Tips on using AWS to host WordPress with HTTPS - Trapeze
Congrats, you should now have your WordPress set up with HTTPS using AWS’s SSL certificate!
5 days ago
Why Most Software is Broken – Fintech with Todd – Medium
Most software is broken but yours does not have to be. You can have rapid software development with nearly zero defects just by incorporating a few processes. These may include any combination of specialized peer-to-peer code reviews, automated testing procedures, memory profiling, mathematical proofs and/or many other strategies to ensure the hidden defects do not cost you like the ones you just read about.
5 days ago
Microsoft is building a Chromium-powered web browser that will replace Edge on Windows 10 | Windows Central
Microsoft is throwing in the towel with Edge and is building a new web browser for Windows 10, this time powered by Chromium.
5 days ago
Social Design Canvas — the non-profit equivalent of Business Model Canvas
A novel design tool that helps map, analyse and design social cooperative processes and systems.
6 days ago
Cosmic Airburst May Have Wiped Out Part of the Middle East 3,700 Years Ago
Some 3,700 years ago, a meteor or comet exploded over the Middle East, wiping out human life across a swath of land called Middle Ghor, north of the Dead Sea, say archaeologists who have found evidence of the cosmic airburst.
6 days ago
My beautiful death
It was nearly impossible to create art in this state. My brain was no longer capable of conjuring up anything except anger and misery. But I believed I was dying, and I wanted to finish the sculpture of Adam before I was gone. I had no idea he was the thing that was killing me.
7 days ago
Legacy of President George H.W. Bush: War Crimes, Racism
The inconvenient truth is that the presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush had far more in common with the recognizably belligerent, corrupt and right-wing Republican figures who came after him — his son George W. and the current orange-faced incumbent — than much of the political and media classes might have you believe.
7 days ago
Tabulator allows you to create interactive tables in seconds from any HTML Table, JavaScript Array, AJAX data source or JSON formatted data.
9 days ago
Twinkle Tush | Bling for your kitty's behind
Every Twinkle Tush jewel includes one free sticker. Perfect for lockers, skateboards, or laptops.
11 days ago
Christopher Tolkien and the legacy of his father J.R.R. Tolkien: The Steward of Middle-earth
Now, after more than 40 years, at the age of 94, Christopher Tolkien has laid down his editor’s pen, having completed a great labor of quiet, scholastic commitment to his father’s vision. It is the concluding public act of a gentleman and scholar, the last member of a club that became a pivotal part of 20th-century literature: the Inklings. It is the end of an era.
13 days ago
Voice User Interfaces (VUI) — The Ultimate Designer’s Guide
While there’s a vast spectrum of VUI, they all share a set of common UX fundamentals that drive usability. We’ll explore teose fundamentals so, as a user, you can dissect your everyday VUI interactions — and, as a designer, you can build better experiences.
13 days ago
The Mystery Font That Took Over New York - The New York Times
How did Choc, a quirky calligraphic typeface drawn by a French graphic designer in the 1950s, end up on storefronts everywhere?
fonts  nyc  typography 
16 days ago
The State of JavaScript 2018: Introduction
JavaScript is always changing. New libraries, new frameworks, new languages… It's part of the fun, but it can also feel overwhelming sometimes. That's where the State of JavaScript survey comes in: this year, we surveyed over 20,000 JavaScript developers to figure out what they're using, what they're happy with, and what they want to learn. And the result is a unique collection of stats and insights that will hopefully help you make your own way through the JavaScript ecosystem.
18 days ago
We mogen best trots zijn op onze roetpiet - De Standaard
Ik heb vriendinnen die nog steeds niet begrijpen waar ik moeilijk over doe. Waarom de oude Piet mij tegen de haren strijkt, en waarom ik hun (eigenlijk onze) fijnste jeugdherinneringen probeer te verpesten met activistische praat. Maar als ik hun vraag wat hun sterkste argumenten zijn voor het behoud van een gitzwarte piet met kroeshaar, dikke rode lippen en gouden oorbellen, stokt het gesprek en blijft alleen emotie over.
18 days ago
Degreeless.design - Everything I Learned in Design School
That's why this website exists. This is a list of everything I've found useful in my journey of learning design, and an ongoing list of things I think you should read. This is for budding UX, UI, Interaction, or whatever other title designers.
19 days ago
How the Ballpoint Pen Changed Handwriting - The Atlantic
despite its popularity, the ballpoint pen is relatively new in the history of handwriting, and its influence on popular handwriting is more complicated than the Bic campaign would imply
21 days ago
Rare microbes lead scientists to discover new branch on the tree of life | CBC News
Hemimastix kukwesjijk feeds on its prey in this microscope image. It attacks the prey with harpoon-like organs, then uses its flagella to bring the prey to its mouth, called a capitulum, and sucks out the juices or cytoplasm. Once she knew what it ate, she reared its prey in captivity so she could also feed and breed captive Hemimastix: "We were able to domesticate it, in a way."
21 days ago
Types of Type
The art form of typography comparing English and Korean.
21 days ago
De Britten zijn echt de weg kwijt - NRC
De Britten zijn fundamenteel de weg kwijt en intussen flirten steeds meer Brexiteers met chaos op B-day. Een deel van hun geldschieters speculeert openlijk op een val van het pond, en de diepe recessie die zou volgen op de chaos komt hun niet eens slecht uit: dan volgen immers bezuinigingen en kan het mes weer in de verzorgingsstaat. Ook kan eindelijk de gezondheidszorg worden geprivatiseerd – de Amerikaanse bedrijven staan al in de rij. Geen wonder dat Trump zo’n fan is van Brexit.
21 days ago
code challenge - Build a working game of Tetris in Conway's Game of Life - Programming Puzzles & Code Golf Stack Exchange
In Conway's Game of Life, there exist constructs such as the metapixel which allow the Game of Life to simulate any other Game-of-Life rule system as well. In addition, it is known that the Game of Life is Turing-complete. Your task is to build a cellular automaton using the rules of Conway's game of life that will allow for the playing of a game of Tetris.
23 days ago
Medium is a poor choice for blogging – Nikitonsky – Medium
Instead of becoming nice citizens and do what other websites do, they turned themselves into a closed silo that’s either all or nothing. No RSS. Bad reading experience, and I want to highlight it: it’s bad. Bad. Really bad. It’s not good, for any meaning of good you can imagine. There’s no person on Earth who could honestly call it at even partially good. Banners all over the place. Aggressive tracking and profiling.
25 days ago
BBC - Travel - The last velvet merchant of Venice
Today, the 3,500 archival designs stacked on the workshop’s warped floorboards are all still available, but many are no longer produced in-house. Like Venice itself, the Bevilacqua company has had to adapt in order to stay afloat in a changing world, and the family now owns a second factory on the mainland where some of its archaic patterns are woven by modern machines. Bevilacqua explained that many of his long-time clients can no longer afford the high costs of hand production, and that the 6m a machine makes in one day would take a weaver a full month and cost four times as much. Yet, the secrets of the soprarizzo are something that no machine can learn, and after five centuries of craftsmanship, Bevilacqua sees it as his family’s duty to ensure that this ancient Venetian thread doesn’t unravel.
25 days ago
(104) Why Danish sounds funny to Scandinavians - YouTube
What you peasants don't realise is that we Danes have transitioned you mere mortals and developed a language that makes sense no matter the level of your drunkness.
4 weeks ago
Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
4 weeks ago
Weta, largest insects on Earth, are the zombies of New Zealand (That's Wild!) | AL.com
When animals hibernate, they breathe every now and then; their hearts beat, their brains keep working, and if prodded they can awaken. The Weta don't hibernate, though. They die. Zero heartbeat, zero breaths, zero brain activity, zero life. They are dead. Exactly how is not yet understood, but that doesn't seem to bother them; for when the temperatures rise, so do the Weta! That's a pretty neat trick for a critter whose brain, the only part unprotected by the antifreeze, has rotted to mushy goo.
4 weeks ago
10 Impressive Questions to Ask in an Interview 2018
So here are the ten best questions to ask in an interview when it’s your turn to ask the questions — to both impress your potential employer and help you get useful insights into whether or not this is the right job for you.
4 weeks ago
Twilight forever: how superfans kept the vampire critics at bay | Film | The Guardian
Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga inspired both love and hate a decade ago. But it’s the Twihard fans who can smell blood now as the haters begin to mellow
4 weeks ago
The Man Who Made Science Fiction What It Is Today | Literary Hub
“Asimov called him ‘the brain of the super-organism,’ while the writer Harlan Ellison, one of his harshest critics, conceded that he was ‘the single most important formative force’ in modern science fiction.”
4 weeks ago
Top 12 most promising libraries for UI animations in 2019 - UI Tutorials & Freebies
In this article you will find the 12 best animation libraries for UI animations that I like to use.
4 weeks ago
How Toto’s ‘Africa’ Became the New ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ – Rolling Stone
Nothing sums up 2018 like the fact that Toto’s “Africa” has become our unofficial anthem. It’s a song that’s ridiculous by definition — an Eighties ode to Africa by a bunch of L.A. rock dudes who’d never set foot in the place. But something about this song speaks to our moment.
4 weeks ago
Brexit-Verhandlungen: Wie sich Großbritannien zum Trottel macht - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Sick burn, bro. "Kein Volk hat die Arroganz so kultiviert wie die Briten. Die traurige Wahrheit ist: Was einst eine Weltmacht war, ist heute ein Land, das es nicht einmal schafft, den Weg zur Tür zu finden, ohne über die eigenen Füße zu stolpern."
4 weeks ago
Cats tapping things. Slapping is ok as long as some tapping is involved. Visit /r/CatSlaps for full on slaps.
5 weeks ago
Organize CSS with a Modular Architecture: OOCSS, BEM, SMACSS - Snipcart
In this article, I’ll show you how to organize your CSS architecture into HTML/CSS blocks that behave more like Lego blocks.
5 weeks ago
BBC AMERICA announced today the greenlight of the new original scripted series, The Watch, based on Sir Terry Pratchett’s wildly popular “Discworld” novels, which have sold more than 90 million books worldwide.
5 weeks ago
Medium just doesn’t work – Davide Mastromatteo – Medium
The medium platform just doesn’t pay the authors. Probably they expect the authors to keep writing great posts for free, like if writing for Medium would be a rewarding experience on its own.You may say that you just need to subscribe to the «partner program» if you want to be paid, right? Wrong…
5 weeks ago
Jin Yong: The 'Tolkien of Chinese literature' dies at 94 - BBC News
He's been referred to as the JRR Tolkien of Chinese literature and the grandfather of martial arts novels - but very few people have heard of him outside the Chinese-speaking world. Novelist Louis Cha, who wrote under the name Jin Yong, died on Tuesday at a hospital in Hong Kong at the age of 94.
5 weeks ago
'Ghost kanji' lurk in the Japanese lexicon | The Japan Times
Common theories propose that 彁 was mistakenly de-stylized from calligraphic depictions of 謌 (uta/ka, sing or recite) or 彊 (kyō/tsuyo(i), strong), or that it was a variant of 歌 (uta/ka, sing), or even that it was supposed to be 哥 (an older iteration of 歌) but was misread together with a splattering of ink on its left side. In any case, this character simply did not exist before 1976; yet now, inexplicably, here it is, puzzling historians like a mischievous poltergeist.
5 weeks ago
Kite Blog | Using Fundamental UI Principles to Design Outstanding APIs
While saying that an API should be "intuitive" or "simple" is an obvious response, it’s not nearly descriptive enough to guide a developer toward a successful API design. In this blog post, we'll try to overcome this challenge by using a few practical concepts along with examples inherited from User Interface (UI) design.
5 weeks ago
The Scandinavian rule that every designer should follow
If there is a member of the team/a client/a manager who happened to be a jerk. introducing yourself as another jerk in the room will only add fuel to the fire. what we need here is to have ,and to show, self-confidence, high social and emotional intelligence, effective communication, and yes, sometimes the right amount of firmness -not arrogance. the difference can be subtle but the outcomes are definitely not.
5 weeks ago
Simple is not easy - Entropy Wins
Finding simple solutions, or brief ways to express something clearly, is harder than finding something that works but is more complex. In other words, achieving simplicity is hard. This is unfortunate, since dealing with complexity is also hard.
5 weeks ago
Trolling the Monster in the Heart of the Milky Way - The New York Times
In a dark, dusty patch of sky in the constellation Sagittarius, a small star, known as S2 or, sometimes, S0-2, cruises on the edge of eternity. Every 16 years, it passes within a cosmic whisker of a mysterious dark object that weighs some 4 million suns, and that occupies the exact center of the Milky Way galaxy.
5 weeks ago
The Architecture No One Needs
In this article, we’ll discuss why a single-page app is almost always worse than a multi-page app and briefly cover alternatives that can yield similar benefits without the costs.
5 weeks ago
Unprecedented, massive octopus nursery found in deep sea
Scientists discovered over 1,000 females, many brooding eggs, in a shimmering “octopus garden" that may be seeping natural gas or hot water.
5 weeks ago
iPhones are Allergic to Helium | iFixit
Like an incredibly tiny grain of sand, the helium molecules are small enough to get inside the device, physically stop the clock, and turn your phone temporarily into a paperweight. SHARE
5 weeks ago
Fifty Years of BASIC, the Language That Made Computers Personal | Time
I find the “everybody should learn to code” movement laudable. And yet it also leaves me wistful, even melancholy. Once upon a time, knowing how to use a computer was virtually synonymous with knowing how to program one. And the thing that made it possible was a programming language called BASIC.
computer  history  programming 
5 weeks ago
Google’s Night Sight for Pixel phones will amaze you - The Verge
this new night mode makes any Pixel phone that uses it the best low-light camera.
6 weeks ago
Trek at 50: The quest for a unifying theory of time travel in Star Trek | Ars Technica
It's 2016, meaning we now have many examples of Trek's time paradoxes to explore.
6 weeks ago
Opinion | Donald Trump’s Perverse Advantage - The New York Times
That’s Trump’s edge over everybody. That’s his gift. He can do no wrong because he’s all wrong. He never really shocks because he’s a perpetual shock. When someone frolics at the nadir for as long as he has, there’s nowhere to go but sideways.
7 weeks ago
Peter's Evil Overlord List
The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord
7 weeks ago
Tend | Blog - Facebook lied about their ad analytics and it's not the biggest problem
A new class-action lawsuit claims that the video analytics numbers were actually inflated by 150% - 900%. Worse yet, Facebook didn't disclose the "miscalculation" for over a year after they found out about it.
7 weeks ago
This Hilarious Optical Illusion for Birds Could Save Your Life
Birds and planes are a bad combination, but it’s not so easy to shoo our avian friends away from airport runways. Thankfully, scientists from France have stumbled upon an ingenious solution to the problem—an optical illusion that appears to scare the crap out of large predatory birds.
7 weeks ago
D3 is not a Data Visualization Library – Elijah Meeks – Medium
People have a hard time learning D3. If you’re expected to learn the DOM manipulation part first it can be a barrier especially when you’re working on a project where that’s already being handled. The point of learning D3 is to learn how to create data visualization products, and that’s really just part of the library that you can focus on instead of the supplemental functionality.
7 weeks ago
Study: Google is the biggest beneficiary of the GDPR
Thanks to its dominant market position, the industry leader benefits from a stronger concentration in the online advertising market. Although the number of trackers is decreasing overall, a few large tracking operators such as Google receive even more user data.
8 weeks ago
Cardinal Pens Scathing Letter to Archbishop Who Accused Pope of Cover-Up - The New York Times
The Vatican has decided to fight fire and brimstone with fire and brimstone. Six weeks after Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former Vatican ambassador in the United States, shook the church by accusing Pope Francis of covering up sexual abuse, the Vatican broke its public silence on Sunday with a scathing public retort from a powerful prefect for the Congregation for Bishops.
8 weeks ago
Why the world’s flight paths are such a messs
If you think flying from A to B is a matter of plotting the most direct path between two places, think again. Security and political issues determine flight paths, and ticket prices far more than considerations about an airline’s carbon footprint
8 weeks ago
What Makes ‘The Good Place’ So Good? - The New York Times
And yet the fact remains. “The Good Place” — the story of a group of recently deceased earthlings navigating the afterlife — is the best sitcom on TV.
9 weeks ago
Antwerpen krijgt drie nieuwe stelplaatsen, Gent wacht al 20 jaar | Gent | Regio | HLN
Voor de rest geen favoritisme of zo; "Gent moet dus 25 jaar wachten op een broodnodige stelplaats voor bussen en trams. Maar als het over Antwerpen gaat kan het voor De Lijn blijkbaar wel heel snel. Op 3 oktober 2018 besliste de Raad van Bestuur van De Lijn dat Antwerpen op korte termijn maar liefst 3 stelplaatsen krijgt."
9 weeks ago
The 25 Percent Rule
Whether it's 10 or 10,000 people, changing the behavior, beliefs or norms of an entire group is hard, but new research suggests that in order to do so, we actually only need to convince 25% to start a persuasive domino effect.
9 weeks ago
Microsoft now has the best device lineup in the industry - Charged
It took years to get here, but Microsoft has nailed it. By comparison, the competition is flailing around arguing about whether or not touchscreens have a place on laptops. The answer? Just let people choose.
9 weeks ago
Why Are Enterprises So Slow? – zwischenzugs
Have you ever found yourself saying things like: Why are enterprises so slow? How do they decide what to buy? Why is it so hard to deliver things in an enterprise? I worked for a large ‘enterprise’ organisation for a few years trying to deliver infrastructure software change, and found myself having to explain these things to developers who worked there, salespeople, external open source engineers, software engineers who worked for enterprise vendors, and even many, many people within that organisation.
9 weeks ago
Announcing the new GitHub and Jira Software integration | The GitHub Blog
Linking your GitHub account to Jira gives your team the ability to see their branches, commit messages, and pull requests right in the context of the Jira tickets they’re working on. You can also view references to Jira in GitHub issues, and pull requests, allowing for a deeper connection.
9 weeks ago
Experience: I was Bambi | Life and style | The Guardian
There’s a scene in the movie where Bambi is shot and you see his father appear. He says, “Bambi, get up, get up, you have to get up.” During a mission in Vietnam, a grenade went off, concussing me, and I took a bullet to the leg. I was down and dizzy, and then this young sergeant was standing over me, lifting my head. He said, “Sir, get up, you have to get up.” And there on the battlefield I was Bambi again.
9 weeks ago
Trump Was Supposed to Be in Jail—Not the White House
How did 63 million people vote for that man for president? Despise Hillary Clinton: 20 million. Care about nothing except overturning Roe v. Wade: 20 million. Actually think Trump is going to bring back manufacturing and coal: Seven million. Loathe people who aren’t white: Six million That leaves 10 million I can’t explain.
9 weeks ago
Sans Forgetica
Sans Forgetica is a downloadable font that is scientifically designed to help you remember your study notes.
9 weeks ago
The Dangers of YouTube for Young Children - The Atlantic
The platform’s entertainment for children is weirder—and more globalized—than adults could have expected.
9 weeks ago
Night terrors: what do anxiety dreams mean? | Life and style | The Guardian
These are anxious times – but how does this affect our sleep, and what can we learn from the exam crises and missed trains that haunt the small hours
9 weeks ago
The Double Edged Sword of Deep Learning + The Importance of Breakthrough Science | Ayasdi
things have plateaued for deep learning. The fact of the matter is that DL is not a fit for many tasks, yet like the proverbial hammer, for many, everything looks like nail when you are wedded to that approach.
9 weeks ago
9 new sci-fi and fantasy books to check out this October - The Verge
There are magical rebellions, superpowered heroes, fights against malevolent megacorporations, and more to add to your to-read list
9 weeks ago
Google Assistant's app redesign abandons chatbots
For the new Google Assistant app, back-and-forth chat bubbles are out, and interactive graphics are in.
9 weeks ago
Designing the Future of Work – Google Design – Medium
Human-centered design paired with human-centric AI is key to the future of work. Together, they reflect thoughtful understanding of the critical user journeys of what people do every day. Together, they automate what humans don’t want to do, freeing people at work to solve creative problems, build relationships, and catalyze possibilities.
9 weeks ago
Motion design doesn't have to be hard – Google Design – Medium
The overlap between UI motion and traditional animation also muddies the waters. A lifetime can be spent mastering Disney’s 12 basic principles, does this mean UI motion is similarly complex? People often tell me that designing motion is complicated, or that choosing the right values is ambiguous. I contend that in areas most important to a UI, motion design can and should be simple.
9 weeks ago
Avoiding Zombie Startups – Welcome to The Family
Companies can have different values but transparency is non-negotiable
9 weeks ago
Meet Alva
Alva lets you design interactive products based on components engineered by your developers.
design  tool  ux 
10 weeks ago
Gent is de jobkampioen - De Standaard
Geen enkele gemeente in Vlaanderen heeft er de voorbije jaren meer jobs zien bijkomen als Gent. De Oost-Vlamingen kloppen Antwerpen.
11 weeks ago
Your calendrical fallacy is thinking…
Helping you navigate the insane complexity of calendrically correct date and time operations
11 weeks ago
Whatever Happened to the Semantic Web?
In 2001, Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, published an article in Scientific American. Berners-Lee, along with two other researchers, Ora Lassila and James Hendler, wanted to give the world a preview of the revolutionary new changes they saw coming to the web. Since its introduction only a decade before, the web had fast become the world’s best means for sharing documents with other people. Now, the authors promised, the web would evolve to encompass not just documents but every kind of data one could imagine.
11 weeks ago
Sorry UX, the party’s over. – Robert Skrobe – Medium
Ironically, this dynamic exposes the biggest lie UX practitioners tell themselves: “We are the voice of the user”.
11 weeks ago
I Quit my Job to Pursue my Passion—& my Life Fell Apart. | elephant journal
Some people have a singular passion. They know it, they discover it, and they follow it. Some of us…do not. When I get asked questions like, “What’s the one thing that makes you jump out of bed in the morning?” I stare blankly ahead for 13 seconds and then respond with various answers such as, “Breakfast?”
11 weeks ago
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