Where's Sir Andy Flurry? Keeping track of Scotland's gritters - BBC News
Where's Sir Andy Flurry? Keeping track of Scotland's gritters
2 hours ago
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Image copyrightBEAR SCOTLAND
Image caption
Sir Andy Flurry loads up with salt ahead of another grit-spreading tournament

Scotland has a set of surprise heroes - in the form of road gritters.

Thanks to social media, Traffic Scotland's fleet of light-flashing, salt-spraying kings of the road have become a bit of a sensation.

Followers have been glued to their screens following the roads authority's Gritter Tracker.

They were surprised to find out the vehicles had humorous names like Sir Andy Flurry, Sir Salter Scott and Gritty Gritty Bang Bang.

The force was with the people of Ayrshire during Tuesday's snow flurries, their roads were being protected by Luke Snowalker.

Image caption
The Gritter Tracker has captured the imagination of Scots on social media
Around Dunblane, Sir Andy Flurry was out on duty.

Along with strong snow-slaying names like the Ice Destroyer, Snow Queen and Ice Buster, more unassuming gritters like Fred, Jack and Frosty have also been out and about keeping the country moving.
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5 hours ago
Women in UX: Meet Henny Swan, Advocate for UX Inclusivity | Adobe Blog
Featured in
2018 Adobe Experience Business Awards: Business Impact Through Optimization

How Two Sundance Ignite Alumni Are Taking Their Work to New Heights


by Sheena Lyonnais
POSTED ON 01-12-2018
Henny Swan was driven to work in accessibility back in the 90s when websites were flashier than RuPaul’s most glamorous gown. Those animations laid the foundation for her work in what we now understand as user experience design.  

It was the 1990s, back when websites were flashier than RuPaul’s most glamorous gown. Henny Swan, who is now the director of user experience at the Paciello Group in the UK, was working in China on an early search engine. Websites at the time were so flamboyant and unusable in her opinion that they ignited her career in what we now understand to be user experience design.

“Everything that we know about design in the West is counter to what people love about design in China,” she said. “They like it busy and animated, so I inadvertently found myself going, ‘Actually, this animation is a little bit too much.’”

When the dot-com bubble burst, Swan found herself back in the UK, where she is originally from. Around this time, the term accessibility was starting to shift gears and gain traction. The Royal National Institute of Blind People, based out of London, England, was looking for an accessibility consultant. Swan applied and got the job, a decision that would come to define her career in web and establish her niche as an accessibility expert in the design industry.

While many become passionate about accessibility in design because they or a loved one has experienced an accessibility challenge, Swan realized early on that design has the power to disable us all — if not already, then most certainly in the future. The term is much broader than the traditional definition that many associate it with.
iheni  blog  adobe  accessibility  advocacy  society 
22 hours ago
The animation genius you've (probably) never heard of - BBC Ideas
Saved Ideas

The animation genius you've (probably) never heard of
The charming story of how Lotte Reiniger became one of the great pioneers of early animation.
Made by Infocandy, 10 January 2018
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Should we all write in Chinese? - BBC Ideas
Saved Ideas

Should we all write in Chinese?
What if the whole world used the same writing system?
Made by Angel Sharp Media, 11 January 2018
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Londoners hit out at 'mistimed' bus safety alerts - BBC News
5 hours ago
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Image copyrightGETTY
Image caption

A glitch means the new warning, "the bus is about to move", often sounds after buses pull away from stops

Bus passengers have criticised Transport for London (TfL) over a "mistimed" announcement designed to stop people falling over on board.

The warning, "Please hold on, the bus is about to move", is supposed to sound just before buses pull away from stops.

But a technical glitch means many warnings sound after the bus has started moving.

Some passengers have branded the idea "annoying and useless", but TfL said it would make journeys safer.
bbc  london  uk 
Mail. Done. Right: Secure mails made easy with Tutanota
Get your encrypted
mailbox for free.

Sign up

And install our app:
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Broughton Cycling Group (Milton Keynes, United Kingdom) | Meetup
Broughton Cycling Group

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom



Gary S.

Gary S. and 54 others
Request to join

Our groupMeetupsMembersPhotosDiscussionsMore
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JSONPath - XPath for JSON
Mechanik, das Web und der ganze Rest
| Home | Lehre | Download | Info |
|2007-02-21| e1

# JSONPath - XPath for JSON

A frequently emphasized advantage of XML is the availability of plenty tools to analyse, transform and selectively extract data out of XML documents. XPath is one of these powerful tools.

It's time to wonder, if there is a need for something like XPath4JSON and what are the problems it can solve.

Data may be interactively found and extracted out of JSON structures on the client without special scripting.
JSON data requested by the client can be reduced to the relevant parts on the server, such minimizing the bandwidth usage of the server response.
If we agree, that a tool for picking parts out of a JSON structure at hand does make sense, some questions come up. How should it do its job? How do JSONPath expressions look like?

Due to the fact, that JSON is a natural representation of data for the C family of programming languages, the chances are high, that the particular language has native syntax elements to access a JSON structure.

The following XPath expression


would look like



javascript  json  xml  blog  2007  php 
4 days ago
We make stuff | dev.ac.uk
We make stuff
dev.ac.uk: a unique free event by and for developers

UCISA and Jisc are working with the developer community to create a unique event that combines continuing professional development with exposure to the latest in emerging technologies, and gives developers who attend the opportunity to showcase their creativity.

Register your interest:

Please use this survey link to register your interest and to make suggestions for sessions.

Are you… ?

* A Moodle hacking Learning Technologist?
* A Research Software Engineer, writing the code that powers modern science?
* An Oracle guru building mission critical systems for your institution?
* A scripting sysadmin, orchestrating on-premise and cloud services?
* Running, or in the throes of setting up, a DevOps capability at your institution?
* Looking at how to deal with technical debt in your university or college?

* Two days of inspiring talks from developers at institutions
* Hands on with new and emerging tech from the Jisc DigiLab
* Unconference strand - a blank slate to make your own!

* Birmingham

* Thursday 15th - Friday 16th February 2018

* Free to attend for institutional developers, including meals, refreshments and accommodation (travel costs not included)
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5 days ago
ES6 Template Literals, the Handlebars killer?
Keith Cirkel
JavaScript Cyber Shepherd
Twitter GitHub

26 Oct 2016 in JavaScript, ES6
ES6 Template Literals, the Handlebars killer?

I had a recent discussion with one of the awesome developers at the FT - @bjfletcher. We were looking at how viable it would be to replace a templating language, like Handlebars with ES6 Template Literals, in some manner. Ben suggested it’d be a good idea to turn our discussion into a post, and here we are - with a click bait title and everything.

So what are Template Literals? How can they do what a complex library like Handlebars does? Settle in, dear reader, and let’s find out…

A crash course through Template Literals

I’ve discussed ES6 here before - we looked at Symbols (you should read that, we’ll be using Symbols today), Reflect and we looked at Proxies. Even more ES6 content will be coming too (tease tease). Another big part of ES6 was also these things called Template Literals. They serve as a bit of a fix for many things to do with Strings in ES6 land. So let’s just have a quick rundown of their features:

A literal syntax

ES6 template literals, as the name suggests, come with a new literal syntax. They use back ticks (` `) to denote the start and end (just like strings use quote marks (' ' or " ")). Within those back ticks, Template literals are parsed at runtime, to provide some new features.

Newlines allowed.
One of the neat little features about Template Literals, is that unlike String literals, they allow for newline characters; strings spanning over multiple lines look a lot cleaner as you don’t need to write a bunch of ugly syntax concatenating them over lines. This seems like a small, maybe irrelevant feature, but it’s very important for our use case - making template languages! Here’s an example:

var templateString = `

// equivalent with strings:
var oldString = '\n' +
' Hello\n' +
' World\n';
javascript  es6  blog 
6 days ago
Jerusalem: UN resolution rejects Trump's declaration - BBC News
25 minutes ago
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Media captionHaley's warning: "The United States will remember this day"
The UN General Assembly has decisively backed a resolution effectively calling on the US to withdraw its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The text says that any decisions regarding the status of the city are "null and void" and must be cancelled.

The non-binding resolution was approved by 128 states, with 35 abstaining and nine others voting against.

It came after US President Donald Trump threatened to cut financial aid to those who backed the resolution.

How did UN members vote?
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25 days ago
2017 Quiz Of The Year - Part Two - BBC News
2017 Quiz Of The Year - Part Two
21 December 2017
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How well do you remember the stories and people in the news this year?

Test your memory of 2017 in our four-part Christmas quiz - 52 questions for 52 weeks of the year.

If you cannot see the quiz, click here.

Picture credits - Getty Images

2017 quiz of the year - part one, people

Join the conversation
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26 days ago
Labour and Co-operative - Wikipedia
Labour and Co-operative Party (often abbreviated Labour Co-op; Welsh: Llafur a’r Blaid Gydweithredol) is a description used by candidates in United Kingdom elections who stand on behalf of both the Labour Party and the Co-operative Party.

Candidates contest elections under an electoral alliance between both parties, that was first agreed in 1927.[1] This agreement recognises the independence of the two parties and commits them to not standing against each in other in elections.[2] It also sets out the procedures for both parties to select joint candidates and interact at a local and national level.

At the 2017 General Election, 38 Labour and Co-operative MPs were elected, making it the third largest political group in the House of Commons.[3] The Chair of the Co-operative Parliamentary Group is Gavin Shuker and the Vice-chair is Anna Turley.[4]
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26 days ago
BVRLA welcomes Plug-in Car Grant assurances | BVRLA
Release Date: 
The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has clarified the status of the Plug-In Car Grant (PICG), which is available for vehicles emitting less than 75g/km CO2.  

It has confirmed that the current version of the grant, worth up to £5,000, will end this year, at a date yet to be confirmed. Until that date, OLEV has said that it will honour any deal placed on its system for a qualifying car, provided that the vehicle has been allocated to a customer and is delivered and registered within nine months.

The BVRLA had sought the confirmation from OLEV to combat growing uncertainty within the leasing sector, which had led a number of companies to remove the £5,000 grant from their quotation systems.
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26 days ago
Which country can claim to be the World's oldest democracy? | Notes and Queries | guardian.co.uk
Which country can claim to be the World's oldest democracy?
Russell Campbell, Dunedin, New Zealand

Lots of them can. And do. Greece has a pretty good claim having invented the concept in the first place. However, long spells as an Ottoman colony or under military junta might put it out of the running if you're looking for longest continuously democratic country. Britain has a decent claim but it depends what you mean by democracy. As Rowan Atkinson put it in Blackadder: "take Manchester for instance. Population: 60,000. Electoral roll: 3". America frequently claims to be but this is because they define democracy so narrowly and in their own image such that on their criteria they're the worlds only democracy and on any other criteria they still aren't and never have been.
Seth, Edinburgh, Scotland

Perhaps Iceland can - their parliament, the Althing, is the oldest one still in use. It was formed in 930 by Vikings.
Johan van Slooten, Urk, Netherlands
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28 days ago
The town that disappeared - BBC News
The town that disappeared
By Jenny Norton
18 December 2017
Across Russia, hundreds of small towns have been abandoned in the past 20 years.

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost jobs and homes after their town's main industry collapsed.

The future of more than 300 single-industry towns hangs in the balance. The race is on to try to save them.

It’s the summer of 1976 and people in the small Far Eastern coal-mining town of Kadykchan are flocking to their local cinema to see a new film. Foreign pictures are a big attraction and The Death of Japan is no exception. As the lights go down and the dark red curtains open, audiences are treated to an epic disaster movie about a scientist battling to save Japan from a catastrophic tsunami.
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28 days ago
Welcome to The Trump Family Swamp - The Washington Post
Monetizing the presidency is a form of abuse that knows no end once it settles into the Oval Office.
from twitter_favs
28 days ago
Hyundai Ioniq Electric Charging Guide - How to charge a Hyundai Ioniq EV
Home » Charging Points » Hyundai Ioniq Electric Charging Guide


The Hyundai Ioniq Electric is the only one of the class leading EVs to not have been updated during its time on sale. However it was also later coming to market than its main EV rivals, so remains towards the top of the mainstream EV range league table. The Ioniq is the first model to be offered as an EV, PHEV, and conventional hybrid, and as such has been designed from the outset for electrification. Boasting a range of 174 according to official figures, and 149 miles attainable in real world conditions, the Ioniq qualifies for the Category 2 OLEV Plug-in Car Grant, worth up to £4,500 off the cost of the vehicle. An additional £500 EVHS grant is also likely to be available towards the cost of installing a charge point at home.

Next Green Car says: “Anyone looking at an EV should definitely consider the Ioniq Electric.”

Find out more in the below Zap-Map Hyundai Ioniq Electric charging guide.

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29 days ago
Hyundai IONIQ Electric Charger | Pod Point
Hyundai IONIQ Electric Charger Guide

The complete guide to charging your Hyundai IONIQ Electric, covering range, charging time and charging cost.
Get quick answers - jump to:

What's the range of a Hyundai IONIQ Electric?
How long does it take to charge a Hyundai IONIQ Electric?
How much does it cost to charge a Hyundai IONIQ Electric?
How to charge a Hyundai IONIQ Electric?
How much does a Hyundai IONIQ Electric charger cost?


Hyundai IONIQ Electric Charger Cost
A 3.7kW charging point costs from £279* fully installed.

*Pricing assumes eligibility of the OLEV grant and standard install terms.

Pod Point is offering Hyundai IONIQ Electric customers a discount on 3kW and 7kW home charging points.

For example, a 7kW Pod Point costs £300 inc VAT and the OLEV grant.
electric  car 
29 days ago
BBC Two - Jeff Lynne's ELO - Wembley or Bust
Jeff Lynne's ELO - Wembley or Bust

Watch live
Jeff Lynne's ELO - Wembley or Bust

Thrilling concert film that documents Jeff Lynne's ELO playing their triumphant concert for a massive audience at Wembley Stadium on 24 June 2017. This visually and musically impressive film gives viewers a remarkable evening in the life of recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Lynne - one of the most successful recording artists, songwriters and producers of all-time. Having spent much of his recent life in America working in the studio and producing other musical greats, Lynne returns home for this unbelievable stadium show.

In Wembley or Bust, Lynne and his remarkable musical ensemble fill Wembley Stadium with one of the greatest rock & roll spectacles of all time, complete with bells, whistles and spaceships, and most importantly, many of the most-beloved songs, from vintage ELO classics like Mr Blue Sky, Livin' Thing and Evil Woman to Do Ya from his days with The Move, Handle With Care, which he recorded with the Traveling Wilburys, right through to When I Was A Boy from his latest ELO masterpiece, Alone In The Universe.

Directed by Paul Dugdale, music lovers All Over The World can now see Jeff Lynne bringing all of his magnificent rock & roll dreams to life in a giant soccer stadium and winning big in every way.

Show less
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4 weeks ago
Understanding WCAG 2.1 - Low Vision Success Criteria
By Glenda Sims on December 14, 2017

Hi, everyone! I'm back to talk more about WCAG 2.1 and its latest December 7th working draft. We actually had a separate recording of this video ready to go, but since latest version, there have been a few changes so we have an up-to-date video ready for you.

This video focuses on low vision and offers a brief overview of the other topics that we'll be covering in the next sections for cognitive and mobile.

Feel free to follow along with the video below:

Latest WCAG 2.1 Working Draft: 20 New Success Criteria
Are you ready for a glimpse of the accessibility future? The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) just released the December 7th version of the WCAG 2.1 working draft. Currently, there are 20 proposed new success criteria. Now, don't worry, this is just a working draft. These are proposed new success criteria. They may not all make it.

Let's take a closer look at these 20. Your first question may be, "how many level A are there versus AA, versus AAA?" Currently, six of the new proposed SC at level single A, nine of the new proposals are at level double-A, leaving five of the new proposals at triple-A, for that total of 20. This could change, but that's what we're seeing right now in this 7th version of the working draft that was released on December 7th.

WCAG 2.1 Focus Areas
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4 weeks ago
Botanical exploits: How British plant hunters served science - BBC News
By Helen Briggs
BBC News
10 December 2017
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Image caption
Plant specimens are pressed under large rocks at George Forrest's campsite in Lichiang Range

In a corner of the Yorkshire Dales, far from the beaten track, you might stumble on the peaceful village of Clapham.
Now known as a stop-off point for exploring the dales, it was once the home of a rock garden full of plants never seen before in the Western world.
Legend has it that the Edwardian plant-hunter Reginald Farrer loaded a shotgun with seeds collected on an expedition to Ceylon and fired them into a rock cliff and gorge.
While the rock garden is long gone, you can still see other specimens brought back by Farrer dotted around the woods beside his family home.
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4 weeks ago
Mt Hope installed as 'UK's highest peak' - BBC News
By Jonathan Amos
BBC Science Correspondent, New Orleans
11 December 2017
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Related TopicsAGU 2017

Image copyrightBAS/ALAN VAUGHAN
Image caption
Mount Hope is more than twice the height of Ben Nevis in Scotland

Britain has a new tallest mountain.

Mt Hope, which is sited in the part of the Antarctic claimed by the UK, was recently re-measured and found to tower above the previous title holder, Mt Jackson, by a good 50m (160ft).

Hope is now put at 3,239m (10,626ft); Jackson is 3,184m (10,446ft).
The map-makers at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) were prompted to take another look at the mountains because of concerns for the safety of pilots flying across the White Continent.

bbc  science  world  environment 
4 weeks ago
In Pictures: The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 - BBC News
In Pictures: The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017
15 December 2017
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An owl dangling precariously from a branch has scooped the overall prize of this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Out of the 3,500 entries, Tibor Kercz won the overall prize with his series of images showing an owl losing its footing and trying to claw its way back on to a branch.
Other entrants included a yawning dormouse, a photobombing sea turtle and a rather shocked seal.

Take a look at all the winning photos from the competition.
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4 weeks ago
前有充气企鹅后有塑料蝴蝶 奇葩展览再现广西(图)-广西新闻网
Via: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-42353106

BBC Trending
Chinese visitors left furious by 'fake' butterfly exhibition
By BBC's UGC and Social News Team
And BBC Monitoring's Kerry Allen
14 December 2017

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Photo taken by visitors in a butterfly exhibition held in Guanxi, China, 10 December 2017Image

Image caption
A video of the "fake" exhibition has been viewed more than three million times

Visitors hoping to see an exhibition displaying thousands of "dancing butterflies" in China last weekend were left disappointed after realising they had bought tickets to see plastic butterflies attached to sticks instead.
via:bbc  china  blog  news  bbc 
4 weeks ago
Installing Nginx in Mac OS X Maverick With Homebrew (Example)
Last Updated: September 02, 2017 · 129.3K · reiaguilera
Installing Nginx in Mac OS X Maverick With Homebrew

Install with brew

Use brew to install the nginx with command:

brew install nginx
After install run:

sudo nginx

Open Navigator it by going to URL:


The default place of nginx.conf on Mac after installing with brew is:

Changing the default port (8080)
homebrew  nginx  server 
4 weeks ago
Install Nginx, PHP and MySQL on OS X · frdmn's Notes

Recently I got a new MacBook Pro and decided to set it up from scratch, because I've used the same Time Machine backup to migrate from about four years over and over again.

Perfect time to get rid of the LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) web server stack and replace it with Nginx and PHP-FPM. Below you can read a detailed guide how to setup Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on OS X 10.9 / Mavericks.

Updated for Yosemite users: Updated the guide for OS X 10.10 since Yosemite is officially released. The steps are basically the same as for the Mavericks installation.

mac  osx  nginx  php 
4 weeks ago
mysql - How do I load a sql.gz file to my database? (importing) - Server Fault
To display a progress bar while importing a sql.gz file, download pv and use the following:

$$ pv mydump.sql.gz | gunzip | mysql -u root -p

In CentOS/RHEL, you can install pv with yum install pv.

In Debian/Ubuntu apt-get install pv.

In MAC, brew install pv
linux  mysql  server  stackexchange 
4 weeks ago
Support for HTTP proxies · Issue #26 · duzun/hQuery.php
nfreear commented 3 days ago

To answer my question, the way to support a HTTP proxy is:

$http_context = stream_context_create([
'http' => [
'method' => 'GET',
'user_agent' => 'MyAgent/1.0 +url',
'proxy' => 'my-proxy.example.com:80',
'header' => [],

$htmldoc = hQuery::fromFile( $scrape_url, false, $http_context );
See: GitHub: nfreear/school-closure .. bin/school-closure.php

Do you want to add an FAQ / Question label to this ticket?




Also, Gist: https://gist.github.com/nfreear/5fadc8c4e604486f0fec6c0f0f94be60#
github  php  proxy  scraper 
4 weeks ago
7 days quiz: What special club have these pizzas now joined? - BBC News
7 days quiz: What special club have these pizzas now joined?
8 December 2017
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It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world over the past seven days?
bbc  quiz 
4 weeks ago
certificate - What is a Pem file and how does it differ from other OpenSSL Generated Key File Formats? - Server Fault
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down vote

SSL has been around for long enough you'd think that there would be agreed upon container formats. And you're right, there are. Too many standards as it happens. So this is what I know, and I'm sure others will chime in.

.csr This is a Certificate Signing Request. Some applications can generate these for submission to certificate-authorities. The actual format is PKCS10 which is defined in RFC 2986. It includes some/all of the key details of the requested certificate such as subject, organization, state, whatnot, as well as the public key of the certificate to get signed. These get signed by the CA and a certificate is returned. The returned certificate is the public certificate (which includes the public key but not the private key), which itself can be in a couple of formats.

.PEM ...
stackexchange  security  ssl  cryptography 
4 weeks ago
Stringly Typed
Stringly Typed

A riff on strongly typed. Used to describe an implementation that needlessly relies on strings when programmer & refactor friendly options are available.
For example:
Method parameters that take strings when other more appropriate types should be used. On the occasion that a string is required in a method call (e.g. network service), the string is then passed and used throughout the rest of the call graph without first converting it to a more suitable internal representation (e.g. parse it and create an enum, then you have strong typing throughout the rest of your codebase). Message passing without using typed messages etc. Excessively stringly typed code is usually a pain to understand and detonates at runtime with errors that the compiler would normally find. -- http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2012/07/new-programming-jargon.html
wiki  programming 
5 weeks ago
Javascript and Functional Programming: An Introduction
Omer GoldbergFollow
hacker | entrepreneur | http://mindflowai.com
Nov 27
Javascript and Functional Programming: An Introduction
Note: This is part of the “Javascript and Functional Programming” series on learning functional programming techniques in JavaScript ES6+. Checkout <Part 2> on First Class Functions.
I’ve always been about the bottom line. Uninterested in pseudo intellectual concepts, fancy terminology and hype. Instead, I always reach for the tools and technologies that help me ship code as soon as possible. This approach was initially productive — specifically when I was building smaller “proof of concept” applications.
Unfortunately, this approach did not scale. As I progressed as a developer I started feeling the law of diminishing return on my productivity. Setting up a project, and reaching basic functionality was fast
hackernoon  blog  javascript  functional  programming  tutorial 
5 weeks ago
It's the ed tech event of the year! The 's Innovating Pedagogy 2017 is out! Get it here…
from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago
A list of domains for disposable and temporary email addresses. Useful for filtering your email list to increase open rates (sending email to these domains likely will not be opened).
Created 5 years ago •

Embed Download ZIP
Code Revisions 1 Stars 250 Forks 53

A list of domains for disposable and temporary email addresses. Useful for filtering your email list to increase open rates (sending email to these domains likely will not be opened).

email  spam  gist  cloudworks  cloudengine 
5 weeks ago
Regular Expressions Functions - MariaDB Knowledge Base
Regular Expressions Functions
Open Questions
MariaDB Enterprise

MariaDB starting with 10.0.5

MariaDB includes a number of functions for dealing with regular expressions.

Regular Expressions Overview
Regular Expressions allow MariaDB to perform complex pattern matching on a string
mysql  sql  regexp 
5 weeks ago
MySQL :: Re: Extract the found REGEXP value
Re: Extract the found REGEXP value
Posted by: Devart Team
Date: November 17, 2010 02:38AM

Function definition -

CREATE FUNCTION function_get_digits(input_string VARCHAR(255))
SET @digit_len = 9; -- no more digits are parsed
SET @digit_pos = -1;
SET @len = LENGTH(input_string);
SET @i = 1;

WHILE @i <= @len
SET @c = SUBSTRING(input_string, @i, 1);
mysql  sql  regexp  forum  howto 
5 weeks ago
House Price History (MK)
Land Registry sold prices
22 Wolston Meadow, Middleton, Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes MK10 9AY

Sale Date Property Price Paid Source
28 Jul 2017 Detached, Freehold £370,000 Land Registry
25 Aug 2000 Detached, Freehold (New Build) £121,995 Land Registry Previously listed on Rightmove on August 2017
3 bedroom detached house
house  extension  mk 
6 weeks ago
How to serve a custom HTTPS domain on GitHub Pages with CloudFlare: *FREE*, secure and performant by default

CloudFlare is an awesome reverse cache proxy and CDN that provides DNS, free HTTPS (TLS) support, best-in-class performance settings (gzip, SDCH, HTTP/2, sane Cache-Control and E-Tag headers, etc.), minification, etc.

1. Make sure you have registered a domain name.
2. Sign up for CloudFlare and create an account for your domain.
3. In your domain registrar's admin panel, point the nameservers to CloudFlare's (refer to this awesome list of links for instructions for various registrars).
4. From the CloudFlare settings for that domain, enable HTTPS/SSL and set up a Page Rule to force HTTPS redirects. (If you want to get fancy, you can also enable automatic minification for text-based assets [HTML/CSS/JS/SVG/etc.], which is a pretty cool feature if you don't want already have a build step for minification.)

9. ...

gist  github  jekyll  howto  http  ssl  security 
6 weeks ago
Set Up SSL on Github Pages With Custom Domains for Free
Engineer | Programmer | Researcher | More at https://www.priyanshujain.me/ @github: priyanshujain
Jan 24
Set Up SSL on Github Pages With Custom Domains for Free


Sign up for Cloudflare if you don’t already have an account.
Add your website, and make sure all automatically generated records match those on your registrar’s website.
3. If you already have a gh-pages website and are simply moving to https, you don’t need to do anything else.
4. If not, and are trying to set up your site at apex, create an A record pointing to Github’s IP addresses, else a CNAME pointing to your-username.github.io.
5. Make sure there’s a CNAME file at the root of your gh-pages repo with your domain name.
6. Make sure there’s a CNAME file at the root of your gh-pages repo with your domain name.
7. Go to your Domain Registrar’s website and change the Domain Name Servers to those Cloudflare provides you with.
8. Finish Setting up your Domain on Cloudflare and go to the Domain Dashboard.
9. Open the “Cloudflare Settings” for your domain, and change the SSL Setting to “Flexible SSL”.
10. Redirect all visitors to HTTPS/SSL using page rule.
ssl  http  github  jekyll  blog  security  search  cloudflare  hackernoon 
6 weeks ago
Anatomy of a Crushing (Pinboard Blog)
Pinboard Blog

Anatomy of a Crushing

A number of people asked about the technical aspects of the great Delicious exodus of 2010, and I've finally had some time to write it up. Note that times on all the graphs are UTC.

On December 16th Yahoo held an all-hands meeting to rally the troops after a big round of layoffs. Around 11 AM someone at this meeting showed a slide with a couple of Yahoo properties grouped into three categories, one of which was ominously called "sunset". The most prominent logo in the group belonged to Delicious, our main competitor. Milliseconds later, the slide was on the web, and there was an ominous thundering sound as every Delicious user in North America raced for the exit. [*]

I got the message just as I was starting work for the day. My Twitter client, normally a place where I might see ten or twenty daily mentions of Pinboard, had turned into a nonstop blur of updates. My inbox was making a kind of sustained pealing sound I had never heard before. It was going to be an interesting afternoon.
blog  bookmarking  performance  business 
6 weeks ago
Eight Years of Victory (Pinboard Blog)
Pinboard Blog

Eight Years of Victory

Pinboard is eight!

Here's what's happened so far:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
bookmarks 3.5 27 53 76 97 122 148 173
tags (M) 11 76 135 178 212 251 291 291
active users (K) 2.8 16 23 23 24 25 24 29
blog  bookmarking 
6 weeks ago
Yahoo is now part of Oath
Yahoo is now part of Oath

Q: What has changed?

A: Yahoo is now part of ‘Oath’, a digital and mobile media company with more than 50 brands globally (including Yahoo, HuffPost, Engadget, TechCrunch, Moviefone and Makers), and a member of the Verizon family of companies working to shape the future of media. Oath strives to create a passionate and engaged community of users by building content and products that inspire and entertain the world.

Q: Why am I receiving this notice?

A: We would like to inform you in advance that, as of 18 September 2017, Yahoo and Oath plan to share some user information within the Verizon family of companies which will enable us to integrate our business, allowing us to coordinate more and improve your experiences.

Q: How will my information be used? How will this help me as a user?

A: Your information is used to continually deliver innovative, engaging and
yahoo  email  policy 
6 weeks ago
Beachy Head: Lighthouse building images up for sale - BBC News
Local News | Regions | Sussex selected

Beachy Head: Lighthouse building images up for sale
4 hours ago
From the section Sussex ... Share

Image copyrightDAVID LAY
Image caption
Beachy Head lighthouse sits about 165 metres from the base of the cliffs

A collection of images showing the Beachy Head lighthouse during its construction is up for auction.

The 71 slides of the East Sussex lighthouse show workers scaling rickety ladders down the cliffs, as well as taking a cable car to the site.

It is thought the images were taken by an engineer working on the construction between 1900 and 1902.

Beachy Head lighthouse was designed and built by the Cornish-born Sir Thomas Matthews.
bbc  history  technology  engineering 
7 weeks ago
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
WAI-Tools Project Open Meeting

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 | 9:00 am Europe Time (GMT+01:00) | 3 hours | Not started

Host: Shadi Abou-Zahra Add to my calendar
Less information

Meeting number: 315 472 410
Meeting password: w3c-wai
w3c  accessibility  a11y  workshop  online 
7 weeks ago
How do I let Akismet know something is spam? | Akismet Documentation
Akismet has two levels of learning – global and local. Local learning is taught by the site owner and occurs whenever something is marked as spam that Akismet thinks is not spam, and when something is marked as Not Spam and Akismet thinks it is. So Akismet learns what you like and don’t like. This is partly so spammers cannot try to “poison” Akismet so easily and also because some people get angry when any comments are caught – their blog, their comments.

To mark an individual comment as spam hover over it and press the “Spam” button.
spam  online  tool 
7 weeks ago
Starting and Stopping Background Services with Homebrew
brew services

First, install brew services by tapping homebrew/services (one time):

brew tap homebrew/services
Here’s an example usage:

$ brew services start mysql
==> Successfully started `mysql` (label: homebrew.mxcl.mysql)
Behind the scenes, brew services start is doing everything in the post-install message above. First it runs ln -sfv ... for you. Then it runs launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.mysql.plist. It Just Works.

Let’s say MySQL’s acting funky. We can easily restart it:
homebrew  mac  osx  mysql  server  nginx 
7 weeks ago
WebAIM: To ARIA! The Cause of, and Solution to, All Our Accessibility Problems
Home > Blog > To ARIA! The Cause of, and Solution to, All Our Accessibility Problems

When WebAIM evaluates a client’s website for accessibility, we often spend more time evaluating and reporting on ARIA use than any other issue. Almost every report we write includes a section cautioning against ARIA abuse and outlining ARIA uses that need to be corrected or, most often, removed. Ironically, this is often followed by a list of issues that can only be addressed with ARIA.
Like many adults who were teenagers in the ’90s, I can think of a Simpsons quote to fit just about any situation. In one popular episode, Homer holds up a mug of beer and proposes a toast "To alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems." With just a bit of tweaking, this quote represents my feelings about ARIA.


## role="button"

When used correctly, it can tell a screen reader that an element functions like a button, but this role is often used extraneously (<button role="button">), or used where a true button should be used instead. I also see it used with elements that do not function as buttons. For example, if a link is given role="button", JAWS will tell the user to activate the button with Spacebar, but links can only be activated with Enter. This would then require key event detection to ensure that pressing the Spacebar will activate the "button".

a11y  accessibility  blog  webaim  howto 
7 weeks ago
T.Cont 74% Plain Chocolate Bar 100G - Tesco Groceries
T.Cont 74% Plain Chocolate Bar 100G

Tesco .. Plain Chocolate
tesco  shop  food  sweet 
7 weeks ago
Next PDB - 15 November 2017
Chris Edwards, Lecturer, Institute of Educational Technology
In our team meeting this morning, and it is clear that KD is no longer working. I must therefore post another version of the file I posted 3 hours ago.
institutions status (OUUK) 22-Nov v2.docx
15.1 KB Download

5 hours ago via web Notified 59 people Applaud

Francis Brouns, Researcher with expertise on open source / open access / IP
Dear Roumiana,

attached our status.

kind regards,
institutions status_OUNL.docx
21.9 KB Download

4 hours ago via web Notified 59 people Applaud


Roumiana Peytcheva-Forsyth, Pilots Manager
Thank you, Frances! It will be great if you send me the description of the assessment scenarios as well :-)

Best wishes


4 hours ago via web Notified 59 people Applaud

Mariana Durcheva, assoc. professor
Dear All,
a teacher of our team reported today also that KD is no longer working. 
Best regards,
An hour ago via web Notified 59 people Applaud

Chris Edwards, Lecturer, Institute of Educational Technology
Yes, it's not for us either.
An hour ago via web Notified 59 people Applaud

tesla  project  IET-OU  basecamp 
7 weeks ago
High Contrast - Chrome Web Store
Change or invert the color scheme to make webpages easier to read.
High Contrast lets you browse the web with your choice of several high-contrast color filters designed to make it easier to read text.

When you install this extension, all pages are "inverted", so black becomes white and white becomes black. Press the "browser action" icon in the toolbar to toggle it on and off, or customize your settings on a per-site basis. Use a convenient keyboard shortcut to quickly change your settings while you browse.

Other extensions try to change the default colors, but this ends up breaking many popular websites. Only this extension applies filters to your page that invert almost everything - the only exception is photos, which are left alone.

Also note that the Chrome web store and other built-in pages like the New Tab page and Settings pages are unaffected - extensions like this one are not allowed to modify them, by design.
Report Abuse
Additional Information
Version: 0.9.3
Updated: November 8, 2016
Size: 157KiB
chrome  extension  accessibility  test 
8 weeks ago
"No input file specified" using Homestead | Laravel.io
pixelpeter replied 3 years ago
Quick Tip: The VM behaves differrently when started from the VirtualBox GUI. To avoid the "no input file specified" error alway use vagrant up to start your VM


ndf42@MCD267768 ~/workspace/iet-web/Homestead ((v5.4.0))$ vagrant reload --provision
==> homestead-7: Attempting graceful shutdown of VM...
==> homestead-7: Checking if box 'laravel/homestead' is up to date...
==> homestead-7: Clearing any previously set forwarded ports...
==> homestead-7: Clearing any previously set network interfaces...
==> homestead-7: Preparing network interfaces based on configuration...
homestead-7: Adapter 1: nat
homestead-7: Adapter 2: hostonly
==> homestead-7: Forwarding ports...
homestead-7: 80 (guest) => 8000 (host) (adapter 1)
homestead-7: 443 (guest) => 44300 (host) (adapter 1)

laravel  php  IET-OU 
8 weeks ago
Massive well done to and on your journey 👏👏👏 we will miss you on our screens ev…
from twitter_favs
8 weeks ago
The couple that made history. RT to give and a huge round of applause 👏
from twitter_favs
8 weeks ago
Hi, Zimbabweans
Just to summarise 's speech,

Uncle Bob do you resign as president of Zimbabwe?
from twitter_favs
8 weeks ago
Had no idea Judge Rinder fronted Tears For Fears.
from twitter_favs
8 weeks ago
11W B22 (Bayonet) Filament LED Bulb - Clear (4000K) - LED Filament Bulbs - LED Bulbs
11W B22 (Bayonet) Filament LED Bulb - Clear (4000K)
SKU: B22-11W-A67-4000K-C
You will earn 22 Points for purchasing this product.


Lumens 1440 Beam Angle 320 Power Consumption (W) 11

house  electricity  light 
8 weeks ago
11W E27 (ES) Filament LED Bulb - A67 - Amber - LED Filament Bulbs - LED Bulbs
Home LED Bulbs LED Filament Bulbs 11W E27 (ES) Filament LED Bulb - A67 - Amber
11W E27 (ES) Filament LED Bulb - A67 - Amber
SKU: E27-11W-A67-2200K-A
You will earn 22 Points for purchasing this product.


Lumens 970 Beam Angle 320 Power Consumption (W) 11

house  light  electricity  extension 
8 weeks ago
Types of Lamp Fittings - Easy Light Bulbs
Name Product Code/Stock Reference Diameter Diagram Image Description/Use

Lilliput Edison Screw (LES) E5 5mm   Small decorative applications and indicator buttons
Miniature Edison Screw (MES) E10 10mm   Often found in industrial applications
Candelabra Edison Screw (CES) E12 12mm   An American cap but often used in Europe especially in candle shaped lamps
Small Edison Screw (SES) E14 14mm Commonly found in a range of domestic applications

Edison Screw (ES) E27 27mm This is the most popular Edison Screw cap and is found in a vast range of applications

Giant Edison Screw (GES) E40 40mm   Commonly used in commercial 250w+ applications

extension  light  electricity 
8 weeks ago
Crompton 7W High Output LED GU10 (Warm White) - GU10 Bulbs - Find Light Bulbs by Cap Type | Light bulbs Direct
Crompton 7W High Output LED GU10 (Warm White)

SKU: 4996 - IN STOCK

3 for 2 Offer

This high output LED GU10 spotlight from Crompton Lamps is the first of its kind to offer a direct LED alternative to 75W halogen GU10 bulbs.

It shares the same dimensions and GU10 fitment as traditional spotlights, but uses a fraction of the energy at just 7W. Combine this with a marke...

View full product description
Make a trade enquiry
about this product
£4.99inc. VAT
Add to My Bulbs
1 Reviews

* 7 Wattage
* 500 Lumens
* Rating A+
* Beam Angle 35º

extension  light 
8 weeks ago
3w Crompton LED GU10 - SMD - Warm White | Lightbulbs-Direct | Light bulbs Direct
Crompton - Non Dimmable LED - 4W GU10 SMD Warm White

SKU: 4810 - IN STOCK

This warm white LED GU10 provides the same light intensity as a 53W GU10 halogen bulb but in reality consumes just 4W. Designed as a direct, retrofit replacement for your power hungry halogen light bulbs, it delivers savings of over 85% on electric costs with no rewiring required whatsoever. It emit...

View full product description
Make a trade enquiry
about this product
£2.99inc. VAT
Add to My Bulbs
4 Reviews

* 4 Wattage
* 320 Lumens
* Rating A++
* Beam Angle 110º

house  extension  light 
8 weeks ago
Tesla unveils first truck - and roadster - BBC News
Dave Lee
North America technology reporter
5 hours ago
From the section Technology 582 comments ... Share

Media captionWATCH: See the new Tesla Semi and Roadster

Tesla has unveiled its first electric articulated lorry, designed to challenge diesel trucks as king of the road.

The long-anticipated Tesla Semi has a range of 500 miles on a single charge.
Tesla says the vehicle - known in the US as a semi-trailer truck - will go into production in 2019.
Chief executive Elon Musk also unexpectedly revealed a new Roadster, which he said would be "the fastest production car ever" made.
The red sports car was driven out of the trailer of the electric lorry during Tesla's presentation on Thursday.
The Roadster will have a range of close to 1,000km (620 miles) on a single charge and will do 0-100mph in 4.2 seconds.

Mr Musk described it as "a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars".
bbc  technology  news  electric  car 
8 weeks ago
North Korean defector found to have 'enormous parasites' - BBC News
By Andreas Illmer
BBC News
59 minutes ago
From the section Asia Share this with Facebook Share this with Twitter Share this with Messenger Share this with Email Share
Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image caption
Parasites like tapeworms (file pic) can live inside people's digestive tracts
A North Korean soldier who was shot while fleeing across the border has an extremely high level of parasites in his intestines, his doctors say.
The defector crossed the demilitarised zone on Monday, but was shot several times by North Korean border guards.
Doctors say the patient is stable - but "an enormous number" of worms in his body are contaminating his wounds and making his situation worse.
His condition is thought to give a rare insight into life in North Korea.
"I've never seen anything like this in my 20 years as a physician," South Korean doctor Lee Cook-jong told journalists, explaining that the longest worm removed from the patient's intestines was 27cm (11in) long.
How do you get a parasite?
Humans can get parasites through eating contaminated food, by being bitten by an insect or by the parasite entering through the skin.
In the case of the North Korean defector, the first case is most likely. Parasites which enter the body via contaminated food are often worms.
The North still uses human faeces as fertilisers. If these faeces are untreated and fertilise vegetables that are later eaten uncooked, the parasites get into the mouth and the intestines of the person.
Nine charts which tell you all you need to know about North Korea
Inside the world's most secretive country
What are North Korean snacks like?
While some don't cause any severe symptoms, others can be life-threatening, explains Prof Peter Preiser from the School of Biological Sciences at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.
"What they all do is take nutrients away from your body," he told the BBC. "So [even] if most of them might go unnoticed, they all indicate a poor health status. To put it simply: people who have parasites are not healthy."
bbc  health  news  asia  poverty 
8 weeks ago
The degrees that make you rich... and the ones that don't - BBC News
By Dr Jack Britton
Institute for Fiscal Studies
17 November 2017
From the section Family & Education 31 comments Share this with Facebook Share this with Twitter Share this with Messenger Share this with Email Share
Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Hundreds of thousands of young people are in the process of applying to university, in time for a 2018 start. Their choices can make a huge difference to future earnings.
For most university graduates, having a degree pays.
Over the course of a lifetime, estimates suggest women can expect to earn about £250,000 more if they have a degree, while the figure is roughly £170,000 for men.
In England, higher tuition fees mean that, on average, students graduate with debts of more than £50,000 - much more than their counterparts in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
But repayments are only one of many factors which affect how much money graduates will have in their pockets in years to come.
The universities which attract the highest incomes
bbc  education  economics  society  UK 
8 weeks ago
The Pentagon accidentally retweets call for Trump to resign - BBC News
The Pentagon accidentally retweets call for Trump to resign
By Rozina Sini
BBC UGC & Social News
1 hour ago
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Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
It holds nuclear missile codes, it's in charge of the security of the United States, and its ultimate boss, the US president, is a prolific tweeter. But when it comes to handling its own Twitter account, the Pentagon could do with improving its skills.
On Thursday the US Department of Defense accidentally retweeted a tweet calling for Donald Trump to resign as US president.
The original tweet which also called for two other US politicians to step down following sexual harassment allegations was tweeted from an account belonging to @ProudResister, an anti-Trump activist.
It said: "The solution is simple. Roy Moore: Step down from the race. Al Franken: Resign from congress, Donald Trump: Resign from the presidency. GOP: Stop making sexual assault a partisan issue. It's a crime as is your hypocrisy."
The Pentagon's main account retweeted the message to its 5.2 million followers before quickly deleting it. But the embarrassing blunder did not go unnoticed. A screen shot of the Pentagon's retweet was itself retweeted and shared, and the reaction to it was swift.
bbc  USA  twitter  politics  news 
8 weeks ago
(49) Taskmaster Is the Greatest Show in the World - YouTube
Taskmaster Is the Greatest Show in the World




Dakota Hawkins
Published on 4 Oct 2017
No, really.
Standard YouTube Licence

Add a public comment...
youtube  comedy  humour 
8 weeks ago
Six universities told to change advertising claims - BBC News
By Sean Coughlan
BBC News education and family correspondent
8 hours ago
From the section Family & Education ... Share

Image caption
Universities have been told to be more careful about advertising claims

The advertising watchdog has told six UK universities to take down marketing claims that could be misleading.
Leicester, East Anglia, Strathclyde, Falmouth, Teesside and the University of West London have all had complaints upheld against them.
The Advertising Standards Authority is warning against exaggerated claims made to attract students.
Chief executive Guy Parker says students need "good evidence" when making such a big financial commitment.
"Misleading would-be students is not only unfair, it can also lead them to make choices that aren't right for them," said Mr Parker.
Universities face false adverts warning
Institutions challenged on top 1% advert
For the first time universities are going to be issued with guidance on avoiding misleading information.
bbc  news  education  UK 
8 weeks ago
Do welfare states boost economic growth, or stunt it? - BBC News
By Tim Harford
BBC World Service, 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy
9 hours ago
From the section Business ...l Share

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Women in politics are sometimes accused of consciously exploiting their femininity to get ahead in a male-dominated world.

Frances Perkins did that, but in an unusual way: she tried to remind men of their mothers.
She dressed in a plain, three-cornered hat, and she refined the way she acted, based on careful observation of what seemed to be most effective in persuading men to accept her ideas.
Perhaps it's no coincidence that those ideas could reasonably be described as maternal or parental.
Any parent wants to shield their children from serious harm, and Perkins believed governments should do the same for their citizens.
She became President Franklin D Roosevelt's Secretary of Labour in 1933.
bbc  society  USA  UK  history  economics 
8 weeks ago
Understanding NGINX location rules | fisharebest
Understanding NGINX location rules
Posted on 19 May 2012 by fisharebest
NGINX is great. Fast, efficient, etc. But the “location” rules are a bit cryptic and not very well explained in the manuals.

There are 4 types of location rule, and are applied with the following priorities:

1: Exact matches

There can be only one exact match – the clue is in the name!

location = /foo/bar {
# exact match

2: High priority prefix

There can be more than one match, the longest one takes priority

location ^~ /foo {
# request beginning with /foo

3: Regex

There can be more than one match, the first one found takes priority. There are two variants

location ~ .foo$ {
# case-sensitive regex
location ~* .foo$ {
# case-insensitive regex

4: Low priority prefix

There can be more than one match, the longest one takes priority

location /foo {
# request beginning with /foo

This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged nginx. Bookmark the permalink.
nginx  fisharebest  configuration  server  IET-OU  blog 
9 weeks ago
Tesla’s Model 3 Is Here. Here’s What We Know Now | WIRED
11:30 AM

Electric trucks offer all the advantages of electric cars, namely, they’re greener. Trucks are a big source of the noxious emissions linked to smog and climate change. Minimizing the number of stinky, dirty diesels rumbling through town carries obvious public health benefits. But powering delivery trucks, let alone an 18-wheeler, with a big honkin’ battery simply isn’t practical. So engineers are taking another look at a century old solution: Stringing electrical cables over the road.

Siemens, best known in the transportation world for its trains, and the truck manufacturer Scania developed a hybrid electric truck that draws power from overhead cables like a bus or trolley. You can find some of the trucks undergoing testing on a 1.25-mile stretch of highway in Gävle, Sweden, and crews installing cables alongside a stretch of the 710 and 405 highways in Los Angeles.
magazine  technology  transport  electricity 
9 weeks ago
Why British Chinese mothers won't go out after giving birth - BBC News
By Amber Haque
BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme
13 November 2017
From the section Health ... Share

Image caption
Ching Ching Turner believes confinement is good for the baby's health

"Postnatal confinement" - where new mothers do not leave the house, have visitors or shower for a month after giving birth - is said to be widespread among the UK's Chinese community. Experts warn that few in the medical profession know this occurs.

"Being confined in your flat is important," says Ching Ching Turner, from her home in London that she has not left since giving birth 28 days earlier.
She speaks to the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme via video call, as visitors are not allowed.

Mrs Turner argues confinement is an important process as traditional belief is that the mother and baby's immunity is very low.
She is of Chinese ethnicity, and says: "For us, if you don't practise it you're kind of disadvantaging yourself."
Confinement is common across Asia and in China there are special hospitals where mothers stay confined for a month, sometimes only seeing their babies once a day.
bbc  china  health  uk  culture 
9 weeks ago
Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Review | carwow
Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in
A comfortable and cheap-to-run hybrid

This is the average score given by leading car publications from 4 reviews

Comfy on the motorway
Easy to drive
Cheap running costs on short journeys
Boot is a bit tricky to load
Back seats cramped for tall people
Interior’s a bit dull
£27,795 - £29,595
Price range
If you’re after a comfy small family car with cheap running costs and decent levels of equipment then it’s worth checking out the Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid – it’s a good alternative to the odd-looking Toyota Prius, and can drive for up to 39 miles on electric power alone.

From behind the wheel you’d have no idea you’re in a high-tech hybrid – the dashboard looks and functions just like in a normal car, and there are enough posh-feeling soft-touch plastics to give the Ioniq’s cabin a slightly premium feel. The modern theme continues with the infotainment system – all models get an eight-inch touchscreen system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring systems, so you can mirror your favourite satellite navigation and media-streaming apps on the Ioniq’s screen.

The low-tech side of the Ioniq is decent too. Whichever version you pick you’ll find it easy to get comfy in the front – the steering wheel has a wide range of adjustment so you’ll have no trouble finding your perfect driving position.
car  review  electricity 
9 weeks ago
Britain's Forgotten Army - All 4 / Channel 4
About the programme

This documentary reveals the story of the 140,000 Chinese workers who came to Europe in 1917 and risked their lives for the Allied war effort but whose vital contribution was painted out of history

12 Nov, 7pm

Presenter: Karen Soo.
tv  asia  china  UK  history  documentary 
9 weeks ago
100 Women: The ice ceiling that held women back from Antarctic exploration - BBC News
By Mary Halton
100 Women
10 November 2017
From the section Science & Environment ...l Share

AntarcticaImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
For decades, there was a ceiling not of glass but of ice, for women in science - the continent of Antarctica.

The heroic tradition of polar exploration conducted solely by men meant that Antarctica itself was often thought of as a woman to be conquered.

US Navy Admiral Richard Byrd described it as "an enchanted continent in the sky, pale like a sleeping princess".

Women were not permitted a role in this age of adventure. But not for lack of trying.
Sir Ernest Shackleton refused the request of "three sporty girls" who wrote to him in 1914, seeking a place in his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition because they "[did] not see why men should have all the glory, and women none…"



What men said about women going to Antarctica
"There are some things women don't do. They don't become Pope or President or go down to the Antarctic." - Harry Darlington, 1947

"Women will not be allowed in the Antarctic until we can provide one woman for every man" - Rear Admiral George Dufek, 1957

"Antarctica [will] remain the womanless white continent of peace" - Admiral F E Bakutis, 1965

bbc  100-women  explorer  world  travel 
9 weeks ago
To mark , women across the UK are setting their - because if we're not being paid, why sho…
from twitter_favs
9 weeks ago
Closing the gender pay gap is about equality. It should matter to everyone
from twitter_favs
9 weeks ago
Fawcett Society | Equal Pay Day 2017 Briefing
Closing the gender pay gap is about equality. It should matter to everyone
from twitter_favs
9 weeks ago
How to delete a swap file? | DigitalOcean
May 26, 2014 33.8k views

I was trying to delete the swapfile on a digital ocean virtual server using the instructions given here:


However, when I type:

sudo rm /swapfile

I get the following error:

rm: cannot remove `swapfile': Operation not permitted

I have changed the permissions on the swap file to 777
tesla  research  project  IET-OU  linux  server  performance 
9 weeks ago
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