The IBM System/360: the first modular, general-purpose computer – Plain Text — The Official Sourcegraph Blog
At Sourcegraph, we believe building for the future requires learning the lessons of the past. This is the first in a series of blog posts…
3 days ago
Arguments against JSON-driven development
I don't have to explain how popular JSON is. There are very few projects that don't need to work with JSON, even when they are not related to network programming. The ubiquity of JSON is causing some developers to rely...
3 days ago
A year of Rust and DNS
This post is not meant to teach you Rust or DNS. It’s more of a journal aboutsome things I’ve found interesting while developing a DNS client and server in Rust
6 days ago
Pitfalls in Haskell
Confusing things in Haskell and GHC
6 days ago
Mainframes as a lifestyle choice - Curried lambda
I started working at IBM last year on mainframe compilers with the goal of making mainframes feel a little more modern. Hence, a lot of my time is spent in z/OS. The interface I use to z/OS is Unix...
6 days ago
Boing Ball – Amiga Graphics Archive
The Amiga Boing Ball demo was created during a night at the 1984 CES by Dale Luck and R. J. Mical and it is told that show visitors completely blown away by this.
7 days ago
Frederick Law Olmsted and the Creation of Central Park - The Atlantic
How Frederick Law Olmsted changed the way Americans think of public space
10 days ago
The Story of Feminist Punk in 33 Songs | Pitchfork
From Patti Smith to Bikini Kill, the songs that have crushed stereotypes and steered progress
music  culture 
11 days ago
NUMA Deep Dive Part 1: From UMA to NUMA - frankdenneman.nl
Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) is a shared memory architecture used in today's multiprocessing systems. Each CPU is assigned its own local memory and can access memory from other CPUs in the system. Local memory access provides a low latency - high bandwidth performance. While accessing memory owned by the other CPU...
14 days ago
dogetest.com | soledad penadés
This summer, Sam and me are exploring Servo's capabilities and building cool demos to showcase them (and most specially, WebRender, its engine "that aims to
15 days ago
Why building web-apps in Haskell is harder than it ought to be — Medium
After having written and maintained a 200,000+ LOC project in Ruby/Rails, I was beginning to see the shortcomings of a dynamically-typed…
15 days ago
Why PKCS#1v1.5 Signature Should (Also) Be Put Out of Our Misery | Cryptosense
In 2014 I wrote a piece for this blog on RSA PKCS#1v1.5 encryption and why we need to get rid of it. At the time, the list of algorithms and padding modes to be included in the W3C WebCrypto API wa…
19 days ago
Flashing a bios chip with an Arduino
In this post I will share the process of flashing a bios chip with an Arduino. What you’ll need: Hardware: A flash chip with the following characteristics supported by flashrom (a list of supported chips can be found here) SPI 3.3V or 5V (both can be provided by the Arduino) An Arduino Uno or Duemilanove and …
21 days ago
NV+ Fan - NETGEAR Communities
Hi all I'm finding the fan in the NV+ a little bit too noisy for my liking So I was thinking about replacing it I have looked into the specs of the stock fan and here is what I found out Model: AGE09225_12L (B: two ball bearing) Rated Voltage: 12 Operating Voltage Range: 7.0~13.2 Rated Current...
22 days ago
haskell - Parsec: Applicatives vs Monads - Stack Overflow
I'm just starting with Parsec (having little experience in Haskell), and I'm a little confused about using monads or applicatives. The overall feel I had after reading "Real World Haskell", "Write ...
24 days ago
Part 2: The beauty of bitwise AND (∧ or &) — Biffures — Medium
Exploring and visualizing the many facets of the bitwise AND operation
24 days ago
Making the obvious code fast
Jonathan Blow of “The Witness” fame likes to talk about just typing the obvious code first. Usually it will turnout to be fast enough. If it doesn’t, you c...
24 days ago
Inside the fastest font renderer in the world — Medium
Over the past couple of years on and off, I’ve been experimenting with pushing the limits of software font rendering performance. The…
26 days ago
Owners of Freesync Monitors can enlarge Hz range with simple hack
One of the negative dependencies for AMDs FreeSync is that you are tied and limited towards the operational range in Hz the monitor is capable off. A new tool, let's call it driver mod allows you to ...
26 days ago
An Xfwm4 theme based on the "Platinum" style of Mac OS 8/9. Made from screenshots of my own Mac running OS 9 in Classic mode. Besides the normal version, there's also a...
An Xfwm4 theme based on the \\\\\\\"Platinum\\\\\\\" style of Mac OS 8/9. Made from screenshots of my own Mac running OS 9 in Classic mode.

Besides the normal version, there\\\\\\\'s also a...
27 days ago
NodeMCU Pinout | IoT Bytes on WordPress.com
This page provides details for NodeMCU ESP12 Developement Kit V1.0 Pins
28 days ago
ElectroBSD - The might to deliver onions - Free as in free (electro) beer and freedom
Fork of FreeBSD with interesting features like:

"The unencrypted boot pool (and the keyfile) can be destroyed with cloudiatr after the system has booted.

An attacker with physical access to the system who does not have the skills or the time to read out the memory while the system is running, will not be able to read the encrypted data on disk after shutdown, even if the passphrase is known. ElectroBSD experts will gladly try (and write bills for their service) anyway."
unix  security 
4 weeks ago
Why Experts Make Bad Teachers — Medium
We’d all agree that to teach a subject, you must know the subject. So you’d think that experts would be the best teachers, but they’re not…
4 weeks ago
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