This is a tool for analyzing and transforming context-free grammars.
FSM simulator
Visually simulate your DFAs, NFAs and ε-NFAs
one input symbol at a time!
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5 days ago
The Long Pointy History Behind Hillary's Brilliant Logo
It's not the H, it's the ->: The long pointy history behind Hillary's brilliant logo
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10 days ago
The one line you should add to every makefile
If you're using GNU make and you need help debugging a makefile then there's a single line your should add. And it's so useful that you should add it to every makefile you create.


print-%: ; @echo $*=$($*)

It allows you to quickly get the value of any makefile variable. For example, suppose you want to know the value of a variable called SOURCE_FILES. You'd just type:

make print-SOURCE_FILES
14 days ago
Why do you think there's just such a horrible lack of empathy from gg?
RT : (Different person here). Why do you think there's jus... — I think we all fall victim to not being empathetic en...
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19 days ago
pid.codes is a registry of USB PID codes for open source hardware projects. You can see a list of PID assignments, or learn how to get your own.
20 days ago
Using OpenBGPD to distribute pf table updates to your servers
One of the challenges faced when managing our OpenBSD firewalls is the distribution of IPs to pf tables without manually modifying /etc/pf.conf on each of the firewalls every time.

This task becomes quite tedious, specifically when you want to distribute different types of changes to different systems (eg administrative IPs to a firewall and spammer IPs to a mail server), or if you need to distribute real time blacklists to a large number of systems.

The following post outlines one a method of distributing such lists using OpenBGP to deliver them into your pf tables.
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27 days ago
Monitoring pf logs with Gource
Ever wanted to see your OpenBSD pf(4) logs in a cinematic way?

This post will demonstrate the use of Gource (software version control visualization tool) as a means to visualize our pf firewall logs.
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27 days ago
Haskell for all: Algebraic side effects
"Many people mistakenly believe that Haskell's mathematical elegance breaks down when confronted with side effects" —
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27 days ago
SSH Proxy Commands that use `sed`
If you find yourself using a Bastion or Jump Server very often, you quickly become familiar with man ssh_config.

One trick I've recently figured out is using sed with a ProxyCommand -- this lets me optionally use a bastion host by just appending .bast to a hostname. Most examples of using ProxyCommand apply it to all hosts, or a specific sub-domain, but this configuration allows you to late decide if you want to use the bastion or not.
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28 days ago
The Universe of Discourse : A public service announcement about contracts
A PSA about contracts: and, examples of contracts you should not sign: both by
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4 weeks ago
The Universe of Discourse : Examples of contracts you should not sign
A PSA about contracts: and, examples of contracts you should not sign: both by
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4 weeks ago
The joyless world of data-driven startups
Everyone tells early stage startups to use data for big strategic decisions. But does that really work, and whatever happened to vision?
6 weeks ago
The controller pattern is awful (and other OO heresy)
Easy litmus test: what is an instance of your class, in no more than five words? Most stupid classes require explanations that begin “it’s an object that…” and then you only have one word left. Sensible objects should have a description. They should be something. Lists are sequences of items. Modules are containers for related code. Jobs are scheduled maintenance tasks. Applications are dispatchers for an entire site.
7 weeks ago
The Comonad.Reader » Free Monoids in Haskell
will the real free monoid (in Haskell) please stand up?
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8 weeks ago
SVG layout with Flexbox for simpler D3 charts
I didn’t know this was possible! → Applying Flexbox to SVG
for creating charts. Complex but impressive!
svg  webdev  from twitter_favs
8 weeks ago
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