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6 weeks ago
cafe/chai: Notes on Mali T700 series GPUs - NotABug.org: Free code hosting
Chai is a project to reverse engineer the Mali T-series of GPUs. It focuses on the T760 which is found in the RK3288 SoC. This SoC is notably used in the Veyron design for Chromebooks, which are supported in Libreboot.

Chai has its roots in lima by Luc Verhaegen et al. Lima targets the older Mali cores; chai is for the newer cores like its unreleased successor Tamil. At the time of writing, no code is shared with lima, although limare was useful for illustrative purposes. One of lima's authors, Connor Abbott, did release reverse-engineered documentation for the T6xx ISA, which will be used in chai, along with his disassembler.
7 weeks ago
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