The Z-80 has a 4-bit ALU. Here's how it works.
The 8-bit Z-80 processor is famed for use in many early personal computers such the Osborne 1, TRS-80, and Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and it is s...
12 hours ago
The Finder’s GUI tax can be very expensive | The Robservatory
Once a month, I download roughly 25 gzipped (.gz) files from Apple—these are our Mac App Store sales reports, with one file for each App Store region. I could have Safari expand these files (via th…
13 hours ago
Tutorial - Write a Shell in C • Stephen Brennan
A tutorial on how to write a Unix shell in C.
unix  c 
2 days ago
What PostgreSQL has over other open source SQL databases: Part II
PostgreSQL's tag line claims that it's "The world's most advanced open source database." In Part I of this series we looked at storing the data - the model, structures, types and size limits - to give you a few reasons why PostgreSQL makes this claim. In Part II here, we'll
3 days ago
What PostgreSQL has over other open source SQL databases: Part I
You may be asking yourself "Why PostgreSQL?" There are several choices for open source relational databases out there (we looked at MySQL, MariaDB and Firebird for this article), but what does PostgreSQL have that they don't? PostgreSQL's tag line claims that it's: "The world's most advanced open source database." We'll
3 days ago
Aggressive design caused Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions — Instrumental Millions of Things
In September, the first reports of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploding hit social media. At first, Samsung identified the issue as one relating to the lithium polymer battery manufacturing process by Samsung SDI, where too much tension was used in manufacturing, and offered to repair affected phones. But several weeks later, some of the batteries in those replacement units also exploded once they were in the hands of customers -- causing Samsung to make the bold decision to not only recall everything, but to cancel the entire product line. This is every battery engineer’s nightmare. As hardware engineers ourselves, Sam and I followed the story closely. If it was only a battery part issue and could have been salvaged by a re-spin of the battery, why cancel the product line and cede several quarters of revenue to competitors? We believe that there was more in play: that there was a fundamental problem with the design of the phone itself.
4 days ago
Taking TRust-DNS IntoFuture
Written to explain why I paused feature development of TRust-DNS to focus on implementing futures-rs and tokio-rs support
4 days ago
Golang's Real-time GC in Theory and Practice - Pusher Blog
How Golang's concurrent GC achieves low latencies in real-time systems: a visualization of the algorithm and an empirical comparison with other languages.

"GHC’s garbage collector is optimized for throughput, but Go’s is optimized for latency. At Pusher, we care about latency, so this is an excellent tradeoff for us."
golang  gc  haskell 
5 days ago
M0S - CortexM0 RTOS in 1024 bytes • Hackaday.io
Old and wise men say in this life you have to accomplish four things: plant a tree, build a house, have kids and build an operating system. Yeah, I was puzzled by the last one too but who am I to contradict the old and wise ? The "elders of the internet" have spoken when I saw this contest on Hackaday. To make sure my "things to do in this life" list gets shorter and shorter , lo and behold in all its glory my 1KB ARM Cortex M0 real time operating system. It supports the following features: - real time preemptive scheduling - system tick counter - idle task (acts as memory janitor and combines consecutive free blocks) - task creating - task killing - task sleeping - mutexes (31 of 32 usable since the memory allocator uses one; yeah, I eat my own cooking and it's delicious) - malloc and free - IPC - inter-process communication Project is complete and available on GitHUB (link should be on this page somewhere).
5 days ago
Reflections on Rusting Trust - In Pursuit of Laziness
The Rust compiler is written in Rust. This is overall a pretty common practice in compiler development. This usually means that the process of …
security  rust 
6 days ago
Storing Sensitive Data Offline – Offline Camp – Medium
In an Offline First web application, is it safe to store secrets in local storage?
webdev  security 
9 days ago
The Untouchables – Apple’s new OS “activation” for Touch Bar MacBook Pros | One More Admin on WordPress.com
Last week Joe Chilcote discovered an interesting message when imaging a Late 2016 MacBook Pro TouchBar (from here on out referred to as TBP): A critical software update is required for your Mac. To install this update you need to connect to a network. Select a Wi-Fi network below, or click Other Network Options to…
admin  apple 
10 days ago
Neutralize ME firmware on SandyBridge and IvyBridge platforms
Author: persmule Mail: persmule@tya.email, persmule@gmail.com
10 days ago
Exploring Android Nougat 7.1 App Shortcuts
Google has brought Android Nougat to its second iteration with the 7.1 version (API 25). This one is not a minor release - as a matter of fact it bundles some interesting features under the hood. One of these extra features is App Shortcuts. This post explores what they
11 days ago
The Quirks of Supporting SDK 25
The last developer preview of Android 7.1 has started shipping , which means APIs are (based on past experience) more or less stable. There ...
11 days ago
AppCompat — Age of the vectors – Chris Banes
As you may have seen on the Support Lib 23.2.0 blog post, we now have compatible vector drawable implementations in the support libraries…
11 days ago
The new MacBook Pro is kind of great for hackers – Adam Geitgey
A million hot takes have been posted about how the late-2016 MacBook Pro with USB-C is the undeniable proof that Apple doesn’t care about…
11 days ago
Android N Encryption | A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering on WordPress.com
Over the past few years we've heard more about smartphone encryption than, quite frankly, most of us expected to hear in a lifetime. We learned that proper encryption can slow down even sophisticated decryption attempts if done correctly. Unfortunately we've also learned that incorrect implementations can undo most of that security. In other words, phone encryption is…
android  security 
14 days ago
Java Papers - Low Level Bits
List of Scientific Papers found in Java source code
14 days ago
10 principles for smooth web animations
The complete guide to 60fps smooth animations on your website
webdev  css 
4 weeks ago
ESP8266: Good enough for a battery powered sensor? - Digits Domotica Blog
During the last 2 weeks I’ve collected a lot of ESP-8266 power usage charts as shown here. Enough to conclude that a ESP8266 can be used to build battery powered sensors (e.g. a temperature s…
4 weeks ago
c - Improve INSERT-per-second performance of SQLite? - Stack Overflow
Optimizing SQLite is tricky. Bulk-insert performance of a C application can vary from 85 inserts per second to over 96,000 inserts per second! Background: We are using SQLite as part of a desktop
4 weeks ago
H.264 is Magic
H.264 is a video compression codec standard. It is ubiquitous - internet video, Blu-ray, phones, security cameras, drones, everything. Everything uses H.264 now. H.264 is a remarkable piece of technology. It is the result of 30+ years of work with one single goal: To reduce the bandwidth
video  algo 
4 weeks ago
Shock and Awe: The Political Influence of Modern Warfare - Paste Magazine
Almost a decade later, any critique still within the first Modern Warfare feels impotent today.
5 weeks ago
Five Ways to Cultivate Gratitude at Work | Greater Good
Americans are less likely to say "thanks" on the job than anywhere else, which hurts productivity and happiness. That needs to change.
5 weeks ago
Grokking Fix
This post is intended for beginners of functional programming interested in an exploration of laziness, Haskell, and recursion
6 weeks ago
Interactive lessons for learning Music Theory.
6 weeks ago
Why Number(symbol) crashes?
"...the coercion rules for the original JS primitive types were created at a time when JavaScript did not have an exception handling mechanism and hence all operations were required to produce some value..."
7 weeks ago
15+ Pics That Show Photography Is The Biggest Lie Ever | Bored Panda
The internet is full of beautiful and amazing photographs, but do you ever stop and wonder just what went into that perfect shot? I'm not just talking about the
7 weeks ago
SQL style guide by Simon Holywell
A consistent code style guide for SQL to ensure legible and maintainable projects
8 weeks ago
Simple testing can prevent most critical failures | the morning paper on WordPress.com
Simple testing can prevent most critical failures: an analysis of production failures in distributed data-intensive systems Yuan et al. OSDI 2014 After yesterday's paper I needed something a little easier to digest today, and 'Simple testing can prevent most critical failures' certainly hit the spot. Thanks to Caitie McCaffrey from whom I first heard about…
8 weeks ago
Coq Tactic Index
Coq Tactic Index: A brief introduction to some common proof tactics.
8 weeks ago
The Arduous Journey of Porting C to Rust - anna harren's corner of the internet
Hey, have you heard the great news about our lord and saviour Rust?Jokes aside, Rust is a seriously good language and is worthy of the endless evangelism you...
9 weeks ago
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