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Spoke with Holly at Hudson Valley Comic Conn
ART  Design 
7 weeks ago
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Spoke with him at Hudson Valley Comiconn.
ComicBook  ART  Education 
7 weeks ago
Home - Playgrounds by Leathers
Adaptive playgrounds. Possibility Place
8 weeks ago
don kenn gallery
If Edward Gorey loved Lovecraft...
ART  Illustration 
10 weeks ago
Stillman & Birn Alpha Series
This is a coldpress art paper in a moleskin, landscape and traditional size sketchbook.
Sketchbook  Art-Supply 
10 weeks ago
Devaney Books
Schwarzian derivative
march 2017
The Bridges Organization - The Bridges Organization
The Bridges Organization oversees the annual Bridges conference on mathematical connections in art, music, architecture, education, and culture. Since 1998, Bridges has traveled to North America, Europe, and Asia, and has attracted participants from over thirty countries. The conference features invited speakers, full and short paper presentations, educational workshops, a juried art exhibition, and arts performance events.
Math  ART 
february 2017
FS Me | Fontsmith
Font designed for maximum accessibility and readability
font  accessibility 
february 2017
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