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Stuck Conversations: The “WTF Moment” and How to Deal With It
There is, of course, the possibility that your patience and time will run out, and that you will judge that this conversation has to end, and a decision be made. That happens.
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9 weeks ago by mpox
How Patreon Levels Engineers – art/work —behind the scenes at patreon
A valuable reference for framing feedback. Engineering managers and mentors can use the guide to frame discussions and coaching for personalized employee development. Engi
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april 2018 by mpox
Why a Flat Organizational Structure will Fail as You Grow
These are the most common reasons companies fail at promoting from within.
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november 2017 by mpox
44 engineering management lessons
Believe in yourself. You can’t lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.
april 2017 by mpox
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