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14 CSS Search Boxes
A collection of CSS-based animated search boxes
css  forms  UI  examples 
october 2018 by mycotn
An HTML and CSS boilerplate to take the pain away from working with forms
forms  tools  resources  HTML  CSS 
july 2018 by mycotn
UI Toggles to turn you on 🙈
By Graeme Fulton - Mar 18, 2018
articles  UI  forms 
march 2018 by mycotn
Dragon Drop
Accessible drag and drop list reorder module
UI  forms  JavaScript  plugins 
march 2018 by mycotn
Company and platform focused on helping governments go paperless
forms  tools 
february 2018 by mycotn
CSS Pressable 3D Buttons by iRaul
css  library  forms 
february 2018 by mycotn
Web Design Inspiration
HTML and CSS snippets for UI components
HTML  CSS  examples  UI  forms  buttons 
december 2017 by mycotn
Bootstrap Multiselect
JQuery based plugin to provide an intuitive user interface for using select inputs with the multiple attribute present
jquery  plugins  forms 
october 2017 by mycotn
Bootstrap Dual Listbox
Responsive dual listbox widget optimized for Twitter Bootstrap
plugins  jquery  forms 
october 2017 by mycotn
Dual List Box
jQuery / Bootstrap Dual list box
plugins  jquery  forms 
october 2017 by mycotn
jQuery File Upload
File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bars, validation and preview images, audio and video for jQuery
jquery  plugins  forms 
october 2017 by mycotn
The jQuery replacement for select boxes
forms  jquery  plugins 
october 2017 by mycotn
Lightweight plugin for enhanced select elements based on jQuery
jquery  plugins  forms 
october 2017 by mycotn
Draggable JS
Lightweight, responsive, modern drag & drop library
JavaScript  library  forms  UI 
september 2017 by mycotn
jQuery plugin that utilizes Bootstrap's dropdown.js to style and bring additional functionality to standard select elements
jquery  plugins  forms 
september 2017 by mycotn
Date Range Picker for Bootstrap
A JavaScript component for choosing date ranges, designed to work with the Bootstrap CSS framework
JavaScript  jquery  plugins  forms 
september 2017 by mycotn
Box UI Elements
Modular components to power user experiences with content in your web and mobile apps
UI  component  examples  forms  layout  frameworks  library 
july 2017 by mycotn
Lightweight JS date time picker with no dependencies
plugins  JavaScript  forms 
july 2017 by mycotn
Allows you to automatically persist your form text field values locally, until the form is submitted
JavaScript  forms  library  plugins 
june 2017 by mycotn
Design Better Forms
By Andrew Coyle - Jul 5, 2016
articles  forms  UI  design  principles 
may 2017 by mycotn
Wizard Design Pattern
By Nick Babich - Apr 7, 2017
articles  UI  forms  design 
april 2017 by mycotn
A lightweight, configurable select box/text input plugin. Similar to Select2 and Selectize but without the jQuery dependenc
JavaScript  forms  plugins 
april 2017 by mycotn
Toggle Buttons
By Heydon Pickering - Mar 18, 2017
articles  accessibility  buttons  forms 
march 2017 by mycotn
Serverless form-based applications
forms  applications  tools 
march 2017 by mycotn
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