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Choice Blindness | Lund University Cognitive Science
Choice Blindness (ace video) Important for #ux. I met Petter from the @ChoiceBlindness team at #theconf
choice  blindness  decisionmaking  uxcogpsy 
august 2015 by mrj0e
BBC News - Does subliminal advertising actually work?
Does subliminal advertising work? if you've been to Psychology workshop you already know #ux
IFTTT  Buffer  subliminal  uxcogpsy 
january 2015 by mrj0e
cognitive lode by ribot – Simple advice on product psychology
cognitive lode– Simple advice on product psychology from my workshop alumni @ribotminimus
uxcogpsy  cognitive  bias  cognitivebias 
march 2014 by mrj0e
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