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How to deploy infinitely scalable applications to AWS in minutes with Up & Semaphore CI
Many Apex Up users have been asking about integration with continuous integration platforms, this post walks through staging and deploying Up to production using Semaphore CI. Serverless Up…
cd  ci 
december 2017 by nanoxd
Deploying your app on a weekly basis via fastlane + Travis CI - Artsy Engineering
We have a few apps now, but one of them isn't really used by anyone other than developers. This is our React Native host app. We built our React Na...
Fastlane  ci  ios  cd 
august 2017 by nanoxd
DeployBot – Deploy your code anywhere
Push. Build. Deploy! Instantly build and ship code anywhere in one consistent process for your entire team.
ci  devops 
march 2017 by nanoxd
Phoenix |> CircleCI |> Heroku deployment – Medium
Learn how to setup CircleCI to build and test a Phoenix application before deploying to Heroku
phoenix  Heroku  CI 
february 2017 by nanoxd
KazW/elixir-phoenix-ci: A Docker container for running Elixir/Phoenix test suites on a CI server, tested on Wercker CI.
elixir-phoenix-ci - A Docker container for running Elixir/Phoenix test suites on a CI server, tested on Wercker CI.
wercker  CI  phoenix  Elixir 
february 2017 by nanoxd
Using Travis CI for Rails + NodeJS | Pixarea
React  CI  Rails  NodeJS 
february 2017 by nanoxd
CI server on Mac OS for iOS using GitLab and Fastlane
If you use GitLab and you need to configure CI service, you should try GitLab CI additional service. You will find the step-by-step tutorial of setup here.
Swift  Gitlab  CI  Fastlane  ios  Xcode 
april 2016 by nanoxd
Continuous Integration & Deployment for iOS Projects — ribot labs — Medium
Keeping code quality high and projects maintainable is hard. Here at ribot we’ve begun using continuous integration, sta…
Jenkins  CI  ios  Deployment 
may 2015 by nanoxd
How to Migrate a Jenkins Job to New Jenkins Server - Developing on Staxmanade
We recently setup a new [Jenkins]( build server for some iOS applications and I wanted to find a quick way to copy a couple Job...
Jenkins  CI  Xcode 
march 2015 by nanoxd
janky - Continuous integration server built on top of Jenkins and Hubot
DevOps  CI 
march 2015 by nanoxd
heaven - Rails app for GitHub Flow :walking:
Rails  CI  ChatOps  DevOps 
december 2014 by nanoxd
UI Improvements for Jenkins
Jenkins  CI  DevOps 
august 2014 by nanoxd
A command line tool that creates/manages/deletes Xcode 5 server bots
Xcode  CI 
august 2014 by nanoxd
Using CocoaPods Caching with Travis CI - Artsy Engineering
As Ash said earlier we like using Continuous Integration. Today I spent a large amount of time migrating us to use the new CocoaPods caching system …
CI  Testing  iOS  CocoaPods 
august 2014 by nanoxd

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