Robert E Lee
I Agree With Robert E Lee
I agree with the senior Robert E Lee as well as his descendant, Robert E. Lee V, and also the great grandsons of Thomas L. ("Stonewall") Jackson, William Jackson Christian and Warren Edmund Christian, that Confederate monuments should be removed from public locations to either museums or other locations, much as was done in the former Soviet Union.

In 1866, the senior Robert E. Lee wrote a letter to my collateral relative, Thomas Lafayette Rosser, last commander of the Laurel Brigade, who refused to surrender at Appomattox, and who is now buried in the Riverview cemetery in Charlottesville, VA.  In that letter Lee said the following:

"As regards the erection of such monuments as is contemplated, my conviction is that however grateful it would be to the feelings of the South, the attempt...would have the effect of continuing, if not adding to, the difficulties under which Southern people labour."  

J. Barkley Rosser, Jr. 
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Battery E-Learning Catalog - sdle
$399 for 3 modules: basics, regular, rechargeable
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Low Global Real Interest Rates
an important talk by Fed Governor Stanley Fischer. his de facto bottom line: low rates reflect low growth and are here to stay. and there's nothing central banks can do about it.
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1933 Morgan
no car pictures on the blog itself
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Chanos: U.S. Economy
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Budget & Military Spending
If Trump is a fiscal conservative, what he will have to cut
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february 2017
U.S. Suffers Deeper Than China in Trade War
Why the U.S. Could Suffer Deeper Economic Shock Than China in a Trade War
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february 2017
developments in Japan
Not news, but bears repeating
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january 2017
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