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[GB] GMK Dots is live! - MechanicalKeyboards
I think this is my first choice for my ergodox. Kinda perfect because the colors are different (another hook to remember a function, not just location but color) but also abstract (could stand for anything, not just the symbol on the face). Too bad it’s gone :(
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10 weeks ago by mrled
Bluetooth Adapter for Keyboard & Mouse « Handheld Scientific, Inc.
Would be interesting to combine this + battery + customizable mechanical keyboard
january 2019 by mrled
qmk_firmware/keyboards/jj40 at master · qmk/qmk_firmware · GitHub
Could be a fun hack board... really modular, and supports lots of switches and stuff, and a lot cheaper than lots of boards that support QMK. A kit tho, you have to build yourself.
(See AliExpress link for purchase info, and read carefully.)
august 2018 by mrled

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