The naked truth about the power of protest today
“I’m suspicious of the march-and-rally syndrome,” Reverend Billy, a political performance artist famous for his Starbucks exorcisms, told me back in November in the days following the 2004 election. “It doesn’t matter how many of us are marching in the streets, that doesn’t change the government, it doesn’t change our lives.”
february 2013
Hell: Into everlasting fire | The Economist
TO MANY in the West, Hell is just a medieval relic. It went out with ducking stools and witchcraft. It should have disappeared with Plato, who said he wanted to delete every reference to future pain from Homer as damaging to moral character; or with Cicero, who said not even old women believed it; or with Seneca, who thought it a fable only for not-yet-shaving boys...
religion  from instapaper
december 2012
Teaching Boys to Be Half Human
"I, like many others, have written to suggest why making connections between masculinity and violence, race and identity are critical to answering those questions. Specifically, why are we not paying attention to the fact that mass murderers are predominantly young, white and male and thinking about what that means and what to do about it?"
gender  from instapaper
december 2012
Myths, Leaders, and Democracy
Archetypes are universally recognized symbols or patterns of behavior that tend to recur in myths and stories across different cultures. The femme fatale, the hero, and the wise old man are common examples. The leader archetype is also popular. Like Moses or Gandhi, such figures tend to be wise and visionary and able to single-handedly inspire the masses to follow them toward some noble goal.
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december 2012
Wikipedia Gender
Using the gender api that I discovered in this project, I wanted to see the relations between the proportion female/male editing and article and its content. I wanted to check, for instance, if stereotypes are validated.
wikipedia  gender 
september 2012
Integrating Media Literacy Concepts and Skills into Teaching | University of Minnesota Libraries
Approaches to Teaching Media Literacy

Media Arts Education Approach
Media Literacy Movement Approach
Critical Media Literacy Approach
september 2012
Media Education Foundation
Educational Videos for Teaching Media Literacy and Media Studies, featuring Sut Jhally, Jean Kilbourne, Jackson Katz & more
media_literacy  education 
july 2012
Media Literacy: Propaganda
"Propaganda is not the same as advertising or art. Art today is preoccupied with abstract ideas; advertising tries to get you to buy something. Propaganda, on the other hand, is interested in making you believe something. It is the stronger societal force; once you start believing in an idea or ideology you will buy anything – metaphorical or literal – it tries to sell you. Once the public was scared into believing Iraq was trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction, they didn’t seem to mind that they were being fed lies over and over. Untruths and misleading statements were quickly accepted as reinforcement and justification for a particular point of view, even when proven false. Propaganda is that strong."
propaganda  media_literacy 
may 2012
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