Landrush for Vagrant
Little DNS server that keeps track of Vagrant boxes and lets them address each other (and the host).
vagrant  cookbook 
october 2017
Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Before Using Vagrant | zwischenzugs
Some really good Vagrant tips -- some things I figured out when working with it a lot in 2016, plus a few that I didn't know.
vagrant  cookbook 
october 2017
Animated Scrolling "Mario Clouds" TFT Jewelry | Adafruit Learning System
cute pendant with tiny tft screen powered by an AVR, in a 3d printed case.
adafruit  mario  electronics  wearables 
february 2017
Mr Vintage: MENS 'Play School' t-shirt
play school!

(mr vintage does new zealand joke t-shirts, like bustedtees etc.)
tshirt  want 
may 2009
tweenbots | kacie kinzer
super-cute little robots, that people love to help fulfill their tiny missions
cute  robot  experiment  hackery 
april 2009
TopatoCo: Think Positive Shirt
"i'm the best at what i doooooooo" (graagh)

see also (similar art - same artist?): "mistakes were made" (urban dead webcomic)
zombies  tshirt  want 
april 2009
TopatoCo: Time Traveler Essentials Shirt
everything you need to know about modern science, if trapped in the past
tshirt  want  cheatsheet 
april 2009
automatic translation ftw
"It is not often that I get to say this: I think Microsoft got it right."
yahoo  google  microsoft  translation 
april 2009
pixar vs dreamworks
"and they all make this face!"
pixar  dreamworks 
april 2009
Make PCBs at home with magazine paper and your laser printer
this is brilliant. perfect photo-etching, at high speed. the author claims to be able to fab a PCB in an hour, which is pretty awesome. nice use of surface mounting to avoid spending ages drilling holes, too.
pcb  etching  awesome 
march 2009
BustedTees - Ask Me About Dinosaurs
but then i'd need to know about dinosaurs! leonard richardson needs this one.
tshirt  want 
march 2009
Making things in a post-industrial society | Britain's lonely high-flier | The Economist
there are so many amazing quotes in here:

"their big engines, of almost six tonnes, are worth their weight in silver—and that the average car is worth its weight in hamburger"

"Each blade is grown from a single crystal of alloy for strength and then coated with tough ceramics."
january 2009
The Devel!: git svn rebase - could not detach HEAD
just got this error - for exactly the same cause. if a file appears in a subversion commit that you already have in your git working directory, git-svn rebase will fail. note: "git checkout git-svn" was what I needed to get the human-readable error though, not "git checkout refs/remotes/trunk".
git  error 
january 2009
Early Retirement: Where to Live?
so true; being a property owner is boring! "If you can rent anything decent, try to avoid buying property. Think about the most interesting people you know. Chances are, most of them are renters. People who rent talk about the books that they've read, the trips that they've taken, the skills that they are learning, the friends whose company they are enjoying. Property owners complain about the local politicians, the high rate of property tax, the difficulty of finding competent tradespeople, the high value of their own (very likely crummy) house or condo, and what kinds of furniture and kitchen appliances they are contemplating buying. Property owners are boring. The most boring parts of a property owner's personality are those which relate to his or her ownership of real estate. "
january 2009
What's new in PHP V5.3, Part 2: Closures and lambda functions
ok, this is officially awesome. php is about to become a Real Language.
december 2008
Synergy Autostart Guide
bookmarking this to confirm that IT WORKS. for a stock ubuntu install, use the gdm instructions, except use /etc/X11/Xsession.d/91synergy for the third filename.
synergy  ubuntu  autostart  howto  confirmed 
december 2008
Put a dent in the universe - (37signals)
work that nobody cares about is soul sucking, even if everything else about it is good...
december 2008
SourceForge.net: scribeserver » home
this sounds useful. a server to aggregate logs together in a reliable way.
november 2008
ThinkGeek :: Hello My Name Is Inigo Montoya
this is the best "hello, my name is..." joke i've seen
tshirt  want  funny 
november 2008
"and thanks: now when I'm abroad I won't have to pretend to be Canadian!"
politics  funny 
november 2008
Overcoming Bias: Lawful Creativity
Eliezer Yudkowsky is amazing. I almost filed his blog as "tl;dr" due to the high posting frequency, but every other post is a philosophical *mindbomb*. Highly recommended is his "AI box experiment" (especially for Terminator fans).
Eliezer-Yudkowsky  overcomingbias  ai  creativity  thinking  mindbomb  skynet  psychology 
november 2008
BPS RESEARCH DIGEST: Rare, profound positive events won't make you happy, but lots of little ones will
Going to the gym, church, or yoga class often makes you happy. Or maybe, happy people go to the gym, church or yoga class often?
november 2008
Seth's Blog: The sad lie of mediocrity
"Doing 4% less may very well get you 95% less."
startups  productivity 
november 2008
Worst. Bug. Ever. | Ed Burnette’s Dev Connection | ZDNet.com
hilarous bug in android: it opens up a root shell in the background and sends all your keystrokes there. workaround: don't sms "rm -rf /" to anybody, and run "cat" when you start up!
funny  android  bug 
november 2008
Rolf Potts' Vagabonding: Excerpt
"Rather, it has always been a private choice within a society that is constantly urging us to do otherwise.

This is a book about living that choice."
november 2008
Pycorn OS in Launchpad
"an interpreted operating system written in Python, intended to recreate the easy learning possibilities of 8-bit microcomputers"
python  os  education 
november 2008
Stefano’s Linotype » Blog Archive » Why Programmers Suck at CSS Design
good howto for setting up css for a new site and making an ok design
october 2008
Physical decline caused by slow decay of brain's myelin / UCLA Newsroom
myelin decays after age 39. i've still got just over a decade...
october 2008
Technical Revenue: The Young Man's Business Model
brilliant: "The eyeball business model is getting to be like Market street in San Francisco. Everyone is pierced, shaved, screaming, or on fire."
october 2008
Auto Mechanics: A Good Hobby for Programmers - Ted Dziuba
hah! "No one can pull your man card when you have a specialized wrench for an O2 sensor."
october 2008
First Person Plural - The Atlantic (November 2008)
"surveys of marital satisfaction show that couples tend to start off happy, get less happy when they have kids, and become happy again only once the kids leave the house"
october 2008
FTPDMIN: Minimal ad-hoc file transfer Windows FTP server
minimal ftp server for windows, ~1000 lines of c code.
october 2008
Why to Start a Startup in a Bad Economy
"When times get bad, hackers go to grad school"... oops
october 2008
Rooneg::Weblog: DynamicForward, Where Have You Been All My Life?
ooh! this is truly awesome. i knew about DynamicForward (also just -D) but not that you could give firefox a javascript function to find proxy info for a url/host!
october 2008
MySQL :: Using the New MySQL Query Profiler
this is exciting - quite detailed profiling of sql queries in mysql, if the slow query log isn't enough for you
mysql  query  profiler 
october 2008
Devthought - Guillermo Rauch’s Blog » TextboxList meets Autocompletion
facebook-like name autocompletion. i'm about to try it out for a facebook iframe app.
facebook  autocomplete  javascript  library 
september 2008
serf - Google Code
serf - high performance http client library
september 2008
Michael Mitchell » Blog Archive » One-Click Upload - A jQuery Plugin
this is brilliant - upload a file behind the scenes in javascript.
javascript  file  upload 
september 2008
Beer, Coffee, and a little DSP » Blog Archive » The Louder Router - a low cost PC for the Blind
hooray for low cost pcs for the blind. i used to work for a company that made *high* cost pcs for the blind; this would be a nice complement to that!
low-cost  hardware  accessibility 
september 2008
We heart places
the latest from ben nolan, i think
weheartplaces  bennolan 
august 2008
Tim Ferriss interview | Derek Sivers
this is awesome: To learn anything quickly, I approach people who did it correctly and say, “I have an idea, but I don’t know anything, so can I buy you a beer and pick your brain? I’m really ambitious but kind of ignorant.”
dereksivers  timferriss 
august 2008
James Hamilton - On Designing and Deploying Internet-Scale Services
extremely good advice, even if your services aren't as big as Windows Live Search.
august 2008
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