Beyond Cherry-Picking | Behavioural and Social Sciences at Nature Research
Behavioural scientists need to acknowledge the dangers of analysing large-scale datasets with traditional analytical ‘let’s just have a look’ approaches. In the area of social media research, such a change would ensure that money and time isn’t wasted on research or policy campaigns built on nothing but hot air, large data and a little bit of analytical flexibility. 

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16 hours ago
Is Ancient DNA Research Revealing New Truths — or Falling Into Old Traps? - The New York Times
Geneticists have begun using old bones to make sweeping claims about the distant past. But their revisions to the human story are making some scholars of prehistory uneasy.
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18 hours ago
chem-bla-ics: cOAlition S is requesting feedback
It must also be mentioned that Plan S, as far as I know, has not been discussed at this level of NPOS. I expect it did get discussed by the participating NPOS partners (which included NWO). This is not surprising to me either, though I would very much appreciate a weaker hierarchy. But that hierarchy is very Dutch, and even researchers indicate to not have time for all those discussion, so things are self-organized in representing organizations: it seems the general Dutch consensus was (mind you...
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Plan S: An American Librarian in the Netherlands – Micah Vandegrift – Medium
To my chagrin, libraries are still on the outside, wildly gesticulating with our evolving organizations, solid support programs, and deep expertise. However the chips fall, its clear to me that libraries will be picking up the pieces, and its disheartening that we have yet to find that sweet spot and leverage our position in this system as core and essential.
When Plans, Programmes, and Policies align with Sustainability, Stability, and Standardization then ...
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Plan S: What About Researchers? | Impact of Social Sciences
The approach of Plan S is authoritarian, with little regard for what may be beneficial for researchers.
2 days ago
till bibliotekets mediehistoria – från franska spelkort anno 1790 (med metadata på baksidan) till annonser för amer…
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5 days ago
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