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2 days ago
J. R. Carpenter || A Handmade Web
In today's highly commercialised web of multinational corporations, proprietary applications, read-only devices, search algorithms, Content Management Systems, WYSIWYG editors, and digital publishers it becomes an increasingly radical act to hand-code and self-publish experimental web art and writing projects.

The more proprietary, predatory, and puerile a place the web becomes, the more committed I am to using it in poetic and intransigent ways.
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2 days ago
One Mile Scroll
The One Mile Scroll transforms virtual space into an actual, physical distance.
art  internet 
2 days ago
On observing time – The Creative Independent
Jon Gacnik muses over the internet, mountains, and the nature of time itself.

“The infoverse may be infinite, but our allotment of days is not.” We ought to be conscious of how far and how quickly we move through the internet. But without a physical way to observe our time spent online, we risk scrolling, skimming, and hyperlinking ourselves to oblivion.
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2 days ago
We Asked Nintendo, Microsoft, and 12 Other Devs How They Deal With Crunch - Waypoint
Some didn't want to talk about it, others praised governments with pro-labor laws, and most were somewhere in-between.
labor  politics  game  gamedev 
2 days ago
Reimagining Single-Page Applications With Progressive Enhancement
Single-page applications tend to take the form of runtimes, JavaScript executables deployed like popup shops into vacant <body> elements. They’re temporary, makeshift and not cURL-able: Their content is not really there without a script being executed. They’re also brittle and underperforming because, in service of architectural uniformity and convenience, they make all of their navigation, data handling and even the basic display of content the responsibility of one thing: client-side JavaScript.
css  javascript  webdev 
2 days ago
CSS Inheritance, The Cascade And Global Scope: Your New Old Worst Best Friends
In place of the extensive writing and prescription of classes, I looked at some other methods:
- leveraging inheritance to set a precedent for consistency;
- making the most of element and attribute selectors to support transparent, standards-based composition;
- applying a code- and labor-saving flow layout system;
- incorporating a modest set of highly generic utility classes to solve common layout problems affecting multiple elements.
css  design  webdev  webdesign 
3 days ago
Take the Power Back: Activity is the Answer to the Toxic Web
You may have heard that the best way to deal with the “information overload” is to switch off your devices. To take a break from the Internet. Go for a run. Roll out the Yoga mat. Read a book. Talk to your friends. Switching off is good advice. But eventually, you’ll be back. How about changing? Changing from passive, to active. From scroll to search, from react to rethink, from like and retweet to write and link. Take the power back.
tech  writing  good  social_media  internet 
4 days ago
Building for sustainability with WordPress - Susty WP
This website aims to act as a guide to making WordPress websites more sustainable, and to serve as a practical example of how we can tune our websites and reduce their carbon footprint. The homepage of this website is delivered to your browser with just 7KB of data transfer. This is achieved by its theme, plugins and configuration. As of 2016, the average website data transfer was 2.3MB, making it 333 times bigger than this website!
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6 days ago
Host web fonts on your server
There are several reasons why you might not want to include web fonts on your website. Your visitors can be easily tracked by Google and others. An alternative is to host all needed fonts on the same webspace where your website is installed.
webdev  security 
6 days ago
Battlegrounds' Uneasy Proximity to Military Simulators
After all, Battle Royale is an intensely political piece. Its director, Kinji Fukasaku, based it off his experience working in a munitions factory as a teenager in World War II. He made Battle Royale as a comment on teenage aimlessness, the violence of social ties and the brittle nature of morality in life or death situations. While some of these themes do occur in PUBG, they feel more vestigial than central pillars of what the game is trying to say.
game  good  politics 
7 days ago
Brutalist Web Design
- Understand the semantic meaning of HTML elements.
- Learn about typography.
- Try designing for a small screen by default.
- Learn from designers about the choices they made and why they made them.
- When in doubt, do what Tron does: fight for the users.
webdesign  webdev  design  internet 
8 days ago
[DIY] I made a striped T-Shirt
reddit user gyobin made a striped T-Shirt: 95% cotton, 5% elastane, 233g/sm, taped shoulders, taped and padded nape and (mostly) seam matched.
diy  fashion 
16 days ago
Big-O Algorithm Complexity Cheat Sheet
Cheat sheet for Big O complexity in algorithms, includes sort examples
theory  utility  programming  reference 
16 days ago
WipEout (PSX) – Model Viewer
Model viewer and map fly through of Wipeout maps
16 days ago
Digital Nomads – Devine Lu Linvega
Devine Lu Linvega discussing his digital nomadism with Hundred Rabbits at Play By Play 2018
talk  video  digital_nomad  minimalism 
17 days ago
Maria Arenas
Graphic Design + Art Direction
portfolio  designer 
20 days ago
It was raining in the data center – everest pipkin
As the cloud enters our towns, devices, homes, and lives, it touches us. This cloud is both present and distant, physical and ephemeral. When the cloud touches us, we also become a part of the network: another node. It is no surprise that we meet such a system with paranoia, given its inherent threats. But our paranoia is not psychosis. Its hyper-connective structure mirrors the structure of the cloud itself; it’s the closest thing to a literal examination of this network that is available to us.
tech  politics 
5 weeks ago
Here’s Your Cheat Sheet to Happiness
Professor Laurie Santos didn’t set out to create the most popular course in the history of Yale University and the most talked-about college course in America.…
good  psychology  human  happiness 
6 weeks ago
Uses This / Aaron Swartz
I just bought a new bottom-of-the-line MacBook Pro. Before that I had an original white MacBook. I felt a little bad buying something new when my laptop was still functional, but pieces were falling off of it and it was crazy slow. I started leaving it out in the open in hopes that someone would steal it, but that didn't work. Finally, I decided to concede and just buy a new one.
interview  tech 
6 weeks ago
Northern Star: On Twin Peaks, Sheryl Lee, and Laura Palmer
The essence of this final sequence is one of a lingering trauma within the heart of Twin Peaks. Dale, never considered that this may be the most horrific place to bring a victim of sexual abuse. It was never a nuanced idea for him to think beyond his "by the book, goody-two-shoes, idealism". He never considered the girl, and neither did the Twin Peaks audience. Fire Walk With Me was famously rejected by audiences and critics alike, Laura's dead body has been made into toys, Killer BOB was made into a cute popfunko figurine, and Entertainment Weekly never even bothered to cover Fire Walk With Me in their magazines celebrating the Twin Peaks revival. Laura Palmer was never taken seriously, and by extension it feels like my own past trauma wasn't either.
7 weeks ago
who killed videogames? (a ghost story) | insert credit
To put it most bluntly — and this is only a theory — videogames killed videogames.
game  good 
7 weeks ago
In 'God of War,' Moms Come Last
And so, whether good or bad, mothers have to disappear.

Only fathers can remain.
game  human 
7 weeks ago
Failover Architectures: the Infrastructural Excess of the Data Centre Industry
In much the same way that hostile architecture design aims to control how public spaces are used, we are thus finding an increasingly infrastructured hostility toward offline practices [...]

The (mis)alignment between environmentalism and cloud services begins with the elimination of paper tickets and ends with the cashless economy.

With the cloud being increasingly lifestyled and infrastructured into a range of everyday social and economic practices and processes, data centres continue to grow in size. Far from a massive database in the sky, it is the planet’s surface and our everyday lives that are gradually being colonised by the cloud.
tech  data 
7 weeks ago
The Money River: from "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater," by Kurt Vonnegut
I think it's terrible the way people don't share things in this country. The least a government could do, it seems to me, is to divide things up fairly among the babies. There's plenty for everybody in this country, if we'd only share more.
quote  capitalism 
7 weeks ago
My website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. What could yours be?
If a website has endless possibilities, and our identities, ideas, and dreams are created and expanded by them, then it’s instrumental that websites progress along with us. It’s especially pressing when forces continue to threaten the web and the internet at large. In an age of information overload and an increasingly commercialized web, artists of all types are the people to help. Artists can think expansively about what a website can be. Each artist should create their own space on the web, for a website is an individual act of collective ambition.
tech  human  good 
7 weeks ago
Words I never want to appear in my writing; or, staying friendly towards beginners – Matthew Cassinelli
Nothing with iOS automation or the technical details of how something works is easy, simple, or clear – at some point, it was explained to you. Not everyone knows, you don’t “just” do something because there’s a verb for that action, and many complex things are rarely obvious how to use at first.

I want to avoid alienating anyone who reads my writing or wants to learn more about how to use technology – the goal is to empower, not educate from above.
writing  tech 
9 weeks ago
How Tech Is Remaking Fashion in Its Image
The modernist architects that Scott Sternberg cites dreamt of designing perfect modular houses for all of humanity. The end result of that movement today is a fetishized niche of elite culture and a dwindling set of museumified public buildings. Case Study homes sell on the private market for millions of dollars. Tech-wear may not be as expensive just yet, but it certainly isn’t for everyone.
fashion  tech 
9 weeks ago
I still say one of the best ideas for a Hard mode ever was in Armored Core 4, where something would go wrong on every mission.
I still say one of the best ideas for a Hard mode ever was in Armored Core 4, where something would go wrong on every mission. Your intel would be wrong, the enemy you're ambushing will be tipped off, your mercenary wingman got bought off by a higher bidder, etc. Murphy's Law.
game  design 
10 weeks ago
What Does The Amazon Echo Look Mean For Personal Style? - Racked
“Echo” is a good name for Amazon’s device because it creates an algorithmic feedback loop in which nothing original emerges.
good  tech  longreads  fashion  ai 
12 weeks ago
Yakuza 6 is a power fantasy, but the fantasy is that no one—-not the gangsters, the joke characters from two games ago, the kids who don’t know better—-is so far gone that they can’t set themselves on a path to be better people.
Yakuza 6 is a power fantasy, but the fantasy is that no one—-not the gangsters, the joke characters from two games ago, the kids who don’t know better—-is so far gone that they can’t set themselves on a path to be better people.
12 weeks ago
Chicago Food, Bars, and Coffee
This is my personal list of the best food, bars, and coffee in the city. I think there are other food guides like Michelin that can point you to best-in-class fine dining like Alinea or Schwa, but I've tried to focus on memorable and authentic food experiences that often get overlooked by visitors. That means at some of these places you're going to wind up eating an amazing plate of food with plastic utensils while you're sitting on the curb, so check my "notes" column for details.
12 weeks ago
Strange Loops with Jonathan Zawada | Semi Permanent
I think we'll end up in 10-20 years time realising that had massive consequences. People won't be able to afford the ongoing expenditure of arts and culture. They’ll retire and won't be able to afford to pay for Spotify anymore and realise they don't have music in their lives. It would be depressing thing to think that we once had libraries and free access to stuff, or you could build your own libraries of music and books you owned until you died, but we changed as society so that when you stop working and can't afford it you don't get access to arts and culture anymore.
tech  art  interview 
12 weeks ago
“The Only Constant is Struggle” — DJ Sprinkles Talks Homophobia, Liberal Bullshit, and Why Music is Aural Capitalism
It was typified by the white, middle class fighting for access to drugs. Those who actually practiced more urgent social organising and politics locally were in the minority, and generally would have done so even without the music.
interview  music  politics 
april 2018
Einhander GALLERY
Ripped art from the ps1 game Einhander
art  game  reference 
april 2018
txti - Fast web pages for everybody
Most of the world still does not have internet, but many websites from countries like the United States are big and complicated. This makes it hard for people with slow internet to use these sites. It is even harder for those people to put their own thoughts on the internet. With txti, anyone can use any device to share their story.
tech  one_thing_well  utility  webdev 
april 2018
The thing that really kills me about the silicon valley hypercapitalist hell spiral is how many good, desirable ideas they're killing forever by implementing them so fucking horribly that when everyone wakes up from this daze we'll reject massive swaths o
The thing that really kills me about the silicon valley hypercapitalist hell spiral is how many good, desirable ideas they're killing forever by implementing them so fucking horribly that when everyone wakes up from this daze we'll reject massive swaths of concepts reflexively.
tech  good 
april 2018
Art Knowledge
Some tips and things to become SWOLE (at art)
art  reference 
april 2018
Dear Developer, The Web Isn't About You
We need to keep that beauty and weirdness going that first came with the early web.

Because the webs beauty comes from its diversity. A diversity of tech, and a diversity of people.

We’re the enablers and the defenders of that diversity.

So let’s not make it about us. Let’s make it about the wonderfulness of the Weird Wild Web.
webdev  talk  good 
april 2018
What is my day rate? - The Day Rate Calculator
Every freelancer or contractor deals with this question and yet it sometimes feels like plucking a number out of thin air.

This is especially true of freelancers who are moving from a salaried position for the first time, who often end up selling themselves under their market value.
utility  tools  work 
april 2018
Building games that can be understood at a glance
You have three standard reads:

The first read pulls you in, and it explains the core of your game

The second read fills in key details, or big unintuitive rules.

and The third read gives you contextually important information (contextually important rules).
design  game  gamedev 
march 2018
The Y2K cyber worlds that inspired Porter Robinson’s neo-trance project
The US electronic star on how early websites and millennium aesthetics shaped his music under the Virtual Self moniker
music  art 
march 2018
#deletefacebook – TechCrunch
Facebook simply replaced the tools we once used to tell the world of our joys and sorrows and it replaced them with cheap knock-offs that make us less connected, not more.
march 2018
Shia LaBeouf Is Ready To Talk About It
The actor sets out to save his career—and his soul.

LaBeouf is not broken but on the other side of brokenness, and he’s looked back at the wreckage for long enough. It’s time to go home.
good  human  interview 
march 2018
Animating With Code
Making Things Move for Fun and Profit

By Matt Brelsford
unity  talk 
march 2018
China's Debt Problem and Inevitable Crash
Imagine 2008 US but where people owned 2-3+ houses each because they are betting on a market that sees price increases year after year even though there are huge empty buildings full of people's 2nd or 3rd apt...but no one lives there.
march 2018
Ace of Hearts
This is what Will did — he pulled her one way then doubled back, always changing the rules because for him rules were completely malleable, but everyone had to be living up to a code only he knew.
february 2018
The Tyranny of Convenience - The New York Times
Convenience is the most underestimated and least understood force in the world today. As a driver of human decisions, it may not offer the illicit thrill of Freud’s unconscious sexual desires or the mathematical elegance of the economist’s incentives. Convenience is boring. via Pocket
good  human 
february 2018
The Case Against Google
[...] if you love technology — if you always buy the latest gadgets and think scientific advances are powerful forces for good — then perhaps you ought to cheer on the antitrust prosecutors. Because there is no better method for keeping the marketplace constructive and creative than a legal system that intervenes whenever a company, no matter how beloved, grows so large as to blot out the sun.
tech  google 
february 2018
Anti-capitalist human scale software (and why it matters)
Twitter launches features no one wants. Parse shuts down. Websites track us to an astonishing degree. Corporations close down open systems. They turn over our data to the government.

Software and services that are supposed to make life better are becoming unreliable and untrustworthy. It is increasingly clear that our interests, as software-using humans, are diverging from the interests of software companies.

I am coming to the conclusion that we simply can’t rely on corporations to produce and maintain great, reliable, human-centered software. The systems and incentives are in direct conflict.
capitalism  tech  webdev  good  human 
february 2018
Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post
Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.
politics  human  capitalism 
february 2018
Simple Print from FiveFilters.org
Convert web articles into printable PDFs
one_thing_well  tools 
february 2018
one day I will have a computer company and it will be perfect and here are the rules for that company, A PERPETUAL THREAD
1. The entire engineering team will never exceed 12 people, the total org size will never exceed 24 people. No product needs more people, and the communication overhead becomes ruinous.

2. Real-time chat will be unadorned, un-archived, non-searchable IRC. The limitations are actually assets. Onboarding includes IRC training. Slack is banned.

4. Issue trackers are for actionable bugs and feature requests only; GitHub issues are perfect. Project planning is a separate workflow and tool, URLs are excellent ways to link these two domains. JIRA and all Atlassian products are banned.
tech  good  human 
february 2018
How to Be a Responsible Music Fan in the Age of Streaming
So share your money deliberately when you spend it on music, and it will be a real gesture with a real effect. Share the context of your information online, and its content won’t be stripped from you.
february 2018
Standard for technological innovation by Wendell Berry
1. The new tool should be cheaper than the one it replaces.
2. It should be at least as small in scale as the one it replaces.
3. It should do work that is clearly and demonstrably better than the one it replaces.
4. It should use less energy than the one it replaces.
5. If possible, it should use some form of solar energy, such as that of the body.
6. It should be repairable by a person of ordinary intelligence, provided that they have the necessary tools.
7. It should be purchasable and repairable as near to home as possible.
8. It should come from a small, privately owned shop or store that will take it back for maintenance or repair.
9. It should not replace or disrupt anything good that already exists, and this includes family and community relationships.
good  human  tech 
february 2018
Naomi Clark on Austin Walker's NYU Game center talk
games don’t have to get us out of hell to be worthwhile: they can be in hell with us
game  politics  from notes
february 2018
How to Lerp like a pro | Chico Unity3D
What if we passed Lerp a t that wasn’t just a straight percentage? What if, instead of a straight line graphed between two points, we wanted some sort of curve? Our input must remain between 0 and 1, but there are many functions that accomplish that.
unity  utility  reference  gamedev 
february 2018
looks and acts like a computer desktop
webdesign  webdev  homepage 
february 2018
Dow-Smith Studio
Dow-Smith Studio is a web and interactive design practice with a focus on the design and programming of unique websites
january 2018
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