Postgres tips for Rails developers | Citus Data
Citus Cloud offers a managed database-as-a-service for easy horizontal scaling of postgres.
15 hours ago
Troy Hunt: Random thoughts on the use of breach data for protection of accounts
Someone sent me an email today which essentially boiled down to this: Hey, Microsoft's Azure Active Directory alerted me to leaked credentials but won't give me any details so there's very little I can do about it This is a really interesting scenario and it relates to the way Microsoft
20 hours ago
Troy Hunt: Reckon you've seen some stupid security things? Here, hold my beer...
My mate Lars Klint shared this tweet the other day: Your password is not unique. pic.twitter.com/ga4GwxtzrQ— Lars Klint (@larsklint) April 16, 2017 Naturally, I passed it on because let's face it, that's some crazy shit going on right there. To which the Twitters responded with equal
20 hours ago
Lifts for free: making mtl typeclasses derivable
Perhaps the most important abstraction a Haskell programmer must understand to effectively write modern Haskell code, beyond the level of the monad, is the _monad transformer_, a way to compose monads together in a limited fashion. One frustrating downsid...
21 hours ago
Fathom: a framework for understanding web pages ★ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Meet Fathom, a mini-language for writing semantic extractors, that you can use client- or server-side to extract meaning from the content of a web page. ...
Can signalfd be fixed? I think it can, if we explicitly tie signalfd into th... | Hacker News
Comment: "…a classic distinction between Linux and everybody else: Linux makes the common things blazingly fast and easy but makes it difficult to write resilient software, or to implement novel solutions not conceived of originally."
2 days ago
Linux Programming - Signals the easy way
Linux Programming - Signals the easy way
2 days ago
Windows is Bloated, Thanks to Adobe's Extensible Metadata Platform - Thurrott.com
I put together a tool that scans files for PNG images containing Adobe metadata and was surprised that Windows is host to a lot of this gunk.
3 days ago
Sing, beastie, sing!
FreeBSD digital audio workstation, or DAW for short, is now possible. At this very moment it's not user friendly that much, but you'll manage. What I want to say is that I worked on porting some of the audio apps to FreeBSD, met some other people interested in porting audio stuff and became heavily involved with DrumGizmo - drum sampling engine. Let me start with the basic setup.
4 days ago
SSH Port
SSH port is 22. The history of how I (Tatu Ylonen) got it. How to configure it through firewalls and iptables.
5 days ago
Mcdonald's Real Estate: How They Really Make Their Money - Wall Street Survivor Blog
McDonald’s is one of the biggest real estate companies in the world. It owns $28.4 billion worth of land and buildings (before depreciation).
8 days ago
SETJMP: C is not your friend: sizeof and side-effects
The sizeof operator in C tells us how much space the result of an expression would use if we were to evaluate it, but doesn’t actually evaluate the expression. For example, sizeof i++ yields the size...
9 days ago
Wikipedia’s Notability Policy: What is it and Why It Must Go
A simple Google search will reveal that Wikipedia’s notability policy has been the subject of plenty of discontent, as far back as at least…
11 days ago
Изготовление сегментного индикатора на электронных чернилах в картинках. / Технологии / Сообщество EasyElectronics.ru
Сделаем свой собственный индикатор! Немного теории. Основу дисплеев на электронных чернилах, а по научному электрофоретических дисплеев, составляют собственно чернила,
13 days ago
AST explorer
An online AST explorer.
tools  javascript 
13 days ago
You Might Not Need GraphQL — Runscope Blog
Do you like the look of GraphQL, but have an existing REST/RPC API that you don't want to ditch? GraphQL definitely has some cool features and benefits. Those are all bundled in one package, with a nice marketing site, documenting how to do all the cool stuff, which makes GraphQL seem more attractive to many. Obviously seeing as GraphQL was built by Facebook, makers of the RESTish Graph API, they're familiar with various endpoint-based API concepts. Many of those existing concepts were used as inspiration for GraphQL functionality. Other concepts were carbon copied straight into GraphQL. Facebook has experimented with various different approaches to sharing all their data between apps; remember FQL? Executing SQL-like syntax over a GET endpoint was a bit odd. Facebook got a bit fed up with having a one-endpoint-based approach to get data and this other totally different thing, as they both require different code. As such, GraphQL was created as a middle-ground between endpoint-based APIs and FQL, the latter being an approach most teams would never consider - or want. That said, Facebook (and others like GitHub) switching from RESTish to GraphQL makes folks consider GraphQL as a replacement for REST. It is not. It is an alternative. Whilst the use-cases for the sort of API you'd build in GraphQL are quite different from those you'd build with REST (more on this) or RPC, that...
16 days ago
An Alternative Approach to Rate Limiting – Figma Design – Medium
A few weeks ago at Figma, we experienced our first-ever spam attack. This proved the value of Figma’s rate limiter and finally put a stop…
16 days ago
Margaret Atwood, the Prophet of Dystopia - The New Yorker
Her fiction has imagined societies riddled with misogyny, oppression, and environmental havoc. These visions now feel all too real.
16 days ago
Maybe? Use a type parameter!
Haskell’s a powerful and flexible language for modeling the real world.By pushing information into the type level, we can make our program safer and easier t...
19 days ago
Enlightened - What the Daily WTF?
Calling an invalid function on an object can result in:

- Nothing, leaving you wondering WTF.

- An extremely helpful console message: “SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! Naughty programmer!”. Really, I’m not joking about that one.

- Another extremely helpful message: “You bitch!”. And I’m not joking about that one either – it was discovered by a female coworker while trying to hack layouts to work. Perfect timing on EFL side here.

- A crash, if you’re lucky, so you can debug the issue.
22 days ago
The Man Who Made the UK Say “I’m Sorry For What We Did To Turing.”
John Graham-Cumming used cunning and data to get the apology
25 days ago
memory - Do I need swap space if I have more than enough amount of RAM? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
From what I understand, the purpose of a swap partition in Linux is to free up some "not as frequently accessed" information from RAM and move it to a specific partition on your harddrive (at the c...
unix  admin 
25 days ago
tinman alley » Single DHCP server for multiple subnets (VLANs) one single interface
Surprisingly this was an extremely hard to find piece of information on the topic. At least one that fit my need. There were lots of questions in various online posts, but no completely working ans…
networking  admin 
27 days ago
Random, often useless info.: howto: DHCPD with multiple subnets on the same interface
It took me tons of Google research to figure this out. From a mix of various posts and forums, I was able to piece together how to do this i...
admin  networking 
27 days ago
Babel — a loop-avoiding distance-vector routing protocol
A routing protocol suitable both for wireless mesh networks and ordinary wired networks.
27 days ago
Open Source Needs FPGAs; FPGAs Need an On-ramp / Blinklight
Things haven't been great with proprietary hardware, and they're going to get worse - it's a good time for Open Source to strike out on its own.
28 days ago
interactive scientific calculator with full support for physical units
4 weeks ago
Idiomatic Kotlin. Best Practices.
This post shows how we can replace Java's best practices with idiomatic Kotlin code.
4 weeks ago
Kyle Halladay - GBA By Example - Drawing and Moving Rectangles
I build shaders, renderers, games, and other stuff that's fun to stare at.
4 weeks ago
Making Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup with 253 cooks and no head chef | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Brogue was created by one person. Rogue was created by two. Dwarf Fortress? Two people. Caves of Qud – three people. Desktop Dungeons: five. Dungeon Crawl Stone
4 weeks ago
Klown Keeb – Build Log | thinking keysets on WordPress.com
After a little over two years gathering parts, consulting community friends and planning what I wanted, earlier this month I finally managed to put together my ultimate build. I wanted to build something that would help me in my everyday tasks and it had to be beautiful! Interacting with all of the guys who assisted me…
4 weeks ago
VGA In Memoriam | Hackaday
The reports of the death of the VGA connector are greatly exaggerated. Rumors of the demise of the VGA connector has been going around for a decade now, but VGA has been remarkably resiliant in the fa...
4 weeks ago
AWS IAM Policies in a Nutshell
A human friendly explanation and overview of IAM policies and their anatomy. In a nutshell - who can do what to which AWS resources and when do we care?
admin  security 
5 weeks ago
Understanding Git Filter-branch and the Git Storage Model - In Pursuit of Laziness
The other day Steve wanted git alchemy done on the Rust repo. Specifically, he wanted the reference and nomicon moved out into their own repositories …
5 weeks ago
Programming won’t be automated, or it already has been | Musing Mortoray on WordPress.com
I'm afraid of a robot taking my job. I don't care about the job part much, I'm afraid of the actual robot. To replace my job it'd need to exhibit human level intelligence. That's scary. Before that happens though, maybe some of its infantile, and less scary, brethren can make my job a bit easier.…
5 weeks ago
Tunneling HTTP over NFC on Android using Host Card Emulation
This post is to shows how to exchange arbitrary data between an Android phone and an NFC reader application. To make things a bit more…
5 weeks ago
Secret colours of the Commodore 64
In 1991 I was fourteen years old. It would be fair to say I was obsessed with computers. I proudly owned a brown 'breadbox' Commodore 64 with an exotic upgrade - an Oceanic 5.25" disk drive: In May that year, I was reading COMMODORE FORMAT and devouring the C64
5 weeks ago
Augmenting Dropwizard with Swagger and Rollbar
_The following is a cross-post with the Reonomy blog. It was made to soar and look good there, but figured I'd put it here since it's still my writing._ 😛 _These days, we do things a bit differently in the company, as do I personally. I use Kotlin with D...
5 weeks ago
Changes I would make to Go - sitr.us
Last updated 2017-03-20 I have been programming primarily in Go for about six months. I find it frustrating. There are two reasons for this: First, …
golang  rust 
5 weeks ago
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