You probably don’t need a single-page application
As I said, the default choice in most cases should be the traditional server-rendered application. However, there are some requirements that might force you to opt for the single-page application architecture:

Core functionality is real-time (e.g Slack)
Rich UI interactions are core to the product (e.g Trello)
Lots of state shared between screens (e.g. Spotify)
These products absolutely have to use a single-page architecture to work properly. This is why it’s the right choice for these companies. However, many web-based products do not have these requirements and this complexity can be avoided
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How to Get Ubuntu Running on Your Raspberry Pi
Raspbian Jessie is a great Raspberry Pi operating system. But what if you want a more traditional Linux experience? Well, you could go ahead and install Ubuntu instead.
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2 days ago
DevOps Bookmarks
Discover the latest devops tools and frameworks
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12 days ago
DevOps Bookmarks
Discover the latest devops tools and frameworks
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12 days ago
Pull request error (#263) · Issues · GitLab.org / GitLab Development Kit · GitLab
I am using ubuntu.When i try to develop a pull at me `gitlab-ce.git` If i use this:`gdk install gitlab_repo=https://gitlab.com/mertselimb/gitlab-ce.git` After a while i get this error: ``` Bundle complete! 7...
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17 days ago
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