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11 hours ago
Squeezing blood from a stone: small-memory JVM techniques for microservice sidecars
In this post, we’ll describe how we reduced the memory footprint of linkerd, our JVM-based service mesh for cloud-native applications, by almost 80%—from 500mb to 105mb—by tuning the JVM’s runtime parameters. We’ll describe why we went through this painful exercise, and the various things that did—and didn’t—help us get there.
The Time Andy Warhol Tried an Amiga - The New Stack
Next month marks the 30th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s death. He died eight days after Valentine’s Day in 1987, at the age of 58. So it’s a good time to look back at how one of the art icons of the 20th century first confronted the arrival of a genuinely new technology — the personal …
'You are Not Expected to Understand This': An Explainer on Unix's Most Notorious Code Comment - The New Stack
The phrase “You are Not Expected to Understand This” is probably the most famous comment in the history of Unix. And last month, at the Systems We Love conference in San Francisco, systems researcher Arun Thomas explained to an audience exactly what it was that they weren’t supposed to understand. Computer science teacher Ozan Onay, who …
PostgreSQL inheritance | Software thoughts on WordPress.com
On stackoverflow and elsewhere I stumbled over questions about inheritance in PostgreSQL a couple of times.1 People are confused about how this feature is related to inheritance in object oriented programming (OOP) and how to use it. This article provides a short example, showing that inheritance on PostgreSQL can not only be used for partioning of large…
Let’s Stop Ascribing Meaning to Code Points - In Pursuit of Laziness
I’ve seen misconceptions about Unicode crop up regularly in posts discussing it. One very common misconception I’ve seen is that code …
2 days ago
The Unix Shell's Humble If
Let's take a deep dive in the Unix shell's if statement. We'll cover syntax, negation, the test command, the `[` command, bracket-bracket, math and numerical comparisons, and various rules for regular expressions.
2 days ago
Simple but handy Postgres features - Craig Kerstiens
It seems each week when I’m reviewing data with someone a feature comes up that they had no idea existed within Postgres. In an effort to …
3 days ago
The design of Chacha20
Chacha20 is a secure, fast, and amazingly simple encryption algorithm. Let's take a look.
7 days ago
Tiny remote control for DOS
TINY is a set of programs that lets you control a DOS computer from any Java-capable machine over a TCP/IP connection. While it is unlikely that this functionality will be usefully to anyone these days, the Java-based viewer has some interesting code in that is able to exactly replicate the appearance of an old-style DOS text screen with correct colors and fonts. This code might be useful (or at least nostalgically interesting) to someone.
7 days ago
Creative Gooey Effects: Chat App
Practical examples of how to apply the Gooey effect by Lucas Bebber
svg  design  webdev 
8 days ago
Animated Checkboxes and Radio Buttons with SVG
Animated Checkboxes and Radio Buttons with SVG: Using SVG for adding some fancy 'check' animations to form inputs
svg  design  webdev 
8 days ago
Green Threads are like Garbage Collection :: FP Complete
Learn what Green Threads are and why are they important in programming languages like Haskell, Go and Erlang. They can do more than simplify concurrent code.
9 days ago
12″ PowerBook G4 PT5 – Electronic Battle Weapon | GeekLAN
Preparation for a trip started off a little earlier this christmas. I planned to take my PowerBook on the road with me to Hamburg for 33c3. Previous attempts to use this machine as my primary syste…
9 days ago
American Fuzzy Lop’ing Rust
Fuzz-testing Rust code with American Fuzzy Lop is straightforward and very effective at finding crash-bugs. This post covers AFL'ing a small Rust library.
9 days ago
Humidity Sensor Shootout | Hackaday
If you want to measure humidity (and temperature, and maybe even barometric pressure) in a device that you're building, have a look at this comprehensive test of seven different options. We're going t...
11 days ago
Creating A PCB In Everything: Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Fritzing | Hackaday
This week, we're continuing our Creating A PCB In Everything series, where we go through the steps to create a simple, barebones PCB in different EDA suites. We're done with Eagle, and now it's time ...
11 days ago
The Ultimate Guide to Deploying Static Sites on AWS - Stormpath User Identity API
This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully run a simple, scalable, secure, and cheap static website on AWS
12 days ago
Really, POSIX? Really? memset() isn't async-signal-safe? How is it not safe? … oh … that's why - The Boston Diaries - Captain Napalm
The ongoing sage of a programmer who doesn't live in Boston, nor does he even like Boston, but yet named his weblog/journal “The Boston Diaries.” Go figure.
13 days ago
Rascal: a Haskell with more parentheses
“Hey! You got your Haskell in my Racket!” “No, you got _your_ Racket in _my_ Haskell!” Welcome to the Rascal programming language....
14 days ago
Penetration Testers’ Guide to Windows 10 Privacy & Security
Safeguarding the privacy and security of myself and my clients’ data — while still allowing me to execute a penetration test is the goal.
windows  security 
19 days ago
Systems Past: the only 8 software innovations we actually use - Technical Journal
Note: This is a position piece, not a technical article. Hat tip to Jake Skelcy for requesting such a piece. Computers didn’t always have operating …
20 days ago
Process spawning patterns
This article was contributed by Jesse Storimer. He isthe author of Working with Unix Processesand Working with TCP Sockets, a pair ofebooks providing fundame...
ruby  unix 
20 days ago
What was the role of MS-DOS in Windows 95? – The Old New Thing
Welcome, Slashdot readers. Remember, this Web site is for entertainment purposes only. Sean wants to know what the role of MS-DOS was in Windows 95. I may regret answering this question since it’s clear Slashdot bait. (Even if Sean didn’t intend it that way, that’s what it’s going to turn into.) Here goes. Remember, what I...
21 days ago
Idiomatic tree and graph like structures in Rust – Rust Leipzig
Everything related to Rust, created by Rust Users from Leipzig.
26 days ago
Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Loops | BonesMoses.org
Programming is fun. I love programming! Ever since I changed my career from programming to database work, I've still occasionally dabbled in my former craft. As
27 days ago
Modern garbage collection – Mike Hearn – Medium
I’ve seen a bunch of articles lately which promote the Go language’s latest garbage collector in ways that trouble me. Some of these…
golang  gc 
28 days ago
How Discord handles push request bursts of over a million per minute with Elixir’s GenStage
Discord has seen tremendous growth. To handle this growth, our engineering team has had the pleasure of figuring out how to scale the…
erlang  elixir 
5 weeks ago
Ranges in Postgres - PG Casts
In this episode we will examine range types in PostgreSQL and how they can simplify queries and improve data integrity.
5 weeks ago
Developers’ side projects | Joel on Software
If you’re a developer working for software company, does that company own what you do in your spare time?
5 weeks ago
How the Soviets invented the internet and why it didn't work | Aeon Essays
Soviet scientists tried for decades to network their nation. What stalemated them is now fracturing the global internet
5 weeks ago
The Z-80 has a 4-bit ALU. Here's how it works.
The 8-bit Z-80 processor is famed for use in many early personal computers such the Osborne 1, TRS-80, and Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and it is s...
5 weeks ago
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