberty and humanity versus fear and intolerance.’ Photograph: Evan Vucci/AP
Donald Trump has declared that immigration and a border wall will be the centerpiece of his 2020 re-election campaign, promising us nearly two years of misery.

He shut down the government over his demand for $5bn for the wall, although the billions already appropriated haven’t been spent. He has stepped up persecution of refugees properly seeking legal asylum at points of entry. When children die while in border patrol custody, the head of the Department of Homeland Security says they are bringing disease with them. Steve King, my north-west Iowa Republican congressman, referred to immigrants as dirt.

In Trump's America, it's important to remember: this isn't normal
Michael H Fuchs
Read more
This is not going to let up.
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4 days ago
Churchill and the film-maker: sadly, their dream of England persists | Ian Jack | Opinion | The Guardian
Ian Jack
The war leader, with his friend Alexander Korda, helped to create a national self-image: defiant, yet always successful

Sat 5 Jan 2019 06.00 GMT Last modified on Sat 5 Jan 2019 15.55 GMT

Illustration: R Fresson
My older brother took me to see the original, 1939 version of The Four Feathers when I was nine or 10. He had seen it several times already – had once sat through it twice when, thanks to the principle of continuous performance, it was possible to stay put in your seat and watch the programme all over again at no extra cost.

Films about war weren’t new to me. The Four Feathers stood out on two counts. Surprisingly, given its date, and in contrast to the usual British monochrome, it was in Technicolor; and the war it featured was older and more obscure than the familiar one, which had ended in 1945. In it, an army led by General Kitchener fought the Muslim revivalist leader, the Mahdi, and his followers in Sudan in the late 1890s.

Fintan O’Toole: ‘Brexit is full of hysterical self-pity’
Read more
Adapted from the Edwardian novel by AEW Mason, the film tells the story of Harry Faversham, a young army officer who resigns his commission just before his regiment leaves England for Egypt, fearing that he can never live up to his family’s brave military traditions. Three of his fellow officers send him white feathers; in self-disgust and self-pity he plucks a fourth from the fan of his disapproving fiancee. And then, in a heroic act of expiation, he follows his regiment up the Nile disguised as a mute native, and in one way and another saves the lives of the officers who have despised him.
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4 days ago
Travis CI Android example – Matti – Medium
Nov 22, 2016
This example will show you how to setup Travis continuous integration on your Android project. The example will work even if you’ve implemented Constraint Layout in your project.

What this’ll cover:

Setting up continuous integration on GitHub
Setting up Travis builds
Setting up automatic deployment to GitHub Releases
Note: Copying code from Medium doesn’t work really well, check out the code from here.

Travis will provide an image such as this to be put on your repository
Setting up continuous integration on GitHub
travis-ci  CI  IET-OU  android  java  github 
5 days ago
David Cameron and the art of blaming other people | David Mitchell | Opinion | The Guardian
David Mitchell
No one can accuse the former Tory prime minister of being power hungry. What he’ll be remembered for is passing the buck

Sun 13 Jan 2019 09.59 GMT Last modified on Sun 13 Jan 2019 11.26 GMT

Illustration by David Foldvari.
David Cameron really loved organising votes for things, didn’t he? That was his answer to everything. I was reminded of this when I read that the elected police and crime commissioners, which his government introduced to oversee the constabularies of England and Wales, aren’t doing a very good job. According to the head of the National Crime Agency, they’re all about stopping speeding and burglary, and not so hot on organised crime, online child abuse and modern slavery.

It’s not surprising. Making some local elected officials the overseers of the police is effectively putting the Neighbourhood Watch in charge of law enforcement strategy.
guardian  news  politics  uk 
5 days ago
Brexit: May's government defeats no-confidence motion by 325 to 306 votes – Politics live | Politics | The Guardian
Politics live with Andrew Sparrow
Brexit: May's government defeats no-confidence motion by 325 to 306 votes – Politics live

* Government survives Labour’s no-confidence vote amid uncertainty over next Brexit steps

* Full story: Theresa May’s government survives vote
* Obsession, vanity or grit? what makes May tick?
* How did your MP vote?
* Extracts from Tom Watson’s damning speech on May
* Evening summary


15m ago
Evening summary
Andrew Sparrow Andrew Sparrow

Theresa May has comfortably won the no confidence vote, by 325 to 306 - a majority of 19. The vote came after a debate which saw Jeremy Corbyn accuse her of leading “a zombie government”. And Tom Watson, the deputy Labour leader, closed the debate with a powerful speech saying May does not “possess the necessary political skills, empathy, ability, and most crucially the policy, to lead this country any longer”. (See 7.23pm.)

Opposition party leaders have refused an invitation from May to join her for talks about an alternative approach to Brexit until she abandons some of her red lines. After the vote May said she would like talks to start tonight. But Corbyn and the Lib Dems said they would not engage with her until she ruled out a no-deal Brexit. And the SNP said she would have to be willing to discuss extending article 50 and holding a second referendum before they agreed to participate.

Downing Street has flatly ruled out customs union membership, before the cross-party Brexit talks Theresa May promised on Tuesday night have even begun. May also delivered the same message in her speech in the debate. (See 4.14pm.)
Michel Barnier has said Brexit is at a standstill after the crushing rejection of Theresa May’s deal by MPs but offered to return to the negotiating table if parliament forces Theresa May to shift her “red lines”.

Business leaders have suggested the UK resembles a “supertanker heading for the rocks” that will not be saved unless factions in the Conservative party drop their own “red lines” for a Brexit deal.

Investors expect a delay to Britain’s exit from the EU following the crushing defeat of the prime minister’s Brexit deal, the Bank of England governor has said.

Half a dozen Labour MPs came out in support of a second referendum for the first time at a Westminster photocall, arguing it was the “the only logical option” if the party could not secure a general election.

Jacob Rees-Mogg hosted a champagne party for Brexiter colleagues on Tuesday night following the Commons vote that inflicted the worst defeat in modern history upon a UK prime minister, it has emerged.

That is all from me for tonight. My colleague Mattha Busby is taking over now.

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5 days ago
'Pathetic' radio ads stoke public fear of no-deal Brexit, says MP | Politics | The Guardian
Government information looks like it was ‘made by children at lunch break’

Matthew Weaver and Lisa O'Carroll

Tue 8 Jan 2019 15.47 GMT Last modified on Tue 8 Jan 2019 21.05 GMT

The Labour MP Jo Stevens says radio ads are latest attempt to play on anxieties of a no-deal Brexit. Photograph: Smiejkowska/Rex/Shutterstock
Government radio adverts aimed at helping the public prepare for Brexit have been condemned as “pathetic” by pro-EU campaigners.

The adverts went on air on commercial radio from Tuesday as the government discounted the possibility it might delay the UK’s exit from the EU beyond 29 March.

Theresa May is taking us to the no-deal cliff but won’t march us over
Polly Toynbee

Read more
The adverts do not specifically mention the prospect of the UK crashing out of the bloc without a deal, but campaigners say fears about such a scenario are implied.

In one advert, actors with different regional accents ask: “Will my travel be affected when we leave the EU? What about documents for driving? Will mobile roaming change? Do I need to renew my passport earlier than planned?”

In another, an actor with Dutch accent asks: “I’m an EU citizen living in the UK. How will this affect me?” Another with a Welsh accent asks: “How will exporting my goods be affected?”
guardian  uk  news  brexit 
5 days ago
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Congresswoman attacked for dancing - BBC News
BBC Trending
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Congresswoman attacked for dancing
By Chris Bell
BBC News
3 minutes ago
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Image caption
The video of Ms Ocasio-Cortez dancing has more than eight million views on Twitter
In the eyes of some social media critics the United States' youngest-ever congresswoman can do no right.

To a lengthy list of past misdemeanours, including her clothes and not being rich, can now be added the grievous crime of dancing while in college.

A day before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was officially sworn-in, near decade-old footage of the congresswoman dancing as a student at Boston University re-emerged on Twitter, apparently in an effort to embarrass her.

It has since been viewed more than 8 million times.
bbc  trending  news  USA 
5 days ago
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"ISOCode": "GB",
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"Latitude": 51.945524,
"Longitude": -3.386893,
"ContactTelephone1": "+44 187 462 4038",
"DistanceUnit": 0
"NumberOfPoints": 2,
"GeneralComments": "2 Tesla Connectors, up to 13kW.Available for customers. Please see front desk.",
"StatusTypeID": 50,
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(429) https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1085216916925497345
Head down to Parliament Square for our rally where we will be watching the debate and hearing from…
from twitter_favs
6 days ago
The vandals destroying libraries should have the book thrown at them | Catherine Bennett | Opinion | The Guardian
Catherine Bennett
A great public service is being run down by a state that prefers cost-cutting to culture
Sun 13 Jan 2019 10.00 GMT

Children at the information desk in a Stockport library.
Libraries aren’t just collections of ‘reading material’. Above, the information desk in a Stockport library. Photograph: travelib / Alamy/Alamy

It is a further triumph for The Favourite, with 12 Bafta nominations, to have propelled Ophelia Field’s 2002 biography of Sarah Churchill, the favourite in question, to the heights of Amazon’s gay and lesbian biography list.

Anne Somerset’s 2012 biography of Queen Anne is also likely to benefit, as people attempt to discover more about the extraordinary incidents depicted in Yorgos Lanthimos’s film. How did 18th-century politicians train their racing ducks? Did Queen Anne ever get treatment for her raging bulimia? What became of Anne’s 17 little rabbits? And did Sarah really dress up as a highwayman – because it’s certainly not in Wikipedia?

sanspeur q321gg8cla 3h ago

No probs, I'm actually posting this in my local library. I have been pleasantly surprised by the reference books available on 16th century history, which I'm re-reading at the moment.Libraries Forever! Mine has had an upsurge in borrowers after moving to the leisure centre, so there ARE plenty of readers out there.

Lee_Smith 4h ago

I question whether people supporting libraries are actually users themselves. As a father I’ve started visited five different libraries recently with my children. I rarely if ever see adults or young people browsing the available books. Users are almost exclusively students who want a quiet place to work, people who wish to browse the internet, homeless people who want warmth in the winter or middle class parents who wish to occupy their children for an hour or two.

They certainly don’t resemble the nostalgic memories of people such as the writer of this piece.

TheghostofAndrewC 4h ago

I confess to a certain degree of hypocrisy here. I was an avid user of the public library (one of those famously endowed by that infamous old rascal Andrew Carnegie) when I was a child/of school age and then, when I became an adult, went to university and so forth, I drifted. Since my late teens and becoming an undergraduate I have essentially always had access to a university library (though during a brief spell as a supply teacher while living in Edinburgh - working off and on

guardian  news  library  comment 
8 days ago
The aliens are coming. And they’ve caught us with our pants down | James Felton | Opinion | The Guardian
James Felton
Radio signals could be signs of extraterrestrial life. But, with Brexit and Trump, could they have chosen a worse time to call?

Fri 11 Jan 2019 12.07 GMT Last modified on Fri 11 Jan 2019 17.39 GMT

‘Could extraterrestrials finally be trying to contact us? I hope not.’ John Boyega in the 2011 film Attack the Block. Photograph: Sportsphoto Ltd/Allstar
Earlier this week, astronomers announced that they had observed repeated bursts of radio waves coming from deep space, with some experts suggesting this could be evidence of alien life. Is this it? Could extraterrestrials finally be trying to contact us? I hope not.

Mysterious fast radio bursts from deep space ‘could be aliens’
Read more
Let me provide an analogy, and I think you’ll see what I mean.

A few years ago I was celebrating landing a new job. After a long string of terrible events, this was to be a glorious new chapter in my life. I rang my girlfriend and told her I had a surprise for her when she got home. I started to cook a celebratory curry.
guardian  humour 
8 days ago
How the ‘boring whinger’ Andy Murray won over Middle England | Andy Bull | Sport | The Guardian
The Scot was initially unloved by the British tennis public but he changed perceptions simply by being himself

Andy Bull

Sat 12 Jan 2019 09.00 GMT Last modified on Sat 12 Jan 2019 18.43 GMT
Play Video 2:14
'Sad day for the sport': tennis world pays tribute to Andy Murray – video
There is a story Andy Murray tells from Wimbledon in 2006. He was 19, a gangly kid on his first full season on tour and had just taken over from Tim Henman as Britain’s top-ranked tennis player. He was walking through the crowd, coming back from the practice courts, when he passed a woman talking on her mobile phone. “Oh,” she said when she saw him go by, “that Scottish wanker’s just walked past.” Murray swears like a sailor himself but the insult stung so much he can still feel it. “I was like ‘what?’” he said in an interview a decade later. “This is my home tournament. Why is this happening?”

Now that everybody is talking about how much they love Murray, it is easy to forget how little a lot of them used to like him.
guardian  sport  news 
8 days ago
Trump losing battle to avoid blame for shutdown as it enters day 23 | US news | The Guardian
Poll shows 53% of Americans blame Trump and Republicans
Trump, however, reportedly believes shutdown is a win for him
Martin Pengelly in New York and agencies

Sun 13 Jan 2019 14.56 GMT First published on Sun 13 Jan 2019 13.27 GMT

Donald Trump speaks from the Oval Office about border security on 8 January. Photograph: Carlos Barría/AP
Donald Trump is losing the battle to avoid blame for the government shutdown, according to a new poll. The president has reportedly told advisers he thinks the 23-day partial closure of the federal government, the longest ever, is a win for him.

'It's ruining people's lives': federal workers count cost of shutdown
Read more
A Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Sunday followed trends in previous polling when it showed 53% of respondents saying Trump and Republicans in Congress were to blame for the shutdown, with 29% blaming Democrats and 13% a combination.

Support for building a border wall, the issue at the heart of the shutdown, increased to 42%, from 34% in January 2018. Among Republicans, 87% supported a wall.
guardian  news 
8 days ago
Didn’t Fiona Bruce do well! Amazing what a professional can pull off | Barbara Ellen | Opinion | The Guardian
Barbara Ellen
Question Time’s new host took the job in her stride. And did anyone notice she was a woman?

Sun 13 Jan 2019 05.59 GMT Last modified on Sun 13 Jan 2019 08.33 GMT
Play Video 1:09
Fiona Bruce makes debut as Question Time host – video
Phew. Let’s be thankful that Fiona Bruce didn’t mess up during her first outing as host on Question Time.

By Bruce messing up, I mean, by crying, becoming hysterical, fiddling with her bra strap, that kind of thing. After all, she is a mere woman and I was concerned that she would do something stupid or feminine. (Same thing?) Instead, armed with only decades of professional experience, Bruce skilfully did the job that she was asked to do, asking questions, being firm with panellists, steering the debate, without once talking about her feelings. It’s just amazing what women can do these days – serious television gigs aren’t so easy when you haven’t got the right male body parts to command instant respect...

That’s quite enough snark.
guardian  news 
8 days ago
Even Mordor was less toxic than Brexit Britain, this nation beyond parody | Marina Hyde | Opinion | The Guardian
Marina Hyde
John Bercow’s maniacal defence of a car sticker beats the competition to enter the Brexit madness time-capsule
Fri 11 Jan 2019 16.45 GMT Last modified on Fri 11 Jan 2019 17.05 GMT

‘Bercow’s exchange with Adam Holloway MP is now our Statue of Liberty, buried in the sand for Charlton Heston to one day find.’ Photograph: Dan Kitwood/PA
Well, there you are, then. Another epic political week has passed in off-brand Westeros, a septic isle from which there is no real escape, only a bloodstained booth where Chris Grayling is offering to sell you a ferry ticket.

Every few days I change my mind about what I’d pop in the time capsule to explain to future generations just how inspirational this era was. This week, though, the choice could only be Wednesday’s parliamentary exchange between House of Commons Speaker John Bercow and Tory MP Adam Holloway, which I have lightly edited for space reasons.

John Bercow: Speaker unafraid to hold the government's feet to the fire
Read more
Holloway: “We’ve ALL noticed in recent months a sticker in your car making derogatory comments about Brexit. NO, THIS IS A SERIOUS POINT. HAVE YOU DRIVEN THAT CAR WITH THE STICKER THERE?”

Bercow: “THAT sticker, on the subject of Brexit, HAPPENS to be affixed TO – or in the windscreen OF – MY WIFE’S CAR! YES!”
guardian  news  brexit 
9 days ago
Andy Murray: Women praise tennis star for role in fighting sexism - BBC News
Andy Murray: Women praise tennis star for role in fighting sexism
3 hours ago
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Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image caption
Coach Amelie Mauresmo, and Judy Murray have been big influences on Andy Murray
Following Andy Murray's announcement that he will retire this year, many prominent women - inside and outside of tennis - have praised him for taking a leading role in fighting sexism.

From calling out journalists, to becoming one of the first leading men's tennis players to employ a female coach, he has hit the headlines on numerous occasions.

US tennis legend Billie Jean King tweeted: "Your voice for equality will inspire future generations."
bbc  news  sport  culture 
10 days ago
Woke up this morning to find many more ticket sales!!
Will YOU join us on Sat 19th…
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11 days ago
John Bercow's decision endangers the office of Speaker, and our democracy | Anne Perkins | Opinion | The Guardian
Anne Perkins
Whatever shape Brexit takes, the effects of this unilateral change to parliamentary rules will be felt for a long time

Wed 9 Jan 2019 14.36 GMT Last modified on Wed 9 Jan 2019 14.47 GMT

‘The real point about Bercow’s actions is the furious accusations of party bias that it has provoked from his critics.’ Photograph: House of Commons/PA
The row over the Speaker’s decision may look like a particularly indulgent form of deckchair rearrangement. But in parliamentary terms it is historic. And whatever form Brexit finally takes, it will be part of the shape of the Britain that emerges.

On Wednesday morning John Bercow was widely reported to have ignored the considered advice of the official guardians of the rules of procedure, and allowed a cross-party amendment tabled by Dominic Grieve to be voted on.

The amendment, which was passed, forces the prime minister to come back within three sitting days if her withdrawal agreement is voted down, rather than the three weeks imposed by an earlier Grieve amendment. Its backers say it just puts the timetable back where it would have been if the prime minister hadn’t ducked the vote before Christmas. It would open up the possibility of a proper debate about what to do next. But should the Speaker have let the vote happen at all?
guardian  brexit  news  politics 
12 days ago
Cross-party alliance of MPs tells May: we will stop no-deal Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
Government suffers defeat during debate on the finance bill in the Commons

Heather Stewart, Jessica Elgot and Daniel Boffey

Tue 8 Jan 2019 20.59 GMT Last modified on Tue 8 Jan 2019 21.05 GMT

May has conceded to senior ministers she is on course to lose next week’s historic Brexit vote on leaving the EU. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP
Theresa May faces a concerted campaign of parliamentary warfare from a powerful cross-party alliance of MPs determined to use every lever at their disposal to prevent Britain leaving the EU without a deal in March.

Former staunch loyalist Sir Oliver Letwin signalled that he and other senior Conservatives would defy party whips, repeatedly if necessary, to avoid a no-deal Brexit, as the government suffered a humiliating defeat during a debate on the finance bill in the Commons.

Letwin and 16 other former government ministers were among 20 Conservatives who banded together with home affairs select committee chair, Yvette Cooper, and the Labour leadership to pass an anti no-deal amendment to the finance bill.

They defeated the government by 303 votes to 296 – a majority of seven.
guardian  brexit  news 
13 days ago
Quiz: Catch up with Brexit in twelve questions - BBC News
Quiz: Catch up with Brexit in twelve questions
8 January 2019
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Related TopicsBrexit
One week into 2019 and Brexit is back in the news but can you remember what happened last year? Take our quiz to get up to speed.
bbc  quiz 
13 days ago
Eat your Christmas tree (and five other top tips) - BBC News
5 hours ago
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Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image caption
Christmas is officially over - but your tree can live on

There are pine needles all over the floor, the decorations are falling off and the base is starting to rot away.

Sadly it's time to throw out your once beautiful and carefully put together Christmas tree before it falls over and injures someone.

But what else could you do with it instead of adding to your local council's landfill?

Here are six top tips just for you.

1. Eat it
Yes really.

Fancy some pine needle cured salmon, pine nut tea or even ice cream?

Julia Georgallis, who set up a supper club called How To Eat Your Christmas Tree and also has a micro bakery, has come up with a menu based on all things spruce and pine.

She says there are many ways to make your tree appetising.

"Spruce tastes a little bit like vanilla, so it actually makes delicious ice cream.

"You simply make a custard, infuse the custard with spruce needles and then churn or freeze it, it's really simple to do at home."
bbc  news  environment 
16 days ago
China's Harbin ice festival in pictures - BBC News
2 hours ago
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One of the world's largest ice festivals has opened in north-eastern China, featuring frozen castles, glistening snow sculptures and lots of snowmen.

Image copyrightREUTERS
Image caption
The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival officially opened on Saturday.
Image copyrightEPA
Image caption
It opened with a fireworks display and a light show.
Image copyrightEPA
Image caption
The festival draws millions of visitors from around the world every year.
Image copyrightEPA
Image caption
Some 120,000 cubic metres of ice and 111,000 cubic metres of snow have been used to build the Ice and Snow World.
Image copyrightEPA
Image caption
Thousands of artists and workers built the displays in a city where temperatures can plunge as low as -35C (-31F).
Image copyrightREUTERS
Image caption
There are 2,019 snowmen on display on the frozen Songhua River.

bbc  in-pictures  china  weather 
16 days ago
Januhairy: Why women are growing out their body hair - BBC News
By Millicent Cooke
Broadcast Journalist
4 January 2019
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Image copyrightLAURA JACKSON
Image caption
University of Exeter student Laura Jackson wants women to "love and accept" their natural body hair
A month-long campaign encouraging women to grow out their body hair is happening for the first time.

Januhairy wants ladies to "love and accept" their natural hair while raising money for charity.

Founder Laura Jackson, 21, said she has had a "great response" and women from all over the world have now signed up to take part.

The Exeter University student said she came up with the idea after growing out her own hair for a performance.
bbc  news  UK 
17 days ago
Quiz of the Week: Which gallery is hanging stolen art? - BBC News
Quiz of the Week: Which gallery is hanging stolen art?
4 January 2019
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It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world during the past seven days?
bbc  quiz 
17 days ago
'I love this': bid to discredit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with college dance video backfires | US news | The Guardian
'I love this': bid to discredit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with college dance video backfires
Effort to embarrass freshly sworn-in congresswoman fails after footage endears her to wide audience

Kate Lyons

Fri 4 Jan 2019 03.06 GMT Last modified on Fri 4 Jan 2019 15.43 GMT

More US news videos

Tears, hugs and dabbing as new Congress sworn in – video report

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing in college

'Transparency will be the order of the day': Nancy Pelosi elected House speaker

Potential border closure is only way to get Democrats' attention, says White House
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing in college – video
An attempt to humiliate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she was sworn in as the youngest ever US congresswoman has backfired impressively, prompting a huge outpouring of support for her.

A 30-second video was posted by a Twitter user called AnonymousQ, showing Ocasio-Cortez dancing on the roof of a building while in college.
guardian  video  news 
17 days ago
Stupidity bar never lower as Javid cracks down on rubber dinghies | John Crace | UK news | The Guardian
Stupidity bar never lower as Javid cracks down on rubber dinghies

John Crace
Also this week: John Redwood’s staying alive honour and Dominic Cummings’ political psychopathy

Fri 4 Jan 2019 15.17 GMT Last modified on Fri 4 Jan 2019 15.20 GMT

Sajid Javid adopts ‘major incident’ face. Photograph: GARETH FULLER/POOL/EPA

It’s the same every New Year’s Eve. That momentary surge of disappointment that I’ve yet again been overlooked in the honour’s list.
guardian  news 
17 days ago
Guest post: Jisc / OU Student Workload Tool | Effective Learning Analytics
By Niall Sclater February 9, 2016
This guest post from Jitse van Ameijde of the Open University describes a micro-project which Jisc recently funded to develop a student workload tool.

Student workload is an ever present concern in all higher education institutions for those designing, developing or delivering curriculum.

Student workload contributes to students’ decisions around withdrawing from study and is among the most important course-related factors influencing student drop-out (Bowyer, 2012). At the Open University (OU), Abbott (2003) reported that falling behind with course work was the most commonly cited reason for withdrawal with 41% of respondents indicating this as a reason. More recently, in the 2012/13 OU withdrawal survey 26% of students responding to the survey indicated the amount of study time required as a reason for withdrawal.

Initial investigations into student workload conducted at the Open University show that there is a negative correlation between student workload and completion and pass rates. Additionally, it has demonstrated that there is a correlation between the degree of spread in workload and student outcomes, where a more unevenly distributed workload (lots of peaks and troughs) is associated with more negative student workload.

The Jisc / OU Student Workload Tool aims to contribute to a curriculum which is evenly loaded and well-paced, meeting the needs of students studying alongside a busy work and home life. The workload tool allows users to record, visualise and evaluate student workload on courses.
18 days ago
Teaching with drones: coming to a classroom near you? | Times Higher Education (THE)
Robots and drones should be part of teaching and learning, says report looking into teaching trends in 2019

January 3, 2019
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By Anna McKie
Twitter: @annamckie

Lecturers should use drones and robots to enhance their teaching as technological advances begin to roll out of the laboratory and into the classroom, according to a report.

“Drone-based learning” and “learning with robots” are identified as two of the main trends in Innovating Pedagogy 2019, the annual report from the Open University outlining what will influence teaching in coming years.

Robot-proof? Universities ‘finally waking up’ to the rise of AI

Identifying robots and drones is “not about the fact that they are exciting new technologies but about the possibilities they open up and how they can benefit teachers and learners”, according to Rebecca Ferguson, an editor of the report and a senior lecturer at the OU.
THE  OU  IET-OU  report  news 
18 days ago
Will 2019 be the year that teaching with drones takes off? It could be, according to latest
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19 days ago
That's us! You can register here
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(41) MW Renovations - Posts
MW Renovations
9 November 2016 ·
Another Extension in progress... 4 days in, Conservatory down, base and footing removed followed by 56 tonnes of earth dug and disposed of.. Pouring the new concrete footings tomorrow followed by a bit of brickwork in this lovely November weather...

Complete on December 15th 2016
Pics added 👇🏻
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20 days ago
The has much to be proud of. This year we celebrate 50 years as the world’s pioneering open & dist…
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20 days ago
Energy Rating
You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm and head are adjustable. View more product information


Add to Shopping Bag
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20 days ago
JANSJÖ LED wall/clamp spotlight Copper-colour - IKEA
JANSJÖ LED wall/clamp spotlight
Energy Rating
You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm is adjustable. View more product information

The price reflects selected options
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20 days ago
User manual Bosch Classixx 7 VarioPerfect WAE24369GB | User manual – Devicemanuals
Patricia Rowlands
July 14, 2015 at 4:47 am

How do I get my Bosch classic 7 to just spin. ??


July 15, 2015 at 8:56 pm

According to other forums you turn the dial to rinse/spin and dis-engage the “aqua plus” button and it spins only. I have not verified, please write your experience

house  forum 
22 days ago
Dr Nick Freear | Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies
Dr Nick Freear

Educational Technology Developer
Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies
profile  OU  WELS  IET-OU  WELS-OU 
22 days ago
Cruze P-Shaped 1700mm Curved Shower Bath with Screen and Acrylic Front Panel at Victorian Plumbing UK
Cruze P Shaped Shower Bath - 1700mm with Screen + Panel
Part No.: Please select option.
13 Reviews  |  Write a Review
Was £279.95

Choose Quantity:
Estimated Delivery Cost
Standard Pallet Delivery(2-7 Working Days) - £24.95
22 days ago
Now Pushing Malware: NPM package dev logins slurped by hacked tool popular with coders • The Register
Tokens killed after eslint-scope utility compromised
By Shaun Nichols in San Francisco 12 Jul 2018 at 20:13 9 SHARE ▼

Updated An unfortunate chain reaction was averted today after miscreants tampered with a widely used JavaScript programming tool to steal other developers' NPM login tokens.

The open-source utility eslint-scope was altered by hackers so that, when used to analyze source code, it would copy the contents of the user's ~/.npmrc file to an outside server via HTTPS – that file would include the victim's NPMjs.org login token.

NPM is the JavaScript world's package manager for libraries, toolkits, and other code projects. With those tokens in hand, scumbags could have started altering other packages to further collect login tokens, insert malicious code into programs, and so on, possibly initiating a chain reaction of cyber-crime.
js  javascript  nodejs  node  security 
27 days ago
(44) Martha Lane Fox | LinkedIn
Martha Lane Fox
2nd degree connection2nd
Founder and Executive Chair Doteveryone.org.uk
London, United Kingdom
Connect Connect with Martha Lane FoxMessage Send a message to Martha Lane Fox

House of Lords
University of Oxford
See contact info
See contact info
See connections (500+)
500+ connections
I am founder and chair of Doteveryone I am a director of @twitter I am NED of Chanel, Donmar warehouse and Queens Commonwealth Trust I am chancellor of the Open University I am co-founder of @luckyvoice
linkedin  OU  people 
27 days ago
Damn. Santa is involved. This is a first for me.
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IP Rating Chart | DSMT.com
IP54 Protected from limited dust ingress. Protected from water spray from any direction.
IP65 Protected from total dust ingress. Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.


The IP Code (or International Protection Rating, sometimes also interpreted as Ingress Protection Rating*) consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. As defined in international standard IEC 60529, it classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures. The standard aims to provide users more detailed information than vague marketing terms such as waterproof.

The digits (characteristic numerals) indicate conformity with the conditions summarized in the tables below. For example, an electrical socket rated IP22 is protected against insertion of fingers and will not be damaged or become unsafe during a specified test in which it is exposed to vertically or nearly vertically dripping water. IP22 or 2X are typical minimum requirements for the design of electrical accessories for indoor use.

*Explanation of the letters IP is given in IEC 60529 (Ed. 2.1), clause 4.1

diy  electric  standards 
29 days ago
Who invented wrapping presents? We need to have a word...
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29 days ago
Household Waste Recycling Centres - Milton Keynes Council
Where are the Household Waste Recycling Centres?

Our three Household Waste Recycling Centres are located at:

Bleak Hall, Chesney Wold, MK6 1NE
New Bradwell, Newport Road, MK13 0AH
Newport Pagnell, North Crawley Road, MK16 9HG
Map showing the locations of the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Milton Keynes.

The centres are open 7 days a week from:

8am to 8pm from 1st April to 30th September
8am to 5pm from 1st October to 31st March
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.
Centres will close at 1pm on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.
Trade times vary - See our Trade Waste Page

mk  miltonkeynes  council 
4 weeks ago
Footwear Safety Codes | Ultimate Guide to Safety Boot Ratings
Protective boots and shoes come in many forms. There are antistatic shoes, ECD (Electro Static Discharge) safety shoes, cut-resistant boots and footwear that is specifically designed to protect particularly delicate parts of the foot like the metatarsal.

Here’s a list of abbreviations that are commonly used…
4 weeks ago
Magnum Footwear Stealth Force 6 Safety Boots Black Size 11 | Safety Boots | Screwfix.com
View reviews (3)

Be the first to ask a question.
6"" tall. 100% leather upper offers over the ankle protection. Composite plastic and rubber/EVA sole is as strong as steel but much more lightweight, and is also scanner safe. Padded collar and tongue and contoured insole with memory foam provide excellent comfort and support. Agion anti-bacterial treatment fights bacteria, mould and fungus, helping to prevent odours.

Safety Rating: S3 WR SRC HRO HI CI A
200J Composite Toe Cap
Composite Penetration-Resistant Midsole
Wide Fit
Oil-Repellent & Chemical-Resistant Sole
Not Tested for Sole Heat Resistance
Water-Resistant Upper
Anti-Static Range 100kΩ - 1000mΩ
Shock-Absorbing Heel
Reinforced Heel
redcross  shop 
4 weeks ago
Magnum Unisex Adult Stealth Force 6.0 Leather Ct/cp Safety Boot: AmazonSmile: Shoes & Bags
Magnum Unisex Adult Stealth Force 6.0 Leather Ct/cp Safety Boot
4.7 out of 5 stars 28 customer reviews | 3 answered questions
RRP: £100.00
Price: £86.54 FREE delivery.
You Save: £13.46 (13%)
Fit: As expected (89%). Find the right size for you
Size: [[[ 11 . ]]]
Size Chart
Colour: Black (Black 069)
Expected to arrive after Christmas. Need a gift quickly? Send an eGift Card or print an Amazon Voucher.
Eligible for


Tested & Certified to EN 20345:S3.
Composite toecap & penetration resistant plate.
Outer Material: Leather
Inner Material: Manmade
Sole: Rubber
Closure: lace-up
Heel Type: Flat
Material Composition: 100% Mixed
Shoe Width: Normal
M-Pact contoured sockliner with memory foam.
Agion antibacterial treatment.
Anti-static construction.
redcross  shop 
4 weeks ago
Listed buildings: Bus shelter and cattle trough get listed status - BBC News
Listed buildings: Bus shelter and cattle trough get listed status
20 December 2018

Image caption
The thatched bus shelter in Osmington, West Dorset, was built by a couple in memory of their son who died in World War Two

A bus shelter, a cattle trough and a Rolls-Royce test hangar are among the more unusual heritage places gaining listed status this year.

Highlights from the 952 buildings and sites given new or upgraded protection also include an elaborate pedestrian subway in London and a thatched cricket pavilion at Uppingham School in Rutland.

Historic England said 2018 saw 924 new listed buildings and structures.

The year, which marked the centenary of the end of World War One, saw 638 war memorials added to the list or upgraded in status.

Pedestrian Subway, Vestibule, Terrace and Stairs beneath Crystal Palace Parade, London
bbc  news  uk  architecture  history 
4 weeks ago
National Historic Fleet - Wikipedia
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The National Historic Fleet is a list of historic ships and vessels located in the United Kingdom, under the National Historic Ships register. National Historic Ships UK is an advisory body which advises the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and other public bodies on ship preservation and funding priorities. As part of this remit, National Historic Ships maintains the National Register of Historic Vessels (NRHV), which as of September 2014 listed over 1,000 vessels. The National Historic Fleet is a sub-grouping of this register, the vessels included on this list are distinguished by:

Being of pre-eminent national or regional significance
Spanning the spectrum of UK maritime history
Illustrating changes in construction and technology
Meriting a higher priority for long term preservation[1]
The National Historic Fleet may also include vessels from the National Small Boat Register which are a minimum of 50 years old and which fit the above criteria.

As of September 2014 there are 206 vessels on the register, including museum ships, those still in active or commercial service, and a number currently laid up. Some are being actively restored, others have an uncertain future.
5 weeks ago
BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours, Special Educational Needs, Stammering, Starless Cars and No Brexit Content!
Special Educational Needs, Stammering, Starless Cars and No Brexit Content!
You and Yours
Special education needs, managing a stammer, cars that fail safety tests, why no Brexit?

Add "Special Educational Needs, Stammering, Starless Cars and No Brexit Content!" to FavouritesAdd to Favourites
Choose your file
Higher quality (128kbps)
Lower quality (64kbps)

Release date: 13 December 2018
Available now

32 minutes
bbc  radio  radio4  stammer  stutter  podcast 
5 weeks ago
Bibliography – ELIZABETH M. HURST


Skilfully weaving a contemporary plot around a historical mystery, Elizabeth concentrates on a group of strong female characters and their individual challenges, romantic and otherwise. A dash of the supernatural brings heightened tensions to the stories, forcing each protagonist to approach their problems in a way that may be unfamiliar, often resulting in a somewhat unexpected conclusion.

### Siren Spirit (Lost Souls 1)

Emma McVeigh is emotionally adrift. Broken-hearted after her marriage breakup, she has escaped city life and sought solace in a quintessential English village. Allowing herself time to regroup seems like the best course of action in her life right now.

However, the picture-perfect thatched cottage she moves into hides a secret and is not the sanctuary she was hoping for.

Enter her dashing next-door neighbour, Lewis. Charismatic and confident, he seems to be everything Emma wants in a man and she’s very attracted to him. But after a drunken one-night stand, he turns out to be not all he seems either.

Can they each face their inner demons and, in doing so, solve the mystery of another lost soul?

Click to BUY

### A Friend in Need (Lost Souls 2)

 Selena Thornton wants a child, but she is haunted by tragedy and clinical depression. As a result, she won’t let her husband anywhere near, however hard he tries to be close to her. A rift has opened up between them and it threatens their marriage.

Over three hundred years earlier, against a backdrop of religious oppression, another woman laments the loss of her child, missing presumed dead.

A spooky encounter causes a shift in Selena’s thinking and she begins to view the world through different eyes. Who is the little girl in the Quaker house? And why does it seem like the most important thing in the world to solve her mystery?

Click to BUY

### A Letter of Lament (Lost Souls 3) – COMING IN 2019!
family  book  blog 
5 weeks ago
IOP Public Lecture "Recreating the Big Bang with the World's largest machine - the LHC at CERN"
IOP Public Lecture "Recreating the Big Bang with the World's largest machine - the LHC at CERN"

Type: Lecture

Date: 11 December 2018

Time: 19:30-20:30

Location: Berrill Lecture Theatre

Speaker is Prof. David Evans, University of Birmingham

The 27km Large Hadron Collider (LHC), situated 100 metres under the Swiss-French border at CERN near Geneva, is the World's most powerful particle accelerator. In the LHC, protons (hydrogen nuclei) are smashed together at 0.999999991 times the speed of light recreating, for a tiny instant, the violent particle collisions which would have existed less than a billionth of a second after the Big Bang. For about four weeks a year, lead nuclei are accelerated and collided in the LHC producing the highest temperatures and densities ever made in an experiment and recreating the exotic primordial soup which existed at the birth of our Universe. Professor David Evans, from the University of Birmingham, will explain some of the physics behind the LHC and why it was built.

ALL WELCOME! Light refreshments after the talk when you can meet the speaker.
ou  lecturer  event  mk 
6 weeks ago
Webcam 720P HD, GUCEE HD92 Skype Web Camera Wide Angle with Microphone USB Plug and Play Web Cam, Widescreen Video Callling Recording for PC Computer Laptop for Mac, Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories
Webcam 720P HD, GUCEE HD92 Skype Web Camera Wide Angle with Microphone USB Plug and Play Web Cam, Widescreen Video Callling Recording for PC Computer Laptop for Mac, Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
by iRush

4.0 out of 5 stars 174 customer reviews | 54 answered questions
Price: £14.99 & FREE UK Delivery on orders dispatched by Amazon over £20. Delivery Details
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Note: This item is eligible for click and collect. Details

1 new from £14.99
Colour Name: HD92 720P
amazon  shop 
6 weeks ago
Rudy Giuliani Twitter typo sparks anti-Trump protest website | US news | The Guardian
Arizona web designer seizes on Giuliani mistake to promote site calling Trump a ‘traitor’

Martin Belam

Wed 5 Dec 2018 11.35 GMT Last modified on Wed 5 Dec 2018 12.57 GMT

Rudy Giuliani, who accidentally helped create a new anti-Trump protest website with his Twitter typo. Photograph: Charles Krupa/AP
Rudy Giuliani has accused Twitter of allowing someone to “invade” one of his tweets to spread an anti-Trump message, after the veteran Republican sent a message with a typo.

On 30 November, Giuliani sent a tweet criticising Robert Mueller for issuing an indictment just as Donald Trump was heading to the G20 summit in Buenos Aires. Giuliani said Mueller had done similar in July as Trump left for a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin, and that the actions could have been easily taken earlier or later. “Out of control! Supervision please?” declared the former mayor of New York’s tweet.
guardian  news  USA' 
6 weeks ago
The Guardian view on May and parliament: a pattern of contempt | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
Theresa May’s style of government is destined to fail in the absence of a Commons majority
Wed 5 Dec 2018 18.30 GMT Last modified on Wed 5 Dec 2018 19.55 GMT

Theresa May speaks in the Commons on 4 December 2018 during the debate on the Brexit withdrawal agreement. Photograph: HO/AFP/Getty Images
The attorney general’s legal advice on the Brexit withdrawal agreement, prised from a clenched government fist by parliament, reveals no deficiencies in Theresa May’s plan that were not previously known. But the document, published today, does spell problems out in uncomfortably stark terms.

No one is surprised to learn that the UK would not have a power unilaterally to dissolve “backstop” arrangements designed to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland. That is what the backstop always meant. Still, it aggravates Brexiter displeasure to see the government’s own lawyer write that rule-taking alignment with the EU would “endure indefinitely until a superseding agreement took its place”.
guardian  news  UK  brexit 
6 weeks ago
Washington mourns George HW Bush as Trump gives cold shoulder to Clintons | US news | The Guardian
Trump does not greet the Clintons and George W Bush delivers an emotional eulogy at the state funeral of 41st president

David Smith in Washington

Wed 5 Dec 2018 19.12 GMT Last modified on Wed 5 Dec 2018 20.55 GMT

Former president George W Bush delivers his eulogy during a funeral service at the National Cathedral in Washington DC on Wednesday. Photograph: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images
It was a cold day in Washington. When Donald Trump walked in, the temperature plummeted a good deal lower.

In the front pew of the National Cathedral at Wednesday’s state funeral of President George HW Bush, Bill Clinton had been chatting animatedly with Barack and Michelle Obama. Hillary Clinton had been in conversation with Jimmy Carter.

Then came the Trumps. First Lady Melania stood and cordially shook hands with the Obamas and Bill Clinton, and a little wave to Hillary, as her husband took off his coat. Trump plopped down into the end seat before shaking hands with Barack Obama, who nodded formally, and Michelle, who forced a smile and “Good morning”.
guardian  USA  news 
6 weeks ago
Sensors For The Web!  |  Web  |  Google Developers
Sensors For The Web!

By Alexander Shalamov
Alex is an Engineer at Intel

By Mikhail Pozdnyakov
Mikhail is an Engineer at Intel
Today, sensor data is used in many native applications to enable use cases such as immersive gaming, fitness tracking, and augmented or virtual reality. Wouldn't it be cool to bridge the gap between native and web applications? The Generic Sensor API, For The Web!

What is Generic Sensor API?
The Generic Sensor API is a set of interfaces which expose sensor devices to the web platform. The API consists of the base Sensor interface and a set of concrete sensor classes built on top. Having a base interface simplifies the implementation and specification process for the concrete sensor classes. For instance, take a look at the Gyroscope class, it is super tiny! The core functionality is specified by the base interface, and Gyroscope merely extends it with three attributes representing angular velocity.

Typically a concrete sensor class represents an actual sensor on the platform e.g., accelerometer or gyroscope. However, in some cases, implementation of a sensor class fuses data from several platform sensors and exposes the result in a convenient way to the user. For example, the AbsoluteOrientation sensor provides a ready-to-use 4x4 rotation matrix based on the data obtained from the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.

You might think that the web platform already provides sensor data and you are absolutely right! For instance, DeviceMotion and DeviceOrientation events expose motion sensor data, while other experimental APIs provide data from an environmental sensors. So why do we need new API?

Comparing to the existing interfaces, Generic Sensor API provides great number of advantages:

Generic Sensor API is a sensor framework that can be easily extended with new sensor classes and each of these classes will keep the generic interface. The client code written for one sensor type can be reused for another one with very few modifications!
browser  mobile  sensor  nquire  citizenscience  blog  API  w3c 
6 weeks ago
Doves Farm Gluten Free Self Raising Flour 1kg | Sainsbury's
Doves Farm Gluten Free Self Raising Flour 1kg
Image for Doves Farm Gluten Free Self Raising Flour 1kg from Sainsbury's
4.3 out of 54.3 out of 5
(3 reviews) Write a review
£1.75/unit £1.75/kg
1 in trolley
Item code: 6812865 Social Links (may open in a new window)
Tweet on Twitter

A blend of naturally gluten free flours

Home baking

Gluten free

Kosher - KLBD, Parve

A blend of naturally gluten free ingredients, use this flour as an alternative to self raising flour made from wheat. Follow one of our gluten free recipes or adapt a traditional recipe by adding a little extra liquid.
sainsbury  food  shop  health 
7 weeks ago
South Cornwall | Grand Designs
South Cornwall

Tom and Danielle Raffield’s lifelong passion is steam bending wood into extraordinary curvy shapes.  They’ve spent much of their lives using the technique to make small-scale furniture and lighting, but now they’re taking their craft to the next level.

Desperate to escape the tiny 44 square metre gamekeeper’s lodge they currently live in, Tom and Danielle decide to build a spectacular wavy wooden house for themselves and their two children in a wood in South Cornwall. Their new home will have curvy steambent cladding, twisty hand made furniture and interior walls covered with a smorgasbord of naturally-weathered timber from their woodland.

With just a 100k budget to play with, they get stuck into building as much of their bendy home themselves as they can. At first they just about cope with Danielle project managing and looking after the kids while Tom keeps their business running in the workshop.  However when business suddenly takes off and they’re inundated with orders, then there’s news of a third child on the way, they’re soon close to being overwhelmed…
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(1) Our Journey - YouTube
Our Journey





Tim Coughlan
Published on 30 Nov 2018

An introduction to using the Our Journey online tool featuring an example of a student creating a journey.
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git - How to delete the last n commit on Github and locally? - Stack Overflow
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To remove the last two commits locally I'd suggest using:

git reset --hard HEAD^^

Rebase is a completely different operation that won't help you here.

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answered Apr 14 '12 at 12:14
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The Irish Border on Twitter: "The people who had the idea of Brexit but were too incompetent to actually organize it have now had the idea of staging a coup against their own idea but are too incompetent to actually organize it"
The Irish Border

Following Following @BorderIrish

The people who had the idea of Brexit but were too incompetent to actually organize it have now had the idea of staging a coup against their own idea but are too incompetent to actually organize it

10:57 PM - 16 Nov 2018

1,500 Retweets 4,363 Likes

46 replies 1,500 retweets 4,363 likes

Reply 46 Retweet 1.5K Like 4.4K Direct message

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Average Vehicle Age - SMMT
Average Vehicle Age

The average age of a car at scrappage in 2015 reached 13.9 years, which is on a par with the 2014 performance. The lowest scrappage age, 13 years, was recorded in 2009, a result of government’s scrappage scheme.

Furthermore, the average age of a vehicle on the road has increased, from 6.8 years in 2003 to 7.8 recorded in 2015. This reflects both slower fleet renewal and the increased longevity of vehicles. This trend works against the uptake of new vehicles, which would bring greater environmental benefits. Newer vehicles also incorporate  more advanced occupant and pedestrian safety features.

Challenge 1
The automotive industry has co-operated with the recycling industry to ensure vehicles have become one of the most recycled products on the market. New vehicles are being designed to meet CO2 targets, in some cases resulting in the introduction of new materials.
All vehicles continue to be designed to be 95%recoverable at the end of their lives.
The introduction of new materials provides both challenges and opportunities for further development of the recycling markets.

Challenge 2

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• Average age of cars in the UK, 2000-2016 | Statistics
Transportation & Logistics›Vehicles & Road Traffic›Average age of cars on the road in the United Kingdom (UK), 2000-2016

Average age of cars on the road in the United Kingdom (UK) between 2000 and 2016*

Average age


• 6.88

Data visualized by
© Statista 2018

About this statistic

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This graph shows the average age of cars on the road in the United Kingdom (UK) between 2000 and 2016, including projections for 2015 and 2016. It can be seen that before the recession the average age of cars in the UK was falling, however, since the recession the average age has risen drastically and will probably continue to rise.
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- Symfony
Home » symfony 1.x » Legacy Documentation » The Reference Book

* Introduction
* The YAML Format
* Configuration File Principles
The settings.yml Configuration File
The factories.yml Configuration File
The generator.yml Configuration File
The databases.yml Configuration File
The security.yml Configuration File
The cache.yml Configuration File
The routing.yml Configuration File
The app.yml Configuration File
The filters.yml Configuration File
The view.yml Configuration File
Other Configuration Files
What's new in symfony 1.3/1.4?
Upgrading Projects from 1.2 to 1.3/1.4
* Deprecations and removals in 1.3
* Appendix A - License

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symfony1 - Dynamic page titles in Symfony 1.4 - Stack Overflow
I personally like using the yml files, it separates 'configuration' from code

To deal with dynamic titles I do the follow:

in apps/frontend/config/app.yml

title_separator: ' - '
title_default: 'TITLE'
in apps/frontend/config/view.yml


If you need to have data from your actions put into the title, create file lib/myActions.class.php with the following content:

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Broadcasting and the Open University - Scupham - 1970 - British Journal of Educational Technology - Wiley Online Library
Scupham, J. (1970), Broadcasting and the Open University. British Journal of Educational Technology, 1: 44-51. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8535.1970.tb00516.x

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7 weeks ago
The Open University : report of the Planning Committee to the Secretary of State for Education and Science / - The Open University
Great Britain. Open University Planning Committee. (1969). The Open University : Report of the Planning Committee to the Secretary of State for Education and Science /. London :: HMSO.
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7 weeks ago
A really fun party trick I’ve been working on is laying perfectly still during MRI scans

30 minutes and I won’t sc…
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8 weeks ago
Everybody is writing letters, so I've written a letter to the Prime Minster. I should really get a computer if I'm…
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Brexit: What will happen if MPs reject Theresa May's deal? - BBC News
By Ben Wright
Political correspondent, BBC News
23 November 2018

Related TopicsBrexit
Image copyrightPA
It feels like Westminster is tumbling towards a political crisis without modern precedent.

Soon, perhaps in the second week of December, the House of Commons will debate and then vote upon a government motion to approve the EU withdrawal agreement and accompanying political declaration. The terms of the UK's departure from the EU.

But at the moment, it looks as if Theresa May faces an incredibly hard job getting it passed.

She leads a government with a working majority of just 13. Only seven Tory rebels are needed to defeat it.

EU won't offer 'better deal' on Brexit - May
DUP may revisit Tory deal says Foster
Brexit vote will be honoured, says Abbott
But according to the latest number-crunching by BBC researchers, 81 Tory MPs have said they object to the deal Mrs May hopes to sign off with EU leaders on Sunday.

With Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP and even perhaps the DUP set to vote against the motion too, the withdrawal agreement looks set to be torpedoed in the Commons.

Between now and then Theresa May will exhaustively insist the deal is in the national interest and the only way of ensuring Brexit happens.

But if the withdrawal agreement is defeated, what happens then?
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In Pictures: The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 - BBC News
In Pictures: The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

7 hours ago

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A shocked squirrel has scooped the overall prize in this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Out of thousands of entries from around the world, Mary McGowan, from Tampa, Florida, won the overall prize with her photo titled Caught in the Act.

Other entrants included an exasperated bear, a smiley shark and a rhino appearing to wear a tutu.

Here is a selection of some of the hilarious winners and highly commended entries.

Winning photos

Mary McGowan's photo of a shocked squirrel was the overall winner, as well as taking the People's Choice and Creatures of the Land awards
Image caption
Shane Keena won the Creatures of the Air prize with this photo of an owl apparently playing peek-a-boo
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